23 May 2020 10:26:50
All I want is the league title Bears, its as simple as that, all the ifs, maybes, he should have hads ain't going to help us win it. Just need very good players, something we have not been used to over the last decade - we have everything else. We have to trust Wilson and the Gaffer to get the right type of player. let's look forward and win it.

1.) 23 May 2020
23 May 2020 12:11:56
TGBB Trust the gaffer he's had 2 seasons and won SFA.

2.) 23 May 2020
23 May 2020 13:57:44
He’s pulled us up by the scruff of the neck to compete . remember where we were 6 years ago .
It’s not as if we have been competing on a level playing field . He beat Rodgers team . You could say he has never Not beat a smeltic team over a season .
Circumstances . Davis kicked off the park by Aberdeen. never the same . culibally kicked off the park with st Mirren . never the same .
Let’s go Stevie.

3.) 23 May 2020
23 May 2020 14:11:55
Defo last chance for steven.

4.) 23 May 2020
23 May 2020 15:12:16
Remember the total mess/ shambles steven gerrard inherited before shouting your mouth off The Stuck! I think you're well named The Stuck, ie. stuck in you're wee bubble pal! 😂. I agree molsgoals stevie G has improved us big time and remember has beaten that mob 3 times and absolutely played them off the park in most of the old firm games, since he became rangers manager! We were getting totally embarrassed by celtic up 'till gerrard became manager try and think about that to the doubting thomas's!
I'll say again that IMO steven gerrard WILL win the league as rangers manager! If/ when he does the closets will be bursting at the seams with the gerrard out brigade!
Get behind stevie G and the team!

5.) 23 May 2020
23 May 2020 16:15:42
Your right sgl come to think of it . It was only one game against them that stevo didn’t match them and outplay them no matter the result . The game they did win at Ibrox I remember with distinction.
Smeltic destroyed the game from out . When we had the ball . even from first min . they went down with cramp or killed the game time wasting . When they had the ball it was totally opposite. They were playing fir territory.
Don’t think stevo had experienced that . I certainly had never seen it so blatant in a game .
They had about 13 time stops with cramp from first ten min .
Never again.

6.) 23 May 2020
23 May 2020 20:16:03
Gerrard an intelligent guy and doesn't need the money he knows and believes he has to win the league with this great club.
He didn't take the job for the money he came here to win trophies get us back to the top and back to Liverpool to replace klopp, he could have gone to Derby for mega bucks but never.

At least he had the balls to come here most managers would have ran a mile the state we were in.

Rome wasn't built in a day ask Alex Ferguson. Gerrard is a winner don't give up on him yet. there's a wee statue of Bill Shankley at Annfield and it reads. "He Made The People Happy". l believe we could see a wee statue at Ibrox of Steven Gerrard in a few years reading. He Made The People Happy. "We Are The People".

In Gerrard I Trust.