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17 Dec 2018 03:18:51
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15 Dec 2018 23:44:27
Well it looks plain and simple SG can't TRUST the loans he himself brought in Wjaira was too lightweight and actually looked frightened at times Sadiq is also gone but then he was a never was never is and never will be and get rid of coulibaly bring back Docherty and Hardie and Holt at least they will play for their place in the team and the Jersey send Worrall to pasture and bring young Aidan Wilson up into the squad along with Dapo and Dallas into the 1st team picture sell Tav move Falnnagan to his natural position bring Wallace back in to the squad sign Davis and Stuart Dallas and then see what we can do in the summer.

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16 Dec 2018 01:03:08
Ejaria was crap and Sadiq never played but two signings out of 15 that were rotten isn’t a bad return for 5 mill or so we spent. Agree with Docherty but holt isn’t good enough then and he isn’t good enough now. Coulabaly and Kent have been good in my opinion, Warrel had a few decent games.

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16 Dec 2018 09:40:53
You seem to have it all worked out. So we bring up 5 under 20 year olds into a title challenge? No thanks maybe 1 or 2. And as for Flanagan just get rid he's absolutely useless.

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16 Dec 2018 10:08:57
ryan hardie will never be rangers class he’s in the same mould as kane hemmings if he’s at a club where there's no pressure to win every game he’ll get you goals we need a striker who is going to push morelos for a starting spot not squad players and if anyone thinks jason holt will come back and do a job for us they need their heads looked at.

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16 Dec 2018 10:34:59
Aye, let's bring back some Has beens and accelarate some youths that aren't ready yet to push for the league.


The team aren't there yet, but at least now only requires tweaking as opposed to wholesale changes.

It's all about 2 or 3 players a level up this window, same again summer. We all know where we need improving, middle to front.

Agree7 Disagree2

16 Dec 2018 11:18:03
Answer me something Mols. Just how are younger players going to make the grade if they aren't given a chance? I'm not suggesting these youngsters are thrown in and played in every game but surely introduce them in the odd game and as subs?

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16 Dec 2018 12:26:32
Doiger, the manager says the boys are not ready. I read on here how we should play guys like Aidan Wilson, the lad struggled to get a game at Forfar.
We need to be patient, although I feel a boy should be on bench today as Morelos suspended.
I'd like guys like Dallas, Kelly and mayo out in loan in January help build them up against men.
Unfortunately some of our players are too wee look at atakyia, Kelly, mebude hopefully they will stretch
Kelly is one of the best footballers I've seen at rangers in twenty years and he can score.

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16 Dec 2018 14:22:04
Don't forget, the loan players all played there part in us going as far as we did in Europe, apart from sadiq. I thank all of them for there time at the club. It has been a great season so far and and without them there would not have been some great nights at ibrox. Now we need a few quality players and we might have a real league challenge.

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16 Dec 2018 14:52:49
If Hardie couldn’t make it through the dross that we’ve had the last few years then he’ll never make it. Holt is too lightweight and doesn’t have the quality we need right now. Docherty would be the only one I would bring back.

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16 Dec 2018 20:55:39
Guys let's get 55 and stop them way there 10 in a row nonsense then bring through the youth as that will give them more time time in and around the 1st team, no1 priority is league title.

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16 Dec 2018 21:35:55
Sadiq was the only flop out of the 15 signings I’d say. Kent has been very good think Coulibaly and worral have been bad at times but good in others wouldn’t say they are terrible at all and even Ejaria had quite a few decent games only really looked poor the last couple months now we know partly why that was. Tbh I think Lafferty has be a lot worse then a few of the loan players who seem to be getting loads of stick.

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16 Dec 2018 21:51:00
when was the last time we actually were comfortable in a game by half time off the top of my head i'd say hearts at home were never in a position in a game to give the youngsters a run out were not the most patient fans in the world.

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16 Dec 2018 23:36:31
Tommyj79000.u sir are as mad as a mad man on national mad man day. what a lot of pants u talk. Do u know anything about football other than on your computer? Have you ever thought about applying for the Rangers job? . I'm right behind you.

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15 Dec 2018 23:34:07
Daily Record will be camping out on all Glasgow fountains now the Mexican is back. Anyone got a spare pair of shorts and where's Clint Eastwood when you need him.

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16 Dec 2018 00:18:36
Should never play for us again after wiping his nose on our crest. Try n get rid or let him rot in reserves.

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16 Dec 2018 20:58:20
Pena only coming back as not one team wants him and on his wages who can blame him, we need to get rid as we could have davis and solanke on the pena and herrera wages, think about that,?

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15 Dec 2018 16:21:16
A lot of pictures on Facebook of Pena back in Glasgow.

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15 Dec 2018 17:17:10
Goth is loan is finished, he is still our player.

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16 Dec 2018 10:01:59
Should do all we can to get pena off wage bill.

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15 Dec 2018 13:14:00
Heard rumours Were after G shinnie and ferguson from aberdeen?

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15 Dec 2018 13:22:52
I Think he would be a good signing mate.

Agree2 Disagree11

15 Dec 2018 13:58:34
Which one Goph 1872?

Agree4 Disagree5

15 Dec 2018 14:07:56
I think they would be looking for far more than we would be willing to pay for Ferguson although think he’s a cracking player.

Agree4 Disagree11

15 Dec 2018 14:28:06
I honestly don't think lewis ferguson would get in the rangers team. Much better quality we need than him IMO!

Agree13 Disagree10

15 Dec 2018 15:02:57
I think Shinnie would be a good signing coop.

Agree1 Disagree18

15 Dec 2018 15:34:41
Ferguson would be pushing for a start but Shinnie wouldn’t, Jack is twice the player he is!

Agree13 Disagree8

15 Dec 2018 16:30:41
I would take shinnie as a squad player.

Agree1 Disagree16

15 Dec 2018 17:58:35
Rather than sign Ferguson I would rather Greg Doc got his chance. he's a better player than Ferguson imo.

Agree8 Disagree3

15 Dec 2018 18:12:13
Hopefully not Shinnie. Another defensive minded midfielder, we are well covered in that department. It’s a goal scoring and creative midfielder we need. Don’t think Ferguson is that creative but he does seem to have a knack of scoring important goals for Aberdeen. Like many others I’d like to see Doc given a chance.

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15 Dec 2018 22:43:03
Where the two Shinnie brothers not with Rangers in their youth and released?

Agree5 Disagree1

15 Dec 2018 22:49:41
Both would improve squad.

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15 Dec 2018 23:08:37
None of them good enough, we have decent squad players, any finance available needs to be channeled into players who will improve our starting 11, an no. 10 and a striker if possible.

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15 Dec 2018 23:08:59
Andrew shinnie was with us but not his brother.

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16 Dec 2018 17:03:06
Gersman, we don't need squad players, we've got loads of them. We need players who will immediately improve the first team and those they dispossess become squad players!

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15 Dec 2018 11:57:02
January targets.

Jordan jones, steven Davis and Lewis ferguson.

Believable4 Unbelievable12

15 Dec 2018 12:02:30
Jones Ferguson, thought we wanted better players.

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15 Dec 2018 16:24:11
I actually think shin ie would be a good signing. If we were to sign one player playing in Scotland to improve team who would u go for.

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15 Dec 2018 17:21:08

Agree2 Disagree3

15 Dec 2018 17:25:27
And bears if this was to happen would use be happy or gutted

What if we sell morales in January how would u want brought in solanke Defoe get hardie back or what.

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15 Dec 2018 17:34:37
Scotty if only liecster paid 13 million.

Agree0 Disagree2

15 Dec 2018 23:10:24
Leave Hardie out on loan, only scored 3 so far this season, and only just got up to fitness.

Agree4 Disagree1

16 Dec 2018 01:10:13
Lol I agree Jboy but if we could sign 1 player it’s him I’d go for.
Realistically it would have to be someone out of contract in summer or a low cost gamble on a player like Shankland. The young lad from Everton is a possibility and Davis coming back with maybe Jones from Killie is prob best we can do. Jan isn’t a time to spend cash, plans will be in place for summer and Stevie G needs a few windows to give us a chance.

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14 Dec 2018 19:14:43
Just received text from same guy who told me we were signing, Docherty, Arfield, Dorrans and mcgregor that James Morrison in the frame for January signing.

Believable2 Unbelievable11

14 Dec 2018 19:28:23
James morrison would be a good signing for us Jboy21.I'd still prefer steven davis though mate! Just my opinion mate. I like the sound of a rangers midfield of steven davis, ryan jack and scotty arfield!

Agree11 Disagree8

14 Dec 2018 20:14:26
That’s my preferred midfield super. With more games for Mccrorie.

Agree2 Disagree4

14 Dec 2018 22:20:36
Jboy21, do you prefer james morrison over steven davis mate?

Agree4 Disagree4

15 Dec 2018 08:09:45
Morrrison not in the same class as Davis imo. I’d take the 2 of them because Ejaria is obviously going back to Liverpool I’d be sending Coulibaly back to France in January and McCrorie is a squad player so we are short in midfield certainly quality wise. I also would be bringing Docherty back said from the start he should’ve of been kept unfortunately apart from Kent the loans have not worked out and if we can I’d be cancelling them in January.

Agree3 Disagree3

15 Dec 2018 09:45:04
agree on morrison lads he’d be a really good addition bags experience good engine, full international and wld upgrade our midfield as would davis - let’s get both!

we also def need another striker fredo can’t do it all on his own and laffs done ok but not brilliant we need more firepower to put teams away

another brace for hardie last night i see. will he ever get a chance i wonder?

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15 Dec 2018 09:59:34
Is Morrison even fit? I thought he has struggled badly the last year with injury, couple of years ago I'd say aye but not for me the now.

Agree4 Disagree1

15 Dec 2018 10:14:39
James Morrison is a Tim that’s a non starter straight away.

Agree5 Disagree11

15 Dec 2018 10:19:40
No he isn’t he’s English born and a Gers supporter and if he was so what.

Agree4 Disagree2

15 Dec 2018 10:24:04
Why are people convinced that if a players supports us or Celtic then they would never play for the other? Guess no one told kenny Dalglish that.

Agree2 Disagree0

15 Dec 2018 10:53:25
He’s definitely a one of them trust my word, he’s been seen in the manky mobbs end a few times, personally what we r trying to sign the now is hardcore bluenoses n Morrison ain’t one il take u for a beer if he signs for us.

Agree5 Disagree9

15 Dec 2018 10:57:47
James Morrision has in the past said " he a bit of a Rangers man" just the usual comments. He would greatly improve our midfield as woukd Davis. woukd have the 4 and rotate between Morrison, Davis, Jack and Arfield. plus hopefully Dorans can get fit.

Agree3 Disagree3

15 Dec 2018 11:09:15
Super I think both players better than we have. Taking one I'd prefer Davis.

Agree5 Disagree1

15 Dec 2018 11:11:04
Derrylad morrison 100% a blue nose.

Agree3 Disagree0

15 Dec 2018 11:18:32
Not that bothered for Morrison TBF. International yes, but international in an absolute dug meat Scotland team. Just a middle of the road midfielder that would end up on a big wage, I don't see him as a partucularly massive upgrade.

Agree3 Disagree2

15 Dec 2018 12:15:42
Would take Dowell before any of them he’s a big talent and would run riot up here.

Agree2 Disagree2

15 Dec 2018 14:03:23
Derrylad, i can also assure you that james morrison is a blue nose! He's never hidden he's a rangers man! Can't believe you didn't know that mate! He's no celtic man!

Agree6 Disagree0

15 Dec 2018 14:18:33
Jgg so how often have you watched Dowell.

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15 Dec 2018 14:34:22
James morrison has been quite injury prone of late, whereas stevie davis hasn't had injury problems throughout his career and is as fit as a butcher's dog! Also more importantly davis is a better midfielder than morrison! I've always been a massive fan of davo! He was superb for us first time around and would be again, for another 2 or 3 years at least. I really hope gerrard signs davis in january!

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15 Dec 2018 15:51:21
He was in the Celtic box with James mcclean it the old firm.

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15 Dec 2018 16:33:46
Yes because that person got the tickets and he took him with him! James morrison is a rangers fan mate. that's it in a nutshell! He's a bluenose!

Agree3 Disagree1

15 Dec 2018 17:09:21
Better off with Eddie Morrison than James Morrison.

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15 Dec 2018 17:36:29
A midfield of davis, jack and arfield preferred choice it seems. noW Tell me where is the creative spark we so desperately lack coming from with that trio?

Agree1 Disagree1

15 Dec 2018 18:44:31
Steven davis can provide the creative spark. Davo is an all-round midfielder.

Agree4 Disagree0

15 Dec 2018 22:50:34
Would love Davis back.

Agree1 Disagree0

15 Dec 2018 23:13:12
Does it really matter who they support? The best players are professional enough to separate work and the team they support. Also funny to think, not long ago we where all making songs about coulibaly.

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16 Dec 2018 11:11:43
Davis would be a great signing but he's not the no 10 we are looking for, however he would be a stand out in our current team.
Him, Jack and Arfield

More worried about a forward as the manky mob after 2 as well, we will be after the same players again no doubt.
Hopefully get Solanke with liverpool connections.

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14 Dec 2018 15:25:18
Having Players that can't cross a ball is not exclusive to Rangers, I've seen many other teams that can't get a cross by the first defender.
Europe is were you measure yourself as a Team, currently we are in the second European Competition, we reached the group stages this season, were last season we failed, so next season if we are to progress once more we must qualify from our group, I would expect it to be in the same competition.

We are not good enough to compete in the Champions League, that's a place were we should aim to end up. I'm disappointed by the result last night, but from where we have come from I'm encouraged, Stevie G must be doing something right after all he has us all dreaming again.

Believable6 Unbelievable1

14 Dec 2018 15:57:09
Rangers and celtic are so far behind 90% of European clubs. The group we got was a fair group considering where we've been, If we had got an arsenal, chelsea, sevilla etc do you think we would've got 2 draws against the "top team" no chance, old firm play in a dead league where no one wants to play in it, SFA need to open the leagues up and make it more competitive the leagues been dead for years and any chance of Scottish club doing well in Europe died long ago. the Scottish champions got embarrassed again in Europe this year first getting ko'd from cl and scrapping through the europa whereas gers went in 4th seed and took the group to the last game Gerrard has done amazing work in such a short time we need to back him and 55 will happen, Europe is a bonus considering we had 1 game last year to 15 this year amazing but league should be our bread and butter and enjoy any European games we get in future.

Agree2 Disagree4

14 Dec 2018 18:53:03
Didn't Celtic progress? I must have missed something.

Agree1 Disagree7

14 Dec 2018 21:09:20
Weren't they spawny and never on this earth deserved to progress? Mind you the plus side is it will be comedy gold watching the pumping they will get.

Agree1 Disagree0

14 Dec 2018 21:15:16
He did say that celtic scraped through, which is what happened!

good luck in the next round tho😁.

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15 Dec 2018 10:31:09
The standard of SPFL is the problem in attracting and developing talent.

I will put on m y hard hat and say Ejaria is one of the technically best players we have had for a while
he is totally unsuitable for the Scottish game. I think that says more about our game than the player.

I regret I have to agree with much of what D3ad said.

Agree1 Disagree1

13 Dec 2018 21:29:35
With Barisic back fit Stevie g now has to decide who is best back four is and stick with it so they can build up an understanding tav gets pelters on here but he has a different cb next to him nearly every game the balance isn't right in midfield we can't control a game as we are constantly giving the ball away they don't create chances all we do is get it out wide to wingers who can't even beat a man would like to c Mcrorie get a run as holding midfielder with Arfield and hopefully an attacking midfielder signed in January playing in front of him am all for giving players a chance to let them settle but have to agree Grezda looks a waste of money so would be Candeias and Kent for me if fit and not suspended.

Believable6 Unbelievable8

14 Dec 2018 01:20:26
Tav could have Cannavaro and Baresi next to him and would still be clueless.

Agree10 Disagree17

14 Dec 2018 05:15:51
I'll be honest grezda hasn't been great but he hasn't played much yet. The management must've seen something in him. Tavernier was pretty hopeless again tonight. He can't get his crosses by the first man.

Agree10 Disagree6

14 Dec 2018 05:16:02
Aye sounds about right.

Agree3 Disagree2

14 Dec 2018 05:17:22
Buy a right back who can defend, tav is never a defender or a captain, how can Gerrard not see that.

Agree10 Disagree12

14 Dec 2018 05:35:36
I'll tell you something tav gets a helluva time on here from our supporters. I'm the first to admit defensively is definitely not his strong point, but when he's out our team, we most definitely miss him offensively, big time! A lot of teams have right backs who are much better at their offensive game, opposed to their defensive game.

The difference being, that they have good players to cover their full backs, when they do bomb forward! IMO tav is the best right back in scotland, offensively,
which is and has been the traits of the modern day right back for well over a decade now! Our team under gerrard is in its infancy, rebuilding wise! Tav gets the stick continually, when there's much worse performers, who don't get half the stick! Tav is a very good footballer and nobody will change my thinking on that! When he's not in the team we have nowt, going forward, on our right hand side!

I never heard many bears criticising alan hutton, when he was playing out of his skin offensively, for us, before his move to spurs. He was similar styled to tav, as defence wasn't his strong point but he had better players, then at rangers, who could compensate, for his forward surging runs! Give tav a break for god's sake and back the guy, gerrard and our team as a whole! Rant over!

Agree19 Disagree11

14 Dec 2018 07:30:04
Read the players ratings from last night swagman and come back and tell me who in fact is clueless.

Agree8 Disagree2

14 Dec 2018 08:41:00

I think the issue most of us have with Tav is simple. He isn’t great at defending, but not good enough going forward. He’s stck between a rock and a hard place.

Agree4 Disagree16

14 Dec 2018 08:56:49
McGregors kick out was crap but Tav getting caught upfield and losing the ball -again-was the first step.
For the last few games, sheep and Dundee he is getting robbed to easily and often.

Agree5 Disagree8

14 Dec 2018 09:45:16
Coop leave it mate you can't win. I thought all the recent Zombie games, I thought just stupid, are really Our fans. Forget he's our top assist AGAIN, forget he works harder than anyone else, Forget he leads by example, forget the professionals who rate players have him as our second best player behind shagger or did till recently forget he's playing as instructed as a wing-back I Can hear them now, we don't play wing backs cause we said so, guess what we do play wing backs SG clearly does say so. Pinball Wizards all of them. Back to playing left 4 dead 2.

Agree12 Disagree3

14 Dec 2018 10:58:31
The level of negativity IMO is shocking on here.

I’ve got an idea if yous think tav is so bad give a viable replacement for him?

That should go for any player that people want us to get rid of give an example of a player we can afford that’s better.

Be happy for where we are don’t forget where we have been.

Agree6 Disagree1

14 Dec 2018 12:18:46
Frustratedbear - player recruitment is not our job. We don't have the ability to scout Europe or the world for a better right back. Mark Allen does, and it can't be hard to find one. Tav is awful. Truly, truly terrible. People go on about his assists as if that means something, it's really just an indictment of the midfield. He gets far too much of the ball and just because one of his 50 crossing attempts might end up in a goal doesn't excuse the other 49 that hit the first defender.

Agree2 Disagree6

14 Dec 2018 12:34:37
Maybe Mark Allen doesn’t think he can get better with the budget he has I would say another top centre half is more important than a right back I would even give Flanagan a chance at right back if we are in a game we need too be more defensive.
Just too add different point my only gripe with last night was bringing on Grezda who is the kind of player who likes too run with the ball and that pitch wasn’t any good for him.

Agree0 Disagree3

14 Dec 2018 14:14:53
Hey swagman you don’t have the ability to get rid of players or choose captains either and that certainly isn’t your job eh? Btw that mob sneaked in through the back door last night and are “light years ahead of us” so at least you’ll be able to tune in to them on a Thursday instead of criticising us on a daily basis?

Agree1 Disagree3

14 Dec 2018 14:33:40
I really feel sorry for Tav. he's the whipping boy now. If SG sees him as captain material he must be doing something right but it's got to the stage now when we lose a goal some fans check to see where Tav is before they blame anyone for goal.

Agree11 Disagree1

14 Dec 2018 19:09:46
I would put a quality centre back, a quality attacking midfield player and a class striker at the top of my list of priorities and would agree with Gerrard that we need better quality rather than more numbers. Personally I would prefer that we avoid bringing in more loan players unless they are significantly better than what we have.

Agree6 Disagree1

14 Dec 2018 19:24:59
Totally with you bluepete! There's a good few on here who contribute sweet FA, but try and sconse genuine,
rangers supporters, who follow rangers everywhere! I can assure them they're wasting their time, because its certainly water off a ducks back to me! Not at all meaning to be arrogant or big headed, but i without any doubt whatsoever KNOW,
that I know more about glasgow rangers and football in general, than they'll ever know! Now i've cast the line out, I can feel the bites already! Good to read your posts back on here TOMUSA! There is a good few brilliant contributers on here but don't get me started on some others!

Agree4 Disagree3

14 Dec 2018 20:59:27
Steady coop. Not questioning your support for the Gers or even your football knowledge but some of havers you've said about players, managers, past and present! Deary me.
This is a banter page and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Yours is no more valid than anybody else's. And we don't need a poll for that either.

Agree2 Disagree2

15 Dec 2018 11:50:09
Sharpshooter, I don't criticise us on a daily basis. I'm criticising a terrible player who is never Rangers quality. I still support him on a match day but when our captain constantly let's us down and is constantly to blame for opposition goals and wastes umpteen set pieces a game, as someone who has had a season ticket half his life, I'm entitled to my opinion.

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13 Dec 2018 18:16:16
Is anyone hearing story ejaria has been sacked by Gerrard due to indiscipline.
Returned to Liverpool.

Believable3 Unbelievable11

13 Dec 2018 18:52:59
Nope. What is your source?

Agree3 Disagree9

13 Dec 2018 19:03:08
Apparantly unsettled and not enjoying the physical aspect of the scottish game.

Agree5 Disagree5

13 Dec 2018 19:24:44
Keeping better players out the team anyway.

Agree2 Disagree6

13 Dec 2018 19:28:23
Heard he wanted to go home as not settled but also issues with timekeeping too so both parties agreed to let go as I hear it. Got that from a celtic fan and they are always up to date with all things Rangers! 😉.

Agree3 Disagree6

13 Dec 2018 19:50:04
I heard the same today. No great loss if true.

Agree4 Disagree5

13 Dec 2018 19:54:54
I get 2 disagrees for asking a source? some real roasters on this site.

Agree4 Disagree8

13 Dec 2018 20:35:11
He wouldn't be a big loss to be honest.

Agree3 Disagree5

13 Dec 2018 20:45:52
Slim Jim, Murray park, fell out with mcallister after Dundee game, says too physical up here, wants back to England
Too soft for me.

Agree5 Disagree4

14 Dec 2018 01:25:49
He’s been terrible since he joined yet was always one of the first names on the team sheet! He was useless! Doesn’t like it here because it’s too hard for him? Aww diddums! Chase yerself mate!

Agree1 Disagree5

14 Dec 2018 07:14:16
I won't miss Ejaria in rhe slightest. Rare flashes of class and always backs out from tackles. Looked not bad in European games because he had more time on the ball. The Dundee game sums it all up for me about his ability. No harm to the lad and thanks for his contribution to the Rangers fight. Can we bring Mr Davis into that position and finally get a strong midfielder who can tackle as well as go forward?

Agree1 Disagree5

14 Dec 2018 08:11:24
Glad to see him go! He prances about like Bambi and has the inability to pass the ball forward. If true. and he said that the Scottish game is too physical, that can only be detrimental to his career. Klopp will have none of that and just shove him out to clubs like Fleetwood and Barnet. Where he belongs.

Agree1 Disagree4

14 Dec 2018 09:37:50
The indiscipline is that he was late for training the other week I think, before Villarreal game I believe.

Agree1 Disagree1

14 Dec 2018 10:08:39
Cheers Jboy, i hadn't heard that mate.

Agree0 Disagree2

13 Dec 2018 17:30:07
Hearing that Rangers are looking into a young prospect in Gavin Campbell, only 16 but recognised by Scotland u20's. Worth a shot?

Believable0 Unbelievable3

13 Dec 2018 20:47:05
Who does Gavan Campbell play for.

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