08 May 2017 21:04:19
Rumours doing the rounds on twitter that there is a bit of good news to be announced soon. It has something to do with court case and charles green. No idea what about tho.

1.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 21:14:51
Seemingly he is not contesting the court case regarding retail deal and stadium naming rights. Not acting in the best interest of shareholders. Hopefully resulting in retail deal getting ripped up!

2.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 21:26:50
Lets hope that it gets torn up! How good would it feel to be able to go and buy the merchendise knowing money was going to our club!

3.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 21:51:39
There is also something major happening with investment, but will need to wait to see what happens with 32 red and my mate john Fleming who works with oiltec in Dubai.

the rumours are that David Murray and 2 tycoons are going to invest and there is a reason why Pedro was offered the job because if we are that skint why buy Pedro out of his contract and we could have got big eck for nothing so trust me bears, there will be exiting news to come in the next few weeks.

4.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 22:03:25
thits hope there is some good news regarding the retail deals and investment cause it is needed to trying compete with celtic

5.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 22:14:11
I will dance a jig of joy should that retail deal b ripped up bears. As for murray trying to restore his legacy. i don't no on that one. altho in all reality we can't afford to knock back investment from a GENUINE source.

6.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 23:29:36
Hope its true

7.) 08 May 2017
08 May 2017 23:32:17
would feel so good

8.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 00:43:43
Dave King and David Murray are not on good terms as king believes Murray bumped him off for his £20 investment in 2000. I find it hard to believe that they would work together given the public spat king had with the Murray group when the club went into liquidation.

9.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 01:11:29
david king has done his bit for the club and has showing with all the broken promises and lack of funding he can not take the club anyfurther so if it came to a choice of king or murray i no who gets ma vote

10.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 08:05:45
Craig, would you if you had £50mil cash put ANY of it into a business that is LOSING LOTS of money per annum? ofcourse you wouldn't. Let's all wait and see what happens with the Retail deal before we start the Dave King witch hunt again. What if he is waiting until the retail deal was sorted out?

11.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 09:37:11
Guys, IMO Murray seems like the kind of guy who wants AND has the means to leave his mark in life! He knows that his years at Ibrox and his LEGACY was totally ruined!

He also loved being in the job and if any of this is true and he has been trying to assemble funds either himself or as part of an consortium for the past X years to TRY and rectify what happened to our Club then we will have to wait and see.
If true I look forward to hearing from him as soon as possible.
I think we may have to wait for this to be 100%.

Will he (consortium) join forces with King and 3 Bears? Will it take the entire time for the White case to be done? THIS could take a while!
I do hope it happens in whatever form and I do believe he would have been ashamed at his part in our shocking treatment!

I hope to see an interview with him in the future explaining to the fans what HE sees as the now future of our Club with him now involved. He always did like to tell us the future was bright and I think he misses such a role and is determined to help the Club and get it right up a hell of a lot of people within the SFA and Media!

Poster earlier made a good point to which I highlighted that WHY would we pay off AlGharafi £300-500k when we are SO SKINT! And if he has people in a Consortium that hail from Dubai then Caixinha could have been THEIR proffered choice. Which makes me think that King etc must have been talking to Murray etc and thus King and the Bears will all be part of the Board!

Will King still be Chairman who knows? But he will want to see a cash injection and this idea of Murray and a Consortium getting involved is great news for everyone! I just hope it is true. What do all the Bears think is this bull or are we now starting to feel our Club awakening?

12.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 10:10:39
Awakening, would love to get it up the rest of them too.

13.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 10:59:53
Onlyshowaround this is no witch hunt against king it is plain and simple that he does not have the funds to take the club forward and if u think he will invest after retail deal ripped up then i think you will be waiting a long time the investment in our club is coming from other board members

14.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 12:34:47
I disagree Craig. No one including King will put their money into Rangers currently, any investors will wait and see what the outcome of the retail deal is.

15.) 09 May 2017
09 May 2017 14:13:51
Wonder. Could Pedro be the Director of Football in waiting and is doing this job the coach becomes available?
I am not suggesting anyone, just wondering if there is a different plan