24 Nov 2021 23:00:11
If its not Rangers, it's not worth trying.

Seem that movie more than once. Never mind Hibs, and the rest.

1.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 02:52:17
We still shouldn't be letting Hibs beat us good day or bad.

2.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 07:25:11
2 players sent off as well Boyle got sent off after the game hopefully misses our game as well.

3.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 08:15:30
I couldn't give a toss if tinpot clubs only raise their game against us. No matter what, we should not be letting any club like hibs wipe the floor with us. Dress it up like you want, but there's no hiding the fact that we got an absolute doing off them. It was embarrassing and should never have happened. I accept any team can get beat, but to go out without even a wiper, is not on!

Back to tonight. If any player on that park doesn't give his all for this team, and sweat blood to get us through, then get them tae! After listening to Gio, and seeing the no nonsense approach from Roy Mckaay, there will be no hiding If they have "lost a bit of hunger"!

4.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 08:57:45
Correct BMGH01.
We aren't entitled to win every game.
But we expect the players to give their all when representing Rangers.

5.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 09:15:49
Boyle suspended weekend should be back for our game.

6.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 09:40:51
Aye he'll be back for us. Where's Terry Hurlock when you need him?

7.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 09:50:14
Exactly MPH! When you bust a gut, sweat blood, and run through walls for your team (excuse the hyperbole overload), but still get beat, you can excuse that. But, If you bend over and grab your ankles because you've "lost a bit of your hunger" then that's not on. For any player to give up the ghost, and not have the desire to build on only one league title, is criminal. Whatever the problem is with certain players should have been dealt with right away, and not allowed to fester.