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03 Aug 2022 17:47:50
I don't know what the script is with barasic but lastnight I noticed a few times sands had ball and barasic was free in lots of space and sands didn't even look at him.

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28 Jul 2022 10:18:34
Anyone know when continuous credit payments will be taken for Euro game?

Had problem with first game in Europe for years now.

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28 Jul 2022 14:04:42
I believe from 1/ 8.

26 Jul 2022 10:25:47
Just a quick Q, with the rise in interest in the women's game got me wondering, does anyone know how they're financed. Are they a separate entity from the men's team or does success in the men's game and transfers etc fund the girls (or vice versa if they go on to make money in the future) . Ps this isn't an anti women's team post just a genuine question.

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26 Jul 2022 17:41:38
Kaiser the ladies team operates under same operations budget as first team, b team and academy.

26 Jul 2022 22:44:08
Thanks John.

27 Jul 2022 09:41:47
There's only one club that's used the separate entity excuse for reasons known. Hopefully it all catches up with them soon enough.

25 Jul 2022 16:32:00
Finally got my rangers shared after a long confusing wait. 100 pounds provided and share certificate state 400 pence! Can anyone explain or have had a similar experience from the recent share issue? Any info appreciated bears.

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28 Jul 2022 08:30:05
Surely someone bought shares. The minimum was 500 but a scheme was devised so that a lower figure could be paid. As I said I paid 100 PNDS. After an age got my share certificate stating 400 pence! Anyone else experienced this? 96 quid missing. help?

28 Jul 2022 11:48:55
Be better asking on the banter page, John25 is the man to answer your question, don't think he comes on the finance page anymore.

28 Jul 2022 12:41:28
Thanks mate!

28 Jul 2022 15:14:14
96 quid would be for the registration fee. If you sent 100 quid that's sounds about right having 4 quids worth of shares.

01 Aug 2022 20:09:16
You are paying 25p per share
Each share is worth 1p, you have 400 shares at 25p equal your £100. According to some on here each share is worth 36p so you might have got a bargain.

02 Aug 2022 18:06:21
Return he certainly got a bargain. Trading at 34.5p today.
I’m sure like many he won’t sell.

07 Aug 2022 10:19:18
I'm sure there are many (many many more) who wouldn't buy 1p share for 35p

Would you give the colonel a £140 for his shares? You might to prove a point, sorry for asking.

07 Jul 2022 14:13:35
Are charlton due anything from any aribo sale?

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07 Jul 2022 17:01:18
If it follows standard rules, previous clubs get to share 5% and if the player does not ask for transfer he gets 5%.

Rumour is Southampton to pick up these costs as add ons.

17 Jul 2022 11:53:26
If we sell Bassey fur the 20mill surely were well in the black way all the dosh we've made in the past year n a half.

19 Jul 2022 11:38:54
Dsgers, we r now in a different financial period re sale of itten, aribo Bassey

Same re incoming all after 1/ 7.

20 Jul 2022 19:10:56
Just wondering mull how you feel about things now? Are you any more optimistic about our finance and board?

07 Aug 2022 10:31:39
If we can get into the CL yes, if we don't our wage bill is a problem. John Souttar wage is 6 to 7 times his hearts wage. Levin talked about this on radio Scotland. So if he was on say 2k a week at hearts he's will be on 12-14k if he was on 3k my god 20k a week. Alf and Ryan will want Lumsden, Roofe like wages. Goldson will be up there too. We have got rid of some but all are small fry on the wage scale.

06 Jul 2022 19:41:54
So can any1 tell me the fee for Aribo? Iv read 10m now seems only 6m up front another 4 in add ons. Surely he's worth more than 6m up front.

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06 Jul 2022 21:25:36
I feel that it would be sheer folly to reveal the price Joe has been sold for. The main reason being that he has not yet been sold.

06 Jul 2022 21:45:52
Nice one cheers.

07 Jul 2022 04:39:13
Worth more? Like £25m🤭.

03 Jul 2022 19:05:10
Why the big hurry to spend millions? We have a few young lads who if given a chance may well be the next big things! I have followed the gers for almost 45 years, and although it pains me to write this, if we give the young lads a go, but it means they win the league, then so be it, at least we will have given the lads a shot. No point in having an academy if the youngsters know they ain't going to get a chance. Why would any potential young star come to us only to be loaned out with no prospect of pulling on the first team jersey!

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03 Jul 2022 23:11:15
We pay our money to watch Rangers win leagues and trophies not to watch youngsters get a game. Yes its great to see the young lads get their chance and we all wish that we could promote one or two each season but for me its Rangers winning first and foremost. I think the academy is going to have a major input in the future because there is now lots of investment into the academy bringing in young talent from varying age groups. These young lads are now getting the best facilities and coaching etc and this will pay dividends in the future.

05 Jul 2022 09:06:01
Try following the B team. That way everyone is happy.


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