Rangers Voting Polls

2017-10-07 15:31:28
Vote on Who is the most negative poster on this Rangers Rumours web site? Vote Here


2017-09-28 20:22:01
Vote on Do you want another Rangers manager yet? Vote Here


2017-09-14 20:01:58
Vote on Who would you prefer as Rangers kit manufacturer? Vote Here


2017-08-25 14:23:14
Vote on Do you think moult would be a good signing? Vote Here


2017-08-22 10:35:30
Vote on How long do you want to give Pedro before wanting him sacked? Vote Here


2017-08-14 18:12:34
Vote on Would you prefer Alnwick or Foderingham as starting goalkeeper for Rangers? Vote Here


2017-08-07 19:02:06
Vote on Should Ailnwick get picked for League Cup games (all) instead of Fods? Vote Here


2017-07-23 18:17:00
Vote on Should Kenny Miller be in our starting 11? Vote Here


2017-07-06 10:04:57
Vote on Who do you think should be Rangers Captain? Vote Here


2017-07-05 15:04:00
Vote on Should Rangers fans be behind and support Pedro Caixinho as manager? Vote Here


2017-07-05 12:28:08
Vote on Who would replace Pedro if he is sacked? Vote Here


2017-07-03 11:25:31
Vote on Who would you prefer to be in goal this season for Rangers? Vote Here


2017-06-27 00:25:08
Vote on Would you prefer Dorrans or McLean? Vote Here


2017-06-22 14:57:44
Vote on Who would you like to see leave first - Tav or Hodson? Vote Here


2017-06-19 18:24:19
Vote on Would you prefer to win the Scottish Premiership title or win the Europa Cup? Vote Here