30 Aug 2016 17:14:15
Mariappa signs 3 year deal with Watford, get senderos signed up now.

1.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 17:37:01
Just seen this mate, gutted, MW get the finger out the Transfer Window shuts the morra.

2.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 18:09:58
Surely there is a decent CB somewhere under that magic hat?

3.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 18:28:44
Doesn't shut for free transfers though.

4.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 18:53:36

5.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 19:15:30
Why are you bothered he has signed for Watford? He said no weeks ago.

6.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 19:38:42
Bring back the Bougy!

7.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 19:45:06
I don't believe that we will sign anyone and I am not certain whether this is down to Warburton believing that the three so called central defenders that he has are good enough or whether we just don't have the funds available.

It will be interesting to see whether we lose any players before the transfer window closes and the timing of this!

We will then get the usual bullshit from all and sundry as to how we have been trying but just not the right players available!

8.) 30 Aug 2016
30 Aug 2016 22:07:12
I think we have basically agreed a deal with senderos. Last few days of the transfer window players become available so waiting to see if we can get better before offering him a deal if we can't get any.

9.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 10:58:56
yes stu bring back bougy he would pley for pennys and wants back I don't understand why this hasn't happened. we have no money and he is a free agents isn't he.

10.) 02 Sep 2016
30 Aug 2016 17:40:13
Gutted we don't need to worry about septics forwards taring uz a new 1 because gamboa will do that on his own we need players in ASAP KING.