19 Oct 2023 12:31:24
Players playing life can be short if the Injuries or bad money decisions enter the picture. I now see our old european record breaking striker el buffalo may never play for santos again. such a shame as he had the bull by the horns her and was adulated by us fans when he was firing on all cylinders. How quickly bad decisions and injuries can bite your bum. Throw in a greedy agent and heres what he now has I don't know what's next for this lad as he was fortunate to get this gig with a club on the brink of relegation in Brazil and a season that closes in december. Sometimes you have to take the opportunities staring you in the face. shoulda signed a new contract. end of story. Thanks for the now distant memories Alfredo . I wish you and your family well.

1.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 12:41:39
I’d take him back in the summer Deecee if he can prove his fitness. If santos go down which atm looks likely he can leave for free.
I’d offer him a 1year deal in summer if he can prove his fitness, he’s been ruled out for up to 3 months, with club retaining an option of 2 year deal the following summer if we were to choose to do so.
I’d also offer him incentive driven bonuses to earn his previous wage.

2.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 12:48:48
The reason he may never play for them in because he's injured deecee, it's written in his contract he can leave if they get relegated, I would have Morelos back in a heart beat.

3.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 12:50:54
I read he has a clause in his contract that he will be released if Santos are relegated.

4.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 12:52:11
I love the mad wee b@#rd but we need to move on from him. He will never be the player he was 2021/ 2022.

5.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 12:54:06
Stevie, you’re saying we bring Alfredo back? Not for me✌️.

6.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 13:11:37
Morelos is a quality cf and we never brought anyone in close to what he brought to our side.

7.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 13:29:01
he had a "Fear Factor" in his play . unfortunately His ship has sailed as far as coming back. Alfredo is the Past. we must concentrate on the Future now. so, not for me. just thought I would hilight how short a Pro footballers life can be. cheers all.

8.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 13:42:49
Not a team in Europe would touch him as a free agent, yet here's some of our fans wanting him back. This site is all about different opinions, but bringing alf back reeks of desperation imo, I for one would be very angry to welcome back a player I felt downed tools last 12 months of his contract. Deecee there wasn't a contract for him to sign mate.

9.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 13:19:15
a fit and on form moreles is better than anything we have at present plus better than anything we are likely to afford going forward. A half fit moreles better than dessers, but then again I think I would be better than dessers and I haven't kicked a ball in earnest for about 30 years.

10.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 14:05:11
BB2 . yes, his contract was run down and expired. he could have signed a 1 year extension contract i believe which would have helped him move based on performance . him and kent chose to move on from one of the most prolific teams in europe. sometimes if its working don't fix it. thanks for pointing the contract out.

11.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 14:23:33
Yagy I totally get where your coming from mate, your not wrong to have that opinion either
It’s one of those things that will split people and there isn’t a right or wrong opinion mate.

Where your coming from is the reason (s) I would offer him incentive driven wages and I’d have the club option of 2 year extension out of the players hands.

He is a better centre forward than we are likely to get for a long time.
His performances in Europe really were out of our league.

If he performs for 18 months we cash in quick and move on.

His future and his family’s future is what he’d be playing for and for those reasons I think we’d see a monster of a player.

12.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 16:57:19
Morelos and danilo would have been some pairing up front, flanked by Matondo and Sakala on the wings, douubt many teams would want that front 4 coming at them full pace.
Pehaps Kent and Morelos were sick of all the tactical and managerial changes, and decided to try there luck elsewhere?
We don't know all the details of what made them decide to move on from our club.
Would take Sakala and Morelos back as a straight swop for Dessers and Lammers.
Hopefully Clement brings Hagi back, another stupid move by Beale along with selling Sakala who was the perfect match on the RW for Matondo on the LW.
Danilo is the only dangerous forward we have right now.

13.) 19 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023 18:37:29
You call tav etc serial losers but want Alfie back some laugh our fans.