13 Apr 2017 08:10:21
Barrie McKay has turned down offer to extend current contract!

1.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 08:50:02
Let's be honest, yes Barry McKay is a decent player, but not consistently enough, if he doesn't want to extend his contract then bye Barry, if u don't wanna stay we don't want ya, keeping and signing players that want to stay / play for rangers is an absolute must

2.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 09:59:10
Well said Fleetwoodbear, No man is bigger than Rangers Football Club

3.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 10:01:28
Yep he still got year left on his contract so sell him now and if he doesn't want go then freeze him outa football. hd soon want go then

4.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 10:07:55
If anyone has any sales background you pretty much never accept the first offer to start a negotiation. Just more scaremongering by the Scottish press. Just like all these stories about the prem teams buying Celtics entire team. All talk, not believe any of it until confirmed! All aimed at enticing us away from kings sound progressive business model.

5.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 10:28:26
Wee McKay is a decent if not inconsistent player, I get the impression he's starting to rate himself as Billy Big Bollocks! if that's the case then get rid of him! don't need any premaddonas in our team when we're trying to pull together

6.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 11:04:02
Warburton will be in for his teachers pets in summer. McKay, Tav, Kiernan (please please please) and possibly Waggy. Give McKay a good deal and log him to Forrest for £4m cash with 12% sell on. Wont forget McKay pulling out of 60/ 40 tackles and coming off pitch having not worked up a sweat.

7.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 11:05:56
Lads let's calm it with the "we don't want ya" and "freeze him out" chat. you have no idea what the offer was from rangers, it we low-balled him would you expect him to sign it? I suspect we will offer him more money in the coming weeks and he will sign a new contract. let's not start turning against our own!

8.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 11:31:27
Mckay young talented lad personally i would get him on 4 yr deal see how next 2 yr go if need b cash in on him as who else right now can we sell for desent cash personally no one except maybe £500.000 to £750.000 for walace or tav

9.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 12:10:25
It's all fake news! Perfectly normal for almost every player to turn down the first offer.

It's a great way to encourage all the fans who are desperate to slag off the team on here!

Seems to me that based on early performances, Pedro will be able to improve Barrie and turn him into a better more consistent player who can be sold on in a few years for a decent sum.

In the meantime, just get behind the players and offer encouragement

10.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 14:35:30
Forrest don't have 2 bob to rub together. There's no chance he'll go there. The report his story comes from hints that Everton are waiting in the wings for him. Pardon the pun.

11.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 15:56:17
Should slap a big price tag on him like the rest of our competitors do.

12.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 17:22:20
Get shot of him. He is an internationalist. Only 21 he will bring in decent money. I would take £2m now.

13.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 17:24:44
Have just began discussions and this is opening offer Long way to go. Yes he needs to add to his game but he has been our best player for last 2 years and has a fantastic touch. Really want the boy to stay and flourish under the new manager.

14.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 17:26:57
I don't think mckay is as good as he thinks he is yes he's got a good 1st touch and a wee bit of trickery but let's be honest most professional footballers should . his decision making is poor and he can't cross a ball i would cash in if we get a good offer for him.

15.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 17:27:20
Anybody that trains wearing a wooly hat, snood and gloves in April is a snowflake and needs punted in my book 😂.

16.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 18:44:17
Get warburton on the phone he was always touting him as a player. Wee Barrie to Nottingham Forest!

17.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 18:45:44
with mckay if any clubs want him for a decent fee plus sell on percentage they should let the lad leave he is not consistent enough and the funds would help pedro in the transfer market he does not get enough goals or assists for the position he plays.

18.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 18:47:00
Cardiffblue, that's enough of talking sense for 1 day mate 😂👍.

19.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 18:51:45
I'd sell him in the summer, as someone said hopefully warbs comes in with a daft offer. If we get over 2mil for him, grab it. 70/30 tackles he craps himself, too inconsistent, too light weight, his final ball is awful. I'm not turning against the kid because he refused to sign a new contract. I actually said this last season.

Dodoo showed mckay in 5 mins at aberdeen how its done. Dodoo has to get a run of games, build his confidence and me might just have a gem. He has the attributes, physical, pace, height and we know he can finish.

20.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 18:57:36
Barrie's a very talented player but very inconsistent and the end product isn't the greatest at times! IF he's not interested in signing a new deal sell him and use the money to get Vladimir Weiss back!

21.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 19:17:46
don't understand only 4 months ago Barry was rated at 8 million and lepzig wanted him how has it changed?

22.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 23:15:00
What is it wi these so called superstars.
Surely Mckay should look at the rest of the billy big boys who left the mighty Rangers and done nothing with their careers . Rhys McCabe, Jamie Ness, Lewis McLeod, Greg Wylde, all decent when they broke through and thought they were better than us, moved on to bigger things! Dunfermline, Scunthorpe, Brentford and Northampton. Well done lads 😂

23.) 13 Apr 2017
13 Apr 2017 23:05:44
Guys, look at Pedro's presser today, he deals superbly with question on Barry without committing either way. Believe Pedro rates the lad and wants to work with him and develop him into a special player. Barry should continue to discuss all aspects of the next stage of his career including medium and long term. Believe Barry is best served by agreeing improvement to his current deal and agreeing that the next and critical phase is best served at Ibrox.

24.) 14 Apr 2017
14 Apr 2017 09:16:26
"Dodoo has to get a run in the team" C'mon, things are getting stupid on this forum now.

25.) 14 Apr 2017
14 Apr 2017 15:15:10
Everton? are they no in the top 6 of the epl?

lucky to go to shewsbury, he needs time to develop now he is mr inconsistent .

and the 4 million carry on? lucky toget 2 millon, no euro experience.

26.) 14 Apr 2017
14 Apr 2017 16:51:54
I wouldn't say dodoo is physical tbh