18 Apr 2021 07:53:25
Leeds apparently coming in with an offer of £15 million for Kent.

1.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 08:33:48
Would definitely take it.

Can Wright fill his boots or do we need to bring in a LW?

2.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 09:07:27
That’s a tough call
Possibly maybe accept 18 million
As does Liverpool gets sell on or not?
I’m not sure £15 million is enough
he has a great champions league he could be upwards of 20 million

What’s your thoughts on it MPH?

3.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 09:21:50
Shouldnt even give them a reply to that offer taking the absolute mick 20 million + is the starting point if want to be taken seriously.

4.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 09:41:30
Think he's worth 20+. As well as a big add on for any profit made. he's contracted to gers so we just need to say no. very much doubt any1 be sold untill after cl qaulifiers.

5.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 10:08:00
Click bait claims another victim😏👍.

6.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 10:33:52
Wright's not at the level of Kent yet I like the boy but Kent is rightly being considered for a big team move for a reason. Keep him if we can and if we have to sell him I'd be over £20million. It takes us time to get players up to speed when we get players in would a replacement be in place and up to speed by champions league?

7.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 10:49:42
It all depends what Rangers value him at Stig.
Plus we need to sell this summer to raise finance and we can only sell the players other teams come in for.
He's a fabulous takent at times but is too inconsistent for me. Especially for what we paid for him.
I'd accept £15 million but like you say if we are due Liverpool a percentage we won't make much.

8.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 10:59:23
I wouldn't sell him. If he plays in the champions League like he did in the Europa then his price will soar, same with alfredo and any other players. We need to be the ones making the money. We don't want our players spend 2 months at Leeds or any other team and all of a sudden become a £60m player. Folk may think that's a crazy statement. Well look at van dyke, mcginn and many more. In Scotland we sell ourselves short. Selling top players for peanuts is why our game is in a state. If our league is a selling league, give us the money then. Chairman wet themselves over what is big money to normal people but to a football club with massive operating costs the numbers are peanuts. Take our TV deal absolutely dug meat, but the chairman cream themselves at it when offered but as the deal wears out it becomes apparent that it's not good. We have suits running our game instead of expros because they are supposed to know business but they really don't know this business and they certainly don't understand growth. If your rivals grow you must grow to survive. We don't need to be as big as England but we need their money to reflect on our sales especially to them. I'd hang on to everyone who we want to keep as the champions League will really change things for us and if a player wanted to trade the champions League for the arse end of the premiership then they are not players fit to wear our famous jersey.

9.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 11:05:03
Think you are right folks we are selling ourselves short. He he he he's magic ye know. I know that's crap.

10.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 11:16:32
£20 and get skov olsen and Gustav Isakson.

11.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 11:17:03
That was meant to be £20 million.

12.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 11:22:34
DK19 we already have a LW he's called Kent, why would we bring in someone else who may or may not be as good as what we have? we are building a team that can compete in the CL why do you feel its a good idea to dismantle the best team at Ibrox for at least the last 11 years, or do you not think he is good enough for us?

13.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 11:39:28
Plus adds on and MPH the click bait mafia are out 😂 I
Seen it and it wasn’t click bait so he got it wrong again.

People need to grow up on this site is it a rumours page or not 👍👍.

14.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 11:44:59
I wouldn't accept below 20m for kent.
Hes a young developing talent whos english.
Worth a lot more.
Fed uo of us selling cheap.

15.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 11:58:21
Hasn't Kent got a minimum release fee?

16.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 12:26:25
JYF, reality is that we have to sell one or two players to start living within our means and to fund new players.

Kent is a great talent but has not been consistent enough for me so I would let him go rather than lose Morelos.

Kent, Barasic, Hellander and Kamara - 2 out of those 4 for me are the most likely to be sold if we can raise around £20m to £25m.

17.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 13:18:13
You'd let kent go because he hasn't been consistent but you'd keep a player who has been more inconsistent. That's another level of stupidity DK👍

You need to lighten up KJA9👍.

18.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 13:19:20
hahahahhahahahaa we have the click police on here hahahahaha. too funny.

19.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 09:17:24
Kent wants to go home sell 20 million and get Dembele of Peterborough and sakala from Ostend.

20.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 18:14:34
For me 15 is a bit low for the impact and potential growth. I would be looking for a bit higher with a substantial sell on clause. Think the player to replace him has already been scouted. The young Scandinavian lad from bologna we were trying to get on loan last year.