Rangers Voting Polls

2018-04-15 21:07:04
Vote on Do you want Murty as manager? Vote Here


2018-04-08 23:43:58
Vote on Would you like Murty to be Rangers manager next season? Vote Here


2018-04-07 22:29:01
Vote on should andy halliday start in our midfield against celtic, in the scottish cup semi final at hampden, next sunday? Vote Here


2018-03-25 16:23:00
Vote on Do you want Walter Smith back as our manager short term or not at all? Vote Here


2018-03-24 16:39:44
Vote on Should the tims get more, less or the same ticket allocation as they currently get? Vote Here


2018-03-18 16:19:46
Vote on Who do you want as Rangers manager for next season? Vote Here


2018-03-17 12:32:27
Vote on Would you prefer Josh Thompson or Andy Halliday as cover on the left for Rangers? Vote Here


2018-03-13 23:44:29
Vote on Should Graeme Murty be the permanent Rangers manager beyond this season, or should someone else be appointed? Vote Here


2018-03-08 13:00:07
Vote on Nae legs wants back in does anyone want him back? Vote Here


2018-03-08 12:42:53
Vote on Do you think Supercoopereleven loves a Voting Poll? Vote Here


2018-03-07 17:22:16
Vote on Do you want to sign Jason Cummings permanently? Vote Here


2018-03-05 10:44:37
Vote on Regarding this Sunday match against Celtic, would you prefer: Vote Here


2018-03-01 18:05:15
Vote on Which Rangers signing in January has been the best thus far? Vote Here


2018-02-26 18:20:49
Vote on Do you want young up and coming Murty or someone else? Vote Here


2018-02-24 09:27:45
Vote on Was Barry Ferguson a terrific midfielder or was he overrated? Vote Here