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16 Nov 2021 08:17:41
David Edgar Heart and hand podcast says the club have not got press conference booked for today and he would be shocked if the announcement was today.

1.) 16 Nov 2021 08:51:32
Gio flying in today private jet allegedly.

2.) 16 Nov 2021 09:25:47
Why bother with a press conference. just announce it thought our own website and do a private interview with him in the blue room. simply we don’t need the standard press these days.

3.) 16 Nov 2021 09:30:16
I know that loyalist seen that also hoping Mr Edgar is wrong.

4.) 16 Nov 2021 09:40:41
My info, deal will be completed Thursday for new manager.

5.) 16 Nov 2021 10:07:28
As long as we announce someone quicker than Celtic did with the long awaited Angeball. I would hate to be sitting around the house come Easter time still waiting on an announcement.

6.) 16 Nov 2021 10:09:47
I’d love to see double the amount of fans at IBROX that SG had! A see of Oranje is required!


7.) 16 Nov 2021 10:14:20
Cheers for that John.

8.) 16 Nov 2021 11:07:26
Hopefully your right John, know it's not been long but feels like a life time, really hope it is gvb.

9.) 16 Nov 2021 11:56:18
Im 56 years of age and its like waiting for santa yet not knowing the date and when he's coming, this isn't good for my weak heart pmsl.

10.) 16 Nov 2021 13:15:51
GDog10 - what if its Calum Davidson? ;-) ;-)

11.) 16 Nov 2021 13:20:34
Full stadium? 😂

Could you imagine Bar72? I think he comes across well to be fair but way too early for Ibrox


12.) 16 Nov 2021 22:43:19
Hi John, I think what you say makes sense on counts, it would allow the New manager to have contact with the Team, and be able to get them motivated for Sundays match, although no motivation should be needed, it's a Cup Semi Final. We'll just have to wait and see.



15 Nov 2021 07:36:35
John have you heard anything over the weekend? As you are the only one I would believe I think a lot of people guessing to be fair so they can say they got it right? I have no sources as I have said before.

1.) 15 Nov 2021 09:11:00
All I’m hearing is gvb. Told koeman and lampard not in equation.
Also mcann and Thomson r in the frame for a job on coaching staff.

2.) 15 Nov 2021 09:23:33
Cheers John hope you are right and hopefully we hear soon the suspense is killing me.

3.) 15 Nov 2021 10:25:50
Any idea who the unnamed candidates are? Rangers saying today they have had discussions with those not mentioned in the public domain.

4.) 15 Nov 2021 10:35:20
I hope Mcann and Thompson are involved in the coaching staff what I’ve read Thompson is very well thought of in the coaching department and I alway like to listen to Mcann we need to get to a point where out next manager come from within start preparing them now it worked at Liverpool for many years.

5.) 16 Nov 2021 06:26:26
I really do think tommo is a future rangers manager/ head coach in the waiting and yes he's extremely well thought of/ rated within the corridors of ibrox👌.



02 Nov 2021 19:52:34
Been told there is absolutely no chance Gilmour will be at rangers in jan on loan as I see a lot of people on social media talking about it.

1.) 02 Nov 2021 20:31:19
Storm totally agree.

2.) 02 Nov 2021 22:37:02
Well that's a relief, wee happy can hardly get a start at Norwich and they are mince.

3.) 03 Nov 2021 04:20:50
Agreed bears den don’t think billy is that much better than we have currently in cm he is a little better but why develop him think it’s the championship for the lad in January needs game time.

4.) 03 Nov 2021 08:23:11
Was thinking the same the other day also. Wonder kid but mediocre man springs to mind.

5.) 03 Nov 2021 08:55:31
He didn’t want to play for rangers anyway so I don’t understand fans clamour to re sign him. Probably better trying to develop Kelly who wants to be a rangers player and deserves a chance.

6.) 03 Nov 2021 10:13:47
bgate w, if Kelly gets a similar offer to BG he will also be off, as will Patterson in my opinion.
The days of my youth when people would give anything to play for Rangers are long gone I'm afraid.

7.) 03 Nov 2021 10:23:23
Absolutely agree re Kelly bgate.

8.) 03 Nov 2021 11:55:22
Bar 72 I wouldn’t blame Kelly at his stage in career for going after all he’s now 21 years old had a couple of successful loans and now finds himself in a squad filler role where he can’t get a chance but also can’t play for b team thus hindering his development. Totally different scenario from bg. Patterson is at least being flung a bone if you like by Gerrard, whether that’s enough time will tell.

9.) 03 Nov 2021 13:01:23
Billy Gilmour would be good for Rangers giving Steve Davies a rest to prolong his career.

10.) 03 Nov 2021 13:53:08
Nice day I’d prefer Kelly.

11.) 03 Nov 2021 17:15:53
I feel wee Kelly has been shafted a bit this season. Not even on the bench for league games and only kept to make up the quota for European games that is stopping him developing. He'll go to another club and we won't be able to afford to buy him back. If bacuna can get a game ahead of him then he really isn't in Gerrard's favourites.

12.) 03 Nov 2021 17:56:27
We should be giving Kelly more game time wasted the kid for 1st part of season could have been out on loan getting games and brought back in jan.

13.) 03 Nov 2021 18:00:00
Livi Kelly a free hit for Europe due to his age.
He was kept due to potential C.V. problems.

14.) 03 Nov 2021 19:01:57
Kelly should be in the first team squad and also he had a very successful loan spell at Ross County.
It’s a bit of a mystery as to why he has not been involved but only SG can answer that question.

15.) 03 Nov 2021 19:56:34
Has Kelly been shafted when he’s not shown enough in training to merit game time?
Personally I don’t think he’s good enough to break into our side.

16.) 03 Nov 2021 22:36:18
Scotty yes he has been shafted because he should have been out on loan then getting game time.

17.) 03 Nov 2021 22:47:49
Scotty do you take the training? How else would you know this?

18.) 03 Nov 2021 22:54:06
Agreed scotty think if they are good enough they will get game time not the time to be shoe horning young players in the team he should be getting some minutes tho but bars in mind people this is a over 30 million season for us 🇬🇧.

19.) 03 Nov 2021 23:46:58
Billy gilmour I I mediocre playerbhas to be one of the worst posts on here ever.

20.) 04 Nov 2021 00:47:58
Bearsden yes I’m Gerrard my identity has been revealed haha. no I don’t take the training but Gerrard does and he doesn’t play him. It’s not complicated. If Gerrard thought he was good enough he would have played.

21.) 04 Nov 2021 05:24:25
Here we go he is mediocre for the epl that’s just a
Fact or he would be playing more he’s not proved anything at senior level to suggest other wise he’s got great potential to become good or great but it this stage he is neither for me especially in the league he is playing sorry not playing in 😂.

22.) 04 Nov 2021 08:40:37
Billy G mediocre?! 😂 😂 😂

You should be on stage Rfc92. FACT No mate it’s an opinion. If BG was mediocre you wouldn’t have Tuchel answering questions on him with any care or thought! if he was mediocre he would have been sold, if he was mediocre they wouldn’t have bought him in the first place……😂😂🤣

If you don’t fancy him as a player fair enough, but to suggest he’s mediocre because you know better is just plain silly mate.


23.) 04 Nov 2021 09:36:16
RFC that’s BS mate the Norwich manager has come out and said why he isn’t playing he isn’t developing a player that isn’t signed for Norwich (loan) I don’t understand why Chelsea sent him there but you are way of the mark and it’s not a Fact either.

24.) 04 Nov 2021 10:23:47
We should develope Kelly . Gilmore had his chance. he looked good in Good team at Chelsea but now expected to be main man at Norwich. but not up to it . maybe in time but not at moment. also not what we need at this moment, if we have money available should be looking at striker position.

25.) 04 Nov 2021 10:25:15
The truth is Billy is an excellent young Scottish player but in the EPL he is a normal midfielder. Like so many before him he is becoming a victim of the hype surrounding him and he will eventually level out as a £50k a week player at somewhere like Villa or Leeds. Nothing wrong with a career like that. As for Rangers, that boat has sailed and probably won't return for ten years, if at all.
As for young Kelly, sadly I just don't think he's got enough in him to make it with us and the manager seems to think the same. Over the years hundreds of promising youngsters hit that brick wall between development and first team men's football and just can't get over it. It is the biggest leap in top class football and at a club like ours only the special kids can make it. Brace yourselves, we will have a lot more Kellys to come before we find our next star.

26.) 04 Nov 2021 16:14:31
Got to take into account, he is still a kid, who last year strolled through games in champions league, also saw him abfolutely running the show v Liverpool last season. Too say he is mediocre is so far away from a FACT, as you put it. The reason he is onnloan was too get him more game time, unfortunately it hasn't worked out for him but to say he is mediocre is a crazy statement.

27.) 04 Nov 2021 17:21:06
I like Kelly decent young player but Gilmour is on a different level the boy is top class… would loved to have him back even for a loan deal.

28.) 04 Nov 2021 21:06:25
Who would yous drop for Kelly? Jeezo gerrard knows nothing about captains now midfielders eh?

29.) 04 Nov 2021 23:31:01
Tav, I’d play Kelly when I give Davis breaks.

30.) 05 Nov 2021 09:36:03
Think Kelly is in a perfect place for development just now. He is training with 3 top class CMs just now. 3 that in their prime wouldn't have looked out of place in any league in the world. He has the match time with the B team but is training and learning from not only our midfielders but also guys like Defoe, McGregor and Beale probably way more that will be developing him in how to get the longest career possible. He will be in a position to step up to take his rightful place when Davis calls it a day.



30 Aug 2021 19:17:47
Looks like Leeds won’t be back in for kent as they are in talks to sign Daniel James from Man U.



27 Aug 2021 11:57:59
John is there a chance we could have anymore signings before next Tuesday?

1.) 27 Aug 2021 12:11:05
Did Gary Mac not say something about a possible striker and midfielder coming in? Maybe not.

2.) 27 Aug 2021 12:15:53
My info is we will see movement in and out.

3.) 27 Aug 2021 12:25:41
Any idea who John?
I was still expecting a first team player to be sold given we didn’t qualify for CL and a cheaper one in to replace. Hopefully a few of the fringe players leave also.

4.) 27 Aug 2021 12:31:53
That’s Colombian boy will be the striker I guess.

5.) 27 Aug 2021 13:08:22
I know this is pie in the sky but could we possibly still have a chance for veerman?

Read an article that Newcastle may be in for kamara.

6.) 27 Aug 2021 13:14:16
Veer man no 1 target if Kamara is sold otherwise nobody brought into midfield.

7.) 27 Aug 2021 13:48:12
The Glasgow ranger don’t agree we r one short in midfield gerrard wants Veerman.

8.) 27 Aug 2021 14:12:46
Sell Kamara for £10millon and bring Veerman in for £4million? What do we think guys and brings in some cash ✌️.

9.) 27 Aug 2021 14:20:47
Heard weeks ago Kamara would be sold and veerman would replace him and if we sell morelos then a possible replacement was clark-harris or the columbian striker can't remember his name not the young one the international one that plays for Columbia.

10.) 27 Aug 2021 14:20:50
Yately we need Kamara to play alongside Veerman. Hagi or Kent should be sold.

11.) 27 Aug 2021 15:16:49
Veerman plays in kamara's position sweep1.

12.) 27 Aug 2021 16:01:59
If anyone was to go kent is easiest to replace. ginger maldini off to aberdeen also.

13.) 27 Aug 2021 17:31:51
Who is the ginger maldini.

14.) 27 Aug 2021 17:54:14

15.) 27 Aug 2021 18:06:12
I've got concerns over Kent this year. If offer comes in might be time up. Looks off the pace and i hate to say it but clumsy on the ball. Hope to choke on my words but something is off with him. Could be confidence but i don't think so. Seems a confident young man. Hopefully shut me up as love the guy.




Stormtrooper's banter posts with other poster's replies to Stormtrooper's banter posts


06 Dec 2021 09:35:42
In talkSPORT this morning they were talking about cult heroes at clubs Origi being one at Liverpool and it got me thinking (I know that’s dangerous) but what are peoples thoughts on nacho novo was he a cult hero or a club legend Be interesting to here everyone’s opinion mines is cult hero.

1.) 06 Dec 2021 10:10:20
Cult hero.

2.) 06 Dec 2021 10:30:22
Loved wee Nacho. It’s a tough one he didn’t have the talent of a Prso etc but he was the ultimate work horse gave 100% every time he crossed the line, scored goals, loved the club and maybe the most important 2, scored the winning penalty in the uefa semi abs sand said no to them. Also won 6 trophies at us. I’m going to go with legend.

3.) 06 Dec 2021 10:49:19
I think he was too widely appreciated to fall into the cult hero status.

Now Erik Bo on the other hand.

4.) 06 Dec 2021 10:55:08
Cult hero for me, Storm.
Legend gets banded about too easily.

5.) 06 Dec 2021 11:05:58
Cult hero storm. Gave his all. Loved the wee man.
Erik Bo is good one trueblue.
Van Vossen anyone?

6.) 06 Dec 2021 12:35:29
If Morelos played with the same heart as wee Novo every week he would be twice the player he is now.

7.) 06 Dec 2021 12:48:21
Big Miko for me! Think we signed him from Sampdoria and he played with us fo 5 years✌️.

8.) 06 Dec 2021 12:53:45
Thought van vossen was actually a decent players parlane. An actual weird cult hero was sebo. he was absolutely awful.

9.) 06 Dec 2021 12:55:19
Well done for bringing ❤️Morelos💙 into a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with him, Sweep1🙄.

10.) 06 Dec 2021 13:06:32
MrPH, some people can’t get behind a player.
Every rangers manager has played him, strange or they know better than most of us.

11.) 06 Dec 2021 13:19:52
I'd say wee Nacho is a cult hero, for me, I always think of Craig Moore as a cult hero - the guys was outstanding for a good few years even although big Amo got most the plaudits. Craig Moore was as hard as nails and no crap from anybody including the likes of Sutton and Hartson. I actually remember him landing on his neck against spartak moscow (I think) and I honestly thought he'd broke his neck but he managed to play on.

12.) 06 Dec 2021 13:21:16
Agree John25.
Posted similar the other day.
I trust Gio's opinion over others on here.

13.) 06 Dec 2021 13:38:41
The fact of the matter is, legends really are based on longevity/ loyalty, great captains, great goalscorers and record breakers. Alfredo Morelos is the all time European goal scorer at Rangers, whether your like him or not. He’s outscored the likes of Boyd, McCoist, Hately, Gazza, wee Barry etc in European competitions. For me if you break a record like that it makes you a legend. We’ll see what happens when he eventually moves on.

14.) 06 Dec 2021 13:41:40
Dado, I really liked Moore, underrated and as u rightly say hard as nails.

15.) 06 Dec 2021 13:59:46
I loved Big Sasa Papac, the guy gave his all in every game and loved the rangers also the silent assassin Hemdani loved a battle in the middle of the park and similar to Kamara now.

16.) 06 Dec 2021 14:05:49
Loved Moore met him and Ray Wilkins one day in Hamilton, they stood and chatted for 10/ 15 mins, was totally in awe of butch.

17.) 06 Dec 2021 14:40:47
Thanks guys tho didn’t want to end up in a disagreement, sweep you never fail to surprise me keep it up mate 🤦‍♂️

MPH i agree with you it “legend” does get banded about too much that’s why this question popped into my head when I heard it on talkSPORT.

18.) 06 Dec 2021 15:19:34
Great question for debate, Storm.
It's amazing how we all have fond memories of certain players.

19.) 06 Dec 2021 15:25:44
Terry Hurlock.

20.) 06 Dec 2021 15:27:28
Paul, thought Van Vossen was decent. Poor bloke will only be remembered for one moment.

21.) 06 Dec 2021 15:55:11
Gers I loved terry hurlock back in the day he would be a walking red card these days along with a few others in the past.

22.) 06 Dec 2021 16:03:01
Big Albertz.

23.) 06 Dec 2021 16:07:53
Bob Malcolm, was loved by many of our support but not the greatest of football players! Terry Hurlock definitely and dare I say El Hadji Diouf!

24.) 06 Dec 2021 16:11:44
Also storm don't know what's been happening! And none of my business, but I hope everything is OK now mate! Leave the moods to me 😉.

25.) 06 Dec 2021 16:23:30
Loved the Warlock . remember him crunching Steve Fulton at park head then the ball slipped through to mccoist to score . oh can't forget big bob . Best passer of a ball in Scottish football . while training Haha.

26.) 06 Dec 2021 17:30:32
Will do barrowlad just had a heck of a week with C.V. in family etc…. and been told I got new job I went for but no confirmation email yet and I am very impatient 😂 just letting things get on top of me but am all good now.

27.) 06 Dec 2021 17:37:36
Another belter was Sotirios Kyrgiakos! A lot of great names cropping up in this thread that totally transport you back in time. Great thread.

28.) 06 Dec 2021 17:56:54
Well I hope the C.V. scare comes to nothing mate and congratulations on the job.

29.) 06 Dec 2021 18:27:01
Good luck storms. The world is your oyster mate. Whatever that means. 💙.

30.) 06 Dec 2021 18:28:41
Cult hero. Loved the wee man but couldn't be considered a legend imo.

31.) 06 Dec 2021 20:29:56
For me albertz was a cult hero how i wish we had some1 now who could strike the ball as well.

32.) 06 Dec 2021 21:03:14
Kyrgiakos Is a good one
Van vossen as some said lol
Sebo actually is and has the following 😂
Alberto was just a class act loved the guy abs still o W if my all time favourites he actually even developed the Scots accent which just made my day hearing him talk 😂
Showed just how much he took to our club and culture
Moore great player
one of my old favourites was huistra and also
Anyone remember Clelland? I actually liked him
Some had a few reservations if I remember correctly
But he could turn it in
Arveladze, Shota Was also a terrific player
Big Pyrso loved the guy what a player he was
Remember Marco Negri what a finisher
Mols awsell
And we haven’t even touched the big names like Gaza laudrup and Numan GVB etc etc etc
To many could get cult status I’ve the years
Wee Nacho was just a great player and gave his all for the jersey
We have been absolutely blessed with the fantastic players who’s wore the jersey over the years and wowed the fans
Trevor Steven’s, remember him. Too what a player
David Robertson again great player
Marc Walters the list is endless 😂
I could go on all day and night with great players players I loved and players with or could have cult status 😂😂.

33.) 06 Dec 2021 22:26:33
Cammy Fraser, Stuart Munro, ted McMinn, papac, Ian Ferguson, darcheville, big Marv, bomber brown, Bobby Russell.

34.) 07 Dec 2021 07:15:32
Gabriel Amato, Rod wallace, Joachim bjoklund, Claudio Cannigia, lionel charbonnier, tony Vidmar (scored against Parma who had Buffon and Thuram and cannivaro🤯), Sergio Porrini👏, Mark Walters.

35.) 07 Dec 2021 07:25:23
Spoke with Hurlock last month in south London, has fond memories and loved his time at Ibrox.



05 Dec 2021 20:55:51
Ed001 I apologise for my actions today having a bad day I have meant no harm 👍.

{Ed001's Note - OK mate.}

1.) 06 Dec 2021 06:48:52
We’ve all had them storm, I hope your okay mate.

2.) 06 Dec 2021 09:37:26
I am dado thanks for asking to be honest it was a bad week not just one day but it’s a new week and am happy and smiling 🙂 also been told I got new job from interview I done but still waiting on the offer from HR or the company which is making me a tad nervous 😬.

3.) 06 Dec 2021 09:38:34
New day new week, Storm.
I hope things have picked up for you. 👍.

4.) 06 Dec 2021 10:48:37
I changed roles within the same company in July…. I was interviewed and offered the job verbally in February. I’ve no idea how some of these HR departments actually function.

Congratulations on the job and I’m sure the offer will follow.

5.) 06 Dec 2021 13:07:25
Storm well done. Remember it took us 8 days to employ gvb.

6.) 06 Dec 2021 22:19:24
How do I post.



05 Dec 2021 15:05:29
John who is the B team playing in Europe on Tuesday?

1.) 05 Dec 2021 15:47:46
Second leg team from Bucharest.

2.) 05 Dec 2021 15:52:52
Septemvri Sofia👍
For future info try the Ranges B Twitter feed, Storm👍
I'm not on Twitter but you can still access it.

3.) 05 Dec 2021 18:16:41
Cheers John and MPH a I have Twitter but not on much but will follow them.

4.) 06 Dec 2021 13:10:00
Two good sites.
Rangers B team Twitter
Rangers Academy Twitter.

Lots good info, match reports, where games are, how to get in if allowed.



04 Dec 2021 13:50:17
I take it going by the team that kent is injured?



04 Dec 2021 12:42:48
Wilson another hat trick last night for under 18s in a 6-1 win against hearts.

1.) 04 Dec 2021 13:53:39
I hope no scouts were watching him, it's a shame we can't ban the scouts from the grounds he's playing at.




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05 Dec 2021 13:20:13
DK19 I never said we shouldn’t put a team out to win game but it’s still a bounce game.



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04 Dec 2021 18:48:56
MPH Lyon away is a bounce game.



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04 Dec 2021 18:48:25
Good business? Nowhere near enough.



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03 Dec 2021 17:53:19
Sweep it’s not like you to miss the point 😬 John you are 100% correct treating them like Mugs.



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02 Dec 2021 18:34:20
There is more chance of us getting Billy Gilmour and we have no chance of him.




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08 Dec 2021 17:16:24
I haven’t been overly impressed with castore to be honest.



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08 Dec 2021 16:04:39
Bacuna more of attacking midfielder than DM i would have bacuna where kent is.



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07 Dec 2021 19:26:01
MPH i would go with your team but bacuna where kent is as bacuna more of a number 10 than DM.



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07 Dec 2021 19:24:46
I am very happy about this MPH great gesture by both clubs and hopefully raise a few quid for an outstanding charity.



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07 Dec 2021 19:22:58
Bluebilly it was KJA9 and sweep use to say it sounded like a stormtrooper and I love Star Wars anyway so it made sense to me 😂.