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23 Jun 2017 21:17:16
Across europe unless there are clubs banned from having traveling fans.

23 Jun 2017 21:16:33
Typical of Celtic no class (not accepting their allocation for Windsor park) if Linfield make it through to the 2nd qualifying round robbing a smaller club of big pay day, citing their fans safety? More like not wanting to help out a smaller club with a financial windfall due to them being steeped in the same traditions as our own great club especially when clubs like Cliftonville and various clubs from the ROI have came to windsor and played with no bother at all. In my view they shoukd be forced to accept a minimum allocation of tickets say like 3000 or 4000 and have to pay for them regardless of whither they sell them to fans or not and this should ve the same

22 Jun 2017 07:02:34
It still amazes me how many deluded celtic fans think we're a new club but go on about our finances, signings and history :-D and they say they aren't obsessed, yeah ok lmao.

23 Jun 2017 11:17:01
we ain't a new team but we are a new company.

i am enjoying the spending but i feel like we got off lightly and hope we haven't used all our good luck cards.

things can only get better,

if celtic don't spend then they will give it they don't need to, but i reckon they are skint and worried.

23 Jun 2017 12:31:47
Celtic are skint and worried . wishful thinking on our part.

23 Jun 2017 15:21:39
@ep - they are skint. All money is being ploughed into the hotel venture. That's why they never sanctioned a bid for Roberts and went for the cheap option in Hayes.

21 Jun 2017 17:17:59
I see the first leg of Linfield's match against Celtic might be moved to Parkhead because of crowd safety.

How about tell Celtic they can't take an away support if they're so concerned about their safety? Seems as fair as taking a massive payday of a game away from Linfield that they drew fair and square.

22 Jun 2017 12:33:59
ruddiger you might just find out that it is not Celtic who are worried re the fans safety but Linfield as they have to give guarantees to uefa regarding this as quoted below from uefa's own guidelines

7.01 The clubs are responsible for the behaviour of their players, officials, members,
supporters and any person carrying out a function at a match on their behalf.

7.02 The home club (or the host association) is responsible for order and security
before, during and after the match. The home club (or the host association) may
be called to account for incidents of any kind and may be disciplined.

21.01 All matches are played according to the UEFA Match Calendar.
These dates are final and binding on all concerned, subject to the provisions
of Paragraph 22.01 to Paragraph 22.04. The following principles apply to this

a. UEFA Champions League matches are played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,
with the exception of the final, which is played on a Saturday.

22.01 The venues, dates and kick-off times for matches in the three qualifying rounds are fixed by each home club and must be confirmed and communicated to the UEFA administration in writing by theirassociations by the deadline set by the UEFA administration. The UEFA administration may alter or confirm dates and kick-off times according to the principles set by the Club Competitions Committee.

22.02 The UEFA administration decides on match dates and fixture reversals on a case by case basis, according to the principles set by the Club Competitions
Committee. The UEFA administration reserves the right to impose a match date in
the event of clashes between matches in this competition and other UEFA club
competition matches. }

21 Jun 2017 18:54:59
There can be a lot of genuine reasons why a fixture might have to be moved, but moving a match so a lot of bigots in bowler hats and sashes can march around intimidating people shouldn't be one of them.
Linfield should be ordered to play the match on the original date, if they can't, then as ED says they should forfeit the match.

21 Jun 2017 07:36:27
Love a good morning chuckle. Over on the dark sides page they're on about Everton should give 30m + James McCarthy for dembellend 😂😂😂 the delusion is real! It doesn't stop there though further down it says if they sign duverne (who? ) McCarthy onyekuru and plavsic (or whatever his names is) they can win the CL 😭😭 got to admit I spat my morning coffee over the dash board when I read both best part is they're bloody serious 😂😂😂😂.

21 Jun 2017 19:50:47
The arrogance of Celtic will come unstuck soon enough.

20 Jun 2017 17:12:43
Who else thinks that Brenda may not be able to cope with being dumped into the Europa League? If I remember correctly the guy couldn't even man up to the fact substituting Armstrong during the 1-1 draw at Parkhead. Think there is a huge chance of the Team and Manager in particular not being able to cope with a run of negative results. We will see but I think on top of missing out on CL the fact that we will actually be able to give them a game will rattle them. They have had it too easy with teams already in a mindset that a draw against them would be great result!
Don't get me wrong they played well and deserved to win league BUT had NO competition! Things will be different this Season and we must make Ibrox a fortress again and beat teams like Hamilton Dundee etc home and AWAY!

20 Jun 2017 22:36:59
"the fact that we will actually be able to give them a game will rattle them. " Andy, hold your horses; wait and see how the new boys settle in and what they can do before you start saying that stuff.

22 Jun 2017 17:09:55
has anyone seen andy's nurse

19 Jun 2017 13:16:48
Linfield v Celtic on 12th July is a possibility after today's draw.

15 Jun 2017 11:36:02
The Dark Side have signed Johnny Hayes. Unfortunately i think this is a good signing for them and he is someone i thought Pedro might have gone for. can't get them all i guess.

15 Jun 2017 11:21:49
makes me laff so much that scott allan has just made 5 steps back in his career by join dundee utd on loan for the season and will never make the celtic first team.

15 Jun 2017 15:09:19
Don't see it as 5 backward steps playing regularly in the Scottish premier league under McCann at Dundee. could kick start his career after all the only team he can't play against is celtic so he has at least a chance to impress but up to him to take this chance. but I will laff at you for jumping the non utd link.

15 Jun 2017 20:08:05
I did laugh though when the rag reported him as winning the SPL in 2015,. Did he play at all. Only asking?

14 Jun 2017 10:37:39
Isn't it funny how big the celtic fans have become for their boots for the last 9 months? All of a sudden the likes of hayes isn't good enough for their galacticos and they should be aiming higher? What a load of rubbish. By all accounts hayes has been a better player than Roberts last season yet they drool over him? Would celtic fans have taken hayes this time last year without question? Yes. Because their team was gutted. A new manager and two new players later and he's not good enough? Might be a case of be careful what you wish for? Cheerio to 7 in a row. 🎣.

14 Jun 2017 11:46:23
Rumours going around that they can't sign a ' marquee ' type player as all the spare cash is being ploughed into the hotel project?

14 Jun 2017 14:27:39
Would actually make sense @uj. Either way they are clearly not happy haha oh well never mind. Here we go 1 in a row hahaha 🤣

15 Jun 2017 11:18:28
by all accounts dunoon. very precise way to determine a factual point my friend, never seen hayes sign for a BPL club for 8 million did you.

also i remember mr BARTON being heralded as the best cm in the country not so long ago, also mckay being forecasted as an 8 million pound player so i take anything you say with a pinch of salt.

FACT Celtic won the treble, went unbeaten domestically, earned in excess of 25 million from the champions leage.

Now you rave about being in europe etc for the first time etc etc, can you explain to me how The New Rangers FC can adhere to the FFP regualations regarding europa entry with all this spare cash that is apparently being spent? could it be season ticket money? could it be that there is very little money being spent? and it is other eams rejects that you are signing and the media are spinning it like a 10 million pound spending spree?

my bet is pedro will be gone by xmas and you will be stuck in a Warbuton sequel (Latino Version) whilst Celtic don't need a marquee player to win the league, we need a marquee player to progress in Europe and i have total faith in Brendan and the board, can you honestly same the same for Pedro, yous were better under murty in his short time in charge.

Celtic welcome the Chase

15 Jun 2017 11:19:22
Good try boys, the banditos will disband before the cold weather sets in. Adios jokers

15 Jun 2017 11:28:08
Nothing to do with hotel UJ, its just we don't need much tbh, The gaffer said he wants a bit of quality so i'm sure thatll be the case, hayes will be cover for sinclair so for me that's a good bit of business, The hotel will have nothing to do with transfer budget, Do you see Rodgers accepting that?, He was headhunted to do a job (with reassurances from DD himself) .


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