25 May 2024 21:31:03
I thought the difference made to our team and attack when Sima replaced Dessers today at HT proved why Dessers should be nowhere near our team. We battered them in the 2nd half. Diomande was excellent. I was again disappointed with Tav, Ridvan and Cantwell. We should try to move all 3 on along with plenty others.

IMO we should offer Balogun another year.

1.) 25 May 2024
25 May 2024 22:15:05
Agreed. I thought Dio was best player on the park.

2.) 25 May 2024
25 May 2024 22:21:19
Ridiculous point about dessers sima was wasted thru the middle.

3.) 25 May 2024
25 May 2024 22:21:49
We didn’t batter them either.

4.) 25 May 2024
25 May 2024 22:48:53
Agree about Balogun you can add Davies too, outstanding, and Diomande, boys starting to get it, tbf to Dessers he was injured by C. V tackle midway thru first half, that's why he was subbed.

5.) 25 May 2024
25 May 2024 23:18:24
Totally battered aye. You applied pressure to a back 4 that can't cope with it. Sny sensible Celtic fan knows this, yet it took 25 mins of the last 45 mins of the season to figure this out. It's ok 'battering' a side for 25 minutes but you also have to score.

6.) 26 May 2024
26 May 2024 00:05:52
Sima for Dessers changed the game for us. 1st half we weren't in it. Ridiculous aye ok??.

7.) 26 May 2024
26 May 2024 00:10:29
Dessers was rank long before the tackle should have first timed the pass form Cantwell squad fed a long range effort and was making poor runs all day kept want to run to back post making the pass harder for likes of tav with three up front he should be making the near post run and player behind him on wing making the back post run

He also never showed any desire to win ball or put any real pressure on Celtic defenders

Better with sima but not brilliant only goes to show all us that said we should have signed another forward in January were probably right

Dessers a decent squad option that’s all not a starter for me unless it’s vs smaller teams.

8.) 26 May 2024
26 May 2024 06:59:52
He will be here next season gofor, yes your correct, we need another striker, for me the big guy is a gd option 22 goals, isn't poor, should be more is the continual put down.

9.) 26 May 2024
26 May 2024 08:40:35
I get guys were disappointed from an offensive point of view with our full backs but I’m pretty sure that was a tactical thing to keep us in the game. It allowed a lot less pressure on our midfield with them not venturing so high, no surprise the midfield performed better.