19 Dec 2020 20:21:52
Everytime i listen to neil mccann on RTV, i'm impressed with him. He's a terrific pundit and knows football inside out. He has a terrific knowledge of the tactical side of the game.
Always liked wee neily, terrific guy/ winger πŸ‘Œ
I still think he has the ability/ knowledge to be a very good manager again someday πŸ‘Œ
He just talks absolute sense!

1.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 20:41:05
Well said i echo your points cracking tactical awareness.

2.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 20:49:38
Said this a few weeks ago about mcann he would make a great youth coach at rangers his knowledge and how he explains the game would help young players trying to make it in the game and he's played for the club and knows what it takes.

3.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 20:50:51
SGL I feel he has found his role in footy.

4.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 20:51:14
SGL our nickname for him at the time of his playing days was The Whippet. Not sure if anyone else called him that though mate.

5.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 20:54:26
Great pundit McCann, huge fan of his, and, unpopular opinion alert, I think he's a lot better than Kevin Thomson.

6.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 21:06:39
What I love about wee McCann is he has always stood up for us and always fights our corner when others haven't. Considering he is from a staunch Celtic family he has never forgotten his ties to Rangers and has always backed us.
Just like you, John, I believe wee Neil has found his calling in the media and that's where I think he'll continue instead of in the dugout.

7.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 21:15:50
John25, agreed, not everynpundit makes a manager and vice versa.

8.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 21:49:03
BMGH01,neil mccann's dad eddie was also a lovely man mate. Sadly his dad eddie passed away a couple of years ago. His dad was proud of his son neil, playing for rangers πŸ‘ Spoke to his dad outside the main stand at ibrox when neil was playing for us πŸ‘.

9.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 22:00:02
He’s the Scottish Gary Neville, flopped as a manager but great pundit.

10.) 19 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 22:22:28
I heard that about his dad, mate.
I worked with a guy who knew him and his family, but more so wee McCann's brother who was supposedly a right bitter Celtic man.
I loved the way he took Rangers to his heart and has continued with his love affair throughout the years. He was always quick to defend Rangers through everything we went through when other wanted to kick us at every turn.

11.) 20 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 23:29:59
BMG great post wee Neil has always spoke highly of us and I remember SG saying the work wee Neil done with Glen Kamara was first class at Dundee we could do worse than put him on the coaching staff.

12.) 20 Dec 2020
19 Dec 2020 23:40:47
RFC cb
I agree KT is a great choice but his voice would put you to sleep on rangers TV Tom Miller is well is horrendous has to turn the sound down earlier.

13.) 20 Dec 2020
20 Dec 2020 01:03:55
Loved his time with us. Great player with a terrific attitude and a first class pundit.

14.) 20 Dec 2020
20 Dec 2020 03:00:40
Sgl. Totally agree bud.

I seen a bit of Neil McCann when he was at Dundee. I followed him when he went to hearts and I absolutely loved it when he signed for us. He’s easily one of my favourite people in football and I could listen to the guy for hours.

John, you are probably right about the media thing and probably hard to disagree but I would love to see him back coaching, preferably at rangers in some capacity.