01 Feb 2024 08:49:21
Cifeuntes to Sunderland? I thought he was signing for cruzeiro.

1.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 09:10:14
Not sure thought it was Brazilian team. Anybody heard anything about the link to James Penrice, livvy defender.

2.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 09:16:22
I would be really happy with that, also no buying option would be better.

3.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 09:22:39
Not seen the rumour, but Beale clearly fancies him. If it's a straight loan with no option that could be a great way to get him int he EPL shop window with a view to increasing a subsequent sell on value. Worst case scenario I suspect a South American team will always be interested.

4.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 09:27:59
He's the man to take Sunderland to the next level.

5.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 09:33:13
Where are you hearing about james Penrice joining us?

6.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 09:35:10
Is penrice any good?

7.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 11:28:43
Penrice is decent but I'm not sure if he'd get a game. Family are rangers supporters though his dad jai would be buzzing.

8.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 12:00:31
TBH, if Penrice was 5 years youngest then I'd be all for us going for him. But at 25 I don't think it would be worth it for the club to bring him in and he certainly wouldn't; be a Ridvan replacement.

9.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 12:14:59
Hearing is permanent Cifuentes to Sunderland, hope this is true.

10.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 12:18:02
Hope we put a 30% sell on in his deal, we'll make more than his transfer fee in my opinion.

11.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 12:21:03
It was on one of the sites on newsnow might have been Herald/ Scotsmen seen it earlier.

12.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 12:25:53
Also HITC and ibrox news and a few others, couple of teams along with us looking, might be nothing then again.

13.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 12:42:27
Playing for Sunderland will put Cifuentes in the EPL shop window? You`re having a laugh, he`s miles away from the SPL level never mind the EPL . Our best bets are, that playing in England will get him more used to British style of football or that Beale actually forks out the cash to buy him. More likely is he flops, hardly plays and they send him back at the end of the season.

14.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 13:15:07
Think Sunderland just sold a midfielder so a possibility, more chance of getting money for him from England than Brazil come the summer but thought I read he was homesick or maybe that just an excuse.

15.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 14:52:17
Wslger plenty of good English midfielders have done very little in scotland it’s a differnt type of football altogether.