28 Feb 2020 21:21:47
Read that Leeds are tracking goldson and Kent with a view to a summer double swoop. Any thoughts? Me personally think both are replaceable but think we are building a decent team just now. IMO unless we get top money I reckon we keep them.

1.) 28 Feb 2020
28 Feb 2020 22:22:30
Cant see them going for Kent. I seem to recall them being interested last summer but not wanting to pay the fee that we did, so can't see it happening.

2.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 00:45:39
Marco c, maybe they though they would get him cheap from us, due to his poor form, before the braga game, for bye that kents always getting slaughtered on rangers sites. maybe they thought he was unhappy, yea never know.

3.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 00:50:02
Leeds have been watching Goldson all season, but not Kent.

4.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 01:26:32
IF and it is a big IF leeds utd came in the summer to try and sign connor goldson and ryan kent from rangers,
what do we reckon the minimum fee we should accept, for both players in a double swoop by them? I personally would but a combined bounty of no less than £18million, ie. nothing less than £8million for goldson and nothing less than £10million for kent! 🤔🤔.

5.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 05:05:07
Yes would imo let them take goldson. Very replaceable.

6.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 07:02:09
Sgl. goldson has been nothing short of shocking so 8 mill seems a bit far out. Also kent bar goal v them and braga does not make a 10 mill player. Ryan kent has not had an assist in the league in over a whole year. Last february was his last league assist.

7.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 07:22:31
Sgl last eeek on here both these players were worth a fiver with some of our experts so can’t see us getting 18mlion.

8.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 07:47:09
Paul86 you have to open your eyes. Katic brough goldson down. Braga proved it. Katic has been the week link for months. As soon as he was dropped they turned into nesta and maldini. Katic is shocking, not goldson. Once again made a scapegoat.

9.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 08:12:06
Its wasnt katic that made goldson have howlers last season. It wasnt katic who was somehow never managed to give away a pen at hamilton. His positioning the 2 goals braga scored was goldsons fault. Slower than a week in the jail. Katic is also poor. Said from the very 1st time i saw the lad that big george will end up being our best CH. Goldson has cracking games in him don't get me wrong. But to inconsistent. And prone to serious lapse in concentration.

10.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 08:28:34
Due to percentage sell on to Liverpool go make it worth our while there would have to be a large mark up on the 7million we paid. However if Leeds are promoted that would not be a problem considering teams like sheff Utd etc pay 20m for Ollie mcburnies etc. But I don’t see Kent and Goldson as players we would be looking to move on anytime soon.

11.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 08:35:07
Leeds will only go in if they get into EPL Like someone said Leeds wanted Kent and were only able to offer 5m before Rangers come in with 6.5m plus add ons which matched Club Brugge but he preferred Rangers of course!

So I see some people are still under valuing out players

If Leeds are going up then we can take anything less than 10m for Goldson He is well worth that Look at the experience he has gained with Rangers with Europe aswell

We bought him for 3m and he is worth at least three times that now

Kent is another that we will keep He is part of Rangers for a couple of more years So can't see him going anywhere by that time he will be worth at least 20m!

Here are the true worth of player playing in the SPL who if they shine with new clubs depending on where they end up will make profits especially EPL as transfers are crazily overvalued!

Current Values for Assets:

Alfredo Morelos 18-25m
Ianis Hagi (not sure not been here long enough and not our player as of yet)
Joe Aribo circa 15m
Ryan Kent 10-13m
Borna Barisic 12m
James Tavernier 10m
Connor Goldson 8-10m
Filip Hellander 5m

These values may alter and likely to be higher for some players due to participating in Europeqn competition and also for International team in Europe.

12.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 09:36:25
Since SG came to the club there has been nobody that has made mistakes tgat have lead to more goals than Goldson. Quite rightly someone above has stated that he is capable of having the odd great game as we have seen but almost all of the mistakes Gokdson has made is due to poor reading of the game and poor concentration. Katic has undoubtedly had a few bad games recently and his desire to go win the ball no matter where it is without considering his position in the defence is his biggest issue. I've said before on here that when Goldson and Katic are pairef together Katic should be instructed to go win the ball and Goldson should drop in and cover the space. People on here have said that Goldson is always covering the space left by Katic but the big problem is he NEVER covers it. If Katic goes to win the ball and loses out which isn't unfathomable against big strikers Goldson is almost always square to Katic which means the opposition are in behind if they win the flick ons.

Heroic display by Goldson and Edmundson in Braga though and they rightly keep the jerseys for todays game.

5 million tops for Goldson unless he puts in similar displays to his Braga one until the end of the season. Its still a profit and although I point out his flaws Goldson was a massive upgrade on what we had pre Gerrard. So please don't see this as me just nit picking on Goldson. I've said time and time again on here that he is decent but no better than that. Is decent where we want to be? Is decent as much as we can afford? Nonetheless I get behind all the players on matchday whether they are in or out of form or whether they make mistakes.

13.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 10:32:20
Katic beside goldson makes goldson look worse IMHO. Big goldson tries to cover katic when he has erratic spells in a game. Its most definitely goldson and edmundson that looks the better centre half partnership, for now anyway. Big edmundson is the faster of the 4 centre halfs into the bargain!

14.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 11:07:24
Totally agree SGL. Goldson and Edmundson must start after that display in Braga👍.

15.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 11:13:47
The 2 braga goals at ibrox weren't goldson's fault! Katic was caught out of position! I'm afraid katic for me is the weeklink and the proof is when goldson has partnered both helander and edmundson, the both partnerships have looked good together. That tells you all you need to know Paul 86! Totally agree with you, Tjrfc! Katic for me, IS the weak link.

16.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 12:21:46
Kazmania itnwas only 2 weeks ago everybody and there dog was sayin we have paid way over the odds for kent. Now he's being touted at 13mill. he's not been great simce returning to us. Will give you the morelos and borna valuations as bang on. Our most valuable midfielder with out a doubt is ryan jack.

17.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 13:01:22
“Goldson has been nothing short of shocking” Really? He’s played nearly every game for us this season. He’s so shocking that we are 2nd in league, still in cup (as I type) and in the last 16 in Europe. Yeah, he’s absolutely shocking.

Good grief.

18.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 14:38:29
Being 2nd in the league is not a good achievement mate.

19.) 29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 23:29:28
Paul, that's why there's a poster/ notice on team door? Saying second is last.