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23 May 2017 14:52:49
Heard JT and Defoe caught an UBER from Glasgow airport heading to Ibrox, couldn't afford a taxi due to anticipated pay cut.!
Hope it true. lol 👍🙏🍷

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23 May 2017 15:10:44
You should really check tv before posting tripe. as Defoe is in talks with Bournemouth 😳

23 May 2017 10:02:23
My team for next season i hope bears

Gk fods/ alwick

Dcs bates/ wilson/ alves/ somila

Rb tav/ abella

Lb wallace/ beerman

Cm/ rossiter/ niko/ jack/ veloso

Wings mckay/ weiss/ danny/ pauliho

St miller/ borrielo/ sanogo/ wilson loan

What do youse think bears.

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22 May 2017 20:12:59
In- alves, sumalia, patterson, jack, weiss, naismith, boyce.

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22 May 2017 16:38:42
I was at game toral never got booed

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22 May 2017 15:04:40
I hear the old owner of Disney multi billionaire has agreed to buy Portsmouth. 5 million. Why don't we attract these people.

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22 May 2017 17:37:18
No money in Scottish football

22 May 2017 11:34:17
Good effort this season lads. Just fell short, looking forward to doing it all over again next season! I believe Gers will finish 3rd again, I honestly think 2nd will still be out of reach and Europe will be tough in qualification. Big season ahead, Pedro needs to recruit well.

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22 May 2017 11:58:02
Dunno like, St Johnstone will improve next year, 3rd might be out of reach tbh.

22 May 2017 11:37:10
My new team for next season

Gk fod

Rb abella/ patterson or both or tav as back up to 1 of them

Cbs bates wilson alves the Argentinian from mexico leauge

Lb wallace/ beerman

Cdms rossiter/ jack/ veloso/ niko

Wings paulinho/ weiss/ danny/ mckay

St borrielo/ sanogo/ miller/ garner

We will still have the youth boys to fill in other gaps but that squad should be good anuff to win the leauge and a we run in Europe what do youse bears think.

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22 May 2017 12:06:20
looks a cracking Football Manager save mate!

22 May 2017 09:49:14
Some interesting stats I just seen.

2016/ 17, Assists:

Total: McKay (11)
Waghorn (9)
Miller/ Wallace (8)

League: Miller (8)
Wallace (7)
Tav/ Waghorn (6)

Season 2016/ 17, Combined Goals and Assists:

Waghorn - 25
Miller - 22
Mckay - 17
Garner - 13
Wallace - 11

2016/ 17 Goals and Assists, League Only:

Miller - 19
Waghorn - 13
Garner - 10
Wallace - 10
McKay - 9

2016/ 17, Top Goalscorer:

Total: Waghorn (16)
Miller (14)
Garner (10)

League: Miller (11)
Garner (7)
Waghorn (7)

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22 May 2017 10:39:22
Whats interesting about it? Still doesn't mean Waghorn is good enough, and that we are overly dependant on a 37 year old.

22 May 2017 11:33:59
It shows, that even though Waghorn is so dross, he still provides a lot to our team throughout the season apparently. I found that rather interesting, do you not? I personally thought that Waghorn was a lot worse than the stats show, I was very wrong.

22 May 2017 11:48:22
The difference is Miller seems to make a difference through the season in terms of the importance of his goals and assists, as well as his general contribution. I don't remember Waghorn doing anything this year other than frustrate with his lack of physical conditioning and determination on the pitch.

22 May 2017 11:37:33
Waghorn, mckay, holt etc are not good enough, only stat that matters.

22 May 2017 01:25:29
Bears I want to thank your team for their very own tribute to the GREAT LISBON LIONS
Games you won 19 67 points lol.

{Ed033's Note - Must be part of the Philadelphia Experiment bleed through.

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22 May 2017 09:23:32
You very much are a strange one Timalloy. On a day you should be celebrating your clubs "outstanding" achievement you are on here talking about us? you lot worry me, we are a dead club - yet all you do is talk about us. Do you start your day by opening your phone and reading Rangers related news?

22 May 2017 11:34:43
I was over having a look on there page and there's guys up at the crack of dawn first thing talking about us 😂 Couldn't make it up.

22 May 2017 00:25:31
New user here!
Wanted to pose a wee question. How does everyone feel about a system were we playing 2wing back. Like a 5-3-2 systems.
Bates. (New Cb) . (New cb)
Tav. Beerman
Kranjcar Jack. Rossiter

Garner. (New Striker)

This is just and example don't take the selection as golden but you get my drift.

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22 May 2017 08:24:30
Why does every post regarding team next season have Bates in it. No harm to the boy but he is stinking. Squad player . maybe. If that's the best we can do then we have no chance.

22 May 2017 13:36:49
Agreed thought boy wilson looks miles ahead of him so much more comfortable in every department compared to bates looks clumsy n dilly dallys on the ball i panick every time the balls at his feet


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