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25 May 2024 22:22:21
If Cantwell is still here next season I will be surprised. He is a wrong un and PC knows it.


25 May 2024 22:08:02
We can sit and say that something needs to be done about the refs but what's important is changing this and putting the refs and the SFA in their places! It is utter corrupt and us as rangers fans shouldn't sit back and take this! We all need to put a stop to this before it's too late! Celtic will just win and win, again and again if nothing is done! We need to hold the refs accountable, what's the point in watching games and going to games and paying all that money just to get robbed every time! It's not acceptable and it needs to be stopped! This isn't football! It's not anything that should be allowed to happen! We need to put a stop to this before it's too late! We've got no chance next season if this continues! I get that no one likes rangers but it is horrific how the refs get away with being such cheats! They don't even know the rules and they just make them up as they go along! Something needs to be done!


25 May 2024 21:50:01
well after all the post mortems on here and in the rags i think its a fair question to ask, and i go back in time to january when we were crying out for a striker who can actually score goals . we should have found the money from Parks piggy bank and signed the lad who was desperate to come to us and we didn't. cost us the league and todays cup when you put all the losses in a basket with the one problem. Goals. none again today . sorry but we fell asleep at the wheel by saving pennies and it will cost us millions. Larry would have looked a peach in a blue top.


25 May 2024 22:47:31
Deecee why should park raid his piggy bank as u call it.

25 May 2024 21:34:54
Clement has a worse record than Beale.


25 May 2024 22:45:45
Beale had better players to choose from, Sakala, Kent, Colak, Tilman, Kamara, Arfield and replaced them with dross, its a wonder PC manged to compete. Our player recruitment is woeful, that's Rangers problem and needs sorting.

25 May 2024 19:48:39
Rangers are not the problem. It's the ref! The fans pay so much money to go and watch games, but for what? To get cheated every game by the SFA! It is all wrong! Something needs to be done! Us as rangers fans need to step up and take control! We need to stop this from happening because if it doesn't change now, it never will and Celtic will keep winning the old firms! That is something as a rangers fan I do not want to experience and I'm sure a lot of fans will agree with me! Something needs to be done and it needs to be done fast! I understand that it can be the mangers fault but on this occasion, Philippe has done nothing but get us to where we belong! He brought us back after Michaels terrible management qualities and Philippe got us back on top! For me, yes some players time is done but I wouldn't blame the players! All the refs are the same and they make the rules up as they go along! I don't think it's fair that we blame the manager and the players because at the end of the day it's the refs that are the problem and we pay so much money just to get robbed and that's exactly what happened today! We need to change this as fans and put the SFA in there places! It's not good enough and as fans we shouldn't be sitting back and taking the cheat and robbery in every game rangers play!


25 May 2024 18:27:06
Terrible. Rangers should have won that game! The ref is a joke, always went Celtics way! Rangers dominated that match from start to finish and in pure honesty, I am proud of that team but after everything, they get the break of the ball and win it once again. Goal should never have been disallowed! That cup was ours! Never Celtics! All down to the ref again! Absolutely horrific.


25 May 2024 18:26:45
I have thought this for a long time. The reason we don't win is also down to the fact celtic, the refs and a large majority of Scotland don't like us as a club institution or what we stand for. They will always hate us and will always want to beat us and however it comes they'll do it to win. That goal today shouldn't have been chopped off.

There's are reason why Kilmarnock and Hearts have got the better of them this season consistently. because Naismith and Mcinnes can't stand celtic have little regard for them and it shows. Us? We actually fear them like the bogey man. And then the "penalty to rangers rhetoric comes in, instead of challenging it with common sense and evidential logic we laugh along.

NOTHING will change until we change our respect fear and regard for them. nothing. That's why we need a team with Scots in it to have that gallus "I don't care we are Rangers" mentality.



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