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09 Jul 2024 13:36:44
Voting rights reinstated to Easdale brothers on their 20 million shares.


09 Jul 2024 22:22:03
John, can there votes change anything?

10 Jul 2024 09:44:35
Dave King in talks with UK billionaires as Rangers takeover now on the cards after court ruling
Doug Ward
Doug Ward
Tue 13 June 2023 16:48, UK
Updated Tue 13 June 2023 21:39, UK

Last years news John.

10 Jul 2024 18:43:45
Blue many on here weren't aware so I'd like to thank John for the info also is it necessary for you to reply like a wee lassie.

10 Jul 2024 21:10:44
One Walter imo no. They still own less than 5%.

11 Jul 2024 06:14:37
Cheers John.

03 Jul 2024 13:13:30
Just details l ain't sure of, if we do play games at Hampden does any monies due go to Queens Park or SFA?, not sure but suspect the grey suits.
If it is Murrayfield will the grass be slightly longer than football pitches? which l think is the norm for rugby.

I would rather give any money to Scottish Rugby as opposed to the SFA cabal.


03 Jul 2024 19:37:46
Bonnet sfa bought hampden from qp couple seasons ago.

02 jul 2024 00:51:46
how would investment help

you couldn't make questions like that up,


03 Jul 2024 20:30:45
Tom I think it's how would it help the team and pc.

27 Jun 2024 14:06:32
Elephant in the room, I have not seen much mention of the fact that Murrayfield does NOT have VAR And Rangers will most likely have to pay for its installation especially for cl games.


27 Jun 2024 18:47:56
Johnny the rugby has var every game it's been in play long before football.

27 Jun 2024 23:13:40
Rugby has tmo. television monitor official. not the same as var. so is it acceptable for cl games? Just asking, as I am sure it was mentioned in the press regarding no var at murrayfield.

30 Jun 2024 09:51:12
55 Johnny is right tmo is not the same as var.

27 Jun 2024 09:41:06
On top of my last post I'm wondering how worried the board are behind scene regarding court case with Hummel?
If the remark about the worrying times is about this

Or has anyone heard anything else we should be worried about?


28 Jun 2024 18:52:54
With the stadium sinking and all the asbestos about, it is probably not at top of list. Also rumours that an asteroid is headed directly for the ground, we are doomed, I tell you.

30 Jun 2024 09:51:46
You need to stop worrying whatever will be will be.

27 Jun 2024 09:34:26
A quick question to the guys who may know anything happening behind the scenes at the club
With Bisgrove leaving is their anything other than him going for better money or did he leave before this construction issues and possibly something else happening behind the scenes?

We have the construction issues as we know

But is there anything else possibly happening behind scenes that's going to come out down the line?
heard a remark and just wondering?


27 Jun 2024 18:51:27
Stig it's very common for construction to go over time wise. Bisgrove going prior who knows but what I'd say is the board are trying to deliver a promise. After years of neglect the stadium has been invested in I'll take that if it means missing a couple of home games.

23 Jun 2024 20:59:15
Andrew McKinley from Hearts being considered, from a person who has been employed by Hearts who I know personally this is a major worry for us, McKinley is known to Anne Budge hence he got the job at Hearts, McKinley is close friends with Joe Savage, everywhere Joe Savage has been Frankie McAvoy has followed! They wanted Alex Neil behind Neilsons back but due to him getting European Football it never happened. The worst opinion of this person was they are toxic and bullies.



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