Rangers Voting Polls

2019-08-21 14:56:36
Vote on Which winger is the best winger at Rangers if ryan kent did sign, is it jordan jones, brandon barker, ryan kent or sheyi ojo? Who would be our best for the left wing position? Vote Here


2019-08-12 18:30:12
Vote on The other last possible Rangers signing Steven Gerrard is looking at, is it? Vote Here


2019-08-12 08:56:55
Vote on How do Rangers supporters feel about the long term future of Scottish players once they leave our rivals? Vote Here


2019-08-09 09:35:35
Vote on Who was your rangers man of the match against Midtjylland last night? Vote Here


2019-08-08 17:09:34
Vote on Will Ryan Kent return to Rangers? Vote Here


2019-08-06 11:41:38
Vote on Which one of the following strikers would you want Rangers to sign? Vote Here


2019-08-04 17:59:30
Vote on Who do you think should start on the wing for Rangers? Vote Here


2019-08-03 09:48:31
Vote on Do Rangers still require a tall striker upfront? Vote Here


2019-07-29 22:20:36
Vote on Will Ryan Kent sign for Rangers: Vote Here


2019-07-27 18:57:48
Vote on Should Halliday's contract be extended? Vote Here


2019-07-15 17:33:31
Vote on If or when Rangers win title 55 this season, will the Celtic fans claim 1 of 3 things? Vote Here


2019-07-12 19:55:58
Vote on Will the Celtic fans: Vote Here


2019-07-11 14:48:40
Vote on Who do you reckon the Rangers centre half pairing should be? Vote Here


2019-07-06 19:33:15
Vote on Which midfielder between greg docherty and ross mccrorie is/ will be the better midfielder and has developed the most? Vote Here


2019-07-01 22:37:01
Vote on Do you think Steven Gerrard is still be able to compete in the SPFL? Vote Here