07 Apr 2018 15:44:32
Morelos offering sweet fa again.

1.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 16:31:39
How you could watch that first half and single out Morelos for criticism is beyond me. For me Dorrans has had as poor a game as I have seen in a Gets top.

2.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 16:36:25
commentators curse lol

3.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 16:37:36
Apart from the goal that's probably secured us the 3 points and put us back in second

4.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 16:40:16
And an assist for the third, sweet fa I think not

5.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 17:03:54
Also hobos dropping points as well as the sheep

6.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 17:30:54
At the time u posted brummie you were correct but there was a good few others also. Much better 60mins onwards but I think Dundee running out of steam might have something to do with that but who cares 3 points 4 nil win the sheep got beat and hopefully accies beat the tims tommorow.

7.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 17:34:17
First half shocking, kenny miller got the lead but he was woeful at times. Lack of match fitness showed.

Will take the 3 points. Big week ahead, we need to unite to see this season out.

8.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 17:45:09
Good to see Kenny back. If only we could get another couple of good ones at that age to give us the experience we need at times.

9.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:13:38
It’s no secret on here that I’m far from a Morelos fan. I just don’t feel he wants to be here his face looks like he has a mouthful of sh*te in it and his body language is shocking, but that might just be the way he is (Negri was the same although he did score) . He just doesn’t have a football brain for me, Broxi 17 Christ if he missed that he should have walked off the park all down to a fantastic Candeias assist. Good result today all the same and other results went our way, looking good down the flanks but we badly need a a couple of guys up front.

10.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:14:54
Morelos was swamped by the defence in the first half. Second half it was clear Dundee are unfit.

Was glad Murty used common sense and took Docherty off in good time, he was clearly having a bad day.
Overall a decent performance, Candeias and McCrorie were best on pitch.

11.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:33:25
Brummie I kind of know where you are coming from. Your comment brings to mind Daniel Cousin for me, his body language looked all off but if you actually focused in on him for 90 mins you couldn't help but notice the shift he put in.

Having said that I think your a mile of with opinion of Moreles. I can't understand how you can question his commitment when he continuesly chases everything and anyone and clearly loves scoring goals but we are obviously all allowed our own opinions.

12.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:52:58
Has Dorrans had a good game yet?

13.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 18:49:15
Morelos is without doubt the best striker we have his work rate is great he gives his all in every game he is s lone striker and dies it well

14.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 20:31:42
Was it my imagination or did Candeias blank Morelos after his goal today . Not sure the boy is liked too much by other players tbh for whatever reason that might be.

15.) 07 Apr 2018
07 Apr 2018 21:42:05
Morelos was good worked so hard, . suspended for Celtic league game, let's see how much we miss him

16.) 08 Apr 2018
08 Apr 2018 08:27:26
Looks like Morelos is banned for the semi's now anyway. I have a horrible suspicion that Murty is going to pick Miller to start up front and not Cummings. Play 3 in midfield. perhaps Halliday/ Dorrans and Docherty?

17.) 08 Apr 2018
08 Apr 2018 09:50:30
Cummings is not good enough not strong enough he isn't worth the £1 mill they are talking about. there are better strikers out there at that price. I'd send him back to Nottingham. I hope he makes me eat my words, but I doubt it.