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17 Jul 2018 19:52:09
This will be a common theme tonight. morelos windass and candeais are quite simply not good enough. Tonights woeful performances back this up yet again. They were not good enough last season and won't be if sg persistswith them this season. Any decent offers for morelos and windass should be taken. Candeais is a sub at best. McCrorie and Jack need to improve also or they will be joining him on the bench Defensively we have massively improv

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17 Jul 2018 21:06:43
Would you be saying that if Greggsy hadn’t pulled off three world class stops . no I don’t think so . the defence would be getting it too. my god I wish you guys would find some faith and get a grip. bet youse were the ones sayin we had turned the corner when beating the sheep twice and drawing wi the unwashed . then demanding we keep murty. it’s so fickle it’s scarey. windass and alfredo score a couple and it will all change andbthebmidfeild will probably get it. it was hot . and I on u say the same for both teams. well yea but they are used to it . so please guys . a little faith please

16 Jul 2018 16:21:59
After arfields injury this is the squad i would like to see us play in the second leg

Lb-Jon Flanagan
Cdm-ross mac
Lm-Glenn Middleton
St- murphy

What do we think of this squad and who would u change if it was?

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16 Jul 2018 21:04:31
That team would lose it. No candaes Middleton or windlass
Play John jack ejiaria or Docherty. Push Tav right mid

16 Jul 2018 22:28:38
Jack and Ejiana in for Arfield and Candeias

17 Jul 2018 09:50:10
Not bad storm although it's a bit empty in the centre. McCrorie lying deep and then Windass up top but no box to box?

I would go

Mc Gregor
Tav Goldson Katic John
McCrorie Jack
Candeias Windass Murphy

I would bring middleton on earlier this time. Also playing John ahead of Flanagan just to give us a left footer on left.

17 Jul 2018 10:36:15
Bluegenius u left Flanagan out so what u on mate can't play him in front of John as u ain't got him in the team


Tav. goldson katic. Flanagan

Mcrorie jack

Candeias. Murphy. Middleton

Morelos or windass

Game over by half time with a 2-0 scorline

17 Jul 2018 14:51:36
John is not even in Macedonia

16 Jul 2018 14:05:27
Perhaps Windass would play better if the crowd encouraged him!?

None of you will ever play in front of 50,000 and therefore have no clue!

Of course not all are on his back but enough are to affect his game.

Just get behind the team!

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16 Jul 2018 17:08:30
He scored after 3 mins in the 2-1 defeat to them and had 3/ 4 of the ground singing his name whilst bouncying and that was the last we seen of him so there's more to it than just encouragement I'm afraid.

17 Jul 2018 08:35:01
Jyf, are you suggesting that he held back the rest of the team from that point on?

As far as I remember pretty much the whole team lost the plot after that.

Mibee our fans should just try to shout support no matter what - it might help the team!

17 Jul 2018 21:09:16
That game was very close and the roll of the dice just went against us and we went on a slide from that point. till jimmy nicol took the reins

16 Jul 2018 14:29:40
game is on rangers tv so remember VPN and give your money to the club.

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15 Jul 2018 23:14:43
can see john mcginn signing for celtic and going back to hibs on loan for the season

he won't take brown, mcgregor or ntchams place in there midfield so there is a good chance he will go back out on loan

they did show they can play well without mcginn winning 6-1 but the team they beat is not as good as teams in the spfl so they will want him there this season and if they can get money plus the player for the season they will jump at the chance

celtic will put in that he can't play against them witch severely weakens them so they won't drop points to them this season as there best player is not on the park but when us or any other team plays them mcginn can cause us to drop points as he is a very good player

same with aberdeen last year derek mcinnes says ryan christie was his best player but he had to come up with a whole new system for celtic and they did not win any games bar the one celtic let then win at the end

so definitely think that john mcginn will be a celtic player at hibs next season and think someone will be at aberdeen with the same deal not ryan christie but someone else this season

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16 Jul 2018 00:21:57
You just could be right

16 Jul 2018 10:12:19
On your point about Hibs' 6-1 win, the team they played finished fourth in the Faroe Islands Premier League. Hardly world class. Even the SPL is better than that! The team Gers beat are from Macedonia, as formerly part of Yugoslavia they are a decent footballing nation so I don't think you can compare Hibs 6-1 win with our 2-0 win.

16 Jul 2018 11:32:05
The difference being there strikers/ players seem to be able finish. We missed a bag full or we would have been 5 or 6 too.

16 Jul 2018 18:26:29
i said in the post that teams in the spfl are better than what hibs beat

so they will want john mcginn to play in the spfl but celtic did drop points to them last season and if they loan him back and say he can't play against them they will not drop points this season to them same with aberdeen if they give them a player on loan

if teams lose there best player when playing celtic they won't drop as much points as they did last season

i can see this happening as that's 2 of the top 5 that they don't need to worry about it will be just us and hearts that can give them a game this season

14 Jul 2018 13:19:12
Have you noticed that since gerard came in they actually update the player roster on the website, felt strongly about this amateurish at best so it was.

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14 Jul 2018 22:38:22
didnt notice thought it was still that way am just looking for myself now
really peaved me off also lol

13 Jul 2018 16:44:40
fellow bears, just going to have a wee rant about a section of our support who have already written us off already. do they not know that it takes time for a team to gel so much negativity.

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14 Jul 2018 14:35:56
sat next to a "non season ticket holder" on thursday, granted it wasnt the best game but man he was going on about spending 15 to watch rubbish. obviously doesn't watch the team much hence no ticket but for gods sake get behind the team rather than belittling them always. everyone around him turned on him and told him if he ain't happy then leave, you don't need to watch it

15 Jul 2018 10:36:08
Seems like SG is backing Windass to come good. pity a section of our “support “ can’t bring themselves to do the same

15 Jul 2018 20:33:23
2 years we have been waiting for him to “come good”. How much longer do we have to wait? . Windass is the most frustrating player I’ve seen in 35 years of watching Rangers!

15 Jul 2018 23:06:56
Windass is a good player but Stevie G needs to find his best position. he's been used in the no 10, the left wing the right wing and as a striker but falls out of games for 60 70 minute. I like him and with our new manager and coaching team a little support from fans he could become a legend.

13 Jul 2018 12:55:17
Was at the game last night and just feel like we have players that would be perfect for a 3-5-2 system as opposed to the 4-3-3.


Goldson Katic Flanagan


Tav Jack Arfield John

Murphy Morelos

Flanagan looks like an asset defensively and would slot in easily to a back 3. Bring John for that balance on the left and have him and Tav bombing forward.

McCrorie, Jack and Arfield doing the dirty work in the middle and Murphy buzzing around Morelos and with a bench with the likes of Docherty, Candeias, Windass and Middleton ready when called on. Obviously the 4-3-3 could work with what we have by the end of the window but couldn't help but think this would have been an ideal system for these games.

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13 Jul 2018 14:36:36
Been saying for a couple of years now that our squad is better suited to a 3-5-2

13 Jul 2018 18:59:15
Our squad bears absolutely no resemblance to that of a couple of years ago, though, so how does that work?

14 Jul 2018 07:45:19
I think the point dutycalls is that for the last 2 seasons our squad has been crying out for 3 at the back mainly due to the fact that our wing backs are effectively wingers and both go tearing up the park at the same time along with a couple of wingers who are constantly in the team and push up also.

14 Jul 2018 18:04:56
I actually thought one of our better performances under Warburton in the spl was when we went 3-5-2 vs Celtic at Ibrox and scored early on, unfortunately the team on the day wasn't the best and lost two silly goals but with better players I don't see why it wouldn't help the cause!

13 Jul 2018 08:36:44
as usual check on here 1st thing in morning, first post is slating the guys for performance in last nights game


the squad have had a couple weeks, under new managment, new systems, new methods, getting to know each other and how each other play

yea the performance was great but did anyone really expect us to go out and play like a well oiled machine and hot 7 or 8?!?1

be realistic

we won the game and will win in Macedonia next week aswell and performaces will improve as we get fitter and gel more

sometimes i wonder if these guys are fans at all.

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13 Jul 2018 11:10:35
The performance was ok for a team that’s only played together for a couple weeks.

I would say the Murphy and Flanagan combo doesn’t work as both were always cutting into a packed middle of the park

candeias with tav should be out on the right together playing candeias inside doesn’t work for me that is were Windass is most effective he’s no a right midfielder candy mans pace is to good not to use on the wing.

12 Jul 2018 17:27:26
I think looking at our formation against Bury and the players avaliable, tonight's team mostly picks itself: 4-2-3-1


Tav Goldson Katic Flanagan

Arfield McCrorie

Candeias Windass Murphy


Subs: Alnwick, Hodson, John, Ejaria, Docherty, Halliday, Middleton, Rudden

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