Rangers Voting Polls

2017-06-27 00:25:08
Vote on Would you prefer Dorrans or McLean? Vote Here


2017-06-22 14:57:44
Vote on Who would you like to see leave first - Tav or Hodson? Vote Here


2017-06-19 18:24:19
Vote on Would you prefer to win the Scottish Premiership title or win the Europa Cup? Vote Here


2017-05-28 11:13:08
Vote on How much will Pedro spend before the start of the season? Vote Here


2017-05-27 01:31:20
Vote on Would you prefer Rangers to sign louis moult or liam boyce? Vote Here


2017-05-16 21:11:14
Vote on Do you want Garner to stay or have a new striker? Vote Here


2017-05-08 11:56:56
Vote on Would you like to see Sir David Murray back at the helm of Rangers? Vote Here


2017-05-01 11:47:19
Vote on Which manager would you want to replace Pedro? Vote Here


2017-04-30 21:36:34
Vote on How long do you want to give pedro caixinha if no significant improvement is seen in Rangers results? Vote Here


2017-04-19 19:44:00
Vote on Who would you rather Rangers meet in the 2017 Scottish Cup final if we beat the mob on Sunday? Vote Here


2017-04-19 14:36:53
Vote on Do you back Dave king to succeed at Rangers? Vote Here


2017-03-13 20:40:19
Vote on Who would you like to assist Pedro? Vote Here


2017-03-09 17:10:35
Vote on Do you believe that dk will live up to his promise of new manager and director of football, in the next 2 months? Vote Here


2017-02-02 13:46:55
Vote on Who would you like to replace Mark Warburton with? Vote Here


2017-02-01 22:31:54
Vote on Do you want Warburton to leave immediately or stay? Vote Here