Rangers Voting Polls

2020-05-24 11:40:00
Vote on If The Rangers applied to play in the English Football league and we had to start at the bottom after, would you prefer to go to England's bottom tier or stay in the S.P.F.L.?? Vote Here


2020-05-23 11:57:49
Vote on Would we want Celtic to leave and be part of another league or stay in Scotland? Vote Here


2020-05-22 19:02:26
Vote on Would you rather keep greg docherty and give him a chance or sign lewis ferguson instead? Vote Here


2020-05-05 13:46:36
Vote on What kit supplier would be preferred at Ibrox? Vote Here


2020-04-13 15:45:53
Vote on Should Rangers Supporters not attend away matches so other teams receive less money? Vote Here


2020-04-13 13:29:00
Vote on Most obsessive Tim of the year? Vote Here


2020-03-07 08:50:58
Vote on If Rangers went for the type of striker Rangers need for certain games, who would you prefer we signed? Vote Here


2020-03-06 13:56:45
Vote on Should Steven Gerrard be given next season to try stop 10 in a row? Vote Here


2020-03-05 17:25:22
Vote on Regarding Rangers' poor performances of late, who do you blame most? Vote Here


2020-03-02 15:11:52
Vote on Which player do you feel has been the most consistent this year? Vote Here


2020-02-29 22:50:08
Vote on Do you think Stevie G will; Walk, Stay and continue with the project or Be Sacked. Vote Here


2020-02-29 22:46:48
Vote on Is it time for a new Rangers manager, yes or no? Vote Here


2020-02-29 07:18:34
Vote on Do you prefer kamberi or docherty? Vote Here


2020-02-22 19:54:32
Vote on Would the Rangers team be better off with Greg Docherty and Jamie Murphy? Vote Here


2020-02-20 07:37:25
Vote on Which sportswear firm would you prefer to be the new rangers kit manufacturers? Vote Here