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24 Nov 2023 12:45:49
Told Rangers are making a massive effort to get Mason Cotcher signed before the turn of the year.

My star in the sky

1.) 24 Nov 2023 13:02:48
He`s training with Arsenal at the moment . If they want him we won`t get him. Even if we do sign him, where is he going to play, our youngsters are playing competitively once a month at the moment if they are lucky . The Lowland League may not have been the answer but it was better than what we are doing now . Another mistake that I suspect that Beale was behind.

2.) 24 Nov 2023 14:06:52
Is this the lad from Sunderland u mentioned a while back Beale?

3.) 24 Nov 2023 14:23:44
Stevie that is him mate.

4.) 24 Nov 2023 14:38:14
Y star appears Sunderland have freed this player. He is training at arsenal on a one month trial, played three games for the under 18 scoring one goal.

5.) 24 Nov 2023 17:25:13
Not seen a lot of this lad but what I have seen looks like z cool customer in front of goal.

Any ideas why he is free? Seems strange Sunderland would let him go.

6.) 24 Nov 2023 18:49:35
Out of contract gofor?

7.) 24 Nov 2023 19:42:10
Gofor, he never signed a contract for them.

8.) 24 Nov 2023 20:56:12
Cotcher left Sunderland on his 17 birthday rejecting a pro contract.
He was on a scholarship due to age.

He is now eligible to sign a professional contract
17in England
16 in Scotland.

9.) 26 Nov 2023 11:13:24
Nice but maybe the lad 3xpecting to play first team games.

Either way would be worth the punt on the face of it.



18 Nov 2023 03:18:58
Some say McKenna wouldn't come to Rangers, hearing Rangers want Barron and McKenna signed on pre contracts in January, heard nothing about Shankland but i certainly wouldn't be against that he's definitely improved his overall game as a cf.

My star in the sky

1.) 18 Nov 2023 08:15:33
I hope your info is spot on My star especially regarding scott mckenna mate and no reason to doubt your info ?.

2.) 18 Nov 2023 08:52:09
I'd happily sign all 3.

3.) 18 Nov 2023 09:31:55
Definitely be happy with all 3 and would strengthen our Europe squad with them being Scottish.

4.) 18 Nov 2023 10:21:11
I heard different on McKenna but we may not even be after him and he may not come but all you can do is try.

5.) 18 Nov 2023 10:46:55
I haven’t watched Barron play, the Scotland u21 fans are apparently raving about him online for his performance against Belgium the other night.
Apparently he was absolutely outstanding.

6.) 18 Nov 2023 10:53:51
Why would McKenna not want to sign for Rangers? Is it the Aberdeen thing? Surely that’s overplayed?

7.) 18 Nov 2023 11:09:17
Wouldn’t complain as we definitely need to sign some Scottish players.
Not only for the European squad but I feel having a Scottish identity will help make us a little stronger, obviously they have to be good enough and I would say those three players tick the boxes.
18 top quality players from other countries with 8 Scottish and home grown players that are good enough to make up European squads, that gives us the Scottish identity required and the bases to build a squad for home and European competition.

8.) 18 Nov 2023 12:04:57
I would take all 3 of them if McKenna comes we could sell Davies, Barron covers jack and shanklad for roofe who is a decent player but always injured.

9.) 18 Nov 2023 13:05:51
Carrick I think McKenna is supposed to be a die hard Celtic fan.
I think.
That will be the reason he’s not interested in us.

10.) 18 Nov 2023 13:13:45
Making McKenna an offer would get him thinking, players think what is best for them before the team they support.

11.) 18 Nov 2023 13:16:02
Barron is an ababsoloutplayer. fits European criteria also. this boys gona be a star so get him signed up while we can.

12.) 18 Nov 2023 13:29:05
Celtic might go in for him.

13.) 18 Nov 2023 13:34:45
From what i got told. Fenerbache willing to almost double his 30k wage at Forest. They have shown a lot of interest. Mckennas dad a ST holder at celtic.

14.) 18 Nov 2023 13:59:53
I thought McKenna was vastly overrated at Aberdeen, seen nothing to change my mind either, anytime I`ve seen him for Forest or Scotland. Before anybody raises the fact that he is playing in the EPL (currently he isn`t) but more to the point his sometime partner and captain is Joe Worrall, who was slated when he was up here on loan. So he apparently wasn`t good enough for us but he plays in the EPL. McKennas only plus point is that he is Scottish and although we do need some more homegrown players, they need to be good enough to improve what we already have . I would play Balogun and Davies before McKenna.

15.) 18 Nov 2023 14:04:49
You would think players would get out off going to turkey. If smeltic go in for him then he'd likely go there but if they don't then we should be going all out for him. Him and goldson would be a good partnership and hopefully get a few quid back from Davies.

16.) 18 Nov 2023 15:32:59
Iv always been really strong on us getting Shankland, even when his stock was low and on a free.

We all know he would come to us if the right deal

But he's hearts captain, first choice, respected and has a decent career. He's the number one choice. He could come to us and be behind the likes of Danilo, would be a big risk, as he is giving up a lot

But all that said I think he could really be a great, he just has it

He could be an astounding success and i think he would be

We can dominate possession and create lots of chances for him and most times than not, he can finish his chances.

17.) 18 Nov 2023 16:12:45
Not a McKenna fan, think he is one of the most clumsy overly physical defenders who would get punished in Europe.

18.) 18 Nov 2023 17:17:29
I would have preferred porteous.

19.) 18 Nov 2023 17:17:29
I'm not overly fussed on McKenna either tbh, gofor.

20.) 18 nov 2023 18:26:06
i said i was told a few months ago that a ch has agreed terms to come in january, whether that changed when beale went i don't know, but i believe it was either soutter or mckenna.

21.) 18 Nov 2023 19:00:33
Ryan porteous is the best Scottish defender around atm.
He’s have been an outstanding player for us.

I really really rate him highly.

He’s a big solid no nonsense defender, but he can also play a bit.

22.) 18 Nov 2023 19:06:21
I hope it's Souttar.

23.) 18 Nov 2023 19:25:54
McKenna isn't any better than Souttar or Davies imo. Barron on the other hand is a talent with loads of potential.

24.) 19 Nov 2023 12:28:18
Tom I was told 100% not Harry Souttar who is valued at 15 million.

25.) 19 Nov 2023 13:59:10
Aye a don’t see it being Harry either, only way I see us getting him would be a player swap, then it would be who Leicester want.

You’re talking raskin danilo cantwell?
Maybe yilmaz? But they have 2 good left backs I’m sure.

We could maybe get a loan in 2nd half of season but that would likely be our whack.

26.) 19 Nov 2023 14:14:58
Agree with bazbear 73
Should have snapped up porteous.

27.) 19 Nov 2023 14:57:44
Stevie with possibly exception of butland not a player at ibrox that would interest liescster

They value Souttar 15 million, so we would need to give them at least three players.

28.) 19 Nov 2023 15:56:07
I think £15 is what they paid for him John, they don’t seem to value him very highly as he can’t get a game or even get on the bench most of the time.

I think realistically u could get Souttar for £10m max but likely less.
Players don’t hold value when they’re not even in the playing squad.

Still outwith our price range anyway so it’s irrelevant really.

I know what u say regarding our players. I was more thinking if they wanted a player we’d do that plus cash.
But not to the value of £15m.

29.) 20 Nov 2023 13:12:48
Harry Souttar is another right sided centre back, so what would be the point of signing him . We already have his brother and Connor Goldson to play there. If we do want a centre back it must be to give balance on the left of the defence and replace Davies. Don`t see that as a priority in January though.



03 Nov 2023 00:32:57
John i know you said about Barron from Aberdeen, was told earlier from a man that knows his agent well that we're definitely interested in him, think he'd be a good buy but wouldn't be starting now, good young player with what I've seen, could and should improve with better players around him and good for our European squad.

My star in the sky

1.) 03 Nov 2023 06:06:36
I’ve not seen much of him in all honestly but I know he’s highly rated. Given he’s on a free transfer at the end of this season then it’s a no brainer and could be a great long term replacement for Jack.

2.) 03 Nov 2023 07:20:49
We have watched him and mckenzie on a number of occasions. Scottish academy grown.

3.) 03 Nov 2023 10:18:16
Here's a thought why don't we play Devine and Rice and develop our own youngsters.

4.) 03 Nov 2023 10:11:03
Would be a good shout guy's Would love too see us poach some good Scottish talent n give us a core back, just think it works having Scottish roots in the team,

Like mgregor
Ryan jack

It's guy's born n bread with our league it just really helps the foreign guy's settle with experience
N boys that know the score n show them how it's done n lead by example

We have great talent in Scotland it's time we exploit it.

5.) 03 Nov 2023 11:08:33
Clement what are you saying don't sign a talented young Scottish player, our cm could be Rice and Barron in a couple of years.

6.) 03 Nov 2023 11:37:11
56Clement at rangers we always have to look at continually improving our team and if that means signing scottish players from other scottish clubs then so be it my friend ? Regarding sima 56Clement, i merely stated that going forward in his career it could well be an idea that he could be moved to more of a central striker role that's all mate ? Hope that clears that up for you ?.

7.) 03 Nov 2023 11:58:29
56Clement here is a thought Devine is not a left back.

8.) 03 Nov 2023 13:19:08
Davie Robertson - John brown - davie cooper - Kevin T - Stuart Whitaker - Neil McCann - Iain Ferguson etc etc plenty good Scottish players out there we have taken from other clubs in the past and think we need a few Scots in the team at all times - usually bring a bit more dig as well ??????.

9.) 03 Nov 2023 13:20:17
I’d like to see us look at Josh Campbell (hibs)

10.) 03 Nov 2023 13:21:10
From what I`ve seen of Barron he could be a good replacement for Jack as someone else said. Gets stuck in and scores the odd goal . Celtic are supposed to be interested so if we want him we need to be really positive and go for it. We do need to get more Scots in the squad so this kind of signing doesn`t block the progress of Rice (who`s only 17) and the others. We can`t moan about missing out on the likes of Ferguson and then do it again with this boy .

11.) 03 Nov 2023 13:50:51
I would take Barron, watching their game against POAK all you heard was his name he was involved in everything positive they did. They took him off they were winning 2-0, he went off and they lost three goals in ten minutes.

12.) 03 Nov 2023 15:18:46
Cleland, McLaren, brown, wilson, mcinnes, ian Ferguson, Barry Ferguson, Whittaker, Thompson, Rae, Naismith, Boyd, McCann, Miller, the list goes on.

13.) 03 Nov 2023 15:51:49
Think if we are to sign young barron we should leave him on loan at Aberdeen for 18 months. There are a few homegrown players we vould be looking at just now. Growing up, born early 80s, we eould always take the top talent from our league and had great success. We strengthened our team and weakened those around us. I thought we would have went for the young hibs LB Doig instead of Yilmaz. Looking around just now there are at least 5 that wouldn't look out of place at our club. I personally think that when fit we need to give the likes of lovelace, Rice, King and another few some game time.

14.) 03 Nov 2023 16:01:57
I can’t see what everyone else sees in Devine think he looks well below the level required, Ruve on the other hand could be a star.

15.) 03 Nov 2023 16:20:02
I'd take Baron, Mackenzie and Campbell in our squad.

16.) 03 Nov 2023 16:35:49
I’ve a funny feeling that wouldn’t go down too well Bellshill.

17.) 03 Nov 2023 17:07:57
Northern blue he is a player I like.

18.) 03 Nov 2023 17:16:06
What is all the clamour for Devine he isn’t getting in front of Tav and that is his position right back.

Barron is the type of player we need to be getting good young Scottish players.

19.) 03 nov 2023 18:45:16
yet to see any clamour for devine, but agree we should take much more notice in young scottish talent like we used to, we've missed out on a few in recent years who would be playing in our first team today imo.

20.) 03 Nov 2023 19:13:16
Bellshill, You wrote what I had been thinking - buy Barron, loan him back to the sheep, continue his progress and they don't have him against us but he is against all our opponents, seems like a win all ways for us.

21.) 04 Nov 2023 07:33:54
Absolutely not a win loaning him back. Look how short we r for europe especially
Get him in.

22.) 04 Nov 2023 07:38:50
TJM - the boy would get major stick at Dons if playing for them but signed by us - cannot see that happening.

23.) 04 Nov 2023 14:40:30
Like Jack and Wright blue.

24.) 04 Nov 2023 14:55:32
Sign him on a pre then give the mutton molestors 50k on deadline day for him to join now lol you'll take what you're given dolly.

25.) 04 Nov 2023 16:16:07
Yet to see? Obviously you don’t read these posts much TT as it’s been said on here a lot and also all over social media in general.

26.) 04 Nov 2023 16:16:39
Exactly my star don’t know why blue would even post that.

27.) 04 Nov 2023 17:56:46
Devine has never let us down as a left back

Did we lose any games he played

Boy deserves a shot.

28.) 04 Nov 2023 18:08:59
Nothing wrong with right footed left backs Vincent candela anyone?

Devine played very well for us every single time he played.
I was very impressed by him.

29.) 04 Nov 2023 21:39:13
Dado - if Barron is so highly rated an option would be to pay a transfer fee to sign him in the January transfer window.
My opinion only but surely Aberdeen will look to extend his contract, and then it’s up to the player to make the decision, wether to stay our move on to another club.
Over the last few years we have been reluctant to sign players from other clubs in the SPL or make offers - namely Ferguson, Doig, and Hickey.
New era under PC so it will be interesting to see if we will add to our squad in January.

30.) 05 Nov 2023 08:40:32
Throw Scott Wright into the deal in January.

31.) 05 Nov 2023 17:50:14
Not after todays game as Scot Wright was immense for us in the second half.



27 Oct 2023 07:24:41
Wasn't our best performance last night but really happy with a point, Butland Soutter Sima our best players in my opinion, think our game against Betis will decide who wins our group but really positive of getting out of this group, hopefully as winners.

My star in the sky

1.) 27 Oct 2023 08:08:09
I wonder when PC is sitting at his desk and after he assesses the players we have how many will actually sit in the category " Must Keep"? As the defence needs upgraded along with front line - Butland must stay and Souttar and Sima ( who I don't think we can afford to buy) and Danilo I would keep - imo Hagi and Lowry need brought back and given chance under PC and then a few need brought in January - personally I would like real captain/ leader material brought in who can drive our team from mid or defence too! IMO - I feel we will only see a major difference if/ when the old guard are moved on - think this is going to be a long process fellow bears!

2.) 27 Oct 2023 10:00:11
Got to give credit to the defence and Lundstram. Did really well to keep a clean sheet.

3.) 27 Oct 2023 10:36:02
It's early days and so far in a very short period we are seeing significant improvements. I wouldn't write off anyone yet but I still believe that we will need reinforcements.
We have to qualify for the next stage in Europe and our job could have been so much easier if we had won against the Cypriots as we should have done.
Still, a good point last night and we simply need to win our two home games.

4.) 27 Oct 2023 11:43:46
Win our 2 home games and we qualify due to better head to head with Sparta even if they beat Betis in matchday 5 that was a massive point last night.

5.) 27 Oct 2023 12:48:32
9 times out of 10 a new manager will bring in one or two players he has already worked with, the present players are on trial dosnt matter if been here 10 weeks or 10 years, so hopefully effort will be a given in the coming months and a bit of class wouldn’t go wrong.

6.) 27 Oct 2023 13:12:40
Are you suggesting Blue-Floyd you wouldn’t put Cantwell or Raskin in that category? - surprised at that.

7.) 27 Oct 2023 13:27:22
We criticise guys like Tav, Goldson, Barisic and Lundstram and maybe it is time for these guys to be moved aside but the real worry for me is all the players that have been brought in over the last few seasons who are never fit, Sterling, Dowell, Davies, Yilmaz, Lawrence, Matondo and of course Roofe . Add to that guys like Wright Lammers and Dessers who are just nowhere near good enough and its easy to see why the old heads get picked every week. I`m sick hearing we have got to the bottom of Roofes issues then he is out again when we need him. These guys need weeded out as soon as possible.

8.) 27 Oct 2023 13:52:26
Bears bear - Never mentioned midfield as happy enough with those there at moment - aye Raskin and Cantwell are good and don't have coats on shoogly peg - as I say would be nice to get Hagi/ Lowry in to fight for places too?.

9.) 27 Oct 2023 14:31:09
Clement said in one of his press conferences that he’s had a high percentage of availability throughout a season for players. Think it was in the 90 percent range. He also said he pays close attention to player fitness. So I don’t see him being the kind of manager to tolerate an injury prone squad for long.

10.) 27 Oct 2023 16:02:16
Starinsky I agree and think a lot of people are underestimating how good a point that was against a form team.



23 Oct 2023 12:45:22
See Rangers are getting linked with young Sunderland cf Mason Cotcher, I've never seen this boy play but heard many wonderful things about him.

My star in the sky

1.) 23 oct 2023 13:24:19
many wonderful things, wow, is he a magician or something, , c'mon mate, yiu heard wonderful things about everyone all summer,

congrats by the way.

2.) 23 Oct 2023 13:51:24
?yes Tom many wonderful things about him I'm a Sunderland fan also and any Sunderland fan that watches the youths only praise him, see you now think Dessers could cut it at as a Rangers player big change in a couple of weeks Tom.

3.) 23 Oct 2023 14:07:22
??? To be fair mate, Tom's got you there!

4.) 23 Oct 2023 14:38:43
Interesting given he started for arsenal u18s 2 days ago.

5.) 23 oct 2023 14:57:04
to be fair n8, I've heard many wonderful things about arsenals under 18s too, wonderful things,

bealy, yes i di think dessers could cone good, but not wonderful, just good, and i can't remember saying otherwise however maybe i saw something that changed my mind, dint be so utterly precious, many wonderful things is quite a statement, maybe you just meant someone said he was a decent prospect eh.

6.) 23 Oct 2023 15:05:02
Tjs the only interesting thing here is he clearly has potential if Arsenal are sniffing about him.

7.) 23 oct 2023 15:16:53
is there something wrong with thinking dessers could come good, i also felt matondo could come good and also i feel danillio needs goals, to lift him, dessers could be a very good foil, strong and willing worker, fantastic pass into the net the other day, if he's played in a 2 he could be very good, imo.

8.) 23 Oct 2023 15:46:39
Still waiting on Beale65 naming the people that said sima wasn't good enough ?.

9.) 23 Oct 2023 16:29:00
I'm sure he would chose us over Arsenal. Rangers have a very good youth system which allows him to play B team football or an opportunity to go on loan to Raith rovers or Partick thistle.

10.) 23 oct 2023 16:36:03
i wasn't one of them i know that, i like sima just think others will also like him, he has a classy touch about him, and pace which is invaluable imo.

11.) 23 Oct 2023 16:40:56
Sima far more chance of him playing for us rather than arsenal just now, big part in these deals.

Gofor don't you read this site properly over half this site wrote Sima off after a few games.

12.) 23 Oct 2023 16:56:48
I wasn't one of them and have always said the boy could play. I seen him rip us apart, and I always believed in him. As soon as he started to get his confidence back, I knew he'd click.
The only new player who worries me is Lammers - he's a strange one! Has anyone else noticed how much energy he looks like he is using, just to end up doing pretty much nothing? Yes, there's always one or 2 bits of quality, but he is pretty much infective. He has been unlucky, so I'm not giving up on him yet.

13.) 23 oct 2023 17:39:04
over half the site, , i never knew that either, sima has quality, possibly something is missing that would see him go to the top, but many will be watching him now.

14.) 23 Oct 2023 17:40:22
Strange site this, it starts with a rumour and ends up in an argument amongst each other, chill out lads its only monday.

15.) 23 Oct 2023 20:02:08
So you're a Sunderland fan that watches Sunderland youth's and you have heard so much about him yet you had no idea that he is on trial at Arsenal? let me guess, he can play cf st rw ram cam lam etc and is quality. Sounds all too familiar Beale.

16.) 23 Oct 2023 21:01:26
I don't want to burst your bubble today my star, as I know you're celebrating your great news, but this thread is hilarious mate, and you're getting it big time. Talk about making an arse of it! It happens to us all, so do fret about it.
My only advice to you is, if you do watch Sunderland, try doing it with your eyes open. Only joking!

17.) 23 Oct 2023 22:48:01
Gers where did I say I watched Sunderland youths? so what about arsenal? you think he can't sign for anyone else, he's going to sign his first professional contract, he can choose his next club.

Raisetheroofe you watch Rangers b team, I only watch Sunderland main team mate.

18.) 24 Oct 2023 00:43:46
My mate who was a Sunderland supporter has stopped following them cause of the manager. Think that's staunch.

19.) 24 Oct 2023 00:51:34
Technically Sima is dreadful… but he’s a goal scorer… wouldn’t spend crazy money on him… when is his contract up? As seems to like playing for us?

20.) 24 Oct 2023 01:49:44
You keep saying that Beale 65 but you fail to mention a single name

Even though you say it was half the site

You remember it was half the site but can't remember one name.


21.) 24 Oct 2023 01:56:14
Oh and what was it is said Norwich fans not getting to see dowel much Beale65 looks like it's going to be the same with us ?

Sima I like

Lammers I still like grafter even if ability a bit lacking needs something to fall for him

Danilo good stats needs games

Hoping Clement can get cifuentes back to player I seen in MLS

Dessers lol there is something there as I said before but he's still slow as feck and doesn't seem to have the instinct to be in the right place maybe it's a different type of football throwing him but needs to do hell of a lot more if he's to turn it around at rangers.

Lawrence I like but feel it's going to just be injury after I injury same as roofe.

Matondo young still has time on his side but needs to do more when fit also.

22.) 24 Oct 2023 02:52:33
I really don't understand folk who write players off too quickly, I tend to give players at least a full season to bed in, some players hit the ground running and some don't, look at borna, first season he was useless then he came good now he's regressed, even Super Ally took time to settle. Some will come good some won't a lot depends on man management, bonds being made with other players etc, etc gone are the "a team that drinks together" and all that. I think dessers is a work horse and would benefit a strike partner or someone who will make runs beyond him, lammers needs to speed his work up as he won't be afforded the same time on the ball in scotland, danilo definetly has what it takes but again needs confidence he is exceptional in the air for his size. These guys just need handled correctly and played in their proper positions. In Clement I think we have an astute manager who knows how to cojoul the best out of players or at least I hope so. 1 thing for sure is when those players no matter who step over that white line with that badge on their chest they will receive 100% of my support.

23.) 24 Oct 2023 04:56:04
So you're a Sunderland fan my star ?As you know newcastle utd is my favourite english club mate, so we have a wee bit of rivalry going on there pal ?.

24.) 24 Oct 2023 07:25:38
Star you need a thick skin on this site . Any slight opportunity and the usual suspects will be down on you like a ton of bricks.
It’s an avenue to let the personal frustrations in their lives free.
I get your original post and there was no harm in it .
Don’t let them get to you my friend. They are just a tad insecure and need to berate all the time to feel good about themselves.
In my opinion ( need to add that with every post now it seems lol )

25.) 24 Oct 2023 07:26:12
Gofor Norwich fans didn't see Dowell much last season, they better open their eyes like raisetheroofe said because he scored many goals for them, also i can't remember the names but their was many, go look for yourself and you will see.

Fine thinking that tom, but I'm very sure the post you put up weeks ago said Dessers would never cut it as a Rangers player, maybe the use of wonderful was the wrong word, but everything is wonderful just now.

More fool you sws. ?.

26.) 24 Oct 2023 07:59:01
Agree 100% mols, most bring nothing to this site apart from pulling poster up.

27.) 24 Oct 2023 08:15:47
Molsgoals can you name the usual suspects? ?? Bet you can't in my opinion!

28.) 24 Oct 2023 08:59:05
*Holds hand up*
I was one who was not a fan of Sima.
He has scored a few good goals but he is still rather wasteful and needs a fair bit of work. He is just playing against absolutely rotten opponents too so looks better.
European games will show his true ability. Also still waiting to see this amazing pace everyone is on about.

29.) 24 Oct 2023 09:35:20
Gofor, i also said he wasnt good enough and I've said that he's really turned it around and is impressing me. Plenty of others had said about sima. It seems you are just trying to pick a fight with Beale.

30.) 24 Oct 2023 09:44:16
I was also 1 who said sima was horrendous, he's doing decent now tbf but like most players this season they have all played awful more than played well.

31.) 24 Oct 2023 10:29:49
Brian gers fan Suspect number one
In my opinion ?.

32.) 24 Oct 2023 12:16:44
If Sima wasn’t prone to the odd donkey move then he wouldn’t be at Rangers but I have to admit some of his finishes have been top drawer and his speed and strength puts fear in any defence, don’t know many of us who wouldn’t have him in the starting 11 ??.

33.) 24 oct 2023 12:24:13
dont think i did mate, but i was only having a laugh with you, i am happy for you atm, lovely day for the family yesterday.

34.) 24 Oct 2023 12:36:30
Well done Molsgoals. We need a bit more love on this site. Peace, love and understanding and many other wonderful things.

35.) 24 Oct 2023 16:50:53
Allymc you must have missed his screamer against psv, you can't see Sima pace?

36.) 25 Oct 2023 15:47:08
I will be totally honest at first I wasn't happy and a bit mythed, I thought we let the best of our fire power go an brought in too much risk

Simas hit a good run of form n long may it continue, but I fear if he keeps going this way, we won't see him much longer ( like Tilman) money talks.




My star in the sky's banter posts with other poster's replies to My star in the sky's banter posts


09 Dec 2023 10:38:20
My Team today.
Gk Butland
Rb Tavernier
Cb Goldson
Cb Balogun
Lb Yilmaz
Cm Cifuentes
Cm Lundstram
Rw McCausland
Am Cantwell
Lw Sima
Cf Dessers.

My star in the sky

1.) 09 Dec 2023 12:18:09
Swap Dessers for Roofe, and I think you’re not far off. Only reason I see PC playing Dessers is to keep him fit to get him punted on loan because no one is buying him. The staff who scouted him also need their P45s.

2.) 09 Dec 2023 12:47:00
My Star, I'd drop Dessers from that side. play 451 with Sima up top.

3.) 09 Dec 2023 12:53:45
Think Sterling will play LB with Ridvan not in euro squad. Get Sterling minutes before Thursday.

4.) 09 Dec 2023 12:57:04
Careful mark mystar won't accept people saying play sima up top

. but but he's a winger ?.

5.) 09 Dec 2023 13:04:30
Gofor zero sense from you again, you're definitely the best on here mate, you win hands down, listen man i said Sima has played his most games in a wide position, seems you don't like me stating this Gofor, but it's very true.

6.) 09 Dec 2023 13:32:25
Every chance of that monty i never thought about that mate.

7.) 09 Dec 2023 14:23:33
Big Dessers hatrick today 25/ 1.

8.) 09 Dec 2023 14:42:51
Gofor my star didn't say he won't have people saying that, what he did say was, that he's played on the left more and is more effective from there bit of a difference mate.

9.) 09 Dec 2023 15:00:05
Captain Tav, I wouldn't take it at 100/ 1.



08 Dec 2023 10:34:54
See many saying play Sima as cf, he's played treble games in wide positions, he received that cracking ball from Tavernier coming from a wide position.

My star in the sky

1.) 08 Dec 2023 11:01:40
Personally I haven’t seen enough of him to comment about his best position. But from what I have seen, he’s a very quick intelligent individual and could probably adapt. Can’t see us keeping him though, very expensive I would imagine?

2.) 08 Dec 2023 11:25:48
He's played cf around 40 times scored about 1 un 4 Carrick, scored around 1 in 2 from wide, yes he could play cf but his speed coming from wide he'll score more prime example was his goal against hearts, think 5m gets him mate out of contact 2025.

3.) 08 Dec 2023 12:11:44
Keep him wide, keep opposition defenders guessing!

4.) 08 Dec 2023 12:15:12
He’s makes some wonderful runs coming from wide.

5.) 08 Dec 2023 12:54:34
He makes good out to in runs from the left and this should be something we keep working on . If we move him to centre forward we run the risk of losing that threat and who do we play on the left wing . Matondo isn`t match fit yet and doesn`t score many goals anyway . Stick with Danilo just now until January is probably the best we can do .

6.) 08 Dec 2023 13:05:04
People who say play him through the middle are probably the same who say play Tav right wing. Don’t understand what you’re taking away from a player when you change their position.
I agree he is a better finisher than Danilo and Dessers though.

7.) 08 Dec 2023 13:19:16
Don’t think we would be having this conversation if we had a forward that was banging them in, keep him wide his height in strength for our long diagonal ball and his cover for the left back is enough to keep him there itself without talking about his goals from there.

8.) 08 Dec 2023 13:39:53
He is better off where he is 100%. As people have said the folk want him moved are the same ones that want Tav moved and don’t understand.

9.) 08 Dec 2023 15:41:21
Our goal against Hearts was a thing of beauty.
6 man move starting in our 6 yard box, Tav perfect through ball for Sima to run onto.
Keep putting these through ball for Sima to run onto and he’ll keep scoring.



07 Dec 2023 03:05:49
See Morelos can leave on a free, club relegated.

My star in the sky

1.) 07 Dec 2023 04:53:43
My star I loved the boy but nope we can’t go back.

2.) 07 Dec 2023 06:27:28
I feel exactly the same as you storm ?.

3.) 07 Dec 2023 06:35:23
My star - We need a clinical finisher ASAP but Morelos ain't that guy.

4.) 07 Dec 2023 06:49:15
I think Alfie would be better than we have.

5.) 07 Dec 2023 07:00:26
Wouldnt have called morelos clinical either. Missed a lot of sitters majority against them and also lacked serious composure in 1 on 1s.

6.) 07 Dec 2023 07:52:10
Blue-Floyd2,we had a clinical finisher and beale sold him, which i said at the time, was a massive mistake IMO ?He goes by the name of antonio colak and he would have scored all those missed chances last night, with absolute ease ?How i wish we still had colak ?.

7.) 07 Dec 2023 08:00:22
El buffalo is better than what we have at the moment bring him home a miss his we crabit face ?.

8.) 07 Dec 2023 08:12:12
If he was to come back (not happening), what version of Morelos would we get?
Not for me, but we must bring strikers in, because the ones we have are p#@h!

9.) 07 Dec 2023 08:27:32
Agree Coops, I also wish we still had Colak.

10.) 07 Dec 2023 08:41:53
Have to agree with sir Walter, letting Colak go was a huge mistake. We need someone who can capitalise on any chances created.

11.) 07 Dec 2023 08:46:13
Colak did not want to play and feigned injury. Cheated the fans.

12.) 07 Dec 2023 08:47:39
Colak can't get a start for Parma in Italys 2nd tier he isn't the answer and morelos definately aint,

13.) 07 Dec 2023 08:54:39
I'd rather have Morelos than Lammers and Dessers.

14.) 07 Dec 2023 09:10:11
Bring back El Buffalo.

15.) 07 Dec 2023 09:19:12
Surely there are guys out there in Europe or Africa or Asia that wouldn't cost much that are worth taking a punt on.

Any proven goal scorer these days costs a fortune.

16.) 07 Dec 2023 09:21:26
Morelos has to much baggage.

17.) 07 Dec 2023 09:26:05
Would take him 6 months to get fit.

18.) 07 Dec 2023 09:43:25
We are seriously short of reinforcements upfront. If he would take a 6month contract till the end of season then We should be bringing him home.

Can’t see us getting any better in the January sales.

19.) 07 Dec 2023 09:57:39
If we can offload Dessers etc and it benefits the club as a cheap option then why not.

20.) 07 Dec 2023 10:42:21
No disrespect at all intended here John227 but colak stated repeatedly he never wanted to leave rangers in the first place and i honestly find that very hard to believe regarding colak, as it was often said and was actually said by beale himself, that colak was the model pro ?As i say no disrespect here mate as you've obviously got info from someone on this but i do find it hard to believe mate and nothing will change my mind on that as i haven't seen or heard any concrete info regarding this ?I wish he was still here and the only way he was sold was because beale liked his strikers to play a certain way, which for me is absolutely no reason to sell a natural goalscorer ?You would always find a way to have a natural goalscorer like colak, in your starting 11 and play to his strengths, as goals wins games and thus goes on to win trophies ?.

21.) 07 Dec 2023 10:45:05
Onewaltersmith, colak was the answer for rangers in scottish football and just because he hasn't banging the goals in in italy doesn't mean he'd be the same elsewhere, i think that's been proven with big colak in the past ?.

22.) 07 Dec 2023 11:00:40
Sorry Coops, but I think Colak only had one good game for us and that was against Hibs. I agree he is a natural goal scorer but I don’t think he had the work rate or desire required to close down and press defences.

23.) 07 Dec 2023 11:13:52
Colak must be parma number 3/ 4 cf.

24.) 07 Dec 2023 11:50:27
Walter I know what he said, he constantly fiehnged injury.

25.) 07 Dec 2023 12:16:26
Rfc I'm missing his wee crabit face as well, but I'm missing his quality as a cf even more.

26.) 07 Dec 2023 12:24:43
Colak cannot get a game for Parma coops so why would we want him ?. There was something not right with that boy that’s why he has had so many clubs.

27.) 07 Dec 2023 13:02:12
I reckon that Colak would be into double figures this season just by converting the sitters that Danilo or Dessers have missed . Loved Alfie but bringing him back is not the answer though I do agree he is better than what we have.

28.) 07 Dec 2023 13:15:38
Not every league/ country suits a player storm ?Colak's goalscoring record for rangers is good as it was with Malmö ?Some players just suit certain leagues and countries and for me scottish football suited colak, the guy was a natural finisher ?.

29.) 07 Dec 2023 13:23:00
Storm, he's the same problem at every club he's played for, good start then fades away.

30.) 07 Dec 2023 13:29:03
Sir Walter he ain't the answer.

31.) 07 Dec 2023 13:44:08
I really don't understand the clamour for Colak. If you look at his career it's clear he is a bit of a mercenary. Never stayed at a single club for long. All those signing on fees and bonuses you get from a move, don't blame him to be fair.

Morelos would only cause us problems if he signed. Don't think PC would put up with his unproffessionalism for one minute so that just a non starter for me.

32.) 07 Dec 2023 13:55:11
Liked colak and alf, one can't get a game in Italy the other not a team in Europe would sign on a free, yet here we are wanting them back. There gone boys let it go.



06 Dec 2023 19:35:17
My bets tonight, Rangers win with both teams to score, Tavernier a/ t, Sima a/ t, Goldson a/ t, looking for winners stay away from mine ave been poor this season. ?.

My star in the sky



26 Nov 2023 20:53:35
Below average performance under Clement today, we should have won though, some are giving Cifuentes it far to tight on here, Rangers best player today in my opinion, but not nearly at top of his game though, am starting to worry about Goldson again, Barisic needs took out the team.

My star in the sky

1.) 26 Nov 2023 21:35:12
Think your spot on there star in sky.

2.) 26 Nov 2023 21:35:43
Although I wouldn't spare sima feel he's put tools away last few weeks we need a proper winger.

3.) 26 Nov 2023 21:48:22
Please tell me why we should have won self entitlement. Possibly no team has any given right to win any game. Yes so many points in front but so are celtic in front of motherwell another draw. We simply did not turn up today.

4.) 26 Nov 2023 21:48:40
I agree, thought Cifuentes was our best midfielder today. Lunny wasn't at it and Lawrence went missing at times. The two CBs were guilty of ball watching.

5.) 26 Nov 2023 22:23:25
Easy Penrith will chances created. 22 shots against 5,10 on target against 4.

6.) 26 Nov 2023 22:27:21
I agree star Cifu played well imo I thought second half there was only one team in it. The defence looked slow and I thought we looked more of a threat when Matondo came on.

7.) 26 Nov 2023 22:38:13
Thought he was our best player today my star, wouldn't have been hard to be rite enough, so many players off it today, sima, cantwell, lundstrum etc all bad performances, yet cifu's head was being called for. I suppose he's the new whipping boy, good job some of us know what to look out for.

8.) 27 Nov 2023 00:04:01
not the same team without Ryan Jack how many points we lost with Jack in the team this season.

9.) 27 Nov 2023 06:42:31
Mystar - 100% - in the cold light of day it is obvious to see that the back 4 are not really going to progress us as a team and hopefully sure PC sees this- a marauding right back- Goldson who like Balogun was caught on heels and ball watching (yet again) - Balogun good but will never see long stretches of games fit and Barasic out of contract and probably moving on - major surgery required there and even Butland looked shaky with his wobbling defence in front of him (but immense save gave us hope) -yet again sheep raise their game and our raising of our game was not good enough on the day let's be honest - should I just ask on my letter to Santa for a full back 4 and another goalscoring threat or will PC have beat me to that? The service to front guys was pretty average too on the whole- considering most of our threats came from set-pieces.
PS Only one I would keep from back 4 is Tavs (poss as a mid/ RB at push) - purely for goals.

10.) 27 Nov 2023 06:42:41
I know cifuentes has taken time to settle in at rangers but i agree with My star and the other posters that cifuentes was one of our better players against aberdeen yesterday ?Also for any of us who knows what to look for you know cifuentes is a good midfielder and ain't a dud or bad player, as some have made him out to be previously ?.

11.) 27 Nov 2023 06:44:56
Cifu was better in the second half, first half was a passenger with no sense of urgency. Lundstrum covered every blade of grass. Aberdeen has a 3 v 2 against us amd lundstrums tracking back saved us going further behind.

12.) 27 Nov 2023 08:34:28
Reminded of Zunga in the 1st half.

13.) 27 Nov 2023 09:07:33
No the same team without Jack he barley features talk senses lol.

14.) 27 Nov 2023 09:13:33
Is PC, honeymoon period over?
A wee blip of something, now back to old claes and parritch.
Not for the first time in a number of years we had a chance to put pressure on them, and not for the first time we bottled it. Harsh, but same old same old.
PC will learn more about his players in that 1 game than the half dozen b4.

15.) 27 Nov 2023 09:22:19
Cifu hands down best player/ performer yesterday. Some lads in the chat during the game disagreed but i'm not sure what game they were watching.

Lunny was rubbish but ran about (covered grass) .
Sima was terrible.
Danilo missed a few chances (as usual)
Cantwell out of position and not his usual self (maybe it was the dive early on that rattled him lol)
Wasnt sure Borna was playing to be honest.
Lawrence was decent considering how long he has been out.
Matondo isn't good against a team sitting in and defending.
Lammers missed a goal opportunity to be the hero.

Definitely missed Ryan Jack today and Scotty Wright.

PC was too late with his subs though. didn't really give them a chance to break into the game.

But better result than last time lol.

16.) 27 Nov 2023 09:28:06
Cifuentes never made one mistake in the first half 56,don't know what game you were watching.




My star in the sky's rumour replies


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10 Dec 2023 23:05:49
I believe Barisic has the jersey because of Yilmaz is out of the European squad, we sell Yilmaz we get more than we paid in my opinion.

My star in the sky



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10 Dec 2023 22:26:13
gofor you like to post nonsense about me you done it yesterday, have i got under you skin man? probably have by saying you post nonsense regularly, just keeping it real and telling you how i feel mate, sorry if offended. ✌️.

My star in the sky



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10 Dec 2023 15:09:47
John i believes both them will get that mate.

My star in the sky



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10 Dec 2023 00:15:26
Robbie brilliant, an ants cock ?.

Raskin i don't really pay any attention to his posts mate.

My star in the sky



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09 Dec 2023 19:45:11
Cool jfm, i thought he meant John sure he has 25 mate.

My star in the sky




My star in the sky's banter replies


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11 Dec 2023 00:35:15
We should try and get Sima signed in January.

My star in the sky



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11 Dec 2023 00:15:38
Same boy blue don't understand his post mate.

My star in the sky



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10 Dec 2023 23:02:54
Correct mph with fight in us and quality should be a cup win.

My star in the sky



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10 Dec 2023 22:51:24
Seen that hand ball no penalty.

My star in the sky



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10 Dec 2023 21:09:56
Abu tell west ham fans that.

My star in the sky



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