Rangers Voting Polls

2021-01-26 11:32:36
Vote on Do u still call training centre Murray park yes? or no? Vote Here


2021-01-14 14:50:14
Vote on Who do you consider the better right back for Rangers? Vote Here


2021-01-04 18:10:27
Vote on Who is the greatest rangers goalkeeper to have ever have played for us? Vote Here


2020-12-30 23:16:01
Vote on Do you think morelos will score his 1st goal against celtic on saturday? Vote Here


2020-12-24 09:18:08
Vote on How long will it take the Tims to say Soro is a £50 million pound player after he apparently had a good game against Ross County? Vote Here


2020-12-21 05:58:55
Vote on Are Rangers going to win the League this season? Vote Here


2020-12-17 15:52:58
Vote on Will / does Alfredo Morelos have the ability to go on to play in one of europe's top leagues for a top club within that league? Vote Here


2020-12-17 08:26:19
Vote on The world is about to end or it isn't? Vote Here


2020-12-02 16:51:13
Vote on Who do you consider to be the Three Bears in relation to RFC? Vote Here


2020-12-02 11:54:10
Vote on Who do the rangers supporters think is the better more appropriate deemed Rangers legend? Vote Here


2020-11-30 15:06:08
Vote on How long before Neil Lennon gets sacked? Vote Here


2020-11-27 21:28:32
Vote on Will we be better positioned to win the SPL with or without a run in Europe? Vote Here


2020-11-25 20:29:36
Vote on If both these strikers were in their mid 20's and playing at their peak best and we could only sign one, which striker would you want rangers to sign, between these 2 fantastic strikers/ goalscorers? Vote Here


2020-11-15 10:35:56
Vote on Who do you think is Rangers' best Goalkeeper? Vote Here


2020-11-12 16:56:15
Vote on The five best British players of all time who could truly be considered as world class, who would be no.1? Vote Here