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02 Dec 2010 22:55:14
Rangers Rumours
Ellis has said it will be January before the takeover is completed. The reason he's not pushing it through quicker is that he's not got the immediate funds for players in Jan and doesn't want to start off with negative thoughts. Source~ Live and work in the Banking section in London.

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02 Dec 2010 20:17:47
Mark Hately isn't exactly screaming from the rooftops for McCoist to be the next manager.
Source: Daily Record

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02 Dec 2010 20:05:53
Rangers Rumours
Where do you get this from rangers are not linked with any player. .source walte smith

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02 Dec 2010 17:48:04
Rangers Rumours
Rangers again linked with oguchi onyewu of AC Milan he has the same agent as DeMarcus Beasley aswell as them being good friends but we will be depending on the takeover to happen for a better chance of getting the defender.

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02 Dec 2010 11:26:17
Rangers Rumours
Will people stop saying that IF whyte buys the club then mccoist won't be manager. BECAUSE ITS NOT HIS DECISION ITS THE RANGERS BOARD and they have already decided on Ally so stop saying things like I Heard This and that. Cause you know nothing of whats going on in the deal and unless you personally know whyte then you have no information on what he thinks about ally mccoist becoming manager

Its the owners who make decisions, not the board. Ask at your jobcentre about free Business Management courses, they are ready available to long term unemployed.

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02 Dec 2010 11:01:33
Rangers Rumours
Garbage even if he does manage to buy the club its still the boards decision on who becomes manager, and they have already decided on McCoist And Just Because Ray Wilkins and Ellis know each other doesn't mean anything. Its whyte that buys the club ellis is just a sponser helping him.

After the takeover a new board will be appointed. It would not be good business sense for incoming new owners to uphold a gentlemans agreement and as owner Mr Whyte will be perfectly within his rights to hire any manager he so wishes.
Whyte and Ellis are pledging to wipe out £27 million debt and pay another £5.5 million to shareholders (£4.6 million which will go to David Murray). Whyte will take on 75% ownership with Ellis paying around £6 million for a 25% percent stake in the club. (Source: Daily Record 1/12/10) Hardly a sponsor is it. That gives Whyte and Ellis 100% control of the club so they have the power to over rule any board decisions and with their past record why would anyone buy a company with so many stipulations laid down by previous owners.This is called restructuring, an action which most new owners of a company use to a any required extent. As soon as the deal is done David Murray has no power at Ibrox to dictate any appointments or ventures regarding our club. I just think when the deal is done we could be facing a revolution to compare to David Murrays take over in 86/87 with a more renowned manager to lead us on. It is not as if Murray has a great track record of keeping promises (the redevelpoment of Ibrox, our super casino and shopping mall that never materialised, the fiver and tenner statement). Whether Whyte/Ellis do or don't want McCoist as manager we really don't know, but please don't think for a minute it will be anyone but THEIR man at the helm, it will be their company to do as they see fit. Some people are better suited to assistant manager/coach roles and IMO that is where McCoist is invaluable to us. Anyone any suggestions who they think/fancy in the case of a new manager coming in?

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02 Dec 2010 10:48:18
Rangers Rumours
Kris Boyd is coming to City initially on loan in January.
Rangers were said to be looking for a loan deal also, but he is defo coming here to Birmingham, big Eck will get the best from him.

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02 Dec 2010 09:17:18
Rangers Rumours
I note that these players all previously linked to Gers are free in the Summer.

Kris Commons
Matt Gilks
Mark Reynolds - Replacing Webster
Sproule - The next Nacho Novo in my opinion
Morgano Gomis - Think there is chance Edu might go.
Prince Buaben.

also got a feeling Craig Conway's contract might be up unless he signed one in the past few months.

All of the s*eep you have said up there is what is being said in your head 'think' Edu will go? and a 'felling' that conways contract is up. Not to mention that Sproule is NO where near the quality of novo or anyone at rangers.

Most of the she*p I have said here is fact. As for Conway I think I'm right but I'm not an arrogant person and am conscious i can be wrong. As for Edu leaving or not there are a number of things that could affect this so no-one KNOWS!

Ok I can sort of understand the Conway thing but you can just say that Edu will leave (source) because the only source that I can see is what you have made up.

If Edu leaving was the actual rumour. Gomis coming in is the rumour!

The take-over would mean we do not need to sell however if not we will look to get money in and as far as I understand Gomis coming in free and Edu leaving for 2-3 mill would be deemed one of the most likely without losing much of our team ability/structure.


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