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04 Dec 2019 18:25:49
Rangers appear to have served notice in London courts that we are Cointreau suing SD for loss off revenue.

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04 Dec 2019 21:38:46

04 Dec 2019 21:42:15
Attack is the best form of defence!

04 Dec 2019 21:42:59
Don’t believe Ashley wants to settle the case, just keep annoying us.

04 Dec 2019 22:46:13
I don’t know boys? Can they do that? Have they read the small print?

05 Dec 2019 07:08:11
Mols u can tead it online all 106 pages. Makes for interesting reading.

05 Dec 2019 13:58:39
John25.Molsgoals having a bit banter at one of my previous posts.

After result last night nearly made me smile.

05 Dec 2019 15:48:56
Cool blue brother. We need to ride the storm.

05 Dec 2019 16:31:12
John, I would love a Cointreau suing, but we are stuck with counter. If true, this makes brilliant sense.

05 Dec 2019 16:34:56
Think the word you are looking for is Clouseau (ing), it seems that when inspector Clouseau retired from the gendarmery, he graduated in business law, and was taken on by The rangers, Dave King was most impressed by Clouseaus grasp of the ins and outs of contractual law, and together the two of them conjured up a masterplan, whereby they would default on the terms of the contract with SD, and then be sued by SD, and lose the court case, then they would appeal, lose the appeal, accept this judgement, because as Clouseau put it, The rangers will owe SD the money from the judgement but then we will countersue them for loss of earnings, Dave King shook Clouseaus hand, as he recognised a fellow business genius.

05 Dec 2019 17:28:52
John, can’t see the docs online - can you point me in the right direction?

05 Dec 2019 17:52:07
Well impressed there bluebro, and your right after last night not a lot of smiling going on . Our only saving grace
( apart from not getting beat that is ) is that they struggled so badly which proves they are not totally insurmountable, and might hold us in good stead for Sunday . Aberdeen did kick lumps out us but we had that fake by scruff of the neck, and let it go . Very very disappointing.

05 Dec 2019 18:01:17
So doh you’ve got it . Ah maybe we should just have asked Mikey boy to just go away in a nice and polite manner ., . , and shook his hand as he had treated us with such respect, and granger. Dear dear Dave why did you not think of that, and take the advice of much learned bears that have much better and profitable solutions.


He wasn’t going to go because we all asked him nicely lol.

05 Dec 2019 18:50:30
Billy b you can read the papers on line which have been lodged.

05 Dec 2019 18:54:19
Dk, Rangers news post scroll down. Let’s you view documents lodged.

05 Dec 2019 21:13:06
WOW! Even skimming that is some read!

What is abundantly clear is that the case is anything but clear except that by employing a QC our Directors and immediate legal team are blameless for the ongoing conflict - no doubt apologies from those who have slaughtered our Directors and Chairman will be forthcoming.

Whilst not pretending to have any expertise in this type of legal contract, the wording and references are interesting and not as black and white as we have been led to believe by the press or our detractors.

Have faith, DK is playing a blinder in an attempt to secure the best possible outcome (given the starting position) for the club.

Someone advising us clearly thinks there is a fight worth fighting but only the best legal minds will interpret the rights, wrongs and blame.

A few other on here will of course pick out the tiniest negatives in the 100 pages but for me I’m looking forward to the return leg. Bring it on!

06 Dec 2019 00:43:43
DK I did state it was a mistake by our legal team, but it was Dave King (as chairman of the holding company) that ordered the breaking of 2 court injunctions. I don't understand what we are trying to sue SD, we have already lost the case ( just discussing how many millions we have to pay) so why sue for the loss of earning when in our accounts it shows a £3.3m profit plus what elite made.

06 Dec 2019 07:21:12
Yes DK19 quite a read. As clear as mud. U r right re our legal team with three QC involved.
Tends to make me think they might know what they are doing. Although as u say there will be negative views here. Bonus is experts on here will keep them right.
Shows it’s all a mess and we are right to fight on.

06 Dec 2019 08:42:34
DK did they read the small print though? Is there any . I can’t check because without my specs it all looks like small print
Can you check DK and if there is will you contact the rangers office and tell them in case they miss it? ( bluebro am no getting at you at least you can see a joke in the goodwill intended ) and this site goes into absolute meltdown like before when our lawyers never put their glasses on 🧐🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Sunday.

06 Dec 2019 08:48:03
Someone did mention on here ( can’t remember who so let’s just say it was me ) about there had to be a case for restraint if trade . The fact the Farman ms agenda was fir us not to get strips on the street thus making the rank and file take a meltdown was all to apparant.

06 Dec 2019 12:35:12
IOM . we know fir a fact that certain decisions are solely down to DK then? Not a board decision or a delegate .? Defiantly any bad ( in some people’s eyes but definitely not strategic) decision you kn fir a fact came from chair .?
Amazon inside knowledge you have there mull . owt else that we might be privy too?

06 Dec 2019 15:08:17
Molsgoals can’t believe some think why sue. Obviously not read the 106 pages.

06 Dec 2019 17:30:35
Nice to see some clarity on wholesale price of kit, minimum guaranteed payments, profit share etc.

Quite clear to see who has been on the right track John.

06 Dec 2019 18:17:21
Dk certainly not me according to some.

07 Dec 2019 01:02:13
So molsgoals did Mr Robertson or Mr Parks or someone else on the board, just go ahead and break 2 legal injunctions without inform the chairman?

07 Dec 2019 19:06:09
No mull I think it probably was a joint decision. seeing as both men have the upmost respect for one another . I would have imagined they would have had a board meeting and a vote.

07 Dec 2019 20:54:21
So our board had a vote to break the law (cause that's what happened) . Top business men like the Parks, voting to break the law.

07 Dec 2019 21:14:05
To be honest I don’t know for certain but I don’t for one minute think that their relationship is not strong enough fir total clarity. The board all seem to have the upmost respect for one another.

10 Dec 2019 01:22:18
Dk19, attack is the only form of defence, in my eyes mate, always has been, always will be.

30 Nov 2019 04:00:03
Would 3.5M be enough to sit on the Rangers board? Not saying it's me just curious not looking for shares in return just pure money returns.

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30 Nov 2019 09:13:05
Not even close imo.

30 Nov 2019 09:57:59
Andy. Very unlikely to make any decent money return, is that amount of shares or cash investment
Also re sitting on board depends what you or person had to offer in terms of skills and attributes.
Look at John greig and Walter smith.

29 Nov 2019 07:36:32

We rarely agree but this does not make your opinion any less effective or more correct than anyone else.

Say your doomsday take on Rangers commercial potion and stewardship proves correct.

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29 Nov 2019 14:07:26
Mole. seems you have to fall in line on this page, that D Kings the best thing since slice bread.
Don’t and you’re a Dhim.

Recently I’ve agreed in my posts, and given credit to him for improving the clubs ability to compete on level terms on the playing side.

But because I don’t blow smoke up D Kings backside regarding his handling of the clubs finances or botched retail deals, I’m one of the bad guys.

As I’ve previously stated the year on year losses, and multiple share issues were a worry. and I’m the worrying type.

Not asking the blue tinted spec loyal to change their views.
But just respect others.

29 Nov 2019 15:22:53
BB, I'm one of DK's biggest defenders on here and you are wrong if referring to me.

I can't remember reading a post from anyone on here who thinks Dave Kings record is perfect - certainly I haven't.

I have an issue with those who cannot or refuse to give ANY credit to DK and the board for dragging us back from the abyss (when no-one else dared) where Ashley, Green and the Greenock bus boys were screwing the club for their own benefit.

If you or anyone else can ONLY post negative comments about our board and cannot offer a hint of an alternative (to the past 4/ 5 year) then you/ they do not deserve the respect you refer to.

If you have a balanced view with some good but with some concerns then I think you'll fit in with the vast majority and will get the respect from most.

If you make repeated ludicrous claims about share price when the facts are different then you attract criticism and ridicule (Honestly, the earth is not flat! ) .

In my book it works both ways - show respect and consideration of others view and you deserve the same in return.

Same with slaughtering our players when they have a poor game or lose form - telling them how sh*te they are is not in the coaching manual.

29 Nov 2019 16:59:22
Well written dk.

29 Nov 2019 20:19:04
John25, I think the previous post is condescending and arrogant. I cannot believe that "fitting in" is not what this site is about, it is about feeling free to comment, warts and all, without, as IOM states --- the bullies taking over.
There is actually only a few, and I don't include you, but you tend to defend them.

29 Nov 2019 20:33:56
DK19.your positivity on everything D King is admirable. but honestly can’t believe you don’t think earth is flat. seriously!

29 Nov 2019 20:46:12
Billy I stick up for nearly everyone, all have a right to express view.
I am so fed up with the site, it may be time to move on.
There is more manners shown by fans of them than our own. It has changed so much last three months.

29 Nov 2019 21:13:15
John, I have never commented against you, but I believe that a few pro dk, with no tolerance, are causing the grief.
I would advise you, as you did me, to stick by this site and eradicate the over-the-top comments from the few, allowing everyone to comment without condemnation.
After all, we are all Rangers supporters, and entitled to comment on our team amongst "friends".

29 Nov 2019 21:54:35
That’s how I see it billyb.

30 Nov 2019 09:18:40
John, think tolerance works both ways and opinions and debates are welcome.

For me, balance, fairness and open minded views are essential.

Hidden agendas should be put in the spotlight to be seen for what they are.

Imagine a banner on display in Feyenoord or Ibrox that said “Dave King, we do not trust you and think you are flawed”. Amazing support.

30 Nov 2019 10:05:25
Better than banner that was on show at airport, lol.
Dk I wish site settle down a wee bit, each and everyone entitled to views and respect.
Many accuse me of being a king apologist, however, if they follow my posts the will see I disagree with some of his actions.
Notwithstanding my opinion the man and others have been fantastic for us, truly fighting our corner.
Those who have read me for past five years know I said he was man to take us forward, fight the fights and would reach a stage where he handed over our great club to other rangers minded men, with the wherewithal to take us forward.
Next six months key in that.
As u can imagine lots of talk in Holland over a few wines as how that will pan out.
Do not be surprised if king is bought out, ie another takeover.

30 Nov 2019 10:11:23
Dk. U don't respect anyones opinions you're constantly nsme calling and trying to belittle anyone who has a different opinion from you. Its bordering on bullying the way u post eith certain people on here.

30 Nov 2019 11:32:19
Herewego, I am misunderstood!

I respect the vast majority of opinions posted on here, I don’t agree with them all but who cares!

What does bother me is the constant negativity posted by the few - will always challenge this type of view and defend the club.

No apologies 😃.

30 Nov 2019 15:55:37
Some of the slurs aimed at the chair on here from certain areas are not valid opinions but name calling and character assassinations.
Billy DK 19 gave you a compliment for a positive statement, and you through it back in his face . saying to me that you will pick your friends? One post before that you said we were all friends? I don’t think there is any bullying on this site. The Ed would not allow it . Light hearted banter as the ed says sometimes taken out of context but nothing more. The comment Dk19 made about your girlfriend was only an attempt at humour nothing more . The comments on the other pages are sometimes a lot worse . For me it was just mild banter . No offence meant I am sure As billy b said in a previous post we are all friends in the rangers family. We are all hoping for the right results . Cheers boys while respecting all your views, this is my view 👍+Ve.

30 Nov 2019 16:35:57
Molsgoals, personally I thought my girlfriend joke was hilarious but tensions run high on here at times and perhaps some get a bit carried away with their own opinions when challenged.

Some people don’t want to hear others thoughts in which case they should keep their opinions off the public domain.

I have no inclination to attack or bully anyone but others seem to think it ok to slander and attack our board - of course they should be held to account for poor decisions but should also be given credit for the good bits.

Hope that did not come across as condescending or arrogant- it’s just an opinion and a bit of banter 😇.

30 Nov 2019 19:16:42
Molsgoals, a compliment my ass, there is a massive difference between that and being sarcastic. The girlfriend "joke" is as funny as a wet fart.
Only one thing I want to know is why does he, she or it have to hide behind a new label to post under. Like many others, they think a new identity eliminates previous comments.
Time to stand up and admit to previous poster names or has he, she or it not man, woman, thing enough to stand up to their convictions?

30 Nov 2019 19:28:04
Yea I for one kn where your coming from DK19. we’ve all made wrong assumptions on here . all of us. Whether it’s we will win court case . Mr King is going to bring us out of liquidation . the shares are worth x/ y/ z ( see what I did there ) and all the rest . To store them up and wheel them out in some sort of point scoring competition fir me is quite ridiculous. They are val opinions and points of conversation at that time . As I said before none of us knows how things will pan out, and we need to just hope for the best . I take great comfort in the fact that Stevie g holds the chair and board to such a high degree. I think if the chair had told him at the start that we were going to live within our means, and he wasn’t going to get the backing he would have came within a mile of us .
Chair told Stevie the plan and he cane on board now saying he could not have asked for any better support from the board . cheers dk👍.

30 Nov 2019 22:08:21
Molsgoals, Why is positivity fine and negativity (remembering that is an opinion. ) is a cardinal sin?

30 Nov 2019 23:47:08
Honestly billy, I really don’t know what your on about. I gave my opinion, and it seems to be you that is shooting me down in flames. Am I not allowed to consider DK meant no offence .

was mearly having a bit of banter with iom and that he meant his positive text to you in goodwill? Am I not allowed to have these opinions? You see I think this is where the problem lies . as far as I see the so called bullied is actually the bully.

IOM called us the three amigos . banter not a prob . my only quibble with that is I’ve read about a doz posts who also don’t agree with him. granted two or three that do . but that is all good. My question would be why pick on the three amigos.

01 Dec 2019 00:49:49
Billy glass half full half empty should answer your question

While in themselves not a noun . but I think an adjective. Maybe some one more learned than myself might explain . No one is saying that one can’t have a negative slant on things but when it is constant and consistent it can only go down . Positivity takes you up negativity takes you down as I see it . I might be wrong but it’s only again one mans opinion. Blue bear comments about how mr king has spent the finances of the club.
The possible reasoning for the way this has been structured, and adeared to has been put forward on this site by countless posters and by mr king himself at the agm. This strategy is why we are now talking about one of players being valued at 30 mil plus . It was always the strategy to get us onto this platform so our player asset pool has value. Goodness I remember under mr warb. our player pool was worth about 4 mill total.

As for the retail agreements. no one knows what it took to rid us of Ashley out the board . Personally I think Dave had to break some promises to Ashley and manoeuvre this way to get rid . Then face the collateral financial damage . but it being the only way we could dislodge him.

Even then mistakes have been made, and king admits that but again I say if it’s good enough for Steve it is for me .
Finally billy I find it hard to believe even in this day and age of political correctness gone mad that grown men would take offence at a pumping his bird joke .
If it was me it had been directed at, (and it would need to be pumping my my . as a bird is only a disstent memory ) I would have prob just replied with “well at least someone was pumping her ) but again that’s just me . we have all different opinions.
Remember the Celtic fan greza or something that used to post on here. He would always give a negative spin . designed to sow seeds if doubt in the rank and file. That certInly was his agenda . stay cool billy 👍.

04 Dec 2019 11:15:53
well said mols.

28 Nov 2019 00:07:07
So sorry if I've hurt anyone feeling, but I'm not going to let the trinity away with their propaganda. I have the problem with the share price and have been battered from pillar to post. When I highlight the " I'm extremely confident we will win the court case against Ashley", followed by "King has been working for months behind the scene to take the old company out of liquidation" and my favourite" we will get 50p in the pound from a new retail deal". Remember all those boast lads. Their replies are I'm being personal wow I don't have a season ticket or shares so I can't possibly love the club like these guys. My problem is I'm not blinded by the media and their hype, remember these reporters told us Craig Whyte was a billionaire. I read everything about our club good and bad and then make my own mind up. Sorry if this upset some on here, but we got to have both sides of the argument or do we move to North Korea.

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28 Nov 2019 07:09:50
Go for it Mull, Rangers are in your heart, not your pocket.
I have been fortunate in my life, but I am no better a supporter than when I had to tap a few bob to go to games.
You give educated input to the site, so stick by your opinions, and I am not saying that because I agree with most.
Enjoy your debates, and I'll watch with interest. Cheers mate.

28 Nov 2019 07:21:24
I o m it’s cool. Just think how you deliver the message. Respect is a great thing.

28 Nov 2019 07:25:54
I think the problem is mull you seem to focus on the bad all the time. I have concerns about the ongoing fight with the fatman and not being in the position to see out the season without fresh funding BUT we have got a much better football side this season, we're doing well in the league, we're in a cup final, have a chance to get through in Europe. Your of course entitled to your opinion but maybe balance out your comments a bit?

28 Nov 2019 08:17:37
IOM, fair play? But not once have you ever spoken football at our club . Not once have you been positive about anything which makes me think resolution 12 is probably your bag🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

28 Nov 2019 10:14:02
Mull, no balance whatsoever to your views and credit where credit is due - very poor.

Billyb, at least you give a bit of credit albeit through gritted teeth

John, you are too nice - did you sell fluffy toys in business? Respect has to be earned, he gives none (except to billyb) and therefore deserves none

Mrgrumpy, I'm with you - not perfect but we have come a long way from the brink

Yately, I think you are bang on the money - not even a round of applause when we win on the pitch from Mull.

28 Nov 2019 10:28:10
It’s all about opinions, asking questions and holding the people who run our club to task must be done, but banging on about 6p a share when someone says it’s listed for 18p a share shows you are one sided.

You have an agenda and good luck with it.

28 Nov 2019 10:38:24
give it a rest isle of mull letsjust sit back and enjoy what is happening to our club on and off the park . look forwards not behind you. look who the people are on board at our magnificent club. these men are not fools many of them are wealthy people they are not stupid. there are many self made succesful people on board . many of them love the club as much as you or i! and as for being blinded by the media? not sure about that the media and other clubs have been tryig to bury us for a fewyears now but we are still here getting stronger and stronger ! admittady nowhere near where we could be but we are heading there and many don't like it . 11 million loss last year yes 3 million legal fees yes ok the manky mob lost about the same the only difference being they sold players if we were to sell could you imagine the press reaction and everyone elses? c'mon lighten up very few clubs run at a sizeable profit without selling players fact we will be no different in the near future. follow follow.

28 Nov 2019 11:27:30
Dk mayb I should have gave away fluffy toys done meerkats no harm.

Sold, shares, mortgages, insurances, etc, I genuinely try to be nice.

28 Nov 2019 11:29:46
Briangersfan, here here. Well written mate.

28 Nov 2019 12:14:00
John 25 is the the personal things you don't like?

Time to let us into your wee secret - did Dave King pump your girlfiend in 3rd year?

Cause you seem to enjoy it

Dk that made me laugh.

I'm big enough and studip enough to let's the odd personal attack wash over, take it you might have a problem with that. Then I'm sorry. You asking about the 6 p shares but you never got back to me on the Dave king has been working behind the scenes to bring the old Co out of liquidation DO YOU STAND BY THAT JOHN 25.

28 Nov 2019 13:42:26
Mull, it doesn’t matter what questions you ask - you don’t listen, you don’t accept facts.

You only want to hear negative slants, nothing positive, nothing supportive of the club

You don’t want to hear any other view unless It is against our board.

No balance whatsoever.

28 Nov 2019 13:50:58
Mull, try stopping making it personal. In my opinion, John 25 is pretty genuine and gives a reasonable appraisal on most issues. You are tarring him with the "PETTY" comments of DK19, and he does not deserve that.
Disagree with him, if you see fit, but try to be above the pettiness of others.
Who am I to lecture, as I find it difficult to ignore certain comments, but the pathetic, childish comment made against you about " your girlfriend in 3rd. year" was made by an idiot.

28 Nov 2019 14:10:45
Mull keep it simple, I will not ever reply to you again, I stand by everything I say, however it may be wrong
Reason I laughed is because you as many others say r losing credibility
Cheers billy, guys like you that keep me here.

28 Nov 2019 15:53:41
Sorry Billy but like the school bullies (DK and molsgoals) John 25 loves to jump on the bandwagon. "let's get into this solo voice" of anti Dave King.

28 Nov 2019 16:06:50
Good post John but I'm afraid that I disagree with you on billy.

Has the same agenda as Mull but no credible alternative - call him out on it and you will be called petty, childish or whatever other name he comes up with.

Billy knows of a great number of people who were gagging to take DK's place but no-one did and he can't name names.

I've maintained all along the whilst DK is far from perfect and has made some dubious decisions, he is in it for the right reasons and has risked his own cash in the name of the club - there has been no alternative.

For me, he deserves the support of die-hard old time supporters like billy even if it is tempered with a bit of caution.

By hey, what do I know, billy is old enough to be my dad so I shouldn't question or doubt!

Where to go from here? - no more responses from me to IOM or billy.

28 Nov 2019 17:03:09
Dk because billy does not hold your views or some of mine it’s not an issue.
It’s iom offensive snipes and capital shouting when he never answers a question I don’t take to.
I have spoke to friends in Tobermory who know him and say he is a gers fan who never has much good to say about us. Seldom talks re players.
This is a man I’ve offers to take to Ibrox etc so no more.

28 Nov 2019 20:27:30
John, a wonderful performance and result tonight and I am sure he will disagree? Like I say resolution 12 will be more his bag🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 cheers John👍.

28 Nov 2019 20:57:33
Great result, atmosphere fantastic, thought Alf deserved a penalty, but I’m biased.

28 Nov 2019 23:10:12
Looking at these posts and wow . honestly gents we all admit that we really know nothing and it’s all assumption . so if we think we have won court cases or lost or x or y or z truth is we don’t really know anything .

That is anything other than our stock and overall club value is rising by the Nano second . Dave king loves our club to gigantic proportions. The manager trusts, needs and respects him with all his being. Stevie Gerrard must be from another planet . his press conferences are just beyond words and . and . Porto have to beat Feyenoord for us not to qualify . simple as that.

We have better goal diff ( swing of 4) and a better head to head . how’s that for progression. Lastly for me. I am sorry if you feel you have been bullied mull . certainly not my intention, and I am sure I can speak for the other chaos when I say that . We are all very passionate ( a good thing ) and we can only stand up and try and defend the chair, club, manager etc when we feel they are being unjustly attacked.

Nothing personal my friend so please don’t take it that way if possible . The chair and board can not defend very well defend itself to accusations and assumptions from some supporters, and indeed rival fans . who mostly gave a mischievous agenda . so it’s really nothing more it less than that. None if us will change anything . apart from maybe add or subtract from the positive swing and feel good factor that we are on at the moment.

We are in a great place at the moment but so are they. I really really hope Stevie can stress how important the 8 th is to the players, and bring silverware home to the board and fans 🙏.

29 Nov 2019 14:46:10
It is great that we can compete at this level, again, so with a bit of luck by the end of this month, we will have silverware in the trophy room, boosted our chances of winning the league and qualified for the next stage in Europe.
I suppose many are waiting on the "but" ----- well there is not one, and it not said through gritted teeth as they are in a cup soaking at the moment.
Briliant display last night, so all I will say ---- is keep up the good work lads.

29 Nov 2019 15:24:10
Positivity billyb - I love it!

29 Nov 2019 15:49:46
DK19, I did not say it to seek your approval. I said it because I believe it
The last post you sent in my direction was supposed to be your last so leave it that way please.

29 Nov 2019 18:33:50
Tut tut billiy . let’s be friends . no blood lost 👍🙏.

29 Nov 2019 19:15:49
Molsgoals, I select my friends.

29 Nov 2019 19:49:23
Well said Billy and agree
Molsgoals again thank you
As for DK and John I do hope they keep their word, would be best that way. Great result last night so I'm in a good place and want to stay there lads.

27 Nov 2019 12:18:08
Looks like big blue bear is the one on here that is more than likely to be correct with his opinion now.

I felt there was a bit of hope there is a billionare wanting to invest.
However having read listened and re-read all the facts I now feel we are in deep sheet again.

If there was an investor why keep it a secret? .

Just think of the euphoria the fans / the players / the staff etc. plus giving the club the boost it deserves after all these years of struggle and the contempt shown to us by other clubs.

Plus it would be brilliant to see the panic at the piggery it would cause.

Looking to find £20 million to keep us to the end of this season not good in my opinion.

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27 Nov 2019 14:11:47
Blue billy keeping investors secret happens all the time. My company was taking over, bought out earlier this year, one of the first clauses inserted was that I could not divulge who the purchaser was, there were significant penalty clause inserted with possible withdrawal of offer.
Most stressful business transaction ever.

27 Nov 2019 14:19:43
Don't know why this Billionaire thing is getting you excited, in most cases it only spells trouble.
Look at the facts - 11m loss.
Bring in a benefactor and he spends let's say 20m on players plus the wages that go with it, that increases your loss.
Yes income might be higher but losses would be more unless CL money but that's an extremely risky business banking on that considering its getting harder to get into.
Yes you could sell a player or 2 but they are likely to be your best players.
And after all is said and done and the Billionaire moves on in 4-5 yrs let's say, how do you pay for all that he has left if he is propping up the business.
Or are you truly a club that doesn't bother about such trivial matters.

27 Nov 2019 17:44:11
Oh my goodness . did you not listen to Dave kings speech at all? Thank goodness all the shareholders were not as pessimistic, and took Mr kings explanation about the losses, and vision for the future to their hearts giving him an incredible standing ovation . Following the Celtic model . Without the sale of players I am led to believe critics books would show an 11 mil lose last accounts . Our player value has risen from 5 mill to 55 mill potentially 105 mil in 2 years . We must be doing something right . As mr king says . as with the Celtic Model you need to look deeper than just the print to see the truth and reality if the situation . But hey not everyone can see beyond the trees . For me I am 100% happy . as are the shareholders and management team . Mr King says it’s the strongest management team we have had that he has known . I believe him . others can believe what suits and suits their agenda and arguments.

27 Nov 2019 21:54:35
20 mill till end of season? Wow that’s jumped a bit in a fortnight.

28 Nov 2019 12:36:12
Sorry Mols it is 10 million to keep us afloat, but I think Dave says 20 million could be raised on share issue I believe.

28 Nov 2019 14:14:13
Blebilly king has put no figure on share issue, there is a group now set up to see how much it would be, if only 20 million we will be back at the well again.
He said the share issue should be a large on off.

27 Nov 2019 06:59:31
Ed we had a run in over share prices. My point was how can the shares be worth 20p when there are now over 3 times as many shares in the market. You pointed out that the club have been successful on the field. We agreed to differ. Molsgoals has now stated that we are have "raised the value of our stock 10 fold". My valuation of the shares is about 6p ( where can I buy screams john25) molsgoals price is £2 a share given his 10 fold. I ask anyone even John 25 with his massive portfolio would he value his shares at £2 each. Let's look at where we stand we have never made a profit, we need £10m to get to the end of the season (not including the many millions owed to Ashley and more legal cases to come) in the accounts we owe £24.8m in outstanding transfers and have a GOING CONCERN warning from the auditors. So would john25 or molsgoals pay £2 a share going on molsgoals 10x raise in stock, or does anyone agree with me that 20p shares have been diluted by the share issues over the last few years. There is more than 3x as many now.

Agree1 Disagree0

27 Nov 2019 08:24:09
Mull, time to stop before you really become a laughing stock.

Simple economics, accountancy and capitalism - its noe difficult to understand.

You are starting to make Celtic fans look clever.

27 Nov 2019 08:47:29
Nice reply DK so what's your take on it are the shares worth 6p,20p or £2.

27 Nov 2019 09:29:19
No iom I would not waste my hard earned cash in paying £2, jp Jenkins trading today at 18p, not sure how u can say 6p.
It may come as a shock to you, but your valuation holds no substance, I do get what you say but you are wrong.
Ed explained very well how assets can and do allow shares to hold value.
Are you maybe suggesting jp Jenkins a very reputable company is part of an elaborate fraud in incorrectly quoting share prices. My view not a chance.
I am wholly fed up with your not so veiled pops at me, it is reasonable to ask you where I can invest, I don’t own four homes in different countries, sell my company by wasting money, mb you are jealous of successful business men.

27 Nov 2019 09:38:19
So IOM, by your analysis, there is a Corner Shop and Sainsbury's, the former has a small debt compared to Sainsbury's, but is valued more by potential investors, I don't think so. do you. The point is, that potential for success is the driving force, and I may be wrong, but that I think is what the ED was saying in his post.

27 Nov 2019 09:57:50
It doesn't take too much nouse to know that a share is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it and the value of a company is that sum x the number of shares.

Currently our shares trade at 18p at John says and there have been quite a few trades recently.

Time to let us into your wee secret - did Dave King pump your girlfiend in 3rd year?

27 Nov 2019 10:39:22
Dk that made me laugh. Is it just me that thinks he is getting personal, am I being too sensitive.

27 Nov 2019 10:50:56
Iom . honestly it’s no big deal . 10 fold is a figure of speech not necessarily x 10 . however an exaggeration on my part granted . sorry for that and that it caused you to write a 200 word essay . Oh no there I go again I will need to go back and count your words so as not to go around this circle again . As I say I do exaggerate as anyone on here knows, accepts, and takes with a pinch . I gave even been known to boast about 14 “ rather than 12” my humble apologies.

27 Nov 2019 10:52:14
Brilliant DK. I am tempted to defend Dave king as usual here tho lol.

27 Nov 2019 11:23:26
John, he has always been personal and in my opinion has a worrying agenda against Dave King and our board.

No one has suggested that the current regime are perfect (who is? ) but equally, those who do nothing but criticise have failed to offer an alternative over the course of these debates.

27 Nov 2019 11:40:14
Dear mull . why can’t you relax my friend . (even if the sight of the chairman breaking down in raw emotion because of his lov fir the club and what he explains he has been through trying to find the finances disnt move you ) forget Dave king got a time . Put your feet up sit back and enjoy the cup final next weekend, and the game against Feyenoord on thurs . We are there . that’s what matters . the future will take care of itself no matter our views. For better or worse sit back and enjoy . as you say we might be on the slippery slope so let’s use this opportunity to raise our spirits 👍.

27 Nov 2019 12:56:22
As you say Molsgoals, take your posts with a pinch of salt. (sometimes. ) John25, you are basic and sensible. The bulk of posts on here are honest and as the poster sees it, but then we have DK19 __ the only thing I can say is petty, as I want to make my point.
I will ask one question -- What's the value of our club?

27 Nov 2019 13:46:58
Value of club so difficult to predict, list and value al assets there’s first debate, subtract debt
U have an answer, what a debate that would be on here.
I for one am avoiding it unless someone’ say a few million.

27 Nov 2019 13:52:08
Dk I have even offered to take iom to club Europe free food drink pay hotel, said I would take him to lovely hotel in Tobermory, all offers off the table.
I accept there are fans not as fortunate as me, hence why I offered an olive branc, h as my son said last night I’m daft.

27 Nov 2019 15:16:40
Well billyb, that is an interesting question but not too easy to answer and not related to IOM's claim that the shares are only worth 6p.

How to value the club?

Total shares x 18p at current prices = c£45m, however, as John says, assets including palyers (£50m to £100m as per AGM), Ibrox (£m? ), Training ground (£m? ) and other property assets less liabilities leaves what?

I guess it depends on willing buyer and willing sellers (unlikely) so your guess is as good as mine and depends on many factors.

As for petty - you sound as if you are my granddad but you ain't so get off your high horse - me thinks your regular distrust of DK and his motives has been blown out of the water.

27 Nov 2019 15:32:01
Well John, reading your posts you have had a similar business background to me. So let us start at debate 1, our asset value, remembering, some may have been used as security. You sit back and see what response there is.
You are spot on about selling companies, as I found out about restrictions when I sold mine.

27 Nov 2019 16:48:19
Dk19, you become too personal with your posts, so why not put your brain in gear before you respond.
Forget the share costs, as they are an unofficial assessment, due to us not being listed. Now have a go at the asset value [ refer to accounts, if necessary. ], remembering player values are tricky.
Debts will come later.

27 Nov 2019 18:01:07
Ok billy b take this with a pinch of salt . as I see it we have no debt . all assets are ours with none given out for security . for me at this moment in time I would say club is worth between 60 to 100 mill depending on what a buyer would potentially pay . anyhow that’s my pinch of salt what’s yours my friend . DK19 and John as I see it do nothing other than try to counteract the chairman. board . and club from constant negative comments. If they don’t agree with them what do you want them to do . sometimes a negative spin true or not can be very damaging so I for one also react with instinct . As for personal . sone of the negative posts ( which by all means is the right of the person posting ) can be quite personal as well I have noted . We are two games away from qualifying in Europe ( a truest remarkable feat ) and looking forward to a cup final next couple of weeks that we have more than a chance of competing in . yet still for some the negativity is all encompassing. Let’s take it all with a pinch of salt boys and enjoy . you never know we might be lifting silverware in the 8th . Would love that for mr king.

27 Nov 2019 18:05:45
It is always what is on the balance sheet that tells most about a company. Shares were 36p the last time I looked but the club/ company has assets in players, property and retail deals. We will be OK, just wait and see.

27 Nov 2019 19:05:27
Mols sorry if u think I’m negative, stunned to read that. I have wholeheartedly supported king the board and the team.

27 Nov 2019 19:06:01
Doiger mate you can’t have looked for a while.

27 Nov 2019 19:33:22
No John you must have misread that . it was infact the opposite, and I was hi-ghlighting the fact that you are always and have aright to be positive . No doubt it was my punctuation or lack of it . you and DK19 are the most positive, genuine, and welcomed posters in my eyes, and indeed help to address the balance of the sometimes I ( I fear ) mischievous negativity. cheers John.

27 Nov 2019 19:39:33
No sorry john you must have interpreted the wrong way

“ DK19 and John as I see it do nothing other than try to counteract the chairman. board . and club from constant negative comments. ”

Probably my punctuation somewhere . English lessons please? ( for me to be clear ) lol.

27 Nov 2019 19:53:06
Cool mate, I did wonder, u and I r similar in views, that does not mean we agree all the time, really respect your views and most other people’s
Take care god bless mate.

27 Nov 2019 20:54:07
I withdraw my comment re our value, as one of the posts was so far off the mark, I thought I was on the Man. Utd. site.

27 Nov 2019 21:40:24
You’ve lost me with that one billyb!

Passions can get a bit high at times and fingers get a bit heated!

You have your views and I have mine and it’s fair to say that we probably won’t agree except that if you are correct no one will be happy.

27 Nov 2019 21:53:14
Pinch of salt billy b
you are having a laugh I presume

Man City are valued at £2.364bn, up £385m, while United are valued £2.087bn, a drop of £376m blamed on "higher wages and lower profit". Meanwhile Newcastle are valued around 400 million .

What post was it you saw that you thought you were on a Man U site? I must have missed that

In saying that it’s all quite nonsense, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. The important thing is tomorrow . the 8 th and the following thurs . In fact the pundits on radio Clyde are of the assumption that the next six months could define our club for the foreseeable future . S Gerrard has reassurance due to the fact Mr king is not leaving and will be there for him to call upon at any given time ( his words ) and believes 100% in the chair, stating that is the main reason he is here . Says a lot me thinks . and no salt present at all lol.

26 Nov 2019 17:23:07
The TOP verdict will not effect his running of the club, yet weeks later he's standing down, nothing to do with the verdict, nothing to do with family matters, his reason his job is done-what.

Agree6 Disagree0

26 Nov 2019 17:28:08
I have asked you before IOM, what would have happened to the club if Ashley continued at our club and you never replied? I await your answer again😤🇬🇧.

26 Nov 2019 17:37:50
I ain't got a clue yately, the same as you ain't got a clue about what happens now.

26 Nov 2019 17:41:48
Did not take you long iom. How much have you invested in rangers last five years.

26 Nov 2019 18:27:23
Unbelievable IOM😤.

26 Nov 2019 18:30:23
Yately01.Ashley still continues to take millions out the club, since D King announcement that he won back control of retail from SD It’s been agonising watching the board getting pumped time and time again in court by Ashley.

D King paid £3m to get out a deal, But because the clubs board never read the small print off the deal, their due him millions again come January.

£11.3m in debt. Ashley still calling the shots. two share issues this year, another needed start of the year.

Noe he’s jumping a sinking ship. cheers Dave.

26 Nov 2019 19:43:42
Just got the record Yately01, my biggest worry would be Ashley getting control of Rangers. As far as I’m concerned, Dave King is at best, a bungling idiot, at worst, a charlatan who will some day be exposed for exploiting your club. Ashley is a ruthless b**tard who only cares about himself, but with control of Rangers, he would cause no end of problems for us. Guys like BBB and Isle of Mull are absolutely correct to be concerned about both of these dangerous characters. You shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss their concerns as there have been many others before them who have destroyed your club with their reckless behaviour.

26 Nov 2019 20:03:45
BB, time to change your meds.

You can make up all sorts of stuff in a puff of smoke but the facts are easy to find on google.

26 Nov 2019 20:10:10
John 25 I don't have shares or a season ticket, but I love this club as much as the next bear. Please don't tell me because you have shares you love the club more than me. Everyone a easy target for you cause because you have shares oh and your financial background. Your never wrong are! When someone disagrees with you it's " how much do you put into the club". How many things did you get wrong last week on the tax case or Dave king won't stand down. Then it's I know he was standing down but not just now. Your like a broken clock you right twice a day.

26 Nov 2019 20:15:17
All is not as straight forward as DK makes out, but I give him 10 out of 10 for effort. The man is obviously under severe pressure and no doubt there will be hiccups ahead.
His intentions were always good, but his methods and decision making were questionable.
I hope I am wrong but he may have health issues, because of his efforts. I may not have agreed with his methods but he has given us his all and you cannot ask for more.
I wish him well for the future.

26 Nov 2019 20:26:29
Very well said billyb. I did think he looked old and drawn, u r correct about some of his methods although I feel they may have been necessary. It was very much a David via Goliath fight.

26 Nov 2019 21:35:57
Yea your right boys Mr kings health has taken a knock . Met him in the lift a few weeks ago and he did look under strain .
On another note I am going to get the rangers lawyers new glasses because rather than believe that we are playing Ashley and his cronies at his own game . some on here are still spouting the nonsense that out lawyers don’t read the small print. How ludicrous . Rather than believe this is our choice of strategy, and action no natter how absurd it seems to knockers and Celtic fans. Personally I think we are winning hands down and it’s just now about absorbing the flack and aftermath .
It’s very very noticeable that apart from the odd few on here (who I might add are totally entitled to their assumptions ) the vast majority of people slating mr king are the other sides support . Radio Clyde was a hoot tonight with them coming on and slating everything about our chairman.
One guy ( a rangers fan ) however came on, and through raw emotion thanked mr king from the bottom of his heart for giving him the opportunity to take his little girl into an exillerating environment such as is Ibrox just now. He explained that she will now be a supporter for life as his father gave him the same .
Also on here I read someone posting that he thought Mr King would go down in history as Rangers greatest chairman. not that I am totally convinced about that, but these, and other showings of positivity must give Mr King great satisfaction. No wonder he was in tears at agm.

26 Nov 2019 21:42:35
I might have a wee clue about what happens next mull. How about us winning the league cup and Mr King being invited to unfurl the league winners flag at Ibrox next season . Thinking that we’re to happen certain people on here would not be to happy, and prob gripe that Mr King didn’t pull the lanyard properly lol.

26 Nov 2019 21:47:39
Mols I’d love king to unfurl the flag.

26 Nov 2019 22:10:17
I really think he should John, and something tells me deep down that it’s a strong possibility. We are a loyal lot mostly . and will never forget . Safe journey my friend.

26 Nov 2019 22:13:11
Mull, you are joking!

You love the club so much that you can’t even acknowledge that DK has transformed our fortunes over the last few years. Don’t make me laugh, your repeated mantra suggests a more cynical agenda.

Even your old pal billyb can acknowledge DK’s achievements even if he can’t get behind his methods or like you, offer a viable alternative.

26 Nov 2019 23:17:57
Lawyers didn't read the small print you say MG, was my take on it. You take was you were extremely confidence that we would win the case. John25 blamed Paul Murray and he fell on his sword not according to Mr King today who thank him and JG for all their help.

27 Nov 2019 00:20:50
Ps mull and bbb, I really suggest before you have any more thoughts or opinions on Dave King that you go on to YouTube and witness the mans speech . I just did there and it’s quite breathtaking. If you both come back with the same view then obviously nothing on this earth is going to change that, but at least witness it for yourself.


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