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15 Oct 2019 21:56:55
Everytime I come on here I'm hearing our players and people who work for our club being compared with one another here's a idea let's get behind our team and it's employees. I for one am over the moon with the signings we've made over the last 18 months think back to the last few seasons being beating to second in the league.

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15 Oct 2019 20:47:46
Goodness, what a waste of tax payers money that case against Gazza is😭😤🇬🇧.

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17 Oct 2019 00:18:50
Not really mate. whether he was trying to cheer the lassie up or not, and I'm sure he had the right intentions. You can't just be going up and kissing and touching people, its the law.

17 Oct 2019 13:48:09
Herewego, the man was found not guilty.

17 Oct 2019 15:08:37
I know mate. Like I said above, I'm sure his intentions were good. In this day and age and the society we live in it's till not a good idea to kiss strangers tho lol.

12 Oct 2019 08:59:50
Guys anyone know the chap dougie Boyd that was at ibrox for the stadium tour with Mark Hatley? This chap had prostrate cancer and bone cancer. The tour was arranged by his son and he got to meet the full team
Clearly the father and his son we’re struggling as the cancer treatments had not worked. Guy I hope someone can get to this man and his son and tell them to look for the proper Canabis oil as this has helped hundreds of people with incurable cancer
It’s about time it was made legal
Tell them to research it on line as it’s not that difficult to get.

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12 Oct 2019 22:56:58
I have written reports about it recently for English communications classes and I am not sure about it's effects for cancer patients. It's all a bit of a bandwagon to be honest mate. People are seeing pound signs and cashing in on poor, ill folk. That being said, I definitely think it has had some excellent results when used to treat epilepsy.

15 Oct 2019 15:58:20
It has wonderful properties for helping people with Cancer. It's the best anti inflammatory drug on the planet and has been used for thousands of years. Even if it can't directly cure the cancer it sure as hell can help with the nausea caused by Chemotherapy and the pain.

08 Oct 2019 12:23:52
Well done to rangers for overcoming the troubles over the last 7 years. so proud of this current team and of course stevie g for bringing moral back to the famous.

If you could pick a squad choosing 6 players from the 9 in a row era and 5 players from this season on a 442 formation who would they be? . heres mine

Helander (spelling)

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08 Oct 2019 16:01:27
no gazza?

08 Oct 2019 17:42:24
we're looking pretty good just now. I have to say I don't think anyone we've got just now would get into the 9 in a row era team.

09 Oct 2019 15:53:55
Stop the 9 Are you having a f in laugh Helander what he done. So far he is waste o money, Have a serious word with yourself 🙃🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍.

09 Oct 2019 17:18:55
Couldn't take it serious when u pick helander n leave out gazza.

09 Oct 2019 18:44:02
half they ones mentioned didn't play for us during 9 in a row nor the current squad so the whole question/ scenario is impossible to work out ie Hutton/ Papac etc.

10 Oct 2019 18:13:51
i would go with


Gary Stevens

Andrey Kanchelskis
Davie Cooper


there ya go.

10 Oct 2019 20:54:54
No Laudrup!

11 Oct 2019 07:47:47
Cooper for me all day long can only have 1 left sided player, putting BL instead of AK looks great on paper.

11 Oct 2019 16:38:29
Hate to say it but as good as Davie was, he wasn't a Laudrup. Laudrup on his day was a phenomenon and he had many more good days than Davie imo.

12 Oct 2019 02:14:34
No Mccoist either? The only player that (might) get near the 9iar team is Davis.


Davie Robertson
Gary Stevens
Richard Gough
Terry Butcher

Brian Laudrup
Paul Gascoigne
Stuart McCall
Jorg Albertz

Mark Hately

And 'Super' McCoist

I would have put Cooper but he was near the end of his Gers career at the start of 9iar, Davis could replace McCall, not for me personally. I also found it really,
really difficult to not include Ian Ferguson, but it's my team.

I'm afraid, I don't think any current player would be in.

12 Oct 2019 07:43:57
Original post said

SIX from 9iar


FIVE from this season

It was not about if any of cute things team would get close as not a single one would.

12 Oct 2019 07:45:57
Now I’m getting old and can’t be bothered looking it up but I’m sure both BL and JA played on the left.

12 Oct 2019 13:34:24
AndyC, that’s some team and couldn’t agree more👍🇬🇧.

06 Oct 2019 14:31:49
What the heck is going on regarding Katic. What does he need to do to get a start. I am starting to wonder if he has been caught sha#ging Stevies wife.

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07 Oct 2019 22:16:10
ger4life, I think we should leave StevieG to do his job although it’s all about opinions ✌️🇬🇧.

08 Oct 2019 12:24:32
Stevie g has got us to the top of the league on the squad he picks so imo whatever and whoever he chooses on match day seems to be working. Even tho kent cost a lot of money i don't believe he could or should be an easy starter as soon as he's fit with the form we are in.

yes, on a good day he's easily one of the best we have and i'm thankful we signed him but right now he's probably thinking as soon as he's fit he will be starting ahead of anyone. The only 2 people i think should have a guaranteed start is buffalo and jack.

06 Oct 2019 09:57:26
As a purely charitable exercise with the proceeds going to the club I thought perhaps Coldo could write a book about football, coaching and team building.

It's clear that he has a philosophy that differs from almost every professional out there so it could be transformational.

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06 Oct 2019 18:50:32
DK19, good idea although I fear he could lose the dressing room before kick off. Post match interview would be interesting though as he does have a unique and informed communication style.

06 Oct 2019 19:59:33
I'll send you both a copy, clearly you's need it👍.

06 Oct 2019 20:24:02
Coldo, what’s the title?

06 Oct 2019 20:36:52
Don't be a yes man👍.

06 Oct 2019 21:57:31
I want a copy! Maybe SG could do with a copy as well!

06 Oct 2019 20:30:58
Footie for dummies.

07 Oct 2019 10:36:26
you are a dummy DK so I suppose that's an appropriate title🤷‍♂️👍.

07 Oct 2019 13:57:37
Coldo, believe title you have proposed is interesting and no doubt reflects how you see yourself. I have a suggestion based on how you project yourself:

“I just want to be loved like Super Coop”.

Anyway put me down for a copy.

07 Oct 2019 16:44:40
Thats low bankie, even for you😂😂👍.

09 Oct 2019 18:45:57
i think it should be "OK i was wrong about Morelos"

09 Oct 2019 19:53:53
Morelos had to change his attitude and he did. He also had to improve his link up play and he did. He also had to improve on his awareness of passing to a team mate instead of being greedy and he did. What you talking about geesadodothat? 🤷‍♂️👍.

05 Oct 2019 11:22:54
Team for Hamilton game tomorrow;





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05 Oct 2019 12:26:07
Get ojo tae f**k, he may be decent at times but more often than not he’s hopeless and also very lazy.

05 Oct 2019 19:27:19
Doch unfortunately won’t play.

05 Oct 2019 23:11:06




Can see barjo (class act) getting spot on bench tomorrow due to aribo and Jack being unavailable.

06 Oct 2019 20:54:12
Docherty ojo are not good enough bankie. Don't settle for mediocrity👍.

07 Oct 2019 14:50:17
Greg docherty is nowhere near yhe standard required don't let him supporting the club fool you he will be sold in Jan likely.

04 Oct 2019 00:18:15
Love at the folk on here slagging Tav. he was world class and worth £20m a few weeks ago!

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04 Oct 2019 16:11:38
Ken, not sure what's worse his performance last night or the price tag these fans put on his head. I'm pretty sure he was likened to kyle walker or trippier on here tae😂😂😂👍.


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