Rangers Voting Polls

2018-08-13 21:47:21
Vote on What players would you like to see at Ibrox more? Vote Here


2018-08-13 12:30:23
Vote on Would you pay 750k to have Lafferty back at Rangers? Vote Here


2018-08-09 19:00:07
Vote on Josh Windass has signed for Wigan for reported £2.5m. Is this good business or would you have kept him? Vote Here


2018-08-09 14:49:00
Vote on Liverpool which striker would you prefer on loan? Danny Ings or Dominic Solanke? Vote Here


2018-08-08 12:43:40
Vote on If Tav goes then who should get the captaincy? Vote Here


2018-07-28 13:34:10
Vote on Who would you like to see as chairman? Vote Here


2018-07-26 13:51:00
Vote on What badge would you prefer on our tops? Vote Here


2018-07-21 15:32:16
Vote on Do you think the latest game against the Croatian side might have come too premature for where we are just now? Vote Here


2018-07-16 12:33:44
Vote on Should josh windass remain at Rangers, or should Rangers sell josh windass? Vote Here


2018-07-10 21:23:03
Vote on Do, you, think, supercooper, uses, too, many, commas,? Vote Here


2018-07-08 19:50:41
Vote on Can Morelos score the goals required to win us the title or a cup? Vote Here


2018-07-07 10:02:13
Vote on What is Ross McCrorie's best playing position? Vote Here


2018-06-29 22:51:23
Vote on Who out of the following players do you reckon was the better midfielder? Vote Here


2018-06-23 12:07:24
Vote on If Tav stays who will be right back Tav or Flanagan? Vote Here


2018-06-23 11:23:02
Vote on Do you think Tav will be sold? Vote Here