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17 Feb 2021 11:53:41
Just heard the players who allegedly broke cv rules were watching boxing and heard dougie park was in a meeting for 7 hours deciding potential punishment .

bgate w

1.) 17 Feb 2021 13:07:02
Names have been named on BBC. Bongani Zungu, Nathan Patterson, Calvin Bassey, Dapo Mebude and Brian Kinnear. The young ones I can kinda understand being stupid (we have to keep reminding out 19 and 23 year olds to stay safe), but Zungu? He's done.

2.) 17 Feb 2021 13:54:13
They ALL should be done colin1968!
They all were selfish and irresponsible and brought shame to our manager and all our supporters!

3.) 17 Feb 2021 13:58:26
dont forget about shame on themselves and the club.

4.) 17 Feb 2021 14:24:54
These boys have been very silly. Zungu and Mebude didn't look to have a Rangers future beyond the summer so they probably have no regard for the club on a whole. Zungu will be sent straight back to Amiens. The 2 I'm most disappointed in are Patterson and Bassey, both are 1st team squad members with potentially great futures ahead of them. Given what happened to Jones and Edmundson its baffling they have put themselves in this position.

5.) 17 Feb 2021 14:57:49
In addition to being key backup both Bassey and Patterson would have started 4 or 5 games of the remaining SPFL games to assess their potential as replacements for Barasic and Tav. What a mess they’ve made of a glorious opportunity.

6.) 17 Feb 2021 15:42:55
Bankie, done themselves out of European experience and won't get a League winners medal either.
Hard lesson, but they have NO EXCUSES.

7.) 17 Feb 2021 15:51:45
Bassey has kissed goodbye to a winners medal, only needed three more appearances
Paterson needed 9.

8.) 17 Feb 2021 16:48:41
At least it makes zungu decisions easier end of season.

9.) 17 Feb 2021 17:16:38
Paterson will be absolutely kicking himself as he’d have been a certain starter tomorrow night with Tav out. Silly boys! So frustrating. Be interesting to see who comes in tomorrow and what formation we will play.

10.) 17 Feb 2021 18:03:01
Tav fit to play tomorrow night.

11.) 17 Feb 2021 18:06:31
Tav isn’t out.

12.) 17 Feb 2021 18:29:44
Stuart how is tav out.

13.) 17 Feb 2021 18:43:03
Absolutely awful signing, another loan dud. Not sure where all the hype came from, recruitment must see something nobody else can.

14.) 17 Feb 2021 19:34:10
Sgl so you think they should all be done at the club? I’m not saying they should go unpunished not at all, but don’t you remember being that age? Young people brake rules all the time it’s irresponsible yes but it’s also part of growing up. I think they will learn from this and hopefully become better people, also do you have children? If one of these boys were your son would you still be saying they should be finished at the club? Just asking 🤷🏽‍♂️.

15.) 17 Feb 2021 20:03:20
HighlandBear81 I hear what your saying but they boys are in the privileged position of being a paid for playing football. Is it too much too ask for them to comply with the rules. Could you ever trust them again to not let the club down cause they risked all the good work of our team going down the toilet. I’m with Coops with this one they are a disgrace to the club.

16.) 17 Feb 2021 20:06:41
Too sensible highland bear. My oldest is nearly 14 n he's hardly been out in almost a year. Weve a wee astro pitch just a couple of hundreds yards along the road n he goes n kicks a ball a few times a week with a couple of his pals n that's it. This c. v is harder on the young people, as they are usually more social than older people. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance, the only reason folk are reacting is in case it affects rangers and not that they broke a rule 90% of us have broke.

17.) 17 Feb 2021 20:19:32
I can't believe how stupid that both Bassey and Patterson have been. Bassey could have been set for a League Winners Medal this Season and at the very leased he has kissed that goodbye. Patterson could have destroyed what could have been a great future at Rangers. As for the others, well the sooner Zungu is out the door the better, a total waste of a jersey and by all accounts he should be on the first aircraft back to South Africa. Mebuda didn't appear to have a future and Kinnear will be looking for a new club come the summer.

18.) 17 Feb 2021 20:52:10
I agree they are privileged they have an opportunity to play for one of the worlds biggest football clubs and they have been extremely stupid that much is undeniable but to sack them is not the way forward in my opinion,
herewego55 my son is also 13 and he plays for a decent highland team and takes his football very serious he’s out running everyday just now and he went to visit his wee lass that he’s not seen since school broke up witch is against the rules I know it’s not on the same level but it’s a rule broken none the less if he were dropped it'd brake his heart. What I’m getting at is kids make mistakes they think they are invincible they won’t get caught until they do and hopefully they learn and become beat people for it 🤷🏽‍♂️.

19.) 17 Feb 2021 21:18:41
HighlandBear81,they won't play for rangers again just like the first two jones and edmundson! Mebude and kinnear will be let go as free agents in the summer, zungu back to his club after this loan spell, both bassey and patterson will be sold and i hand on heart trust that's what our club will do!

20.) 17 Feb 2021 21:22:04
So we let these idiots break these rules in the middle of a global C.V. and keep giving them chances 🤔Not on your nelly pal!
They knew what they were doing was so wrong and wouldn't have said a word, if they hadn't been reported 😡
Just think for a second the consequences what that could have led to if they hadn't been reported 😡.

21.) 17 Feb 2021 21:25:37
I just can't understand some on here regarding this! Wake up and smell the coffee! They knew what they were doing and got caught! They are selfish, irresponsible idiots lock, stock and barrel and stop dressing it up, to something its not!

22.) 17 Feb 2021 21:43:43
I guarantee Bassey and Patterson will play for rangers again, they have been stupid but we all make mistakes the way half yous in here are acting is like they have committed mass murder, I'm sure no one on here has broken civil rules in a year 👀.

23.) 17 Feb 2021 23:33:06
I think Bassey and Patterson may play again simply down to the fitness and availability of tav and bb. If they’re needed they will play however will likely go in the summer. The rest are done.

24.) 18 Feb 2021 01:45:53
Apologies. Had read Tav was a doubt then I’d had a text off a mate saying he was out and took it as gospel.

25.) 18 Feb 2021 03:21:19
We still talking about this? Players have been dealt with by the club no one on here knows whether or not the young guys will feature again in the future unless you have a direct link to Gerrards mind but what's done is done disappointed yes but far more interested in tonight's big game.

26.) 18 Feb 2021 07:01:42
I’m usually quite an optimistic guy so after this shambles the positives I have found is Zungu will almost certainly be sent back to parent club saving us a few million quid.
Bassey and Paterson I believe will be given a 2nd chance and will either feel sorry for themselves and be sold or will knuckle down and try to impress Gerrard and their teammates when they return when it will be handy to have both to rest Tav and Barasic in late March/ April especially if still in Europe and if Scottish cup resumes.

27.) 18 Feb 2021 11:10:18
for now let's put it behind us n look forward to 55 and a cracking game in Europe tonight look at us guys how far we have come boys where daft and selfish and it being delt with.
let's just enjoy the rest of our season it's being a long time coming for us all we all deserve this what a cracking season.

28.) 18 Feb 2021 11:17:41
SGL You are spot on, They knew what they were doing all along and could have jeopardise the whole season, There will be other football players doing the same thing, But haven’t been caught as off yet. 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.

29.) 18 Feb 2021 11:57:03
I can guarantee you that some of the players will definitely play for us again. They have been punished by authorities and rangers and luckily the only damage has been to themselves and not to others.

30.) 18 Feb 2021 12:55:29
SGL everyone deserves a 2nd chance and that’s what some of them will get and I think Paterson and bassey will play for the club again how will you feel when/ if that happens?

31.) 18 Feb 2021 13:33:47
KJA9,i personally would bet it won't happen and in my opinion i think we should sell the ones we can sell!
However although i'd be disappointed in what they did, i always back my club and the players that play for my club, always have done and always will do! So hypothetically speaking if our club chose the route of giving these guys a 2nd chance, i would back the club and back anyone who plays in a glasgow rangers jersey mate! 🇬🇧.

32.) 18 Feb 2021 14:35:59
I think Patterson and Bassey will also play for us again but only due to there positions in the squad I still think they’ll be off in the summer.

33.) 18 Feb 2021 15:00:57
Come the summer jones zunga won't play again edmunston bassey 50/ 50 might depend if we sign for there positions etc barisic sold etc or we get new cen backs etc but paterson medube etc will get fined and a warning from the club can't see them bin young talent like paterson etc in about 4 yr could be worth millions to the club.

34.) 18 Feb 2021 15:58:09
Im also hearing that Bassey was the Ringleader, I knew he was trouble the minute he walked in the joint, At the party he was splashing the cash and bought all the drinks like a real big spender. 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.

35.) 18 Feb 2021 16:11:57
Can I ask 1962, not that I’m saying your wrong I’m just asking, what made u think Bassey was trouble?
I thought he came across as a humble young guy who was proud and felt kick to be at our club. Thought he spoke very well in terms of appreciation of the chance he has been given. Maybe I’m wrong I’m just asking why u felt like u say? Also perhaps it was his house? Maybe that’s why he bought all the drinks etc being the host? Just a possibility?

36.) 18 Feb 2021 16:26:38
Only one comment. The players involved should know better. But it is not the horror show some are painting. They train essentially every day under no restrictions and are relaxing under similar ones. It is not the same as a party of friends round the corner. Or flying off to Dubai.

37.) 18 Feb 2021 19:14:08
Inger, have another look at FC post mate.

38.) 18 Feb 2021 20:07:54
Fc 1962, they were in a house so where was all the cash being splashed?

39.) 18 Feb 2021 20:59:31
Has none of you realised FC post yet,

40.) 18 Feb 2021 22:32:55
Tom too clever for some.

41.) 18 Feb 2021 22:40:17

42.) 18 Feb 2021 22:55:46
Tom I’m bit confused mate can u point out what were missing here? Lol.

43.) 18 Feb 2021 22:57:28
Is it a reference to the song the minute he walked in the joint. boom boom. he was a real big spender 😂😂 very good cunny 👌🏻🤣 I get it now Tom 👏🏻👏🏻🇬🇧.

44.) 19 Feb 2021 00:27:23
Haha that's brilliant fc 😂😂😂in my defence it's a bit before my time but I got there eventually 🙈🙈.

45.) 19 Feb 2021 09:55:07
My two cents for what they are worth:
Zungu Paterson and Bassey are at more to blame than the two loanees
Zungu Paterson and Bassey could have forced the whole squad into isolation with just 1 positive case preventing us from competing in europe and postponing games in the league, we now have no RB cover no LB cover and its all down to PROFESSIONAL players making stupid decisions regardless of age they put us in the predicament we are currently in no excuses.

46.) 19 Feb 2021 10:14:13
I also think they have ruined their chances of a league medal as don't think either has made 10 appearances. Silly c*'ts.

47.) 20 Feb 2021 00:02:54
SGL I bet you your mortgage at least Basset or Patterson will play for the team again. They will be punished internally and let's face it, Patterson is being punished already but they will I'm sure learn from it and grow from it.

Zungu, Mebude and the rest have no future at the club but Bassey and Patterson do.

48.) 20 Feb 2021 17:11:46
how good was that the other night bears I'm so enjoying our team right now. it's a great time too be a ger
holding our own in Europe
15 points clear
total timplosions
with this team
manager n board the future looks good
55 n last 16 looming
amazing 💙💙🏆🏅💙💙.



02 Oct 2020 16:53:56
Apparently no interest in Campbell of Motherwell.

bgate w

1.) 02 Oct 2020 18:24:20
As usual we will wait till he improves then we'll have to pay millions.

2.) 02 Oct 2020 18:31:29
And if he doesn't improve we'll save a fortune👍.

3.) 02 Oct 2020 18:31:30
Imo Campbell is a better player than Turnbull.

4.) 02 Oct 2020 18:37:03
As usual? As usual as in sign hastie from Motherwell because he had couple good games and a bit of pace. Wish we waited another season before paying a penny on him.

5.) 02 Oct 2020 18:51:01
dundeehamilton, you do realise we got hastie for a development fee, literally as cheap as we could've got him.

6.) 02 Oct 2020 19:43:45
Bgate w, if you don't mind me asking pal, who says we're not interested in motherwell midfielder allan campbell 🤔.

7.) 02 Oct 2020 19:45:13
Campbell is nowhere near as good as turnball yet he may end up better but it’s not even close at the mo.

8.) 02 Oct 2020 20:21:03
Sg I spoke to someone who is affiliated to rangers ladies team who asked mick Beal whom said no interest. I have no reason to doubt this person .

9.) 02 Oct 2020 20:42:00
Campbell not even same league as Turnbull. bgate, u honestly think micheal Beale is just going to walk about telling people who we are and aren't interested in mate? Come on 🤷‍♂️I do hope you're right tho as we let 2 better players go in mcrorie and doc.

10.) 02 Oct 2020 20:50:47
KJA9,allan campbell and david turnbull are completely different midfielders mate!

11.) 02 Oct 2020 20:55:17
What? Beale told someone who is " affiliated to the ladies team, mate that's up there alright.

12.) 02 Oct 2020 21:00:34
SGL I never said they were the same someone posted saying Campbell is the better player mate so maybe learn to read everything before posting thanks 🤭.

13.) 02 Oct 2020 21:01:06
Coops, what are your contacts in the Motherwell boardroom saying?

14.) 02 Oct 2020 21:20:07
Thumb the person asked mick directly and he said no . That’s what I was told.

15.) 02 Oct 2020 21:27:36
Mcrorie n doc not good enough at this time for Sg, let's just stop bringing their names in when we are linked with players that played the same positions. Manager deemed the surplus and looking for ways to strengthen. Get behind him.

16.) 02 Oct 2020 21:35:11
The motherwell youth coach i know said that rangers are interested in allan campbell and that a fee of 750k possibly rising to £1.5million with eventual add ons has been spoken about and that was almost 2 weeks ago bankie 🤔 Reading between the lines, i think rangers may well be interested in allan campbell, but have other targets first in front of campbell 🤔 that's my take mate.

17.) 02 Oct 2020 21:37:19
KJA9,i was a decent midfielder myself in my day and was proud to have been good enough, to have played for my county. In my knowledge of midfield play, you CAN'T judge a different styled midfielder from another pal, simple as that!

18.) 02 Oct 2020 22:03:34
😆😆😆 love it when someone try’s to justify their comments by saying they were decent back in the day😆 in what way is that relevant sgl and of course you can compare 2 centre mids, why can’t you? They both played in the same team and turnbull is miles ahead I think most would agree.

19.) 02 Oct 2020 22:20:49
@SGL This is not a dig by any means, just trying too point something out
I think you may have misread KJA9 post mate and yous are again getting into arguments for no reason

KJA9 just said he didn’t think Campbell is as good as Turnbull but may end up being better in time on his own judgment

Everyone is too quick to get it o arguments on this site recently
Is it lockdown causing it or something
Feels like anyone puts a post up now someone wants to jump on it
Think everyone needs a chil pil Across this entire site 😘.

20.) 02 Oct 2020 22:21:32
So the motherwell coach and the Rangers coach are saying the same thing only the exact opposite, il take your word bgate, from past experience.

21.) 02 Oct 2020 22:24:50
Sgl seems a hefty price considering hibs trying to sign him for 200k. only seen him a few times not sure he'd play often enough but better than some players folk on here want to sign. someone actually suggested Alan power!

22.) 02 Oct 2020 22:38:59
SGL you can judge who you like just because you say you can’t doesn’t make it gospel as I said I was replying to someone that said Campbell was better so please learn to read and I am also not the only one that says turnball is better.
Maybe stop trying to have a go at me and pick up on ther other one that said it too.

23.) 02 Oct 2020 22:40:31
Exactly the stig no1

SGL has always been like that to me from day one he thinks he is better than me when we are all equal.

Some people only read and see what they want to see.

24.) 02 Oct 2020 23:35:02
Is the lad not in contract talks at present as out of contract next year? And also to compare him to Turnball maybe slightly outrageous at present as the lad is in the team to replace Turnball and tbf he’s doing quite a decent job from what I’ve seen of him this season and my brother in law ( ardent Motherwell supporter ) is raving about him saying £3mill for Turnbull is robbery from the Well.

25.) 02 Oct 2020 23:38:39
One more thing walter, I have a friend called John Brown, once upon a time he wS left back from Blantyre who somehow managed to get a deal with Dundee, later on he somehow managed to score a hattrick against gramme sourness and Rangers , as he was so bad and played for a wee diddy club like Dundee everybody laughed when he declared he was Rangers thru and thru, and they tittered and sniggered as someone suggested he might just be what Rangers needed, the arrogant amongst the Rangers support shouted loud, just like you, " he's shxte" but gramme sourness and Walter Smith knew better didn't they son, many years later I was a guest at a testimonial for a Rangers player who was battered and bruised, but he had managed to accumulate many medals, guess who thT testimonial wS for " KINGWALTER"? IT WAS FOR JOHN BROWN, they scoffed then again when rangers brought in another from dundee, his name was no one, nacho or something then there are the other good players who appeared when people like you couldn't understand, like David weir, and a big guy called Marvin fae Raith rovers, did you scoff then

26.) 02 Oct 2020 23:50:38
So according to Gerrard we are not interesred in Besic either.

27.) 03 Oct 2020 06:21:06
6c should we sign every young player as soon as they get a place on the bench for they’re clubs and save ourselves a fortune then?

28.) 03 Oct 2020 06:28:57
Exactly tly Thestig, 😂 it's the weekend folks have a beer and a laugh and let's not all be so serious. Anyway my take is why effectively punt McCrorie then even discuss paying 3x more for a player who imo isn't amy where near as good in this Campbell lad, of course could turn out to prove me wrong in time but that seems a bit of a head scratcher.

29.) 03 Oct 2020 06:35:58
And p. s, welcome back Coops old pal, just like to point out that I was a very decent goalkeeper back in the day, albeit it was in 5 a side nets but that's about as relevant to this thread as your revelation😉😝.

30.) 03 Oct 2020 07:11:56
KJA9,for anyone that knows me pal, i can assure you that you've most definitely got me all wrong, as i don't think i'm better than you, or anyone on here for that matter!
Regarding the subject of turnbull and campbell they are different types of midfielders, as turnbull is more the attacking and direct midfielder, opposed to campbell who's the wee terrier type, hard tackling midfielder, with a very good engine getting about the park, he's got that edge, so for me anyway, both are totally different midfielders and highlandbear81,it would depend what a buying team needed when choosing who was the better midfielder for THEM at the time, as like i said both have different playing styles, that's my point.

31.) 03 Oct 2020 08:01:03
Of course they have different playing styles no two players are the same all players have levels and at this level margins are extremely thin but I’d still say that Turnbull is 3-4 levels above Campbell at this point in time but it’s just my opinion. What got me with your post was you trying to ram the old I was pretty good in my day so I know best🥱.

32.) 03 Oct 2020 08:09:17
Can I rewind a bit, did I read that you played for Scotland SGL?

33.) 03 Oct 2020 08:33:34
Think he said he played for his county 🤷🏽‍♂️.

34.) 03 Oct 2020 08:36:23
Nearly every rangers fan is in agreement that we need a box to box midfielder, it's clear that not many of yous watch Motherwell very often, saw a lot of them over the past. couple of years and Turnbull seems like the better player because he is the one further forward, imo Campbell is the better player rn, is the one that will go on to have a better career and is exactly what we've all been asking for these past few weeks, he's completely different to any other midfielder we have and is consistently up and down the pitch throughout the games, he is a solid box to box midfielder and would flourish if he came to us, especially if we can get him for around 500-700k.

35.) 03 Oct 2020 08:54:06
Can’t judge Ian black to Paul Gascoigne cause they’re different styles of midfielder 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️.

36.) 03 Oct 2020 09:50:02
SGL in my opinion you can judge both players yes they are different but both are CM also doesn’t matter what you done when you played football that’s completely irrelevant

Turnball is better than Campbell at the moment doesn’t mean to say Campbell won’t go on to be better and have a better career.

Why did you not have a go at the boy I was replying to? As he judged them before me.

I was only replying to him, you seen my name and thought you would have a go for no reason 🤭.

37.) 03 Oct 2020 10:08:55
Jeez! No comment is the best option in this thread!

38.) 03 Oct 2020 10:18:20
Certainly would not pay 700 k for Campbell, when u can get him for a development fee in January.

39.) 03 Oct 2020 11:38:12
Jyf, i played for my county which i was proud of at the time, not my country pal, i wish 👌 Highlandbear81,i didn't mean it to try and ram that down anyone's throat pal! I meant as midfield was my position, i scrutinize that area more than other positions in general, that's all mate 👍.

40.) 03 Oct 2020 12:11:19
Coop you compared holt to durrant but claim to know about midfield as that was your position at a decent level🤷‍♂️. If we all took Gerrard's word then what would be the point of this forum. I don't think Campbell or ferguson or power are anywhere near what we need and I would hope Gerrard would aim higher. Someone said the other day that we are all arm chair experts and that is very true😂, but we are fans and its our god given right to tell the manager and world how it should be done😂😂👍.

41.) 03 Oct 2020 13:52:42
Coldo, i rated ian durrant almost as good as gazza before that f****r simpson injured him! What i said regarding holt at the time was NOT that he was anywhere near as good a midfielder as durranty because you'd get locked up for saying that and rightly so, as durrant would have went on to be world class IMO! I merely was stating the holt's timing of his runs beyond the striker,
was similar to the way durrant took up positions, not that he was anywhere remotely near as good as durrant mate, so let's get that cleared up right away mate!

42.) 03 Oct 2020 15:13:06
His runs weren't as good or anywhere near as good as durrant. The point I'm making mate is that many people say they were players or coaches or whatever, it doesn't make someone's opinion more valid than others. 👍.

43.) 03 Oct 2020 15:54:27
SGL Durrant and Holt shouldn’t be spoken about in the same sentence mate Could you say when you played for the county 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️😎👍.

44.) 03 Oct 2020 16:18:20
Spot on Coldo 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️😎👍.

45.) 03 Oct 2020 16:58:25
Back in the mid 80's cunny in oz.

46.) 04 Oct 2020 10:13:30
Haha DK19 I actually agree with you on that

site has gone crazy lately put myself in there too
Must be something in the air lol 😂.



27 Aug 2020 19:14:11
Apparently Rhys Bremen and Kieran Wright have joined Partick on loan. I thought there might've been some movement regarding Middleton, Mayo, barjonas, Jones, Murphy, Stewart, Morelos. Some on loan some sold?

bgate w

1.) 27 Aug 2020 19:36:07
Still plenty time bathgate. Think the transfer window doesn't close till October.

2.) 27 Aug 2020 20:34:13
Patience bgate. I heard mayo going on loan to hearts.

3.) 27 Aug 2020 22:10:02
That’s a good move for mayo.

4.) 27 Aug 2020 22:17:30
That would be a great move for mayo and rangers john25 hope that one happens.

5.) 28 Aug 2020 07:25:42
Last I heard Mayo was going out on loan but it was down south. This was prior to Souttar injury tho.



27 Aug 2020 17:18:09
Downmarket tabloid reporting we are still owed 450k from Wigan for windass thus holding up his transfer to Sheffield Wednesday. If true could we lose out on this money?

bgate w

1.) 27 Aug 2020 18:20:32
No Bathgate. It’s a football debt so has to be paid before Wigan can play in league again.

2.) 27 Aug 2020 21:25:02
sorry mate, after where we have been and where Wigan find themselves then I'm struggling to understand how you would actually care about what is a pittance really.

3.) 27 Aug 2020 23:48:16
From where we were not long ago, to the position Wigan find themselves in I for one couldn’t care about what is a pittance really, why are you concerned about that mate? Seems strange anyone anyone is bothered by that, I hope Wigan survives this as they are a fantastic community club.

4.) 28 Aug 2020 05:35:52
not really a pittance we lost 11mill last time i seen accounts. Half a mill b handy.

5.) 28 Aug 2020 10:44:56
I wish I could afford to call 450k a pittance.

6.) 28 Aug 2020 11:19:38
Half a mill is a rubbish loss a money guys, if that’s a pittance I wouldn’t mind a pittance lol that could be invested in youth teams and scouting networks and go far. It’s not all about transfer fees, in saying that it’s half what we paid for Alfie and he’s now worth £16-£20m. It’s not to be sniffed at 👍🏻.

7.) 28 Aug 2020 12:44:17
I didn’t mean to be disrespectful or really mean 450k is a pittance to anyone, just reminded me off the way rangers were treated, totally reminded me of other clubs demanding money be paid even when Rangers were at deaths door,

8.) 28 Aug 2020 18:08:38
thumb12, you said it was a pittance and you couldn't understand why we would bother with it. Add it to the money for McCrorie and Docherty and that's £1m towards another player. Pittance? Aye right.



24 Aug 2020 12:15:18
Does Kent have a release clause?

bgate w

1.) 24 Aug 2020 13:13:38
No idea mate, I'm sure I read a post from someone on here the other day that said he does have a release clause. 👍.

2.) 24 Aug 2020 13:16:53
Don't matter if he has or not player wants to go and if leeds offer 12 or 14 million take it and get replacement soonest Gerrard says he doesn't want people who don't want to be at rangers.

3.) 24 Aug 2020 13:22:42
yes 50 million squid, and not a penny less, you heard it straight from the horses mouth.

4.) 24 Aug 2020 13:27:07
Even if he doesn't, our hand fill be forced. Firstly, we probably aren't in a position to knock back top dollar. Secondly, if he wants to go, he'll go. Leeds can probably pay him double what we can and nobody can grudge the guy that. Gutted if he goes but that's the reality.

5.) 24 Aug 2020 13:30:46
It’s looking that way.

6.) 24 Aug 2020 13:37:39
SG hinted about it but never said for definite.




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17 Apr 2021 17:19:56
No click bait today?

bgate w

1.) 17 Apr 2021 18:28:16
Gordon Strachan said Ryan Kent is worth £25 million😲
The bait wasn't clicked🤓😁.



14 Apr 2021 10:47:42
Just saw footage of popcorn teeth intoxicated causing problems and agro! Then in the next clip it seems like an airport he can't open his eyes and is stumbling about being somewhat difficult with a woolly nb bunnet hanging off his head! Then someone takes the piss out him. Watching these scenes he does look to have some mental health issues indeed, very sad.

bgate w

1.) 14 Apr 2021 11:15:10
It looks like to me that he's just absolutely blootered and has too much swally. I'm curious as to how you can tell if someone has mental health issues because they're absolutely pished. It looks like to me he's had a right good day and forgot to stop drinking.

2.) 14 Apr 2021 11:16:42
I ain’t a fan of his but it’s very sad to see indeed more important things in life than football or football rivalries I hope he gets the help he needs to be honest.

3.) 14 Apr 2021 11:20:10
Aye, saw this. Not good. The guy needs help. Heard Ally on Talksport this morning calling out the guy that filmed it. I agree with Ally tbh. It is an invasion of privacy and although I have never liked the man, he clearly has problems and needs help rather than being ridiculed.

4.) 14 Apr 2021 11:29:14
Well although I have a wee bit sympathy (not much) for him, he has only himself to blame.

He convinced his supporters and the media he was a nice guy .

In my Rangers kit I saw his hatred towards Rangers and our fans first hand more than once.

The man would cause trouble in an empty pub.

Don't really want to see him end up like our hero Gazza though.

5.) 14 Apr 2021 11:37:13
If he does have alchol issues he needs help and stay hidden from the media he maybe a hate figure to us but if anyone has ever saw or experienced drink problems its a horrible illnes and he deserves help.

6.) 14 Apr 2021 12:03:19
so there it is. with all the attacks endured on scottish football by and on him he's an over employed drunk.

7.) 14 Apr 2021 12:04:56
Guy clearly has issues
Bigger picture to be considered.

8.) 14 Apr 2021 12:19:17
Who has never been steaming before. Leave the guy alone I say. We won the league he lost his job let's be good winners as being a bad winner is just as bad as being a bad loser and we have seen a lot of them lately. As much as I don't like Lennon the guy was shafted by the club he loves. I would have hated a rangers legend come in and be treated like that, not being able to appoint his own staff or buy the players then after losing his job if he was on the piss and some Tim's filmed him mocking him we would not be happy. Lennon won't be back we won so forget him.

9.) 14 Apr 2021 12:51:10
Why is he even mentioned on our page, he got sacked and got 2 million quid payoff, who cares what he is doing, Rangers Rangers Rangers, that's what this page shoukd be about.

10.) 14 Apr 2021 12:54:33
Whoever the guy is that took the video and saw fit to upload it, he is scum. Also cowardly, waiting till Lennon had walked away before saying anything. Utter cowardly scum.

11.) 14 Apr 2021 13:00:21
Think its a disgrace to put up a video up without permission. We have all been steaming before. No a fan of lennons but out of order that! Guys allowed a private life like the rest of us.

12.) 14 Apr 2021 13:05:18
Just looks steamin to be honest. Nothing more or less.

13.) 14 Apr 2021 14:02:06
Paul, I couldn’t agree any less, this is a guy in deep trouble.

14.) 14 Apr 2021 14:45:14
Gregory don’t like it don’t read it just scroll on by.

15.) 14 Apr 2021 14:54:47
Looked rat arsed to me.
Trainee psychologists will beg to differ.
Plus he's a bit old to be as pussed as that in public, especially when you are well known and should know someone will be waiting to get a picture of you at your worse.
Thank god there was no camera phones back in my day or I'd probably have been doing a stay at Her Majesty's Pleasure!

16.) 14 Apr 2021 16:00:31
Why are posters saying that Lennon needs help. He was drunk that’s it. I think most off us have been there, Do you actually think he cares he would have got good payment from Pacific Shelf
Don’t people remember that he has massive disrespect for our club, He is and always will be a total Rat 🐀.

17.) 14 Apr 2021 16:25:58
I, along with a couple of others sponsors a group attached to possilpark in Glasgow mainly to help addicts, neil Lennon looked to me a guy at the very edge, not just drunk m this was a guy screaming for help, Celtic shocking treatment has taken its toll on a guy who has fought demons for years, nobody should think this is just drunk, he’s in deep trouble.

18.) 14 Apr 2021 16:50:09
I end up that pissed quite often tbh not a big deal, just looks like a guy who had about 8 too many we have all been there lol.

19.) 15 Apr 2021 00:34:56
the guy was steaming we've all been there, why does it have to be a mental breakdown, he's simply had too much to drink imo. If I'm allowed one that's different from yours Tom, since nobody else seems to be 👍.

20.) 15 Apr 2021 12:03:09
It's a well-known fact that Lennon can't handle his drink and it only takes a few sherbets and he wants to fight the world (see the Matt Elliott interview where he discusses this) . All this "he needs help" stuff is getting blown out of proportion, and he's not the first person to have too much swally and make an arse of himself. Yes, he's had previous with mental health issues, and drinking alcohol while suffering from depression, is a no no, but let's not read too much into this. Don't waste too much sympathy on someone who is drunk and spoling for a fight as Lennon's plight is far from being that of a George Best, Kenny Samsom, Gazza etc.



09 Apr 2021 08:42:24
Does anyone think the colts will be allowed to join lower league and will it be a good idea? Personally I think it would be good. However I think if we have players who are able to play say championship or premier league that they should be loaned out to clubs in these leagues even if the colts are in bottom league. I think players playing against men and hopefully crowds with points sometimes livelihoods at stake would be beneficial for young players. I've kept an eye on James maxwell at qos he's doing well yeah made a few mistakes but far more positive than negative and from his mistakes he will learn before hopefully becoming a rangers player.

bgate w

1.) 09 Apr 2021 09:53:22
Great idea. Won’t happen due to narrow mind ness off wee clubs.

2.) 09 Apr 2021 09:56:58
It will only be good if the players are given the chance to break into the 1st team. So many writing off young Kelly already and he's playing in the top league. I don't like the idea if I'm honest.

3.) 09 Apr 2021 10:35:09
It’s a outstanding idea that’s worked in other countries for years that bring kids thru a lot of better than us ie Spain holland to name a couple.

Do it probably won’t happen as we are stuck in the dark ages and seems some of our fans are too.

4.) 09 Apr 2021 10:49:08
I honestly don't think the kids would learn much getting kicked about in the 4th tier if Scottish football.

5.) 09 Apr 2021 11:18:36
We need to change how we develop youth and our whole concept of how we play our game in this country. You are right sweep that it is a culture in our game at all levels to be over aggressive. We need to look at the german and dutch models if we really want to progress. 👍.

6.) 09 Apr 2021 11:39:29
Sweep, they don’t get kicked about.
Why does Wilson and gerrard see it as the way forward in terms of player development.

7.) 09 Apr 2021 12:45:22
John25 it's a clobber league, have you forgotten what it was like down in the 4th tier? Wilson and Gerrard can be wrong like everyone else. I'm not saying my opinion is correct but it's my opinion on the situation. I actually hate when fans need to quote the management all the time. Have your own opinion on things and stop quoting other people's in terms of a debate.

8.) 09 Apr 2021 13:24:34
Bottom clubs will never vote them in as they get so many loan players from them nowadays. All loans would stop as they would be in the colts.

9.) 09 Apr 2021 13:29:59
I’ve been fortunate enough b4 C.V. to go and watch at least one loan player a week at Annan, thistle, Morton faith and other clubs. Not really seen our player get kicked all over the place.
In fact some useful kids at that level who deserve a chance in a higher league.

10.) 09 Apr 2021 13:55:36
Kids are playing competitive games in front of nutcase parents on red ash pitches in winter, and told winning is every T

It is the reason we don’t bring them up like continentals.

11.) 09 Apr 2021 14:13:49
Coldo the German and Holland Models have 2nd teams like we are trying to do.

12.) 09 Apr 2021 14:15:01
John some people have an opinion of what it use to be like years ago in the leagues below and just take their opinion of that I wouldn’t bother with them as you won’t change their mind even tho they are wrong.

13.) 09 Apr 2021 14:37:04
Good point John, football in this country of ours has been held back for years by the tail wagging the dog, okay when the Old Firm are filling their coffers, as we have done more than most over the years.

14.) 09 Apr 2021 15:42:20
TT no one plays on ash pitches anymore and haven’t done for years.

15.) 09 Apr 2021 17:06:18
The whole development in Scotland is wrong I'm involved in kids footbsll and they go onto 11 a sides too quickly. 2 years of 7s a year of 9s and onto 11 a side at 11/ 12 years old to get lost on a huge park and hardly get a touch of ball. Should be at least another season of 9s like other countries, smaller pitch less players, loads more touches of ball, which all helps kids develop.

16.) 09 Apr 2021 17:21:36
Your correct, but only recently, and the pitch is the only thing that has changed, kids should be learning skills, not kicking lumps out of each or breaking they’re necks to win at all costs, they don’t do that on the continent.

17.) 09 Apr 2021 18:25:02
Tom what about the black ash at Glenconner.

18.) 09 Apr 2021 20:31:38
Agreed Tom, too much win at all costs. Not enough of nurturing the talent of young players.

19.) 09 Apr 2021 21:33:30
Great Sunday games at glenconner, hippy and the emerald star i think, loved giving them it tight,

20.) 10 Apr 2021 12:06:34
Tom played against St rocks and Provanmill star, pubs shut 1430. Tasty crowds.



01 Apr 2021 20:10:16
Maybe one for TT, was Robert fleck the player who got on wrong side of gangster and basically had to leave Glasgow ending his rangers career? Or was it someone else?

bgate w

1.) 01 Apr 2021 20:33:54
Did this not happen to hately ran out of town something to do way riding a gangsters Mrs.

2.) 01 Apr 2021 21:02:44
I thought that was Durie.

3.) 01 Apr 2021 21:26:03
I was told ages ago it was mark hateley 🤔.

4.) 01 Apr 2021 21:46:27
I'm sure it was Hateley who pumped the daughter of a well known business man who owned duck Bay marina, and had to get out of town, when the girl's dad found out.

5.) 01 Apr 2021 22:07:50
Was it no Ian Ferguson, something to do with a dodgy motor?

6.) 01 Apr 2021 22:32:53
Would i be correct in saying BMGH01,
that when hateley's rangers honours and medals were stolen from his house, was it not the gangsters who hounded him out of glasgow for allegedly mucking about with the top guys daughter, that told him he would find them at the bottom of loch lomond 🤔.

7.) 01 Apr 2021 22:49:45
BMG, that's the story I heard and around the same time his house got tanned which all his medals got nicked.

8.) 02 Apr 2021 02:35:14
It was big Hateley, and it was a Bishopbriggs chaps daughter who may have been a bit vulnerable by all accounts, the big guy swiftly departed and may have paid to return sometime later,

9.) 02 Apr 2021 02:57:03
When I was a young player at Killowen bfate, I was also a p/ time night porte at the grosvenor in Glasgow, the gers team used it regularly back then, the weekend of the skol Cup final I let Robert fleck out the back lane to go to the dancing with a few possil boys, he got caught by the manager coming back in at 3am and got involved in a rigmarole, sourness, McCoy and Phil boardman came down and fkecky was sent to bed he scored in the final I think, but was almost instantly decanted down south, don't think he ever played fir Rangers again , I actually also spent the night having a laugh with wee mo and coisty the night before maurice signed fir Rangers, was also brought up with Mo, who came from Sighthill, just up the road, and my first flat was next door to him and his parents

10.) 02 Apr 2021 06:07:57
We're the Russian Mafia after Kanchelskis at some point for gambling debts? Rings a bell.

{Ed001's Note - that was why he joined Everton, as Fergie was fed up of paying off his gambling debts and Everton agreed to pay them. After a while they got fed up with paying his debts and got rid. So it wouldn't be a surprise if he got into debt again with you as well.}

11.) 02 Apr 2021 09:11:59
Thanks again Tom 👍.

12.) 02 Apr 2021 11:11:57
Think we had a team of narcos back then 🙉😂.

13.) 02 Apr 2021 12:24:33
I remember that Ed001! Messing about with a Glasgow gangster's daughter is one thing, but getting into debt with the Russian mob is a whole different level. Pure Eastern Promises stuff.

14.) 02 Apr 2021 12:30:28
That sounds about right SGL. I'm sure everything was ironed out when a well known nightclub owner, and Rangers man, intervened as a sort of intermediary and sorted everything out. A bit like the guy who squared things up for Stevie G when he was getting a bit of hassle during his Liverpool days. You remember that Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - there was a lot more to the Stevie G thing and it was not really like that. It is best not to get into that as it involves other people.}

15.) 02 Apr 2021 12:39:36
Correct Ed001.

16.) 02 Apr 2021 17:30:53
You are correct re, James sorted the issue out, at a cost I believe.



01 Apr 2021 06:29:09
Hi tomthumb, could you shed any light on the lads you grew up with that were better players than Kent. It's just I got family and friends in the areas you mentioned and have heard myself those schemes had talented players?

bgate w

1.) 01 Apr 2021 10:14:30
Morning bgate
I grew up with many great players from possil/ springburn/ Milton and played with some

Flecks, Frank McDougal, Macca, Dinner Pelosi, Jordan McMillen Faddy, and Chic Charnley, the list is endless, and of course Dalglish, i'm not saying in any way all were better than kenty, but a couple were better, Kenty is in a rich vein of form, sometimes, like a lot of his type of player, but there is always a reason why a player moves around a lot, Ryan can be great, then awful for weeks, that sadly is a fact, but so could Coop, the real one, although his talent was mind blowing at times, god knows what defoe would have said about Davie, iwas just saying about the many great players to come from my area, and yours, going all the way back to the likes of Harry Hood, John Kelly, and lots more, but some of the most talented never seen the inside of a professional changing room, they simply couldn't adapt or were physically not ever going to make it, that aspect of naturally fit is the biggest factor of all, its the reason guys like Allan Hutton was so valuable, he could run, tackle, and play a final ball for 120 mins if necessary, that's what's needed more than anything, its why many guys with skills that would really blow yiur mind, never reached the top Andy Ritchie at Norton comes to mind mate, untouchable, but could not run a yard, another who had everything except natural fitness is Paddy McCourt.

2.) 01 Apr 2021 11:14:55
John Spencer once said in an interview that there was players far more talented than him that he played alongside when he was younger that never made it for a variety of reasons.

3.) 01 Apr 2021 12:08:04
i agree with him mph and tt, help. dinner pelosi? i know they're not running in the us.

4.) 01 Apr 2021 12:34:01
I played every night with massively talented players, in possil and Springburn, most never ever seen a contract, just didn’t have the physical fitness requirements, you can coach, you can train, but if your body just can’t change then you won’t be a professional football player, it’s that simp L, aand there’s many a pro who will have stories of far better players than they were, at school,

5.) 01 Apr 2021 12:41:22
Alex Ferguson said in his book “ managing my life “ that frank mcdougall was the finest striker he had ever signed, fergie had a few decent ones, I was with Frank after he left Aberdeen, we went to Celtic park, they were offering him a deal if his back was up to it, it wasn’t

I used to meet frank and Mecca every morning before they both traveled to love st, they were just 2 of the greats of north Glasgow, Chic was reaching his peak too, Alan dinnie, , and Flecky was flying down south, great times.

6.) 01 Apr 2021 13:18:38
Sorry bells, it should have read Dinnie, Pelosi, 2 other professional players from possil, at one time you could see at least 4 or 5 pro players standing around Saracen cross on Sunday waiting for the pubs to open

Some taxi drivers and buses stopped for a double take,
There are one or two on her who think players come from mars and don’t have ordinary school friends and pals, strange that.

7.) 01 Apr 2021 13:25:57
TT12, even when kent isn't on his game he's still so valuable to our team mate 🤔His workrate remains immense, even if he's having a stinker and like a magnet he still can draw opposition players out of position, creating space for his teammates to exploit! That's why he would always be in my starting 11 mate 👍 All about opinions though 🤔.

8.) 01 Apr 2021 14:06:19
Thanks Tom 👍.

9.) 01 Apr 2021 14:10:31
Kent is class, hopefully wright kicks on. Both very good ball carriers, something we lack👍.

10.) 01 Apr 2021 14:21:55
£7.5 million for workrate is a bit pricey for me SGL.
When he's on it, Kent is very good. But in my opinion what we paid the £7.5 million for - an end product - he's been rank rotten far to often this season. IMHO 👍.

11.) 01 Apr 2021 14:39:47
When we sell him MPH, we will get a helluva lot more than £7.5million for kent 👍I reckon at least double what we paid liverpool for him mate 🤔.

12.) 01 Apr 2021 15:41:50
TT very impressive mate, that's when Scotland also had a good team, all the best.

13.) 01 Apr 2021 17:00:22
Thank you irvger, I’m fighting on,

All memories of better times and good friends, still speak to a few nowadays, in fact il be heading to sunny possil when the pubs open for a catch-up health permitting,

Take care mate.

14.) 01 Apr 2021 17:03:18
Sgl, I never said I wouldn’t have Ryan, nor that anyone in the club was better, although I do believe there is, m what I had a problem with was “ awesome and mind blowing “ I understand that you never said that, just imagine what Defoe says about his former England teammates?

Personally I think Aribo is probably the most gifted but he’s even more inconsistent than Ryan, but on his game Ryan can be great mate.

15.) 01 Apr 2021 18:33:27
I would like to think so SGL. As he's definitely improved since he joined us on loan.
Still room for improvement though.




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19 Apr 2021 17:49:39
😂 tom.

bgate w



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19 Apr 2021 10:57:44
Tom I think you’re right however I would say I think hagi has a decent football brain and has obviously worked hard developing his skills and has a good work ethic. I just don’t think we play a system that suits him. I think he needs to be in the middle linking midfield and striker type of player. I do believe he will finish his career much traveled.

bgate w



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18 Apr 2021 07:57:05
How much more could they have sold had they upped their game? New stop coming soon yet my boy strip not coming till June. Also see Newcastle taking castore on at expense of fat boys beloved puma? Is the fat man involved in some way after all? Not like him not to have his fat finger in the pie!

bgate w



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14 Apr 2021 19:29:41
Sgl I spoke on here regarding Allan Campbell in previous transfer windows and was told by a guy I trust that no interest. The guy I trust had an excellent source who I’m not naming as the last time I was mocked by the usual suspects. I do think Campbell is decent, don’t know how much he’d improve or if he’d make the grade but that’s only my opinion.

bgate w



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14 Apr 2021 18:33:52
Not happening sgl.

bgate w




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22 Apr 2021 16:00:00
In my day none were penalties. Thought Simpson got caught ball watching then lifted his leg half hearted and that was enough for ref to have a decision. Verdict no penalties for me.

bgate w



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22 Apr 2021 15:49:24
Probably end up with a plastic carpet coming up with hearts in that case John 🤔.

bgate w



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22 Apr 2021 15:47:59
Sgl that’s the best 3 alright but I’m not sure what order 🤔.

bgate w



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22 Apr 2021 09:04:18
Thought Bassey coming in from the cold was ok itten ok . IWW might learn more after a run of games in a row with these guys . Problem is they would need the guy who holds the shirt to get injured. Bit like what happened with Patterson and tavernier.

bgate w



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21 Apr 2021 21:29:30
Always think the defence plays better with McGregor in goal with his organisation.

bgate w