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21 Aug 2017 21:55:44
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21 Aug 2017 21:14:12
Going to be honest I reckon if Joe Dodoo can find some decent form he would be a good partnership with Morelos both possess a good injection of pace

I still think we need another striker before the transfer window closes and yet another winger

What about this for a line up?


Tavernier Cardoso Alves Wallace

Candeias Jack Dorrans Windass

Morelos Dodoo

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21 Aug 2017 21:39:52
I think rossiter deserves a game. He is a good player with an eye to go forward. Good passer too. Miller ain't good enough to start and PC should try dodoo or the Mexican

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21 Aug 2017 21:47:53
Blue Nose

I'm assuming your meaning Herrera however he is slow poor in the air with no goal threat so why bother?

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21 Aug 2017 18:13:35
Picture on the Sightings page is supposed to be the new Rangers away top.

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21 Aug 2017 17:54:31
The Picture going around of new away red top is a puma training top called accuracy with rangers badge on it.

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21 Aug 2017 17:34:32
How many supporters were happy when pedro was appointed? How many supporters were happy when they checked his CV? How many were happy after his first Old firm game? How many after his second? How many were happy after his first European tie? How many after his second? How many supporters were happy after his first home league tie with his own team? How many after his second? We made a mistake appointing him in the first place we should not be compounding this mistake by sticking with him when its plain to see he has not got what it takes to be a Rangers manager. I support my team and do not shout and bawl at our players and manager at the games but I can see and read the writing on the wall and we need to do something fast. After what we have seen thus far does anyone think we can win our next three games before the old firm game? If not then there is going to be a landslide of opinion against pedro and his duds so why wait?

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21 Aug 2017 18:48:31
Good post. It's plain as daylight to all but a blind man that Miller cannot play midfield. In the box or on the bench. So we start with 10 men and expect what? Elephant in the room springs to mind but hey I'm just a fan and Pedro must know so much better!

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21 Aug 2017 19:17:36
Can't argue with any of that post. It's plain to see he isn't the answer as manager and needs to go asap. Looks like another overhaul will need to be done in order in even attempt to challenge for 2nd place never mind 1st

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21 Aug 2017 20:54:45
I despair. We need to build a team, it takes time. Give the guy a chance for goodness sake. Where do you guys think the money is coming from to pay guys off, employ new guys, new players etc. Please explain how you think it can be done.

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21 Aug 2017 21:14:36
Dunbar Blue, let's start with the Mexican signings and nobody knows what they cost. Why's Pena not playing? Herrera's hardly set the heather on fire. We've offloaded most of Warburton's signings and their wages and Pedro's being saying for weeks we'll get two more players in. To date, no one. If you want to despair do so at not getting answers from the club or looking at the points we've dropped.

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21 Aug 2017 21:53:36
Dunbar blue

The results have been poor worse than they were under Warburton and he was sacked. Losing to a 4th rate team from Luxembourg was shocking and already we are 5 points behind Celtic after 3 games

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21 Aug 2017 21:54:25
I'm wanting answers to my question! What answers am I wanting from the club? We should have pumped Hearts and could have easily done the same to Hibs before some dubious decisions altered the game. Admit we defended crap for their goals and missed a hat full of chances so that was out fault but it's fine margins. Awaiting your answer to my question though, should be interesting.

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21 Aug 2017 17:07:11
Ok so we are trying this 4-4-2 thing and it hasn't given us an abundance of goals (except against Dunfermline) .
Firstly I think Morelos is doing ok.
However I think a combination of the following resulted in a lack of potency:
1: Dorrans playing to deep basically next to Jack instead of box to box.
2: Windass being right footed meant he always turned inside so no width.
3: Candeias had a bit of an off day and lacked punch.
4: Miller coming deep all the time.

With the lack of width and one of of our strikers too deep Hearts just had to flood the middle in front of their CB's and we were going nowhere.

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21 Aug 2017 18:44:27
Get Joe Dodoo on the pitch and goals will come.

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21 Aug 2017 19:04:45
Where was Herrera on Saturday?

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21 Aug 2017 16:30:10
Pic on banter page suppost to be away top.

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21 Aug 2017 15:58:08
Does anyone think that the bottom six or maybe even relegation's a possibility. I'm being realistic here not pessimistic.

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21 Aug 2017 16:28:27
absolute nuts.

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21 Aug 2017 20:59:17
Don't think we will bue close to being relegated and think we will still get a top 6 finish however wouldn't be surprised if we finished 4th,5th or even 6th.

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21 Aug 2017
New image uploaded to the
Rangers Player Sightings page entitled, New away kit.

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21 Aug 2017 15:29:14
Maybe I don't have a right of opinion here as I wasn't at the game. I hav however just watched extended highlights of the game from Saturday. Maybe someone who was at the game can answer me .

1. Were we really that bad?! By the looks of it we had more than enough chances. Couple decent save from Hearts keeper, couple off the line and some wasteful finishing

2. Dorrans looked to be playing awful deep, with Windass in the hole?

3. I've heard folk slating PC signings, the boy Morelos up top look excellent. Good link up play, quick feet, burst of pace and can obviously finish (excluding Sat)

4. Was Saturday just one of those days?! Could PC have done more?

The way I see it we have actually played some quick aggressive football from the start of the season. These are good things that come from the manager!

Not taking chances and the other goalie having a good game isn't PC fault yet all I seem to hear is "get him out the door"

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21 Aug 2017 16:41:26
We played 4-4-2 Windass was out on the left.
We weren't terrible but we weren't good either.
We did lack punch up front. Morelos did okay but as Miller always comes deep and Candeias and Windass weren't firing on all cylinders we had very little to offer. Actually looked more 4-5-1 half the time with Miller so deep.

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21 Aug 2017 16:43:20
We were by far and away the better team, Hearts weren't interested in attacking, apart from a 40 yard rocket that hit the bar we were never in trouble.

Aside from scoring it was a controlled performance and we created 2 good opportunities that we should have taken. If one of them goes in it's a totally different game. A worry for me is the ability to break teams down in that kind of game, the longer it goes the more we run out of ideas. Dorrans was deeper as a result of them flooding the edge of their box, IMO, Pedro has to find ways of utilising Dorrans in that scenario and in turn he has to do more to influence the game from an attacking perspective. That will hopefully come in time.

It was the changes that worried me, I personally think Miller had to come off. He gives everything but he's no use in deeper positions. Morelos looks very good but he's going to need service and someone playing close to him, thought Hardie showed some promise but it's difficult for a young kid to come into that game.

I;m not calling for the managers head however he needs a very strong set of results in the next 4 games, particularly the next 3 league games before we play Celtic.

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21 Aug 2017 17:16:52
Both of you make a great point about Miller. I sometimes feel he want to get involved unnecessarily. If Miller stuck to what he is good at like working the channels and hassling the defense it would probs open more space for Morelos.

I agree the next 6 games or so have become big game! We need to go to Old Firm game in form and with belief in how we play. I like PC, he's smart, articulate and presents himself well. I have no doubt that he is the right man (from what I've seen) but most teams will defend against us and Blue Blue Sea you are right, He needs to find a way to utilise his better players, ultimately that's what will win us games and keep him in the job

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21 Aug 2017 17:56:41
Unfortunately "working the channels" is something Miller WAS good at. Not sure he has the legs for that now.
We would really benefit from someone up top with the legs for that like Miller used to.
Also think a left footed left winger would stretch the opposition more. Hopefully Walker does come.

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21 Aug 2017 18:47:33
We have that player his name is Joe Dodoo.

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21 Aug 2017 21:02:26
I thought we were poor and never really troubled a very poor Hearts side. Windass didn't even have a good 30 mins before disappearing, Miller shouldn't be starting and Dorrans was anonymous. Very uninspiring and devoid of ideas

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21 Aug 2017 11:56:25
I'm not on to speculate or offer any inside knowledge on who we should sign but if there is anymore money to be spent I think we should be looking closer to home and my main reason for that is Ryan Jack. I also think there's a case to be made when you look at what Walter did after taking over from PLG.

Ryan Jack, in my opinion, has not only been our best signing but our top performer in the beginning of this season. With that in mind we have to be looking at what other players are available in the SPFl. He hasn't needed time to adjust to the league or his surroundings, he's been able to come in immediately and do a job.

If I were manager my current shopping list would be;

Kenny McLean - proven player in our league, one of Aberdeen's best and close to the end of his contact. He would come in and instantly make up my midfield three with Jack and Dorrans.

Graeme Shinnie - same as above, probably Aberdeen's best and most valuable player and versatile. I've been concerned with Wallace and I think he'd give us a boost in energy down the left. Tackles well and has a great left foot (would cost a pretty penny) .

Chris Cadden - again, versatile, often plays at RWB against us. Quick and capable of putting a decent ball into the box.

Louis Moult - Has fed off Cadden's crosses last season and has a good goal return in this league. Perhaps not my starting striker as I like the look of Miller but someone I think is worth a punt. I'd have had Liam Boyce but that ship has sailed.

John Souttar - I think Souttar has a lot of potential and we absolutely need another CB. He's maybe not the toughest of centre backs but he can play and he looked very comfortable at Ibrox on Saturday.

Jamie Walker - looked like a guy that doesn't want to be at Hearts at the weekend but definitely their best player on his day. Can create, score and is busy. I think we'll still be pushing for him and would love to get him in.

I don't know if anyone else agrees with this, it's what I personally think is needed to bring a bit of stability and consistency. Worried that we're going down the same route as we did with Warburton where players are needing far too much time to settle, leading to a poor start that we can't recover from. I don't expect us to go and nab these players but it wouldn't be a bad foundation to build on.

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21 Aug 2017 12:02:28
*I meant Morelos, not Miller

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21 Aug 2017 12:55:55
Agreed BlueSea, great points.

I would like to see a couple of players that know the league and he Scottish game, however the one problem with that is that Scottish Clubs want well over the odds when Rangers are interested, same with Celtic tbh. I mean 1m for Jamie Walker with a year left? Not worth that IMO. If he had 3 years left then yes. It's the Scott Allen saga all over again. They've always done it to us and Rangers just paid the money in the past and look where we ended up

The other thing is that many proven Scottish based players have failed when coming to Rangers. So it's a gamble all the same.

Ending on a positive note, results have not went our way, (for more reasons that one we need to remember), indo bekeive the team is better than last year, Morelos, Candeias, Jack, Dorrans and Alves are clearly better players than their counterparts last season. Also Windass looks like a different player. Things are improving, luck has just not gone our way.

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21 Aug 2017 14:00:37
Cant argue with that mate, they are all proven SPFL players.
Proven to be SPFL also rans.

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21 Aug 2017 16:39:09
Totally agree with blue sea if mcinness had been appointed majority if not all would have been signed along with stevie may

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