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10 Dec 2023 17:53:28
Can't believe fans saying the Scottish league cup is bigger than the conference league. Its not even one, the conference league is miles ahead.


10 Dec 2023 22:26:14
Who is 🤨 you got to be making that one up.

09 Dec 2023 22:00:33
Rangers players are not professional enough to win league they start every game as if they expect teams to take it easy on them.

You have to be awake and ready to go.


09 Dec 2023 22:24:10
Done very well coming back from the early Dundee goal, we never started the game badly gofor.

09 Dec 2023 22:36:45
No Rangers player expects the opposition to go easy on them.

10 Dec 2023 15:59:56
The defense did mystar and usually do.

Honestly thought Tav was horrendous at some points yet he still ends up with goal and assist it's so funny

The one he lost ball in middle right of field he didn't even chase back just stood I was screaming like a mad man really infuriating when a player makes mistake then doesn't chase back to correct or help team.

Souttar started woefull and was decent as game went on balogun too funnily enough barasic wac only one of back four switched on from start.

10 Dec 2023 16:01:26
My point being these players like souttar have to be more aggressive and switched on and attack ball too many times ball in air they just stand rooted watching it that ball for goal hanged in air and nobody attacked ball.

10 Dec 2023 23:53:23
We will never have a better chance to topple them. They have a few players approaching end of cycle and will likely move on end of season. We need to bring 3 quality players in January, more if we get some out. And we might just do it. Never thought i'd be saying this after Beale left.

11 Dec 2023 01:28:13
I agree dado we have a good chance board need to give Clement a couple decent additions even if it's a couple of loan players squad needs reinforcement after Danilo Lawrence injuries .

All stil huge question marks over them ability or injury wise we need better or more reliable players.

09 Dec 2023 21:33:37
Now seems Danilo may need surgery. It really is remarkable what a mess MB left. Signed 4 attackers and 3 no10s and kept Roofe but we go into January needing another new striker. Not sure if we can get rid of players after 6 months and then there those out of contract and those just needing moved on. As well as sorting our defence as Balogun who most felt was done and only a stop gap has pushed out Davies and Souttar. Shows what a great job PC is doing getting results but what a massive job he has ahead.


10 Dec 2023 16:04:43
Kaiser I 100% agree and again I kept telling everyone we were making a mistake replacing all the forwards when it was defense that needed fixing last season we conceeded more than 3x the amount of goals we did during title winning season and scored more yet everyone said we needed new forwards it beggars belief how people can't see the problems at the back especially after our embarrassment in champions league.

10 Dec 2023 22:33:17
We were doing well against Liverpool untill goldson went off . Think you’re just doing a bit of whipping and wingeing for the sake of it my friend. I thought at times against Dundee we were brilliant. Silly mistake at start but hey hoo . Barcelona make mistakes And befote the usual suspects come on saying embarrassing mentioning us in the same sentence as Barcelona ….
Johnstone burgh make mistakes.

08 Dec 2023 18:25:07
We will have to stop taking the knee soon there's not many knees left in that team.


09 Dec 2023 09:46:25
Im scraching my head lol.

08 Dec 2023 10:12:35
Not gers related now but, what's the thoughts on Patterson, is he injured or does Dyche just not fancy him?


08 Dec 2023 11:07:43
Patterson came on last night assist for third goal.

08 Dec 2023 12:05:18
Oops, wasn't aware of that. Moral of the story, check before you post my star😖
Didnt think he was getting much game time hence my question, won't be so lazy in future 😄.

08 Dec 2023 16:34:59
Pacific it happens, he is valued at 15 million by Everton.

09 Dec 2023 15:01:34
Thanks John,

I wondered if he was returning from injury or what Dyche thought of him. Considering he is playing some of the older players in front of him.

08 Dec 2023 09:04:04
Hes not everybodies cup of tea and really wasnt keen on him at Rangers. But watched james english poscast with Joey Barton. 4 hours long ( can tell am busy at work) but was a great watch spoke very well and actually comes across pretty well. Scott brown he can't respect cause he didn't go try england. Barry ferguson was incredible player and the king of scotland but had the balls to go try EPL. Also barton was the one to put a stop on us signing lescott as lescott has previously given evidence in court against barton.


08 Dec 2023 09:27:38
Should also say he does get on well with brown now. But absolutely hammers warburton. Especially for the way he treated Halliday.

10 Dec 2023 16:06:52
Celtic supporter as a kid controversial character trying to stay relevant but I still have to agree with him on female presenters half of them are useless they should at least have a playing background.

07 Dec 2023 09:44:16
Let's hope that's the last we see of Lawrence. Just as bad as Roofe. These guys are sucking the life out of Rangers.


07 Dec 2023 11:18:44
Lawrence is nothing like Roofe boom, mans hardly had an injury his full career, before he arrived.

07 Dec 2023 12:29:18
My star don’t care about his previous injury record his record for us is horrendous and he should be let go don’t see what all the fuss about his is anyway boy is another dud.

07 Dec 2023 12:52:55
Storm he's still not like Roofe though, that was my point mate.

07 Dec 2023 15:59:13
But we're all our signings not class or quality Beale65?

You did heavily back all signings at start of season telling us all about Thier great ability


07 Dec 2023 16:20:47
Gofor what are you talking about today man? more nonsense again like normal? what has that post got to do with me rating players 🤔 zero sense once again mate.

07 Dec 2023 16:22:03
Gofor surely you can see what am on about with you mate?

07 Dec 2023 16:39:13
Lol yeah star in sky even I concede roofe and Lawrence are different in Thier injury history.

But to be fair to others don't care what they did for Derby or Leeds only care what they do for rangers

I still think there is something seriously wrong with our medical team how many times have we been told a player will be back in two to three weeks only for them to be out months.

And on rating signings you know fine well what I'm talking about when your user name was Beale65.

07 Dec 2023 19:33:42
Gofor you have lost it mate, what has that got to do with this post? that's twice ave asked you but still zero response, you have mentioned my opinion on our signings over a dozen times since the summer, you come away with nonsense mostly everyday mate, try giving in a wee break man, was actually Beale 56 not 65,you think others don't know my old username? you're some man for one man Gofor 😉.

07 Dec 2023 20:47:34
My star that’s all he has got, that boy spouts the biggest lot of nonsense on here since sweep. I really worry about the boy.

08 Dec 2023 00:21:37
Hahaha I spout nonsense lol I'm not the one that changes Thier narrative to fit what the crowd are saying and I've certainly got far more right than you two sheep.

08 Dec 2023 00:31:42
Yes daily man.

08 Dec 2023 02:45:43
Storm . I can’t believe you’re on here again calling a good player a dud .
You have done it so many times and had to eat humble pie .
Wright being a ierfect example.
The whippings you gave that boy then when he started to come good . won a few Nan if the matches you were silent .
Learn from your mistakes my friend.

08 Dec 2023 16:26:08
Wright is a dud mols. Two good games doesn’t change that. Also I wasn’t silent I posted on here well done so maybe you should learn to read before posting eh 🤦‍♂️.

Lawerence for me never wanted him signed for what he done to fellow teammate at derby disgusting human being. What has he actually done to prove he isn’t a dud?

Ps nice try but you got it wrong again 😘.

08 Dec 2023 16:26:44
Gofor yes you do and what is all this right and wrong crap You change your tune on the daily gofor.

09 Dec 2023 09:46:37
Exactly, who cares about his previous injury. he's constantly injured at gers and exactly like roofe. aka the comparison of get fit then injured within weeks again. I get this is football but the amount of wages we are paying for injured players is shocking.

10 Dec 2023 16:12:18
Change my tune on what exactly storm?

Only real turnaround I've had is on lundstrum and I'm not only one saying he's a totally different player under pc.

Storm an I the one calling someone clueless because my opinion does not match his no yet I'm the bad guy lol.

On different note you did say you never wanted Lawrence signed I'll give you that but what does that have to do with if he's injury prone for rangers or not?

10 Dec 2023 16:18:06
Sorry but people that voice an opinion on football ability want to be right otherwise why would you even post.

It's one thing agreeing to disagree it's another to say clueless when it's not the case I'm not the only one that's called my star out for it when people don't agree with him he's pissy and constant says he never said stuff he did 🤨

Lol even couple points I agreed with him he still took the opportunity to have a pop at me so fairs fair. I give back what he puts out towards me simple. (If I disagree or think he's going back on what said)

11 Dec 2023 00:02:58
Gofor just seen him post, Gofor told you before just about a week ago, three posters i call clueless and you're definitely one of them you waffle some amount of nonsense on here mate.


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