Rangers Voting Polls

2020-09-27 11:34:56
Vote on for today's match who do you want in goal McGregor or McLaughlin Vote Here


2020-09-08 15:39:53
Vote on Bring back SGL: Yes or No. Vote Here


2020-08-26 20:19:13
Vote on Do you want username SGL to walk away OR think he should continue to contribute and Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise? Vote Here


2020-08-26 20:09:22
Vote on Messi has the chance to make history by joining Celtic and winning 10 titles in a row or joining Rangers and stopping 10 titles in a row. If you were Messi, which club would you join? Vote Here


2020-08-24 08:35:48
Vote on Gerrard is NOT the correct manager to win us the league? Vote Here


2020-08-21 00:29:38
Vote on What amount should we sell ryan kent for? Vote Here


2020-08-17 08:03:39
Vote on is it time for a change of coach at Rangers? Vote Here


2020-08-10 21:06:37
Vote on if morelos is sold, what league do we think he'll go to? Vote Here


2020-08-02 22:55:47
Vote on Which striker would you prefer Rangers to sign? Vote Here


2020-07-26 14:30:30
Vote on Alfredo to stay or go? Vote Here


2020-07-25 11:03:10
Vote on Who will be Rangers number 1 this season? Vote Here


2020-07-16 12:58:53
Vote on Which right winger would you prefer Rangers to sign? Vote Here


2020-06-28 12:24:06
Vote on Which obsessed Tim will break the dry July first? Vote Here


2020-06-21 12:18:27
Vote on Do Rangers fans want the reconstruction put forword by the club? Vote Here


2020-06-15 18:01:30
Vote on Do you want Tavernier to be captain of Rangers? Vote Here