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08 Aug 2022 18:24:56
Agreed those songs disgust me.
No matter what fans.
The celtic TV feed crashed on Saturday. I never heard anything but the feed had the commentators loud and And fan sound pretty low.

@nessbear just thought I would pop over and I hope you get well soon keep fighting. I read all your kind words. Totally hit home with me.
As I said in a past post I enjoy the actual camaraderie but just ignore the bile not just celtic and rangers most SPFL teams as I'm on the forums there as well.

08 Aug 2022 21:38:32
Fair play Andy. Bile on both sides and beyond at clubs across Scotland. Feels like a societal issue, too much drink, too much cheap gear going up the nose making young men turn into cardboard gangsters.

08 Aug 2022 21:49:23
I don't go onto the celtic page. But Two who come on here have my respect (Stubbsies horse and Japanese bhoy) You have made it three. I don't post about peoples ills or mention my own, But they do get my prayers.

07 Aug 2022 11:35:03
Reports of morons singing vile chants to the tune of Super Trooper up at Dingwall at half time yesterday. References to the likes of Davie Cooper, Walter Smith, Jimmy Bell and Andy Goram. By all accpunts, not a small section of their support either. Greatest fans in the world 😒.

07 Aug 2022 11:42:49
Don't tar them all withe same brush though Seeker 🤔🤔.

07 Aug 2022 11:50:47
Heaven forbid, Bar72. Seriously, I know we have the morons as well but it is their denials that anybody on their side is capable of such disgraceful acts that is worrying.

07 Aug 2022 12:14:38
Absolutely disgusting from the “Celtic Family”.
But not unexpected.
Whataboutery incoming in 5,4,3,2,1🙄.

07 Aug 2022 12:32:37
Couldn’t be them or it would be all over the papers.

07 Aug 2022 12:34:14
I saw a video last week of them singing the same song in the pub and you are correct bar72 because there was only 99% of them joining in singing it. The 1% who were only tapping their feet would be outraged to be associated with such an act.

07 Aug 2022 13:24:29
It was Hibs fans in Perth last week three cheers.

07 Aug 2022 14:02:18
The diet version 😁.

07 Aug 2022 20:38:34
I asked my neighbour she serves the food at Ross County tidy blonde 2 of them one is Czech speaking if any of u go there say hullo to trica and Emma. they confirm there was some sick stuff been sung and shouted. but it was a minority who were quickly made silent by the cops who In there words were "following" a small group of celtic fans put of the ground before the end . they also state the worst away fans to visit Dingwall are actually Aberdeen supporters . but normally both rangers and celtic fans are well behaved with little to no trouble compared to Aberdeen fans . Dingwall and the surrounding areas have a big following for celtic and Rangers fans . the old pub pockets now known as Oscars I think (Strathpeffer road) it was good on old firm days thebfront bar full of celtic supporters the rear bar rangers . shouting abuse for 90 mins thru the hatch at the bar then away to town all together happily mixing after the game regardless of the result. much better pub than the mallard.

07 Aug 2022 21:50:21
About 50 pondlife doesn't represent the vast majority of decent fans. All this modern day ned culture is getting nastier. Supporters outdoing 1 and other with vile chants full of coke and drink. To many stand and just shake their heads in embarrassment for them.

07 Aug 2022 22:12:01
Ness, I remember getting the train up to Inverness and my cousin met me to drive me up to Golspie. So happened there was an old firm on. So we watched it both being Rangers. 50 / 50 split in the pub. Great fun and then they all b*ggered off Caley Thistle!

07 Aug 2022 22:51:18
Agree for once pud. Every club in the world has its scumbags, but unfortunately that's what gets reported and we all get tarred with the same brush.

07 Aug 2022 22:59:14
Parlane60 that sounds about right mate . its a different life up here especially on old firm days ots how it should be shows the true fans it's all about about a game of footy and ribbing yer celtic supporting wife on match day 🤣🤣.

07 Aug 2022 23:00:09
To watch.

08 Aug 2022 17:11:27
Nessbear, hope you haven't painted a target on Tricia and Emma's back, next time Aberdeen come calling!

08 Aug 2022 19:22:55
Dont think the average Aberdeen fan can read BAR so probably won't know what has been said 😜.

08 Aug 2022 21:13:21
Fair do's Snell.

05 Aug 2022 21:04:44
Just want to say I hope yer man NessBear is ok, he's not been on your site for a bit, I understand he's seriously ill 🙏.

05 Aug 2022 23:33:08
Havnt been very well recently Japanese bhoy my cancer has spread significantly but I am still hanging on in there thanks for your concern mate 💚🤍💙.

06 Aug 2022 06:20:31
Keep fighting mate we are all with you ❤️🤍💙.

06 Aug 2022 06:20:33
Sorry to hear that Ness take care mate and keep up the fight.

06 Aug 2022 06:39:16
Keep the chin up Ness. ❤💙.

06 Aug 2022 11:01:54
I echo all of the above Nessbear, keep fighting mate 🙏.

06 Aug 2022 12:48:24
Ness Bear hope you are around to see your team have another LONG run in europe, although in Europa League not CL, well you would not expect me to mollycuddle you too much Ness Bear lol
Hang in there, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

06 Aug 2022 17:31:26
Sending our best wishes Ness, thoughts with you and your family my friend.

06 Aug 2022 18:21:16
Heart goes out to you nessbear, thoughts and prayers with you pal.

06 Aug 2022 20:49:51
Sorry to hear buddy, and hope you get well soon. Always keep an eye on both sites but don't post much any bad news like at is horrible for anyone and everyone to go through. I hope you get better ASAP. Goodluck. HH Ness.

06 Aug 2022 21:32:01
Thoughts with you Nessbear, keep fighting buddy.

06 Aug 2022 16:27:05
Stay Strong Ness Bear.

07 Aug 2022 00:48:09
Cheers lads i dont intend on giving up I have too much to live for . I had 3/4 of My stomach, my right lung, part of my intestine and my oesophagus all removed already. cancer has now spread to my lymph nodes and spine . I have no other treatment options left. have tried everything . but considering in Dec 2019 i was told I had 6 months to live, I am still here fighting every day.

Thank you Timalloy for your kind comments. I know it must have been hard for you to post here even under these circumstances lol.

All I can say is keep laughing keep loving appreciate what u got in life and live each day with no regrets. life's to short for any regrets . nothing is impossible with a little dedication mixed with determination and love shown by others really will make a difference.

07 Aug 2022 08:55:59
Ffs NESSBEAR we are all with you on this 1 mate your a fighter for sure.

07 Aug 2022 11:03:44
Nessbear your in my prayers mate, keep on fighting. You sound like your made of tough stuff.

07 Aug 2022 13:32:25
ffs Mate. Sorry to here Ness. Keep fighting mate. Sending love and prayer.

07 Aug 2022 18:51:05
Thats a nice gesture japboy nice wan man.

07 Aug 2022 20:32:42
Us highlanders are made of thought stuff need to be living in midgie land 🤣 at least I still have a sense of humour without that life would suck . sure I do get some looks walking thru the hospital giving it dead man walking the mile . some folk just don't get humour 😒.

07 Aug 2022 21:30:22
Superb post ness bear you are one hell of a strong guy ❤️🤍💙.

07 Aug 2022 21:56:55
All the best mate and keep meeting it head on. 3 years of a living hell and you still get to hear Tim's jokes!

07 Aug 2022 22:30:24
All the best Nessbear. Courage of a lion. Keep fighting my man.

07 Aug 2022 22:46:54
Got to lead by example with 4 children from 23 down to 4yrs of age can't give up on them life is precious enjoy it regardless of your situation as u jus never know what comes tomorrow.

07 Aug 2022 23:01:21
Pud tbh Tim's attempt at jokes actually brighten my day up bit he's shown himself to be a genuine proper gentleman so he has nothing but respect for the lad although he's still telling jackanories 🤣🤣.

08 Aug 2022 10:30:05
Well said Ness. Keep going regardless pal ❤💙.

05 Aug 2022 02:55:40

05 Aug 2022 07:04:17
Both similar but one says salt n vinegar and the other says salt n sauce.

05 Aug 2022 14:09:58
Am lost!

05 Aug 2022 16:09:58
East / West
And don't start me with tomato sauce on a bacon roll, brown every time 😜😜.

05 Aug 2022 16:53:20
Tomato til you're about 8, but brown for adults.

05 Aug 2022 17:45:25
Daddies brown sauce on bacon and black pudding baguette and can of irn bru straight out the fridge 😋.

02 Aug 2022 13:00:42

We all knew that Celtic were the whipping boys in Europe, well bookmakers have confirmed this, they are the complete outsiders.

But at least they have qualified, hope we can do the same, but it will not be easy as usual.

Time will tell!

02 Aug 2022 21:55:01
That mob will be falling about laughing at us that really was comedy footballw fur that mob to watch and get that ugly strip to f@ck its jinxing us awready.

02 Aug 2022 23:27:49
DS, strip and performance absolute mince. Let's get in there 1st. 😡.

02 Aug 2022 23:37:57
This is your clubs 4th attempt in a year to get Champions league football.

02 Aug 2022 23:43:01
What was the score with the European super team tonight? .
Surely a comfortable win against a team no one ever heard of.
Just asking as I couldn’t get a stream for the game.

03 Aug 2022 00:13:45
We lost jamesboy, as you already know.

03 Aug 2022 00:56:44
Oh the ex-pats of 55 are back lol.

03 Aug 2022 06:28:51
Yeah it was the strips fault we were rotten last night 😂😂.

03 Aug 2022 07:45:22
Bodo Glimt anybody? 😂.

03 Aug 2022 09:47:40
Jamesy/ pud, its only half time calm down bhoys 🤢🤢.

03 Aug 2022 09:51:28
red imps anybody.

03 Aug 2022 10:35:34
We can still Progrès. I'll get my coat!

03 Aug 2022 13:18:32
To be fair, after last nights performance we can’t really bad mouth Celtics past euro performances. As much as I don’t like admitting it, they have a decent team. Let’s see what they can do this season In Europe before jumping the gun and laughing at them. After last night were the laughing stock unfortunately.

03 Aug 2022 16:40:31
Yip, they lost to a wardrope (with no drawers on) and we lost to a computer plug 🔌 💻, nice one Buzzbum.
With everything going on in the world right now (scary times) a wee bit of humour ain't bad.
A computer plug ☺.
That computer plug will be getting brought back down to Earth next week, they are stuck with their drawer less wardrobe.
Roll on Tuesday.

03 Aug 2022 16:43:39
Rangers have won 1 game out of the last 23 in Champions league Football. When you take of the Red White and blue specs Celtic are doing really well under Ange with their rebuild.
2 of your best players left. AM unfit. Kent far to inconsistent. B. Davies hardly kicked a ball in 2 years. Jack injuries curtail his game time. Souttar looks unfit and laboured. This squad isn't going to win the title.

03 Aug 2022 22:09:02
Is that the same Celtic doing well with ange that got papped out of Europe 3 times in the one season 3 different euro comps 😂😂 up the road hen.

03 Aug 2022 22:12:28
Celtic got knocked out of 3 European competitions under Big Ange last season. First club to do so🤣🤭🤣
They also haven’t won a knockout tie in Europe in the last 15 years. 😳🤭😳
And in the same period we’ve been to 2 European Finals, Pud🤭.

04 Aug 2022 10:17:42
Ohhh I just wish we were as good as celtic are in Europe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

04 Aug 2022 11:20:24
There was 3 or 4 that got kod before celtic went out. Yous all just repeat each other even when yous are proved wrong. Is it who's got the staunchest lie or fake facts then yous all jump on?

04 Aug 2022 16:48:37
Pud please stay on this page. You make my day.

04 Aug 2022 19:41:20
OK pud, Celtic got put out Europe 3 times in the one season. for the second time. now that is a fact. You also conceded the most goals in the Europa. for the second season running. another fact. Angie hasn't won a KO. tie with Celtic ib Europe. anoyher fact. You also haven't won a KO tie in 18yr. another fact. shall I go on?

04 Aug 2022 19:55:16
Pud celtic were the first to be knocked out of all 3 own it 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

04 Aug 2022 22:27:52
Pud,i'mgoing to plead ignorance here by asking you how many out of there last 23games in ch leg Celtic? just askin.

05 Aug 2022 01:04:21
Blitzkrieg! 😂😂.

05 Aug 2022 13:34:08
First ever UK club, they are a nightmare in Europe now.

06 Aug 2022 09:14:12
@gvb is the man. first ever uk club to win the European cup and only ever club in Scotland to win it plus only ever club to reach the final of it at all twice. youse LIQUIDATED your club trying to achieve our success. its all about us mate.

wee question for ye apart from your supposedly 55 titles that are disputed from financial doping name grate achievements that betters ours

ohh Hampden in the sun the celtic 7 the rangers 1.

06 Aug 2022 22:54:45
U. I. You raging, u sound it, maybe you could answer my question I put to put, how many champions league games have Celtic won out of there last 23matches, do you know your history?

07 Aug 2022 10:49:09
hahaha why would i be raging at that i was pointing out facts that makes his post look so stupid to which he has not even answered yet cause he cant.

as in champions league matches would that be the group stages or qualifiers also if it means the group stages you have used a strange number to ask in terms of how many times we have won as our last 4 group stage games would equal to 24 games.

if you want the answer to that it would be 5 wins out of our last 24 champions league group matches were we qualified for the last 16 in one of those seasons we could add in the 2 group stages pervious to those groups also were we qualified for the last 16 in both those groups but i suppose that doesn't suit your agenda.

sit back down and stop making yourself look silly youse haven't even seen the final of the competition youse are in no place to slag anybody about a cup tournament youse haven't even been in the final off yet try slag a club that's won the thing and reached the final of it twice.


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