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01 Jun 2024 11:13:17
And so it begins. Jack, Roofe, Lundstram, McLaughlin and Barisic all officially released. Thanks for your service.
Now onto the rebuild ?⚪️?.


1.) 01 Jun 2024 12:06:20
Delighted with these announcements.

Jack was brilliant when fit but sadly that was becoming all too rare an occurrence.

Roofe's goal in Europa League will live long in the memory, but again sadly subject to too many absences.

McLaughlin is not good enough and needs to get himself a place suited to his level.

Barasic is one who has on occasions been great and at other times has disappeared when we needed him.

Wish them all well but looking forward to the rebuild as well.

2.) 01 Jun 2024 12:08:59
Agree ph.

3.) 01 Jun 2024 12:24:38
Least it has started, next Mccrorie Davies dowell lawrence Lammers hagi mb cantwell all free to find new clubs

Also Goldson and tavernier will likely leave.

4.) 01 Jun 2024 12:33:59
John have you been Tav and Goldson will likely leave?

5.) 01 Jun 2024 12:44:50
These changes had to be made.
We have a few others as noted above still under contract that need to be moved on and hopefully we can use any funds for a rebuild.
Our defence really need strengthening and we need ti add to Dessers and Danilo up top.

6.) 01 Jun 2024 12:45:53
What about Scott Wright john? Any news on him, surely his time is up.

7.) 01 Jun 2024 13:00:53
Great news John, let’s hope so.

8.) 01 Jun 2024 13:02:39
Potentially over double figures leaving. Going to be some re build. I don’t think the squad will be as big next season though. Maybe some youth players backing up seniors.

9.) 01 Jun 2024 13:16:40
Best thing about this news is the wages saved. Not sad at any of them leaving apart from Lunny, none were played enough. Let the rebuild begin and I'm all for it.

10.) 01 Jun 2024 13:17:23
ALso that's actually good to hear John, both been here far too long.

11.) 01 Jun 2024 13:22:26
John is your statement regarding Dowell, Cantwell etc genuine information or are they moves that you hope to happen?

12.) 01 Jun 2024 13:29:22
John, surely you don't mean that mccrorie, Davies, dowel, Lawrence, lammers, hagi, and the rest are free?
Surely we would command a good fee for most of these players? Or did I just misunderstand that post.

13.) 01 Jun 2024 13:34:45
John you really believe Tav and Goldson will go this summer? Would be shocked if someone was willing to pay their wages down south. Hope you are right.

14.) 01 jun 2024 13:35:30
lets pray that they do move on john, not close to taking us firward and both a long long way from top 100 rangers defenders, imo,

15.) 01 Jun 2024 13:42:22
It’s exciting when players leave because you know they’ll need replaced.

16.) 01 Jun 2024 13:49:47
Got to agree with John. I would say the only disappointment in the suggested departures would be Hagi, that’s becasue he’d be leaving when his stocks low. Cantwell I’m hoping we can get a few mil for if he’s to leave.

17.) 01 Jun 2024 13:53:15
So much for the "I've heard" Jack resigned a few weeks ago crew. Glad this 5 are gone. At least another 5 to go.

18.) 01 Jun 2024 14:02:29
About 5mil a year off wages?

19.) 01 Jun 2024 14:29:53
5 have left but we are still carrying Dowell, Lawrence, Lammers, Davies etc. Maybe get a few quid for Lammers but I would ask the rest of them to get their bus fare ready.

20.) 01 Jun 2024 14:36:26
Going to be difficult moving goldson and tav maybe need to. pay them off to free up a wage but none on the list gave John would many disagree with.

21.) 01 Jun 2024 15:05:45
Is that all out of contract players? So not letting them go, just not renewing or extending.
If so the rest we have to sell?, good luck with that then.

22.) 01 Jun 2024 15:20:06
Bathgate I wrote a while back a list of players were able to look for moves as the manager did not see them in plans

Rod, if value met they will be gone, not as high as some think, same re cantwell

One Walter these two won’t leave without 100% payoff,

Cmac no but free to find other clubs based on our evaluation.

23.) 01 Jun 2024 15:54:40
Bar yes the out of contract players are getting let go.

24.) 01 Jun 2024 17:22:52
Defraz, if people Hear a rumour they r entitled to post it, it’s for the reader to decide the merit of it.

25.) 01 Jun 2024 18:49:07
People need to be realistic re Goldson.

He was a free at start of season and nobody wanted him.

He’s probably just had his worst season for rangers has a supposed knee injury and is now one year older.

And for people that think Saudi, then if you had only so many foreign player slots would you waste one on Goldson. sure Gerrard a team already have their quota too so they would have to move people on first.

Tav would be an easier sell with his goals and status as uk top scoring defender.

26.) 01 Jun 2024 20:03:53
Always has to be one.

27.) 01 Jun 2024 20:14:35
If players are looking for 100% pay off, unless fee offered covers pay off and leaves us with a good sum, I would just keep them on understanding there game time would be very limited.



10 Apr 2023 13:03:34
Heart and Hand have said Rangers HAVEN'T made an approach for Shankland.
Thank feck.
9 goals from open play isn't good enough for Rangers.


1.) 10 Apr 2023 13:22:17
We need far better than him, seen your comment earlier mph some want 3m+ spent on him but don't want Tillman signed unreal some fans.

2.) 10 Apr 2023 13:51:07
We might perceive that we need better than Shankland but, (i), will that happen, and (ii), given the correct quality around him, Shankland could easily score 30 goals+ a season, just ask McCoist and Boyd.
The problem is that we have not brought the appropriate quality of player to the club for a number of seasons failing to replace McGregor, Davis, Arfield and Jack with younger players of a similar or better quality, we failed to cash in on Morelos and Kent when their value was high and replace them with better or similar players and the centre of our defence is still a basket case despite the money spent and players signed.
Tillman and Shankland would both be quality signings with the appropriate level of quality beside them and behind them.
We need some proven quality leaders signed, not youngsters where there is more interest in how much we can make on them rather than whether they can win us the league.

3.) 10 Apr 2023 14:00:02
100% MPH age isn’t good enough IMO he wouldn’t get pens aff Tav. Colak is better and he isn’t good enough to be starter every week.

4.) 10 Apr 2023 14:02:55
Or he could fail playing against 11 behind the ball.

5.) 10 Apr 2023 14:09:00
BB its seems though that’s the main by product of who we buy. How much we can make. I.

6.) 10 Apr 2023 16:46:06
Shankland is a carthorse and this was proved beyond any doubt in Belgium and also in Hearts pathetic efforts in Europe .

McBurnie is an olympic level sprinter in comparison so is Dykes. btw both of them are quicker than Morelos as well.

7.) 10 apr 2023 16:55:56
thats correct bb and windy, sometimes you need to find boys to win the league before looking for a cash return,

8.) 10 Apr 2023 18:44:44
100% correct Tom.

9.) 10 Apr 2023 19:57:38
Spot on, Tom. We need guys to win us the league next season and that's all that counts right now and they aren't Shankland or Nisbet.

10.) 11 Apr 2023 15:02:40
I wouldn't discount either Nisbet or Shankland at the right price so long as we have the quality of player beside them that can give them the support needed. I hear analogies with McCoist and comments that we would have had criticism of signing him but a big part of McCoist's success was Lately and other quality players that he played with.
I suspect that both Shankland and Nisbet would be a success with those players as well; perhaps not as big a success, but a success.

Our problem over the past few seasons has been a failure to bring in quality, failing to secure the top players and going for 3rd rate alternatives.

11.) 11 Apr 2023 15:53:31
I would take either of them as 3rd choice
Probably pick nisbett over shankland but not much in it.
John in your oppinion does Lovelace get 3rd choice striker next season or does he go out on a seasons loan to championship team for games?



06 Mar 2023 20:12:45
Rumours on Twitter, Kent's girlfriend is telling people he is leaving.
Nothing to do with money apparently, just fed up of playing in Scotland.


1.) 06 Mar 2023 21:57:49
Don't blame him. Why would a Premier league level player stay at the club considering the absolute state we are in. Getting nothing for him is a crime ross wilson should be sacked for alone. An absolute imposter known for his ego. Can Burnley just take all our board too?

2.) 06 Mar 2023 22:00:56
Wouldn't have complaints about that or him staying.

3.) 06 Mar 2023 22:17:08
Good. Free's up very good wages for 1, potentially 2 others. Has the ability to be a very good player, but dosent delivery the goals and assists required on a regular basis.

4.) 06 Mar 2023 22:25:51
Fair enough been good player but certainly has to contribute more for the wage we pay him. Just a shame we don't pick up a fee.

5.) 06 Mar 2023 22:30:35
It's my opinion, both Kent and Morelos will leave when their contracts are up. After the last couple of weeks, where I was hoping both would stay, I've come to the conclusion, they're off!

If both leave, and with Helander for the off, and Roofe made of glass, how much are we going to be down with these 4?

Roofe, who is buying him? £4m to buy. Probably £0 return?!
Helander released - £2.7 to buy. £0 return!
Kent off on a free? £7.5m to buy. £0 probability in return?!
Morelos off on free? £1m to buy. £0 probability in return?!

The reason I have said 'probability' with Kent, and Morelos, is because nothing is concrete. They could, in theory, sign new contracts.

So, with this "transfer model" we're meant to have, has it worked here? Nope!

Trophy wise, have we got a good return on investment with these players? 2 trophies in 6/ 7 seasons. Nope!

Money made from participation in Europe? Has this been successful? Yes, definitely!

So, virtually hee haw to show trophy wise, and sod all from money brought in by selling them, but at least they made us money in Europe! I'm so glad the board pumped that money straight back into our playing squad. Oh, wait, they never!

I know some will try to excuse this, but we knew we were buying 2 injury prone players. And with Kent and Morelos, we took our eye off the ball with them.

C'mon guys, surely to God you can't be happy with this? It's an omni-shambles!

6.) 06 Mar 2023 22:50:42
Good luck to the guy. Does anyone want him?

7.) 06 Mar 2023 23:23:01
Money made from Europe / sales was always going to be used to repay soft loans, these guys invested to save club, but were always going to be expecting a return for there money, I think you will find sometime soon some will be selling up to get further returns on investment, you can't blame then they have done there bit, after all it just how business works.

8.) 06 Mar 2023 23:23:11
TZjrfc Premier League player? everything else I agree with.

9.) 06 Mar 2023 23:55:24
Yes, premier league player.

10.) 07 Mar 2023 00:00:31
He’s went down hill over the last season so has wee buf.

11.) 07 Mar 2023 01:44:10
Why do people always act like it's the end of the world that a couple of players are leaving. We end up finding other club heroes down the line we always do.

As long as players give Thier all when here and honour Thier contract if they want to move on I say good luck to them.

I do however thing we should be more business orientated once a player has two years left on deal and of player not signing an extension should look to move them on asap.

12.) 07 Mar 2023 05:22:26
If ryan kent is leaving, i wish the guy all the best of luck wherever he goes next ? It's of my opinion kent would excel even more in a better/ more technical league as he'd get more time and space to showcase his undoubted ability ?I can understand him becoming a bit fed up playing in our league when he's continually fouled in this league with some of the hammer throwers ?
Parlane kent will have interest in him no doubt for me mate ?.

13.) 07 Mar 2023 05:37:33
I don't agree he's a premier league player whatsoever. If he goes to Premier league he will do the same as aribo and disappear. A championship player.

14.) 07 Mar 2023 06:43:53
Time will tell wherever he goes Herewego55?.

15.) 07 Mar 2023 07:46:41
He will get found out in the epl IMO.

16.) 07 Mar 2023 08:09:51
How's it a crime getting nothing for Kent, Tjrfc?
To get money for him, someone has to make a bid for the player.
And Kent himself has chosen to run down his contract and not sign the extension on the table.
Which is his prerogative.

17.) 07 Mar 2023 08:29:23
Tjrfc - "The absolute state we are in". Really? We are on course to record one of our highest ever points tallys, have reached 2 cup finals on the bounce and a european final. Yes we are falling short mainly down imo to poor recruitment but to say we are in a state is ridiclious. The reality is Celtic have bought well and have been incredibly consistent for 18 months now. In any other era we would be well in place for the league this season.

Kent is a good player who works incredibly hard for the team often to the detrment of his numbers and could do well in the EPL at a certain level but I don't believe he will leave.

18.) 07 Mar 2023 09:17:35
Schalke dropped £10m on Matondo and Wilson thought "ooo a bargain" guy's an utter plank .

19.) 07 Mar 2023 09:27:13
Fed up of this, 2 trophies in 6 or 7 years crap. Let's be honest we haven't had the finances to even look at competing until the last 3 or 4 seasons. Onky Morelos of those players have been here 6 seasons. Roofe been here 3, Helander 4, kent 4, Morelos 6 (averaging a goal every 2 games) . Not going to make profit on every signing and not going to win things every season when our budget was half of theirs.

20.) 07 Mar 2023 09:59:44
Peter since when is reaching finals a success at this club? Never, that's an absolutely pathetic mentality.

21.) 07 Mar 2023 10:14:42
Tjrfc you make sweep look positive on here.

Kent I would see the point if he was bossing it every game in why he would be bored maybe that’s why he doesn’t always put effort in/ always inconsistent.
Let him go bigger and better players than him have left our great club he is a serial loser and fails to do it when needed.

22.) 07 Mar 2023 11:20:33
We could point that at many of our players stormtrooper just not kent and colak and of course the whipping boy tav ?.

23.) 07 Mar 2023 12:41:37
TJRFC - Nobody said its success (Clearly its not) and we have fell short as I said BUT its not in an "absolute state". Comments like that are ridiclious.

24.) 07 Mar 2023 12:50:43
Coops we are talking about kent tho on this post that’s why I mentioned kent. Also I would say it’s Alfredo Morelos that’s turned into the whipping boy on this site these days.

Tav has never been a good defender or ever will be and not a captain either serial loser. (Since you mentioned him) that’s my opinion am entitled to it as much as any other person on here.

You seem to question everyone opinion on here. ?.

25.) 07 Mar 2023 15:32:42
It's a simple one for me, Kent and Morelose are at the end of their contracts. If they want to go elsewhere then good luck to them. We simply need to sign better to replace them and there are plenty of better players available on free's at the end of this Season!

26.) 07 Mar 2023 17:16:16
It is an absolute state. We are as far away from them squad wise as we were in gerrards first season. Wonder what happened or who joined in that period that's had such a detrimental affect.

27.) 07 Mar 2023 17:59:10
Alright Huey, I'll go along with your assertion, and take the bait!

So, 2 trophies in 4 seasons (we'll go along with your time frame), in a 2 horse league?! You think that's acceptable? That's 2 trophies, out of a potential 12 domestic we competed in, and you're ok a club our size has only managed to win 2 of these? That's ok for you? Jesus wept!

There you have it. Continue to support failure, make excuse after excuse for our numerous failures, and all you'll ever get back is continued failure. You're now one of the Rangers supporters who are accepting of 2nd best. You can deny it, or tell me I'm talking "crap", but that's where we are nowadays with many supporters.

You would rather have a go at supporters like me, who see things as they are, who lay out cold hard facts for you to consider, but instead of accepting what's right in front of you, you'd rather be in denial and give it the old 'you're talking crap' patter! ?‍♂️?

Huey, we're on a par with St Johnstone in the number of trophies won over the last few seasons. In fact, go back a little further, and they're a trophy a head of us in the past 7 seasons. St Johnstone?! How is that acceptable?!

28.) 07 Mar 2023 21:50:37
For me since the new manager came in Kent has showed glimpses albeit glimpses of the guy we know.
I think the change of playing through the middle has been great but has been put out wide again.
Give him that freedom and let him do what he does is the way forward for me he will get back to his best unless his heart is set on somethn.

29.) 08 Mar 2023 13:48:48
If Kent and Morelos are leaving at the end of the season I would let them rot on the bench till they go.



27 Jan 2023 11:24:30
From a twitter feed called - All information on Standard de Liège, All new over Standard de Liège:-

As announced yesterday, Standard have turned down an offer from Rangers for Nicolas Raskin. This amounted to 500,000 €, while Standard wants 2 million as well as a percentage on resale.


1.) 27 Jan 2023 11:32:01
Personally I don't want to spend £2m for a player as well as add ons for a player we can get for nothing in 6month.

2.) 27 Jan 2023 11:36:35
Standard are never going to get 2 million for him from rangers when we can get him for free in the summer.

3.) 27 Jan 2023 11:42:17
They're at it!
£2million is taking the piss. Also seen they want a sell on clause. I know Rangers getva lot of stick over transfers but we cannot agree to that when we get him for nothing in 4 mo the time.

4.) 27 Jan 2023 11:48:04
2 mill is a steal for Raskin, he is exactly what we need in our midfield. we are still playing for 2 cups and potentially the league as well as a guaranteed champs league group spot if we take the league too, buying him now is a solid move.

5.) 27 Jan 2023 11:56:47
If true we should park this and let the boy join in 5 months.

6.) 27 Jan 2023 12:21:55
If they want 2 they've no chance personally I think 1m is fair given the length of time left on his contract.

7.) 27 Jan 2023 12:52:18
Raskin we will see you in the summer

Ger55 won't pay that.

8.) 27 Jan 2023 12:57:53
No chance we should be paying 2m.

9.) 27 Jan 2023 13:15:59
As much as I want the boy here, right now, there's not a chance I would give them this. If this is true, they can do one?!
Did this not happen before with a player we could've signed on a pre-contract, and their current club at the time, was demanding a sell on fee?

10.) 27 Jan 2023 13:26:34
Big Ben, yes hears wanted a 20% sell on for Souttar.

11.) 27 Jan 2023 13:43:25
Beale has came out and said no pre contract contract signed, fingers crossed we can get it down now, seems a lot of sources wrong on this one.

12.) 27 Jan 2023 13:53:48
That's the one John. Cheeky persons!

13.) 27 Jan 2023 14:08:38
Has Sakala peaked in value and it's the right time to sell him? If Whittaker replaces him then maybe the risk is he loses value quickly, all about money these days . But somebody is going soon to cover the incomings cost, this board see it that way. tie and blazer priority people.

14.) 27 Jan 2023 14:18:30
A lot of people ain’t understanding this we won’t get him for free in the summer as he is 21 so development fee will be paid whatever that amount is but it won’t be free.

15.) 27 Jan 2023 14:34:01
The thing is if he dose not sign a pre contract anybody else could nip in and do the same, coarse tbey want too make money on him

Its a risk you take

If you really want him you pay a fee

Unless 100% certain of a pre contract signed by Raskin too us or he really wants to become a gers player
We risk any other team doing the same

Its all Weeleying n dealing

Both party's want tbe best they can get for themselfs.



21 Jan 2023 14:36:02
The following translated from RTBF ( Belgium Football info ) :-
Belgian midfielder Nicolas Raskin is at the end of his contract at Standard de Liège next June. Much ink to flow around the negotiations, but nothing has been put on paper for an extension. The people of Liège must therefore separate from the 21-year-old median during this transfer window or risk seeing him leave for free in the club of this choice in June.
After interest from Racing Genk and Antwerp in particular, HLN indicates that an agreement exists between Raskin, who preferred an adventure abroad, and Glasgow Rangers. The vice-champion of Scotland should therefore do the same with the Liège team if he wishes to obtain the signing of the talented player. Contacts are not yet established between the two clubs.


1.) 21 Jan 2023 14:42:21
Nice post!

Big fan of the term Vice-Champion ?. Sounds like some rubbish you’d get on sky or bt on the stats board.

2.) 21 Jan 2023 14:48:21
Hes the only one I'm excited about getting other two I'm hopefull will be big for us but they're unknown at our level. Has lowry been sidelined this year for not working hard enough?

3.) 21 Jan 2023 15:04:58
Unfortunately Lowry is fighting with Tillman and Arfield.
And both have so far chipped in with goals and assists. Though Arfield for me isn’t a starter anymore.
I’m a huge fan of Lowry and fingers crossed he gets a chance and grabs it with both hands.

4.) 21 Jan 2023 18:14:43
Had heard a rumour he had an attitude coming back and wasn't trying as hard as others.

5.) 21 Jan 2023 19:11:18
I'm guessing no more reliable than daily rebel or the sun ?.

6.) 21 Jan 2023 19:36:06
Mr potato Lowry not exactly fighting with them if he's not getting a fair shot . Think I hate with rangers a first team player can have a bad coue games and stay in just look at lundstrum recently ? lol or sands yet if a boy like Lowry has a small dip he's not good enough not up to standard has to do more does his teammates think he deserves a chance.

Your ment to build youth up not tear them down I still maintain if it wasn't for advocate we would never have had Ferguson for all those years same with McGregor with leguen foreign managers put faith in youngsters we don't only need to look at how our players are getting on in Italy Belgium our youth are starting to realise Scottish football is a graveyard for youth.

7.) 21 Jan 2023 20:47:49
I'd agree gofor I also think it's a symptom of us not winning games early anymore if we had games to bed early bring on the youth.

8.) 21 Jan 2023 21:23:46
Gofor when did gio put faith in youngsters.

9.) 22 Jan 2023 01:16:19
Storm did I say anything about gio?

Read again I said advocaat and leguen.




MrPotatoHead's banter posts with other poster's replies to MrPotatoHead's banter posts


27 May 2024 14:44:02
Glasgow Rangers Logo

MrPotatoHead has written an article entitled, Glasgow Rangers' Catch-22 Situation


1.) 27 May 2024 15:45:04
Good article MPH

We can’t keep sacking managers and going round in circles for me he will need another 2/ 3 windows to get everything right but he won’t get that time IMHO.

2.) 27 May 2024 17:20:16
As much as we can’t keep sacking manager we can’t keep signing excess players who don’t live up to standard
So that really needs addressing
MPH you gave us the amount of signings over 3 seasons with only about 6 we would potentially hold onto
Add in Gerrards tenure with amount of players signed

The percentage of failures far outweighs the percentages of success on the players front and it’s in this category we need a huge increase in quality being brought in scouting players how we identify players needs looked at has done for a long time now
The kecentsge of failure and successful players needs to be atleast balanced up
We need a settled squad of atleast 18-20 players who can be relied upon to play and give their all throughout the season once we can get that we can build on it

But this buying players and oh their not suited to Scottish football or they come with injury lasts as long as their arm needs to be addressed

this summer it finally has to be done correctly proper home work on who we’re signing with a view of what style of play the players are being signed to play going to be interesting to see who we go for and what tactics formation style of play we adapt too

Picking up a player hoping he fits in is of no use we need an identity what ever they will be remains to be seen.

3.) 27 May 2024 19:20:40
Good read mph I agree with storm we must give PC all next season and the 2 windows unless we are miles behind.

4.) 27 May 2024 19:58:13
MPH, intelligent and thought provoking.
I do agree we need a core of Scot’s based players (and would add to that any foreign player who has become acclimatized to SPFL already). The best unfortunately are expensive, some seem overly so, which is why I feel we will continue to attack Euro, African and South American markets. The inherent danger is really in terms of their ‘adaptability’ to our hurly-burly league.
PC will get my full backing for the full season as I feel;
1. He needs time to implement his own strategy with his own players
2. If he is run out of town we are back to square one (and let’s face it we’ve seen the script before) . And I believe he knows his onions and has shown he can both adapt and provide a ruthless edge.

My fear is always a high turnover of players meaning bedding in a new side. As you rightly said, because dans may have had enough doesn’t mean a suitor swans in and takes our unwanted players.
This again is why PC needs a few transfer windows. Ultimately, the buck stops with him, but he has had success in more than one country and I am Sure he will get it right.
The sad fact is we are well behind the opposition in terms of funds, squad depth and doesn’t seem likely to change soon. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but some astute signings, the right captain and core (back, middle, front) and attitude should also mean we are more than capable of offering a genuine challenge both domestically and in Europe (tho not I feel in CL yet)

5.) 28 May 2024 09:35:26
Good article MPH, balanced points.
I'd keep butland, sterling, Balogen, Yilmaz, soutar, diomande, raskin, sima, cortes, danilo, bring in some pace and youth and see where we are, be good to see how some progress under PC, worth noting Sima was being slated first 10 games.



27 May 2024 09:21:00
What can be said about the final that hasn't already been said?
We finished the domestic season as we started it - with a defeat.
A game that wasn't easy on the eye. Ruined in part by an incompetent referee performance but more so by the quality on show from both teams.
Decided by a goal from the first time we actually gave Celtic the chance to break from midfield and an uncharacteristic error from Butland.
No point in slating individual or collective performances. Fingers crossed it's all over for a large group of these players.
Thank feck this season is over.


1.) 27 May 2024 10:35:42
There is a point raskin was totally lazy dangling a leg instead of chasing back I stand by my original assessment of raskin not being any better than a standard decent spl player is he any better than Barron or Watson I’d say no.

2.) 27 May 2024 11:13:51
Go for, i actually thought that both raskin and diomande had good games against them on saturday and controlled the midfield for long spells in the second half? Their winning goal all stems from our attack and scott wright's inability to control a pass that should have been meat and drink and from there they break on us?The bad mistake was made long before it gets near butland who i'm not excusing from any blame because the big fella made a mistake that 99 times out of 100,he wouldn't have made ☹️I thought diomande was our best player and my rangers motm which is being honest scant consolation because we lost a cup final and lost to them again ?Over to you philippe clement and this very important rebuild for next season ?.

3.) 27 May 2024 11:18:19
Gofor raskin tried to foul him it was the last min of the game and he was shattered ?‍♂️ he was one of our best players at weekend.

4.) 27 May 2024 11:33:29
Gofor he’s came out the cold and hardly played he’d have been knackered by the 90th min after putting in such a shift like he did.

5.) 27 May 2024 12:31:01
Coop, i thought Raskin was poor. My man of the match was Sterling.

6.) 27 May 2024 12:42:03
Should have done more to take the booking, a lack of experience probably at end of game, not blaming him for the goal as you could see he was tired, MaGregor took a booking for a similar foul on Cantwell in the first half as he was breaking thru the midfield.
Makes no odds now.

7.) 27 May 2024 13:17:35
I love that the bad mistake was wright. Butland sold the jerseys.

8.) 27 May 2024 13:30:23
Sws I Tottaly agree Dio was head and shoulders above everyone else IMO, he’s a very talented boy and he looks like he hates to lose, know a lot of people he late the petulance Alfie used to show and Dio almost did at the weekend but at least it shows they hate losing and care a bit! Unlike some in the side who just accept it as the norm these days. Raskin gets a lot of stick but he’s clearly not match fit and done really well as did both CBs. Tav n Yilmaz were horrible.

9.) 27 May 2024 13:55:59
Raskin was dead on his feet, not had a lot of minutes lately. Thought he had a good game. More like what he was like prior to injury.

10.) 27 May 2024 14:15:49
All about opinions Baxterboy, but raskin was far from poor mate in my eyes ? Like i said, i thought him and dio dominated the midfield and of course he tired late on, as he hasn't played a lot of late but was more like his old self ?.

11.) 27 May 2024 15:50:52
Dio was my man of the match and Raskin a close 2nd. Sterling done ok in a position he should never be playing but wasn’t the best for us.

12.) 27 May 2024 16:32:22
I totally agree storm and coming home from Hampden in our supporters bus on saturday all of us thought the same ?I actually thought balogun and davies played well also but it's hard to consolidate as we lost the cup final ☹️.

13.) 27 May 2024 16:53:13
Dio and Raskin had good games, our tactics were spot on and stopped their midfield controlling the game, once we stepped back and stopped them playing through us on the press they struggled, they were only going to get weaker as game went on and if Sima and Matando had been fully fit and had game time under their belt then we score a couple in second half and the game plan would of worked a treat, it gave me a bit more optimism of the manager and some of the players who will be staying, add the right new recruits and a pre season under their belt then a think it will be more than just hope for the coming season.

14.) 27 May 2024 17:32:09
We lost the game because we failed to score more goals than the opposition. Simple as that. Injuries to key players, poor acquisitions over a number of years, failure to move people on before they stop being assets and start being liabilities, a failure to improve the squad season after season. Take your choice.
We enter another preseason hoping that the players brought in this time round are better than previous, the majority of us are frustrated that the powers that be never seem to learn.



15 May 2024 10:05:46
The Rangers Squad.
Contracts up in the summer:-
Barisic, Balogun, Jack, McLaughlin, Roofe and Lundstram. All can leave. No sentiment in football.
Sima - would sign at the correct price.
Silva - no thanks.
Cortes - would love him back.
Diomande - obligation to buy. Yes please.
Contracts up in 2025:-
Lawrence, Wright, Lowry - try and sell now. I like Lowry but he hasn't kicked on.
Contracts up in 2026:-
Tav, Goldson, Souttar, Davies, Dowell, Matondo and King - try and sell now.
Can't find any info anywhere about the length of Cantwell's contract apart from the Rangers website which only states long term deal.
That's another huge rebuild.
Not everyone will be moved on for one way or another.
But we need fresh hungry young talented players with a couple of experienced pros to kick on.


1.) 15 May 2024 10:49:26
Agree with everything mph except diomande, unsure about him. Seems a bit lightweight.

2.) 15 May 2024 11:21:41
I'm sure Cantwell's deal is 2026, mph.

3.) 15 May 2024 11:31:29
Mph, Cantwell signed four half year deal in jan 23 expires June 27.

4.) 15 May 2024 11:45:37
If it’s an obligation then we have to sign him

Agree though get out if we can.

5.) 15 May 2024 11:48:51
Spot on MPH, Diomande a big yes and Cantwell the same if he can give us last night consistently. the rest, maybe excluding Balogun if his wages are low, thank you for your service. Scottish cup is now a must. Basically for a moral viewpoint going into Europe. the less they win the better. Cheers.

6.) 15 May 2024 11:59:21
Azul u need players in the team like Dio who can take a ball in tight spaces, someone who always wants a pass and doesn’t hide and can hit a dig from outside the box. No use having 11 bruisers on the park. Bernardo Silva is lightweight, means nothing if you can play.

7.) 15 May 2024 12:45:37
Dio is a must keep. More time under PC will do him wonders for next season and sell on value.

Cortes is a keeper.
Cantwell keep too.

Not bothered about Sima, i don't see what other see in him. has a decent finish on him sometimes but misses a lot of chances. Similar to Dessers.

Silva. well we all agree on that one. Cya later!

8.) 15 May 2024 12:54:25
Well said Todd, he’s young and bound to have bad games. We need to accept this if we are going to have a successful player trading model. Will be the same wjth Cortes when he’s fit. He won’t be 10/10 every week.

9.) 15 May 2024 15:27:13
Maybe it's the players beside Diomonde that are the problem, and JL is the biggest one, he's not the answer.

10.) 15 May 2024 16:06:44
Don’t see what others see in sima ?? brings goals and every player misses chances some fans haven’t a clue about football.

11.) 15 May 2024 16:07:57
Personally can't see why we have spent 4.5mil of Dio.

12.) 15 May 2024 16:14:01
Dio makes himself available for ball all the time, a think the last few months will help him getting used to speed and amount of time you have the ball in this league, hopefully kick on next season, getting the right players aside him will be the main thing.

13.) 16 May 2024 05:00:53
Some may think you don't have a clue about football strom ? See yourself as others see you pal ?.



15 May 2024 07:27:40
Yes, it was only Dundee.
Yes, in the context of where we are as a team at this moment in time the game meant nothing but delaying the inevitable.
But for me there was a different energy about the team with the youngsters getting some game time.
Even our play from the back was quicker with Raskin in the side compared to Lundstram. Raskin would pick the ball up from the CH's further forward whereas Lundstram seemed to camp himself on the 18 yard line!
Yilmaz also brings a much needed energy to the left.
And Cantwell showed what he can do but needs to find a level of consistency going forward though I will give him the benefit of the doubt after a season hindered by injury.
We also had The Good - a goal, The Bad - taking an extra touch in the box and The Ugly - the 4 yard miss ( though the build up was possibly offside ) from Dessers. 22 goals and 8 assists and counting is not too bad a return for a striker that we all agree can be bettered going forward.


1.) 15 May 2024 08:59:01
Will give him the benefit of the doubt on the 4 yard miss, Cantwell has absolutely smashed it at his legs!

2.) 15 May 2024 08:34:18
Still think that's last time we will see cantwell at ibrox.

3.) 15 May 2024 08:48:19
Are we just ignoring the first half display, it was shocking, no fight, urgency, doing the basics right, play like that first half display in cup final and we will be embarrassed, could be be a cricket score.

4.) 15 May 2024 09:32:54
I thought Cantwell was shocking first half, excellent second. It was a game that summed him up as a player really.

It was also interesting to see PC's comments after the game, who clearly had the same issues with Cantwell first half that I did. When he talked about not going after the ball, not working off the ball, falling over when getting touched and not getting after the ball and how you can't play one way, it was noteable that it was in response to a question about Cantewll when he said "second half yes, first half no" then explained it.

I've said before, this was Cantwells problem at Norwich and why he'll never be a top player. So talented and so capable, but the mentality just isn't there. He can string together a run of a few months where he does it, like the tail end of last season, but he always reverts to type eventually.

I personally think his time is up. I don't think he's a player who takes us forwards. He's certainly not one who is consistent enough to win a title with as a first pick. We need solid 7's every week, not a few 9's littered in between a bunch of 4's and 5's. Which is even how his halves were last night: 9 second, 4 first.

5.) 15 May 2024 09:43:48
When cantwell signed for us towards the end of january in 2023 can anyone remember how many years he signed for ?I would suspect posibly 3 and a half years but i honestly don't know for definitely ?.

6.) 15 May 2024 10:33:37
Gdog, i agree cantwell has to be more consistent mate but he's the most talented footballer at rangers and has had a stop, start season with interrupted injuries to be fair to him ?I would be keeping hold of him and with a good hard clement pre season behind him for next season, i think he'll be a different animal and detrimental to the way we want to play/ attack ?.

7.) 15 May 2024 11:04:41
I can judge him not only on his time at Rangers SWS, but on his time at Norwich as well (my English side) . His problems have been the same since he broke into the Canaries team.

No-one has ever questioned his talent. But there are plenty of talented players who don't make the grade because they don't have the mentality to go with it.

Todd, unfortunately, is one of them based on all previous data available to us. This isn't a few months of a season, this is his entire career at this point.

I will maintain that he's not a player you win league's with as a first choice. He has similar talent to a McGregor or an O'Reilly, or even a Buendia at his previous club. The reason they would all feature in successful teams before him is they do both sides of the game consistently.

As the old saying goes, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. That has always been Cantwell's issue and we saw it again in the first half last night. Then in the second half when he knuckles down and does the work, different player. At this stage you would be betting against all of the data we have on him as a player to say he can change that.

He's not for me long term. I don't think he takes us forward.

8.) 15 May 2024 11:05:52
Though I do agree with you, he is certainly detrimental to the way we play/ attack (not sure that's the word you meant to use, let's call it a Freudian slip! :P )

9.) 15 May 2024 11:35:43
Same as Raskin four and half year deals.



13 May 2024 14:04:17
Glasgow Rangers Logo

MrPotatoHead has written an article entitled, Is questioning Rangers' manager justified?


1.) 13 May 2024 14:34:37
Good article mph agree with what you said.

2.) 13 May 2024 14:54:27
Good Article MPH

I think it’s the amount of false dawns that’s not getting to folk me included which could be contributed to worrying about how any money in summer will be spent and if it will be spent wisely enough to improve the team enough to actually go compete for the title from start to finish

we will never know of course until next season is well under way

I suppose the likes of ourselves should stop worrying about things out with our control and trust the board and the current manager to get it right hopefully this time around

I do think we need to stop rubber earring Scottish talent under our noses and have a blend of domestic and European players.

3.) 13 May 2024 14:55:01
Nice article MPH. Sums up the season quite well. I guess the next question is.
Is the squad stronger or weaker than the squad that ended last season. Because that's not just on the manager, it is on the club. Have they got their business model up and running. We didn't meet our short term goals, how is the club doing on its long term goals.
Youth Development
Senior Development - IE Transfer costs in vs Transfer profits out
Asset Improvements - Stadium etc
Debt Repayments - ie loan paybacks to chairmen etc.

4.) 13 May 2024 15:03:06
You are spot on, Stig.
One false dawn too many and we all start to think 'will we ever get out this rut'.
It's like groundhog day on repeat and unfortunately as fans we get excited at the start of every season.

5.) 13 May 2024 15:06:51
Spot on as well, Blue North.
I don't think we are stronger as we are continually fire fighting with disaster after disaster whether that's in recruitment of players or appointment of managers since Gerrard. The time to strengthen was after 55. We never quite managed it.
Every season we put our faith in the board, manager, players, director of football etc that they are going to get the basics correct.
Now like you say if they are going to continually squander the money to improve the squad then how does stadium expansion come about.
No point in having an increased capacity if the product on the park is horrendous and vice versa.

6.) 13 May 2024 15:42:59
Great post MPH too much common sense in for the majority right enough, I don’t think it will catch on ?.

Mystar you agree with what mph said? About the players? The players only a few weeks ago said would win the league easy? ?.

7.) 13 May 2024 16:02:23
For me the proof will be how we start next season.
Beale actually improved us last season but his start to the current season was terrible and I don’t think we invested wisely in the new signings.

We need to invest in younger talented hungry players (both Scottish and abroad) .

Hopefully the combination of the new manager and new recruitment team will be successful!

8.) 13 May 2024 16:15:30
Storm more drivel we should have won the league.

9.) 13 May 2024 16:28:10
But we never, My star, did we? The only drivel spouted came from your mouth, but still you won't admit it.

10.) 13 May 2024 16:47:52
My Star, we shouldn't have won the league. The team performed well against the rest of the league bar Celtic since the departure of Beale. The recent losses come down one thing and that was the failure to beat them at Ibrox. It broke the belief within the team. That game was must win despite what everybody says more games, math etc. Celtic were under no pressure to perform all season. We had to be pretty much perfect up until that game and we were. Then we handed them a goal in less than one minute! That's when I personally felt it was over. It was an exciting game and happy for the draw but it was a miracle goal from Matondo that saved our blushes. The team had nothing left after that game and it has shown in the games since. it wasn't that we gave it away, we couldn't catch them and that was mainly due to only taking 1 point out of 12 against them.

11.) 13 May 2024 17:33:58
Raisetheroofe we should have.

12.) 13 May 2024 17:38:49
But we blew it with results against Motherwell, Ross County, Dundee, i was wrong raisetheroofe, i just never seen that happening mate.

13.) 13 May 2024 18:14:28
Yes my star, it was you that said we would win the league easy. We didn’t win it at all that’s all that matters. You and your whoppers make me smile ?.

14.) 13 may 2024 20:32:54
Online warriors, have to act the big man behind a keyboard.

15.) 14 May 2024 06:32:15
Nice to see it all so cordial.




MrPotatoHead's rumour replies


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12 Jun 2024 14:12:58
Surely if you heard that it was a done deal then why would you need others to confirm?
Squad player at best.




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12 Jun 2024 14:11:54




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14 May 2024 16:53:35
King is still living off the past.




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14 May 2024 11:53:04
The more mental the rumour the more fun posters have trying to confirm or deny it even happened.




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09 May 2024 11:45:29
Don't think Reyna or Bocanegra came direct from USA though?
I think most mean the step from America to Europe is quite big?





MrPotatoHead's banter replies


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12 Jun 2024 14:17:31
So you think McLean, Mckenna, Barron and Shankland will all walk into the Rangers team and are of a good enough standard to turn over Celtic?
Not very ambitious. IMHO.
Each to their own.




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12 Jun 2024 11:23:07
My issue is why waste money on less talented players who would struggle to get a game in the SPFL never mind in Europe for Rangers.
I'd much rather promote the youth.




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12 Jun 2024 07:56:07
We had Jack, Arfield, McGregor and Davis in our squad / team and only won 1 title and 1 SC.
It's not about the identity - it's having a team full of the best quality we can get. Whether that's Scottish or Foreign I don't honestly care if we are winning titles and cup.




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11 Jun 2024 11:18:08
2 options.
Crumble like our senior pros.
Play without fear as young talented players.
Fingers crossed it’s option 2.




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05 Jun 2024 18:48:28
Thanks for the shout out, BoyBlue.
Not really posted much since the season has ended, though still reading all the rumours ( which to be fair I love no matter how bonkers some are! ) .
Doing fine otherwise. Work is hectic as construction projects ramp up and also trying to lose some weight to help the BP and to look better in my speedos for the summer holiday?
Hope you and yours are fine? ?.




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