Rangers Voting Polls

2018-01-20 16:40:33
Vote on Who do think is Rangers best signing so far this January 2018? Vote Here


2018-01-17 20:47:56
Vote on Which box to box midfielder would you prefer Rangers to sign? Vote Here


2018-01-12 00:27:47
Vote on Who would you prefer to sign between Naismith and Cummings? Vote Here


2018-01-08 08:34:51
Vote on Do we think we should change our attitude as fans at ibrox? Vote Here


2018-01-03 01:06:55
Vote on Would you like Naismith back playing for Rangers? Vote Here


2017-12-30 00:02:04
Vote on What do you think josh windass is worth as a possible transfer fee? Vote Here


2017-12-28 12:39:55
Vote on Is it an English, Russian or Arab sugar daddy we want? Vote Here


2017-12-21 18:55:32
Vote on Do you want Mike Ashley back involved in Rangers FC? Vote Here


2017-12-20 17:47:55
Vote on Would you prefer Frank de Boer or Tony Pulis as Rangers Manager? Vote Here


2017-12-06 19:51:50
Vote on Would you prefer Derek McInnes or a realistic other manager? Vote Here


2017-12-06 13:12:27
Vote on Who would you prefer to be in charge on 30 Dec 2017 for the Old Firm game? Vote Here


2017-12-04 18:00:41
Vote on Would you Mike Ashley if he invested 30 million in Gers? Vote Here


2017-12-04 10:48:57
Vote on Was Ryan Jacks tackle a red card? Vote Here


2017-11-11 13:47:47
Vote on Would you prefer Murty or McInnes as Rangers Manager? Vote Here


2017-11-05 11:46:38
Vote on Who would you prefer as the next Rangers Manager out of the following? Vote Here