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15 Oct 2023 00:58:28
Rumours in the press that Wayne Rooney has made Butland his no1 transfer target in January.

I’d be looking for minimum £10m for him.
I’d even say £12m

Dunno if they can afford that.


1.) 15 Oct 2023 01:02:03
They can't he's really going to spend all of his kitty and they have tighter spending rules anyway.

2.) 15 Oct 2023 01:36:54
Can’t see them affording him then mate.
Must be bs paper talk unless they think they can get him for £5m or something.
Not a chance.

3.) 15 Oct 2023 06:16:45
Butlands contract has a relativly low release clause, he will be gone in January unless, the new guy can work wonders before then.

4.) 15 Oct 2023 07:52:00
Teds so you know Butland release fee? i calling that bull.

5.) 15 Oct 2023 08:11:34
Birminghams owners can easily afford those sort of figures make no mistake about that.

6.) 15 Oct 2023 08:30:34
Wouldnt be surprised on the low release clause. We seem to be happy with 5-6mill offers. And JB can't be liking what he sees in front of him.

7.) 15 Oct 2023 08:49:10
We got him on a free and to get 6 million would be good business. I would rather keep him however wait and see.

8.) 15 Oct 2023 09:23:09
Think it'll fly in the face of him coming here in the first place. Also if he's got a low release he's not going to Birmingham premier teams will take him.

9.) 15 Oct 2023 09:31:18
If shrek wants our keeper jack butland he better come with big money and his pockets full to the brim ?.

10.) 15 Oct 2023 09:35:36
Iv also read he has a clause he can go for a low fee tbh he's one we should be tying down and building a defence around him.

11.) 15 Oct 2023 09:42:18
Lazy click bait journalism.

12.) 15 Oct 2023 10:26:37
BAR72 he won’t be liking what he’s seeing behind him either.

13.) 15 Oct 2023 10:31:42
I will get my granny to give Wayne a wee call. She says she knows him well from way back.

14.) 15 Oct 2023 11:16:37
Butland ain’t going anywhere in jan.

15.) 15 Oct 2023 11:47:40
Wages would also be an issue could they afford his wages.

16.) 15 Oct 2023 12:12:08
I wouldn't be so sure on butland he was on a free and we would have had competition so all the power in negotiations would have been with butland.

If he were to go with a fee i'd be ok with it if we are getting decent money we always seem to find decent keepers.

17.) 15 Oct 2023 13:02:47
Beale teds is correct release fee. I believe it’s around 4 million,

18.) 15 Oct 2023 13:50:08
Doubt we hold into him by next summer.

19.) 15 Oct 2023 13:51:40
If he wants to go and we get that fee for a guy that we signed for free then fair enough . I can`t see him leaving though because he`s disappointed about the defence in front of him, some of the games this season he`s had nothing to do and although he has been excellent he has made the odd mistake himself. Goldsons O. G v PSV was partly his fault. He`ll see himself as part of the team and want to improve things, not just leave because things haven`t gone great at the start.

20.) 15 Oct 2023 21:09:18
Butland is a top keeper and could do a lot better than Birmingham.

21.) 16 Oct 2023 17:19:00
John are u saying he has a clause of just £4m?

ThTs shocking man.

If that’s the case I would quickly offer him a new deal.
I’d offer him an extra year with an extra £5k a week and buyout clause of £12m.

22.) 16 Oct 2023 18:07:24
Stevie. That’s exactly what I’m saying, he lead all the negotiating cards.

So u woul
D offer him an extra three million to get rangers seven,
If I was chairman in England I’d offer four and bigger wage. He would be a fool to take extra deal

Remember he is very happy here and I’m not sure he would be hurry to leave.

23.) 17 Oct 2023 15:27:11
I could understand Butland wanting to leave for an EPL Side but Birmingham would be a step down if he wants to win trophies.

24.) 18 Oct 2023 05:34:46
I doubt very much he would see that deal out John, more likely be off sooner than later, so we wouldn’t be paying out £3m anyway, and obviously I’d offer what it would take to tie down our best player and maximise what we can get for him regardless anyway mate.



11 Oct 2023 14:13:08
Andy decline reporting on twitter

There’s a split in the boardroom regarding who to pick.

Muscat is slight favourite atm but there is a strong split down the middle of the boardroom as to who should get the job.

Not good if we have splits atm.

John, I think u had said in this scenario the chairman would have the casting vote.
Is this the case?


1.) 11 Oct 2023 15:04:31
To be honest I doubt Andy Devline knows anything. He’s merely guessing based on the fact that the process is still ‘ongoing’ and no one has been announced yet. However the board have already stated that they will take their time and it wouldn’t be a quick or rushed decision. He even actually stated that he ‘thinks’ or ‘feels like’ there might be a split in the boardroom. He’s just totally guessing just so he can churn out another story, just like all these so called journalists do. More than likely he has no idea what the board are or are not thinking.

2.) 11 Oct 2023 15:20:51
That’s how it happened re Beale. Bennett changed rules so chairman does not get two votes as park did.

My understanding is there are seven people who get a vote nowadays.
I’m told there is 100% no split.

3.) 11 Oct 2023 15:22:52
Good post Gers. I’d be more worried if all seven thought the same way.

Guys like Halstead wolthartd Johnston unlikely to have been fully updated at this stage.

4.) 11 Oct 2023 16:08:49
Cheers John good to know.

I did think it didn’t make sense being a split if there is a deciding vote.

Gers, I know what your saying re some of these journalists mate.
I think when I came to post, after doing so I noticed a few other similar posts regarding other journalists so thought maybe a truth to it.

I’ll rely on this site more than the papers that’s for sure.

Cheers guys ??.

5.) 11 Oct 2023 16:25:48
Hearing much the same re: Clement and Muscat.

The trading model that Mr Bisgrove had been vocal about is a key factor in the decisions to be made. The whole Muscat argument we’ve all read here about tapping into the Asian market for players like Ange etc is more valid for Bisgrove’s vision but not said to be the deciding factor.

The Clement appointment would supersede a DOF appointment. Giving him time to work with lathe tools he has with the DOF in before January as Clement is the opposite of Beale in regards to player recruitment.

Either man doing well fits in with the trading model if a more financially blessed team from south of the border fancy them after a good season or two.

All in all. I’ll be chuffed with either of these men in the brogues, scarf held overhead.

6.) 11 Oct 2023 17:20:13
So long as Parks Jnr., doesn't have the deciding vote we should be safe!
I can understand the Bisgrove Argument from a Commercial perspective of tapping into the Asian Market, but that only holds up if we equally secure the best football manager. I'm just not sure.
Of those that have been mentioned I am still hoping for Clement assuming that it is only him and Muscat that are now on the short list.

7.) 11 Oct 2023 17:41:47
Why would we need Muscat to tap into Asian Market dstar? Surley the scouts'can just go scout no?

Plus most the Tims Asian players are gash. Ideguchi, iwata, kobayashi, kwon, oh all gash. Only kyogo, madea, tattie made it kwang looks iffy also. So that's 3 success out of 9 signed! But yet the Press don't bring up those donkeys!

8.) 11 Oct 2023 17:43:43
I know Andy devlin I ain’t his biggest fan. But of a banger.

9.) 11 Oct 2023 18:42:19
Berkshire park is on this weeks interview panel alongside Bennett and Bisgrove.

10.) 11 Oct 2023 19:14:01
Famous - why would Michael Beale look at English players he worked with at youth level?

It’s not my blind assumption but a collective with the muskat connection.

I don’t see us ever scouting anywhere outwith England, Italy, Holland and Belgium in the last few seasons.

11.) 11 Oct 2023 20:26:56
Talks of a rift between the board have been squashed tonight by skysports.

12.) 11 Oct 2023 22:02:03
6 votes at the board John.
G Park

Bisgrove has no voting rights.



10 Oct 2023 18:18:11
Chris Jack reporting that rangers have made no decisions on who they want as manager yet and clement won’t be arriving in Glasgow tonight.


1.) 10 Oct 2023 20:00:08
Is there any truth in souness has been in the meetings while the interviews wer getting held.

2.) 10 Oct 2023 20:54:33
Supposedly mate souness has been strongly involved in the interview process, also supposedly sir Alex and big eck have both been asked for input on the matter.

3.) 10 Oct 2023 21:40:21
Stevie Fergie was asked after Celtic game, he has been laying low last three weeks.

4.) 10 oct 2023 23:35:42
difficult times for sir alex, my thoughts are with him now,

5.) 11 Oct 2023 00:03:56
Understandable John.
Thoughts with sir Alex and his family. ?.

6.) 11 Oct 2023 00:06:11
John can I ask u mate?

U say sir Alex was asked after Celtic game?
That’s around time people were saying he had gave ole Gunnar a reference to our board.

Would u say this is likely true then mate? That’s he suggested ole as a managerial option for us.

7.) 11 Oct 2023 10:37:05
Alex Ferguson as far as I understand did not recommend ole to rangers.

8.) 11 Oct 2023 11:52:22
I did rubbish it at the time it was floating about, especially with Beale still in job.
Think I said something like a man of Fergusons integrity (not word I used) wouldn’t be doing that with Beale still in charge.
Cheers John.



03 Oct 2023 15:47:45
Lampard has gone from 20/1 to 2/1 since earlier today.
He’s accounted for 86% of bets today according to oddschecker.

Dunno what to make of that, but seems the bookies are catching onto something.

Anyone hearing anything regarding lampard?


1.) 03 Oct 2023 17:06:08
Do not want him but if he gets it I will support him.

2.) 03 Oct 2023 17:18:12
I certainly hope he is not under consideration? PLEASE NO.

3.) 03 Oct 2023 17:13:30
Apparently 4 candidates all shown interest Lampard, Muscat, Jensen and Wilder. one in talks held yesterday.

4.) 03 Oct 2023 17:14:13
Really hope he isn't considered, a guy that wouldn't be considered for any job if his name wasn't Frank Lampard. Hard pass from me.

5.) 03 Oct 2023 17:15:32
Lampard is not the man for this job imo. Phillipe Clements name being mentioned that would be my choice, followed by Muscat. we need a manager that isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

6.) 03 Oct 2023 17:16:49
Lampard would be a disastrous appointment.

7.) 03 Oct 2023 17:22:13
No thanks - nothing to see here, move along please. High risk disaster waiting to happen - no budget big enough for him.

8.) 03 Oct 2023 17:28:31
I'm not keen on Lampard, although no one can make the Everton job work and he was under transfer embargo at Chelsea, still for me it's a no. I like Jansen or possibly Gallardo but it's a risk for them all, 2 defeats and they're getting booked, the only thing that will work, is someone to come in a play entertaining football from the off, think the fans would be more tolerant if they had some dodgy results but we were looking good.

9.) 03 Oct 2023 17:37:38
Yeah lads I’m not so sure on lampard either, he did bring a lot of the kids thru at Chelsea and done extremely well there imo.
For me that’s a cursed job anyway but I thought he done well at Chelsea.

Would be a risk for sure but least he has decent amount of experience whereas Gerrard never and he worked.

I’d rather someone else but I’m not totally opposed to Lampard.
Just thought I’d post that as it’s quite a strange situation.
Maybe he was the on an interviewed yesterday n that’s what’s caused the spike.

I’d imagine it will be the international break when we get someone in.
Surely we’re going to interview a lot of bodies before making an appointment.

10.) 03 Oct 2023 17:40:24
Lampard comes then it's game over for me.

11.) 03 Oct 2023 17:47:26
Im not really kean on lampard but saying that I wasn't sure about the gerrard appointment either but I'll back who ever we appoint.

12.) 03 Oct 2023 17:49:13
I would go for Dean Smith or Lamaprd.
Foreign bosses don't float my boat!

13.) 03 Oct 2023 17:50:10
The odds come down because of bets being placed.

14.) 03 Oct 2023 17:51:38
55 who did we ta, k to today.

15.) 03 Oct 2023 17:56:38
Been doing a bit of reading on pascal Jansen and although I'm not in favour of him as an appointment he certainly fits clubs strategy would also be more likely to give you players a chance by all accounts.

16.) 03 Oct 2023 18:00:49
Pick one John, 25% chance you'll get it right! ?.

17.) 03 Oct 2023 18:20:59
Given that I saw serial loser McInnes mentioned as a favourite today I am quickly reaching the stage that I will take anyone other than him. If he is the level that we are even considering we really don't have any ambition!

18.) 03 Oct 2023 18:27:04
I don't see it StevieG2, especially as he's been proven to be a dud manager. Surely not?
Just for affect, but If Lampard did get the job, then I'm out, and my ticket is going on seatsub. I really can't take it anymore, I just don't have it in me.

19.) 03 Oct 2023 18:32:58
Bookies be like


20.) 03 Oct 2023 18:33:22
Mike I know that’s how it works bro but the amount of bets being placed on him is quite astonishing considering he was 20/ 1 just a couple of hours prior.

The bookies normally take that as tips are flying about and shorten the odds but from 20 to 2s is quite a change in 1 hour mate.
86% of bets.

Sounds like there’s some inside info being passed about in that sense.

21.) 03 Oct 2023 18:35:25
I think it's time to really think about this n go all out for a decent track record n hopefully a real knowledge of the Scottish game, n it's time we get a Scottish element back into our team.

Recent seasons we have overlooked Scottish talent or players proven n playing well here too bring in guff under performance players from abroad we wasted money too bring in danilo dessers ext
When we had guys doing it already

We got rid of our top performers

N got rid of guys who where better
Colak n sakala

We overlooked portous, nisbit ferguson just some of many right under our noses

Vanveen n Shanklind
Plying there trades in Scotland

All we heard not rangers quality

Bull cause the only guy who deserves our top is butland on his performances

We need to be more astute n get someone who will command a tune n make n get the best of what we have n on a budget

My point we have been failing n making rash decisions, so I will be happy to wait n make sure ? we get it right.

22.) 03 Oct 2023 18:41:33
The odds market is dictated by the bets placed.

Lampard was asked about it and didn’t rule it out plus a couple of rags have said he’s in the running, so many people will have seen he was 20/ 1 and thought that represents some value. The more that’s bet on him, the smaller those odds will get. The bookies haven’t been handed inside info, they are protecting themselves based on all the bets placed at high odds.

I don’t think he will get it.

23.) 03 Oct 2023 18:45:35
Correct Mike Ger, could make anyone odd drop significantly with 1000 pounds on them

Foolmonty my info we spoke to no one for the job, I’m not saying poster is wrong just wondering if he had name.

Bisgrove allegedly flew south and met souness In London hotel.

24.) 03 Oct 2023 19:54:07
I wanted Lampard to succeed Gerrard because I thought he would keep the club going in the same direction however after his poor record at Everton and his stint helping out at Chelsea when he let his heart rule his head and took on a no win job, I think he is spoiled goods now. English Championship and SPFL managers don`t inspire me and would be a sign of a lack of ambition.

25.) 03 Oct 2023 20:04:06
Sorry John was just told we were in talks yesterday at length with 1 of the above. Montys right though its not much more to go on the rest are apparently paper talk. Ill try find out.

26.) 03 Oct 2023 20:04:51
The reason for that is the amount of cash being big on lampard drops the odds just like horse racing or the dugs.

27.) 03 Oct 2023 20:24:32
Cool 55, good info.

28.) 03 Oct 2023 20:30:24
When I say the rest paper talk outside that 4 it's paper talk.

29.) 03 Oct 2023 20:41:03
Here’s hoping your all wrong and it’s Souness for manager.

30.) 03 Oct 2023 20:49:42
Souness ain’t going to be the manager.



02 Oct 2023 23:56:14
Reports tonight we’ve sounded out Preston north end bosses about how much it would take to get their manager Ryan lowe.

Never heard of him or know anything about him so don’t have an opinion other than it seems a bit underwhelming if true.


1.) 03 Oct 2023 01:52:04
No truth into it.

2.) 03 Oct 2023 01:55:21
It’s shocking if true. I however, this is what I’ve come to expect. It'll be another car crash of a season.

3.) 03 Oct 2023 06:09:09
Weve shopped in lower league england amd it doesn't work. Utter shambles in fact.

4.) 03 Oct 2023 07:55:14
Verdant it’s a car crash of a season because of Micheal Beale and his horrific signings. This was a man you backed to the hilt but now you come out all guns blazing on the board, the fans, the club, the potential next new manager. Micheal Beale must shoulder mist of the responsibility for the mess we are in and he is gone now. Why not just wait to see who the next manager is and get behind him?

5.) 03 Oct 2023 09:11:08
Correct baz. This had potential to be a great season. Celtic certainly notnas good as last season. But MB sent us backwards. Wasted millions and not even Mb assistant know what formation or style of play we have. Whole think is baffling.

6.) 03 Oct 2023 09:12:38
Correct baz the bear but the problem with verdant is he can’t admit he got it wrong with Beale.

7.) 03 Oct 2023 12:49:41
I can`t believe that we would go for Ryan Lowe, no offence to the guy but that shows a complete lack of ambition by the board. I don`t know who I would pick but we need someone with a winning track record at a higher level than the English lower leagues. Its been shown twice now that this is not the right fit for us, why can`t we learn lessons from past mistakes, one of them very recent. By the way these guys come up here and fail at the other SPFL clubs too .

8.) 03 Oct 2023 15:53:32




StevieG2_'s banter posts with other poster's replies to StevieG2_'s banter posts


01 Dec 2023
New image uploaded to the
Rangers Player Sightings page entitled, Had a wee look at this lads and see tbh, it’s shocking recruitment. Absolutely shocking. The only player in that list with pass marks from £40m is a free transfer goalkeeper. Absolutely shocking

Click picture for larger image


1.) 01 Dec 2023 17:33:30
What a colossal failure not a single person is really worth talking about.

2.) 01 Dec 2023 17:40:44
Noone. Yet lots of punters seem more intent to slag Lundstrum, Goldson and Tav. Not saying these guys are up there with legends of the past, but they are better than and have more heart that the injury prone heartless dross we have signed.

3.) 01 Dec 2023 17:41:19
Sorry, butland's exempt from that. He's been outstanding.

4.) 01 Dec 2023 17:50:58
Sima and Tillman both loans and have shown more than some on that list.

5.) 01 Dec 2023 18:03:44
Butland is the standout on that list, and that's it. Dessers, Lammers, Dowell and Sterling have been dire signings. Sima blows hot and cold, but not our player, and will be off next season. Danilo has got talent, but not proving his worth. Balogun is too old, and injury prone. Raskin will make it with us. Cantwell has talent, but PC doesn't like him, and there seems to be a trend with him from his previous clubs. Lawrence has a chance, and will probably make it. Yilmaz is running out of time, Souttar can be a calamity. Motondo is rapid, but he's very careless with the ball. Davies isn't the answer.

So two definite successes, and one who will most probably make it. That's not good at all, is it?

6.) 01 Dec 2023 18:03:52
Definitely a poor list, really reall your opens your eyes as to just how well we done under Gerrard imo.

Since Gerrard left we’ve totally went on a downward spiral in all aspects of the football dept.

7.) 01 Dec 2023 19:04:59
Howwazthat, lundstrum Goldson and Tav have been making the same mistakes for years and are part of the problem that’s why they get it.

8.) 01 Dec 2023 19:28:47
StevieG2 couldn't agree more regarding Gerrard, we played high press football wing backs firing crosses in going unbeaten in league, etc obviously the Europa league run with GVB at the helm was an amazing achievement considering the players in that tournament these days, however our player recruitment since then has damaged our identity as a club, no fight, no desire, no heart, no skill, we are rangers come on tae f. let's sort this mess out.

9.) 01 Dec 2023 19:32:15
Head and shoulders above the rest storm.

10.) 01 Dec 2023 19:42:13
Couldn't agree more stormtrooper.

11.) 01 Dec 2023 19:48:52
Who are the folk scouting these players, who's putting their names forward for the board and Co to sign?

12.) 01 Dec 2023 20:25:24
Storm I agree big time been saying it for ages good To see you catching on ?

To be fair to lundstrum he had prob been second best player under Clement behind only butland

Still nothing on a new deal from him though.

We made mistake of signing guys that didn't make the step up in bigger leagues dessers/ Lammers or let's face it players other teams of high standing didn't want.

And we overpay something else I've been telling you all for a while now they see rangers coming a mile away and the desperation and ask more.
3.5million for lammers who scores 2 goals a season lol mugs

5million dessers mugs.

13.) 01 Dec 2023 20:37:12
I totally agree Howwazthat ?They are easily head and shoulders above the rest ain't no doubt about that ?.

14.) 02 Dec 2023 04:10:52
I think a lot of us are being very short sighted and vindictive after the last few games, Cifu has moved 10K miles to a country where he doesn’t speak the language, Balogun is on less than Leon King P/ W and probably our 2nd best CH ATM, Danilo’s progress has been hampered by injuries so far, Sima has been our best outfield player this season, Matondo was just coming onto a game when he got his last injury, then Lawrence and Raskin are a cut above but have been hampered by injuries. Do half you guys even support the team?



01 Dec 2023 16:41:23
Nils koppen

New director of football

Previously if psv Eindhoven.

Signed and sealed.
Not a rumour.


1.) 01 Dec 2023 17:10:29
He doesn't start until Jan, I'd have thought we needed someone sooner to try and sort Beale's mess out.

2.) 01 Dec 2023 17:21:16
Yes, officially announce by the club earlier.

3.) 01 Dec 2023 17:42:49
Never heard if him. Was his name ever mentioned on here? I wonder if anyone will claim to know him, rate him, and that they had heard he was the one? Only joking lads. ?.

4.) 01 Dec 2023 17:47:15
Also someone called Taylor from Brighton.

5.) 01 Dec 2023 17:57:37
Raise, never seen his name on here, also never heard of him.
Said elsewhere nice to do business under the radar.

6.) 01 Dec 2023 18:01:23
Certainly came out of nowhere that one hasn’t it.

I have no knowledge of the guy, obviously psv have built a good team over recent years, some of their signing have been incredible.

The difference is the employment rules in scotland (Britain) and the imigaration laws in Holland with all their Caribbean and African ties, we don’t have that.

It’s a positive move regardless and hopefully he’s as successful as most of our Dutch imports and not the recent ones.

7.) 01 Dec 2023 18:19:10
@Mark. Beale and the boards mess, they allowed it on their watch.

8.) 01 Dec 2023 19:06:47
Board gets it in the neck no matter what, if they declined to support MB for his transfer adventure they would have been all the bad guys, but they did back him and he managed to complete the worst transfer window in living memory. We would be lucky to recoup 20% of what we spent if we sold them tomorrow.



25 Nov 2023
New image uploaded to the
Rangers Player Sightings page entitled, Our captain

Click picture for larger image


1.) 25 Nov 2023 10:12:08
Brilliant. ??.

2.) 25 Nov 2023 10:42:29
Greatest words in football:-
Penalty to Rangers?⚪️?.

3.) 25 Nov 2023 12:35:04
Loving it. ??.

4.) 25 Nov 2023 13:27:34
Am just really surprised we haven't had more penalties ?.

5.) 25 Nov 2023 13:32:58
Brilliant stats. When you get penalties it generally imply's that the opposing defence can't handle how you attack them and is a compliment to our style of attacking (sometimes ) . works in the opposite way regarding our defence . All the stats are domestic I feel worth noting. keep bulging the net Tav.

6.) 25 Nov 2023 16:22:25
Love it Stevie,



24 Nov 2023 19:00:10
I think enough if enough of players with regular injuries

We need to move on in the summer,

Souttar (maybe)
Jacko (sorry)
Raskin (maybe)


1.) 24 Nov 2023 19:37:32
Is Sterling injured?

2.) 24 Nov 2023 20:00:32
Been injured four times since season started

We pay him 20 k a week. One start.

3.) 24 Nov 2023 20:45:19
20k a week just because he played in english championshion with a mid table team. Sounds very Rangers. Need to stop shopping there.

4.) 24 Nov 2023 21:13:43
Sterling like Helander will be at it. Guy just doesn’t want to play.

5.) 24 Nov 2023 21:23:32
Our history of buying injury prone players is a joke. Honestly, is there any other team worse than us for buying crocks?

6.) 24 Nov 2023 21:23:48
That is a ridiculous amount for him Jesus Christ no wonder we have highest wages in Scotland.

7.) 24 Nov 2023 21:48:09
Sterling has been a dreadful signing, even worse than Lammers and that's saying something. some rubbish transfer business done in the summer, Sterling, Lammers, Dessers, Dowell, Jack how any club can win the spl with those type of signings is beyond me.

8.) 24 Nov 2023 23:44:58
John227 kinda proving my previous point of overpaying in a overrated English market.

9.) 25 Nov 2023 05:00:13
Sterling a bonkers signing was never going to play. Need to hopefully get rid of him come the summer.



10 Nov 2023 20:42:45
Johnny yfeko has signed an extension to 2026.
Good news for us as he looks like a player in the making.


1.) 11 Nov 2023 06:09:59
Great news Stevie, I agree he looks like he’ll have a bright future.




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01 Dec 2023 16:41:57
Nils koppen, previous of psv.

Done deal.




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28 Nov 2023 14:31:50
Well both will have cost us about half a mill each by time January comes.
Then if they got signing in fees due to being frees.

Then i'd be asking £1m each just to quickly move them on.
Don’t think we’d get anymore than that for dowel as he’s always injured, Sterling we may get a 10% in there aswell.




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24 Nov 2023 18:49:35
Out of contract gofor?




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24 Nov 2023 14:06:52
Is this the lad from Sunderland u mentioned a while back Beale?




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24 Nov 2023 00:28:50
Agreed Beale I think £5m will be their price and I do think we’ll sign him. Hope we do.
Also I’d rather keep hold of cifuentes for now to see how he does 2nd part of season.

I had extremely high hopes for him from what I seen I clips and the reports of fans and management.

They can’t all be wrong.

He may come good and he may not, remember Arnold peralta, signed with high expectations and unfortunately never lived up to it, bit if a hot head and very sadly met his demise back home in a gangland shooting gone wrong, according to reports.

Cifuentes can eithe live upto his hype once he settles or maybe he’s not got the mentality for Europe, like peralta and is moved back to the americas.

Time will tell.





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06 Dec 2023 10:22:11
John he’s back fit now, he’s expected to be fit for selection for the last few games. They were 2 points above relegation zone last week I believe.

If his team are relegated he can leave in a free, in his contract, if they stay up he’s a contracted player and would command a fee.

I would take him back in a heart beat on a free but I wouldn’t pay him a signing on fee and I wouldn’t pay a fee for him and he’d start in the last wage he finished on with strict performance related parts of his wage as he was missing for way too long towards the end.

One of the best strikers we’ve ever had in his game we just need him for and firing.




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05 Dec 2023 16:49:40
Sima will be entering final 12 months of deal come summer so he won’t cost £7m
I’d guess £4-5m would do it, someone had suggested they may fancy cifuentes in a straight swap.

Brighton are a club I’d love us to build up a strong relationship with.
They have a tremendous model of how a club should be ran.




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05 Dec 2023 13:30:55
Cheers lads, I knew there would be a couple from that late 60s/ 70s time as we had a lot of good euro runs around then.
Just not clued up on the exacts. ??.




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05 Dec 2023 13:29:38
If raskin and cifuentes can’t force there way into the starting 11 of this squad as it is, as lunny and Jack are ahead of them imo, then what chance have they got when we sign better players?




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05 Dec 2023 13:25:04
Personally I think they will go for de gea.
It makes a lot of sense for them.

Just thought I’d point out that kind of situation with Butland might happen and we need to try and lose this contract buyout thing.




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