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10 Dec 2019 12:24:33
Have to say I thought if Celtic turn up and play they win the game, Celtic didn't turn up and still won the game.

Rangers dominated the game I agree.
The difference is when Celtic dominated the games v rangers they were winning 5-1,1-5 4-0,5-0.

When you think about it Celtic played with third choice left back,2nd choice right back and a 5th choice winger up front.
Also played with 10 men for the last half hr, when you look back at Ibrox we had a midfielder playing centre half and still won comfortably.
Rangers haven't scored a goal against Celtic this season and in the last 4 cup games against us they have scored 0.

Don't get me wrong Celtic were very poor on Sunday and you can put that down to how well rangers played all you like.

Sunday showed another side to Celtic that even when not playing well they have the winning mentality to hold on in their, when the chance comes they put it away.

That's why we are champions.

10 Dec 2019 12:37:23
What a piece of self indulgent nonsense!
You lot were totally dominated from start to finish.
You won by an offside goal.
But none of the above matters - you still won.

10 Dec 2019 13:00:37
Jamesyboy, how many of your players will be returning to there parent club next window? Plus the summer window.

10 Dec 2019 14:58:54
Forster and elyounoussi are our only loan players.

So your point is?

10 Dec 2019 15:10:23
You never played well? yeah because we never let you.
You lot are always saying how your squad is so superior so 2nd choice or 3rd choice don't matter.

Played half hour with 10 men?
We played whole game with 10. We had no goalie as he wasn't needed against you inept superior squad.

10 Dec 2019 15:28:52
Slim Jim, that'll be twice this season an inferior Celtic team has beat u away from celtic park without conceding a goal.

10 Dec 2019 18:00:42
Jameseyboy what about barzani& buear, players that youse couldn't afford, my point is yous are not that good, and will be found out this season.

09 Dec 2019 23:17:43

Neil Lennon stated after the game that he thought Celtic played better when they went down to 10 men.

I think that's a kick in the teeth for Frimpong who I thought was one of their better players.

Celtic got lucky in there last two games and now know they need better players to stop Rangers.

Rangers need to win the league this season, this is the main target.

Keep it up Gerrard.

10 Dec 2019 07:59:03
In what world do we need to stop the rangers?
were top of the league, that's in front of the rangers,
we have played the rangers twice and beat them twice that's in front of the rangers
We played the rangers in a cup final and beat them that is also in front of the rangers.

10 Dec 2019 10:11:24
We’re rangers not lucky against the sheep, big cosgrove missed a sitter did he not at 2-2.

10 Dec 2019 12:21:05
In no way shape or form did celtic play better going 1 - 0 up. If anything they got worse. From the 70 minute mark the time wasting from them was embarrassing. sore legs. fake injuries. goalies with cramps. then have the cheek to want the ball back when the guy was faking it. an old firm game should be exciting. not waiting for a green n white top to get a magic sponge every 2 minutes.

10 Dec 2019 13:05:17
Stopthe9,iMessage an older guy, in my 60 s, and in my 50 odd years of following Rangers I have never seen nor heard of a goalie getting cramp in there legs, well that was until Sunday, I say dirty cheering bar stewards.

10 Dec 2019 16:00:30
Reminds me of when that lot got beat in seville by porto. They all moaned about how Porto were play acting, feigning injury, wasting time, cheats, etc. well in two matches against us that's all they've done and now it's acceptable in there eyes.

10 Dec 2019 16:54:38
guys, you moan about the apparent cheating, but have you not noticed that morelos has been getting lessons from the north sea diving team, frimpong weighs about 7 stone and as soon as his hand touches your buffalo (missapen) then he collapses like thomas cook. no a cynic would call that cheating would they not.

09 Dec 2019 20:29:13
KT carted off again. Made of chocolate that lad.

10 Dec 2019 10:10:26
Good thing we got 25 mill for him when we did.

10 Dec 2019 13:09:04
Kanye, do you think youse got that 25. Million up front, loll, he will be wrapped up in silver paper, like all bars of chocolate, then sent back up the road, you might even get him in your selection box from Santa.

08 Dec 2019 19:00:52
Ed please post this on the celtic page. Well done to you. Foster won you the game. We tan amoke with you and you score an off side goal and tav bottles a penalty. Am not down about this as today has proven we are up for it.

09 Dec 2019 10:31:55
I'll take any win no matter how scrappy. Was it good goalkeeping or just an overrated Morelos being found out once again?

09 Dec 2019 10:56:56
It was good goalkeeping mate!

09 Dec 2019 15:06:33
Hahahah have any you been on celtic pages lately hahaha. goal wasnt offside. they deserved win. eduoard or however ya spell his name was a master and lennon got it right tactically again. think these guys been smoking too much wetabix. that was like playing craiglang fc yesterday. i'm disappointed we didn't score against a team like that. More embarrassed at rangers not scoring than seeing a goalkeeper get cramps hahaha. ( talking about you forster)

09 Dec 2019 14:33:47
Overrated big Lurch played out his skin.
The underrated Morelos had an off day. It happens to the best player in the league. 👍.

09 Dec 2019 19:00:53
The best player in the league lol, priceless.
The best players in ANY league have trophies to prove they are the best, they stand up to be counted when its needed.
They win player of the year award year in year out.
They make a difference that's what makes them the best.
5 points, as far as I can see Morelos scores 0/ 5.
A little bit like yesterday lol.

09 Dec 2019 19:30:29
Just seen the video conclusively proving the goal was onside, Helanders arm and shoulder keeping them on.
Im sure you will see videos saying differently, the point here is its almost impossible to see either way therefore its onside.

09 Dec 2019 20:05:05
It actually pretty clear mate, Yet again you’ve outdone yourself and proved you know heee haw about football!

You can only be called offside from a body part which you can score with, and you can’t score with your arm mate, and before you mention his shoulder Julien is completely obscuring the linesman’s view so he can’t see his shoulder.
But the goal stood. it is what it is!

09 Dec 2019 20:05:57
Conclusively proving onside

Impossible to see either way

What’s it to be?

09 Dec 2019 21:00:50
No prizes for playing well if you don't score.
It has now been recorded in history that Celtic won 1-0.
Soon, nobody will care how badly we played.

09 Dec 2019 21:06:39
If your having difficulty with it Hendo, the video proves it but its practically impossible to see with the naked eye real time.
Therefore a goal is scored the linesman cannot conclusively tell either way so its a goal.

09 Dec 2019 22:13:46
Difficulty? Coming from you who thinks you can be called offside by an arm!

Let me get this straight. Your saying because the linesman can’t see Helander he’s not flagged offside?
Are we just forgetting there was 3 Celtic jerseys in an offside position?
I’m not getting in to this, Celtic won after a pumping. It happens!
I’m looking forward to the 29th!

Ifyermawhudbaws I agree mate, and your right. It’s a tough one to take but need to take it on the chin.

09 Dec 2019 23:02:13
Celtic were rank rotten yet still won lol, just shows how bad the rangers really are.

I’ll take that every day of the week, as we used to dominate rangers every game under tommy burns and still lose.

We just have the winning mentality and long may it continue.

09 Dec 2019 23:11:37
A bit of both if Fredo was more savvy he would've scored the misses he had were straight at Gordon.

09 Dec 2019 23:53:40
Straight at Gordon? . No wonder he didn't score aiming at the bench.

10 Dec 2019 12:11:23
Can’t believe how a massive injection of luck turns into winning mentality. one thing though . luck will never last forever . People saying we’ve not won anything firv8 years? Are they mad . we were playing Forfar five years ago in the league. what the rangers have done is quite remarkable . liquidation . no money . no team . fighting a tyrant who was trying to steal any assets we had left. To a few years later . the only team in the history of the competition to manuve through two qualifying sections of a Europa com in a row to playing our greatest rivals off the park (in our first final against them fir years ) with our keeper not called upon to make a save and us only losing by a dodgy decision . that's PROGRESSION . BE AFRAID. winning mentality lol aye for years against teams with less than one hundredth of your income . brilly.

10 Dec 2019 14:33:37
Mole goal, very true mate, I also think some of our supporters need to look at where we were just a handful of games ago, we have climbed back into a challenging position, ide also add no other British club would have got back up off the floor as quickly as we have, and that is a fact, c'mon the Bears .

08 Dec 2019 11:31:21
See Lemon covering all bases by urging the mhanks to put the game away before the ref gives us a decision. Still waiting for that decision ya rhat. It just shows how lackingcin class he is. Said something our manager would never say. So hope we pump them today.

08 Dec 2019 20:11:25
This coming from a team that was so desperate that they did not give the ball back so think again.

08 Dec 2019 20:15:03
Absolutely disgusting 2 keep the ball after Celtic put it out shows desperation and lack of sportsmanship or does that not count seeker.

08 Dec 2019 20:20:03
If Julien wasnt at it yous would have got it back like the time just before it. Rolling about like he's been shot the sprints back on at the speed of light. How many time did yous kick it out for "treatment" the last 20 mins? Quite right not to give it back in those circumstances,

08 Dec 2019 20:32:30
Don't talk rubish u r trying to defend un sportsmanship no defending what happened simple.

08 Dec 2019 20:53:26
Worse than motherwell, you had the upper hand with us down to 10 men and still wouldn't give the ball back when we had a player injured, desparation is an ugly trait in any circumstance.

08 Dec 2019 22:05:03
How many times have you ever saw a goalie down with cramp? Should we just give it back so you can just keep kicking it out yo waste time? If somebody's injured aye, but I'd never give it back when its blatant time wasting 👍.

08 Dec 2019 22:54:43
cannot believe you are coming out with the time wasting patter. down to 10 men, defending a 1-0 lead, end of the game, what team doesn't time waste in that scenario?
You have a keeper in McGregor who is the king of time wasting.
Dry your eyes.
More shameful was your team's refusal to pass the ball back to Celtic after it was kicked out. I guess you don't do sportsmanship.

08 Dec 2019 23:09:08
If you r going to reply at least get it right it was nothing to do with celtic keeper.

08 Dec 2019 23:18:22
Naw the mosr shameful thing was the blatant cheating by the officials who fail to spot 2 blatant pens, 3 offside players and a goalie miles off his line at the pen. Add the blatant play acting similar to the game at Ibrox and you have a cocktail of reasons.

08 Dec 2019 23:18:56
All teams fo it and of course we would do it. But why should we give you the bsll back when yous are only kicking it out to waste time, Nd not because of a genuine injury? Remind big ajer of dportmsnship when he chased the ref about every tackle trying to get players sent off, and your manager putting pressure on the officials before the game but insinuating they will cheat 👍.

09 Dec 2019 05:48:16
Davy boy difnt say it was. Said even the keeper was down with "cramp" first time I've ever saw a goalie cramping up 👍.

09 Dec 2019 08:16:58
you right seeeker blatant cheating or was it? surely if its blatant cheating then the rangers will lodge some sort of complaint?
Or will you just accept that your team played out of their skins and still couldn't score against a very very poor Celtic.
Now i think that would be more worrying, all those chances and you couldn't score.

09 Dec 2019 10:13:28
Helander plays everyone onside 👍.

09 Dec 2019 10:35:59
Rangers are a desperate club. Celtic are just 2 good for you/

09 Dec 2019 15:03:37
Couldve made a full highlights reel of the amount of fake injuries, cramps, nappy changes celtic had yesterday. was a joke. that just screamed fear to me. If they started that crap Last 5 minutes of game fair enough every team that are scared of the opposition does that. but half way through the second half is embarrassing.

09 Dec 2019 15:08:36
Well said dd1, that celtic team are absolutely howling, ye can't defend your team yous are woeful. Looking forward to the 29th now, we're coming to darkhead to pump yous.

09 Dec 2019 19:02:08
Seeker are you taking on the mantra "always cheated never defeated" now?

09 Dec 2019 20:56:23
Remind me, who won? 🤔.

09 Dec 2019 23:33:09
From where do see this pumping coming from
Played twice win twice pretty powerful stats son.

09 Dec 2019 23:37:42
Stop the 9 yes that's right Celtic are really scared of you lot, 8 titles in a row 10 trophies in a row, won our europa group. top of league and beat you in 1st gear to win league cup. Yes we are bricking it.

10 Dec 2019 13:41:00
Tyson,8 in a row means nowt, absolutely nowt, we ( Rangers. Are the last British club to win 9 in a row, we welcome the chase.


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