26 Feb 2020 00:46:53
Guys the rumour is kamara had a bust up with Goldson in dubai over the vice captin position mccalister had to split it up kamara called Goldson out for not commanding the defence while the midfeilds efforts to stop goals were being let down by Goldson not pulling his weight its all coming out now.

1.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 08:59:45
Something has happened, this is nearly March and we're showing no signs of improvement from this slump. It's got to be more than a loss of form. There's many rumours/ stories going around about what may or may not have happened in Dubai. For example, I was told yesterday that certain members of the squad requested a meeting with the management about Morelos being rewarded with extra time off after being sent off in a big game (Celtic 29th) whilst they were all getting hammered with double sessions in the soaring heat. Apparently, a more defensive minded player asked if he got himself sent off would he be rewarded with an extended break or is it only for a gaffers favourite and that 3/ 4 of the squad has lost respect for the gaffer. Again, we don't know what happened, just putting that rumour out there.

2.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 09:46:33
Heard it all now. kamara bearly good enough for bench never mind vice captain.

3.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 09:47:04
Childish stuff moaning because someone has a few days more holiday than me oh come on so what that is never an excuse to let the rest of your team mates and supporters down are we men or babies.

4.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 10:46:25
Something has definitely happened in Dubai, I also heard Kamara was main moaner and pulled most of the team on his side, not heard anything about SG losing dressing room though. Just when we need a Kenny Miller to tell all.

5.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 11:14:38
don't believe any of it. when you think about it how wold any one know if Kamara had a tantrum at all. more to do with external club interest if you ask me.

6.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 12:53:22
Think this is more of this crap where someone sits in a darkened room thinking up reasons posting it and others thinking that sounds good Iโ€™ll post it and on it goes
So Kamara takes the huff because Morelos gets a few extra days off to play in a charity match Kamara arguing with Goldston players meetings asking if they got sent off would they get extra days off ETC, well they must have been sitting in the room if true itโ€™s a kindergarten not a football team itโ€™s all rubbish.

7.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 14:22:36
It's a deliberate ploy to undermine what we were achieving in the 1st half of the season, and it's worked with fans turning on the Manager and players. We need to forget all this made up crap, and act like highly paid professional footballers, either play for the jersey or go.

8.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 16:01:49
Nothing happened in Dubai. Need to stop looking for excuses, the team had a chance of the title with our first choice XI, we have had numerous injuries and our form and confi'dnce has been hit hard. Celtic have been relentless and any other season we would on there coat tails.
We can improve, we will improve, getting rid of SG would set us back further.

9.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 16:31:12
Sir Struth, ti'm to move on mate. Complacency and lack of focus set it on back of 29th December result, we are all to blame.

10.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 19:11:45
Absolute tosh.

11.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 20:30:20
Doc, you could write for Kevin Bridges and sell out the O2 with that material.

12.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 20:54:44
Does anybody actually watch the team celebrate together or listen to their interviews after the game? Doesnโ€™t seem like a team with serious issues against each other to me.

13.) 26 Feb 2020
26 Feb 2020 22:12:16
Tjbb. A cracker pal, made me laugh.

14.) 27 Feb 2020
27 Feb 2020 06:03:43
We looked very much together last night against braga! Our management team our players and everyone connected with glasgow rangers! ๐Ÿ˜€.

15.) 27 Feb 2020
27 Feb 2020 08:58:11
How many times. Nothing happened in Dubai!

16.) 27 Feb 2020
27 Feb 2020 09:14:39
Well said Supercoop, completely agree.

17.) 27 Feb 2020
27 Feb 2020 12:33:56
Kamara barely good enough, brilliant.

18.) 27 Feb 2020
27 Feb 2020 19:25:30
Rick i would say the way he's played since the start if december he is extremely lucky to still be in squad. Had mccrorie or doc still been here would have them in b4 Kamara anyday.

19.) 28 Feb 2020
27 Feb 2020 22:32:40
Absolute p**h, nothing happened at all in Dubai! Stop listening and believing the eastend nuggets, who make up what they don't know and some of you guys on here believe it! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Stevie Clifford from fourladshadadream has always had the best info on rangers there is out there and is very trustworthy in his info on all things rangers! Read his blog on it! He's yet again bang on the money ๐Ÿ’ฐ! Ignore the noise from the enemy and if you believe them,
hell mend yous! ๐Ÿค”.

20.) 28 Feb 2020
27 Feb 2020 23:51:58
No Iโ€™m afraid Kamara is a better player than both of them and I would still have had Glen Kamara in the squad ahead of both of those 2. Those other 2 will never be good enough to get in our midfield where as Kamara has proven on his day that he can.

21.) 28 Feb 2020
28 Feb 2020 20:12:55
When was the last time he had a decent game? October?