Rangers Voting Polls

2023-12-10 17:54:50
Vote on What would you rather we played in? Vote Here


2023-12-08 18:53:33
Vote on Would you like Alfredo Morelos back at Rangers on a free? Vote Here


2023-12-04 19:54:47
Vote on Whose better Thierry Henry or Sima? Vote Here


2023-12-01 13:27:37
Vote on Do you think Cifuentes will be a top player for Rangers? Vote Here


2023-11-30 07:57:25
Vote on Do you think james tavernier will break alfredo morelos's european goalscoring record and become rangers all time record european goalscorer? Vote Here


2023-11-21 07:45:20
Vote on Should Hagi be brought back in January and have a place in Rangers starting 11 or should we let him remain in Spain and possibly sell him? Vote Here


2023-11-13 15:54:30
Vote on Do we lie down to Celtic due to lack of wins against Celtic? or do we not try as hard against Celtic compared to other teams we play? Vote Here


2023-11-13 13:39:09
Vote on Do Aberdeen have the same drive to beat Celtic as they do against Rangers? Vote Here


2023-11-11 18:50:33
Vote on Which player should be playing in the no.10 position behind the central striker for us? Vote Here


2023-11-05 08:14:54
Vote on Who do you think was the better striker between these 2 English strikers? Vote Here


2023-11-02 08:25:23
Vote on Dessers and Lammers - sell in January or Stay? Vote Here


2023-10-28 16:19:44
Vote on Did you date Helen Manders? Vote Here


2023-10-27 20:07:00
Vote on Should Rangers do everything in their power to sign Sima on a permanent deal? Vote Here


2023-10-26 15:07:19
Vote on Regarding the Rangers Store £11 delivery charge - Should supporters: Vote Here


2023-10-12 14:11:49
Vote on Who do you want as new Rangers manager? Vote Here


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