29 Oct 2018 11:12:35
The Sheep result - hammer blow or reality check?
First off, if anyone still doubts what Morelos brings to the team, they should be made to watch yesterday’s game on repeat for a week!
Statistically the team did everything right except for shots on target. But stats don’t win games - ability and effort do. And a lot of the team fell well short of their capabilities.

Tavs crossing / free kicks / corners were shocking at times yesterday.
Ejaria had one of his worst games in a Rangers shirt after some truly wonderful recent performances.
Nothing came off for Kent and whilst Candeias puts in a shift his final ball / decision making can be poor.

Plus wise - if McKenna was touted at £7 million, what price for Goldson?
Onto the manager. Gerrard has taking praise recently for our EL performances and should therefore take some flack when the opposite is true. I thought the game was crying out for Middleton to be introduced earlier and after slating Sadiq a couple of weeks ago for attitude etc, if that’s him improved and deserving a starting slot then I’m not convinced. Throw in his embarrassing attempt to con the ref when it was easier to stay on his feet and score then I’m definitely now convinced a new striker is a must in January.

In our defence we are still a work in progress and we move on and go again. I believe we have 4 league games which are all winnable. Let’s see where we are after that league wise.

Back to my original question - hammer blow or reality check. To me personally it was a hammer blow as I don’t rate the Sheep. Yes we have a new team / manager / style of play. But we should still have been too strong for them. Keep the faith! In Gerrard We Trust!
Let’s Go! #55 🔴⚪️🔵.

1.) 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 11:27:26
I HAVE BEEN CHECKING THE Stats and in terms of Assists the figures are appalling for Kent, Ejaria, Coulibaly and Candeis. There goal tally is pretty underwhelming as well. If you are in Midfield ( a little leeway given to Defensive Midfielders) if you are not creating for your strikers or scoring yourself then something isn't right.

Now I am no huge fan of Scott Allan but he can pass a ball . So he or someone of his ilk is desperately required because the last few games have been torture.

Tav has to stop taking corners and dead ball free kicks . ( he can have the penalties because yesterday was absolutely dreadful.

2.) 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 11:29:11
Union agree with most saying wish everyone would just pull their necks in as I said before give the man two more windows and l believe we will be flying chill out look at the bigger picture.

3.) 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 12:48:28
Two more windows and the loans will be back at their parent clubs need replaced by other loans.

4.) 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 17:03:26
If Tav doesn't take the free kicks or corners who does?
Tav has scored some wonderful goals from dead ball situations and he doesn't suddenly lose that talent, but all players can have a dip in form.
Think it's a bit of unfair criticism but we are all entitled to an opinion.

5.) 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 17:36:34
@sweep1 - how do you know offers won’t be made for some of them or replaced by better? Another poster who is constantly pessimistic.
People need to get real in where we were, are and plan to be. We’ve tried the quick fix and it hasn’t worked. Let Gerrard go about his business and see where it takes us. His exploits in the EL more than deserve it.

6.) 29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 18:07:42

Tavernier’s performance was shocking yesterday and it’s another big game failure for him. He is no Rangers captain and can’t defend.

7.) 30 Oct 2018
30 Oct 2018 12:55:20
The original post mentioned nothing about his defensive capabilities.
We all know he is better offensively but I agree his performance v Aberdeen was poor especially taking corners and free kicks.
Basically we were poor in the final third and deliveries from wide areas.
Do we play Flanagan at RB, Barasic at LB and play Tav in midfield?