21 Aug 2019 00:28:02
According to the online daily record tonight,
ryan kent doing everything he can at his end,
to try and push through a deal to come back to us. He is determined and could even go as far as downing tools, to get his move he so desparately wants.

This could be a goer now fellow bears, with another season long loan deal, with the option of a permanent deal, at the end of the season. Just goes to show how much young kent wants to become a rangers player. I think this could truly now happen and he'll get his wish. The vast majority of us fans also are desparate, to see him again in a rangers jersey. 😀.

1.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 01:15:20
If he downs tools then Liverpool will just leave him in the reserves! He is nowhere near their 1st team so it won’t be a great loss to them if he ‘downs tools’ will only be to the detriment of himself!

Liverpool played hardball not so long ago with their best player at the time (Coutinho) and repeatedly denied him the chance to move, rebuffed his transfer requests etc until the transfer window closed. They stood their ground until they were satisfied they had a squad capable of dealing with him moving and they were getting the mega feet hey wanted!

They are hardly going to be bullied by Ryan Kent into selling him. Come on guys, get real. The only way we will get Kent is if we Auto up the money to pay what the asking price is. Best chance for us is a couple of million up front then instalments if Liverpool would accept that.

2.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 05:34:12
Would be the signing of quality and one we know that won’t take time to settle that we still need which would only leave us needing a left back then I will be happy and confident for the season ahead.

3.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 06:14:20
Fruitbear almost every single deal in football is paid in installments.

4.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 08:13:21
FruitBear, who's to say we can't agree with liverpool to buy, just like is being suggested, at the end of the season, after a season long loan deal again? Like TheCampbell has just correctly stated, all deals are paid in installments. We could most definitely agree to pay liverpool some of the transfer fee now, loan fee included, with the next installment of the permanent transfer fee paid at the end of the season.

5.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 08:29:43
Not a fan of players who go down the down tools root to get what they want . a good a player as he is. I value some loyalty and integrity when you have a contact and still payed by your employer.

6.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 08:58:02
SGL the point I am making is that you have said he is going to down tools to force through his move. Him downing tools will not force Liverpool into selling him. This is a reserve player for them we are talking sbout. If Rangers sign him it will be because we cough up the money and agree a deal with Liverpool. This stuff about him downing tools to force her to sell him is absolute nonsense.

7.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 09:04:36
Financially it has zero impact on L’pool if they stand there ground and refuse Kent a loan deal, he’s not on big wages and it would have zero impact, however, it’s also not their style as a football club who are respected world wide for their management and development of young players to deny a young player not deemed ready or suitable for first football a chance to develop or move on for benefit of his career. Striking a deal which suits the player and our club is surely a no brainier. If we didn’t think we could finance this deal Kent would know and already have taken up alternative options.

8.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 09:36:42
already signed 2 left wingers. not sure or resourses are best served with another tbh. Bar the Celtic games (and he got sent off in one) he was a bit hit and miss tbh.
Not saying he wouldn't be a good player and potentially get better etc but we probably need to fix lb properly and cover cf position in case of injury/ suspension/ transfer. if Alf leaves even in Jan, we should already have a young player bedded in, and Rudden is way too untried.

9.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 10:20:39
Well I told you all a couple of months ago that Kent would still sign for Rangers, but nobody believed me! I was shot down in flames by posters on here, but I am about to be proven right.

10.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 12:33:41
This is all just paper talk so how do you think you are about to prove everybody wrong. I myslef am getting more concerned about the growing wage bill especially for players that are nowhere close to the 1st team. Really need to start shipping out.

11.) 21 Aug 2019
21 Aug 2019 14:54:04
Kent downing tools is a non starter. He's nowhere near Pool top team so they just play in boys side. Only way this will move is SG influence and Rangers pay bucks for another loan or God willing purchase.