Rangers Voting Polls

2024-07-02 23:09:32
Vote on Who would you prefer Rangers to sign; Rrahmani or Miovski? Vote Here


2024-06-30 14:11:08
Vote on Who do you think will win the Euros outright? Vote Here


2024-06-30 08:02:03
Vote on Tav, stay or go? Vote Here


2024-06-27 15:01:39
Vote on Would you prefer to play our home games at Hampden or Murrayfield until Ibrox is sorted? Vote Here


2024-06-23 10:24:43
Vote on Should Bennet remain as chairman after the stadium fiasco and Beale appointment? His communication with the fans is wanting. Spotlight has to be on him, is his time up? Bring king back? Vote Here


2024-06-11 14:47:52
Vote on Should Rangers spend money on Albion Rrahmani or Miovski or Shankland? Vote Here


2024-06-05 22:00:47
Vote on From the below 3 wingers, which one would you prefer Rangers to sign, if we can only sign one? Vote Here


2024-06-03 10:12:05
Vote on Do any troops think that rumours / source info on here affect a signing? Vote Here


2024-05-26 11:07:39
Vote on For a decent not too expensive fee, should we buy sima permanently from Brighton? Vote Here


2024-05-17 15:29:31
Vote on Should PC stay or leave? Vote Here


2024-05-12 13:59:46
Vote on If James Easdale is the individual wanting to invest heavily into Rangers, would we want him / accept him? Vote Here


2024-05-12 12:01:01
Vote on Will we win the Cup? Vote Here


2024-05-02 21:34:02
Vote on Do you want to sell Lammers or give him a chance to impress pre season? Vote Here


2024-04-12 13:31:05
Vote on Is it beneficial to the players when the fans boo a performance? Vote Here


2024-04-10 19:04:54
Vote on Would you prefer Tav to be dropped for the game against them at the midden? Vote Here


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