03 Dec 2019 06:24:27
Surely if alfredo morelos continues this rich vein of form 'till the end of the season, then even the most ardent of celtic fans, have to admit he'll be named the scottish players player of the year and the scottish sportswriters player of the year! If he wasn't then as we suspect with some quarters just now, it will show up like a beacon, that there's without question a massive biased creed out there against our wonderful football institution?

1.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 11:02:03
Try telling Charlie nicholas that.

2.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 10:49:36
Might be best if no one rated him and he just carried on doing what he does for us.

I’d rather keep him than sell him.

3.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 11:24:11
Stick Nicholas, Sutton, Stewart, Walker and Thompson in a boat and cast it adrift in the Arctic Ocean and maybe a polar bear will eat them!

4.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 11:31:49
Doiger why do you hate polar bears.

5.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 12:19:19
Polar bear wouldn't touch them mate. They would taste far too bitter.

6.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 12:35:08
Its imperative that we keep morelos👍.

7.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 12:50:06
I actually don’t mind Stewart if I’m honest, I find him quite fair most of the time plus I enjoyed how much he hated Levein haha. Nicholas and Walker are a pair of clowns, can barely string a sentence together between them. Sutton is just the Katie Hopkins of football, will say absolutely anything to get a reaction.

8.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 13:46:36
I'd say you hit the nail on the head swagman 👍.

9.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 18:06:44
Think if you put that much pollution in the ocean Greta Thunberg will arranging a press conference although I think apart from his quiff Thomson is 99% biodegradable.