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22 Mar 2017 23:04:08
Davie Cooper 22 years gone tomorrow
Will we ever see the likes again in the Royal Blue.

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22 Mar 2017 21:50:51
Fraser Aird looked good tonight or are Scotland so bad they made him look good?

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22 Mar 2017 23:59:22
I think personally it was down to Scotland being so poor, Chesney really hasn't a clue. He needs to go. As far as who would replace him I have no idea. I don't think the world's best manager could do something with this team they are shockingly bad.

23 Mar 2017 00:07:15
Unfortunately a bit of both. Always liked the wee man. Never got a chance to develop fully at Rangers and when we did play him, it was out of position. No doubt us letting him go will come back to haunt us like Ross McCormack et al.

Shame about Wallace's error for their goal but he did more than enough in that 45mins to redeem himself. We never really looked a threat going forward after Strachan subbed him. So well done to Lee. Good effort,

Easter Road was embarrassing tonight. Pitch was a disgrace.

23 Mar 2017 09:55:05
Aird go let go because he was garbage. same for McCormack, yes he went down south and forged a decent career but when he was with us he was mince and that's what the coaching staff at the time had to judge him on. these players that leave to go to smaller clubs often do well because there's less pressure

23 Mar 2017 11:24:26
JLS that's what the loan system is for. You can't argue that Rangers squander potential talent. The proof is out there to see. Too often do we financially back a young players development only for other clubs to reep the benefits. Fraser Aird and MOH are very similar players IMO, we paid for one and let the other go. Doesn't make sense.

27 Mar 2017 21:02:53
The only similarity is that they're both headless doos mate.

22 Mar 2017 21:41:54
Dont know if anyone bothered to watch the scotland game but fraser Aird looked a player why did we let him go?

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22 Mar 2017 15:55:19
I read John Hartson saying it was the best medical he ever failed at Ibrox, lol, yeah ok, it wasn't that when you were sitting on a wall outside Ibrox crying that day because you failed the medical :-D.

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22 Mar 2017 16:53:28
He also failed one at Spurs, he was just a big lump although he did alright for Celtic and suited their style of strength over skill at the time.

22 Mar 2017 19:49:08
i can still remember the tears streaming down his wee fat face 😂

22 Mar 2017 20:11:37
Cullin pure quality mate .
Larsson, Petrov, Lubo, Thomson, Petta, Lambert all known for being strong over skill lol.

23 Mar 2017 13:27:00
Rayman, O'Neill's teams were well known for being strong and physical. However the likes of Elliot at Leicester and Balde at the dhims often crossed the boundaries into downright cheating. Ask Ronald deBoer if you ever meet him.

22 Mar 2017 15:50:55
Huddersfield just paid over £1 million for loanee from less than average german team. What price Waghorn now? Got to be in excess of £3 million.

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22 Mar 2017 09:10:55
I wouldn't let Neil McCann anywhere near Rangers. The guy is the biggest closet Celtic fan in punditry. He had a Celtic tattoo while playing for Rangers and for a few years at Ibrox he signed his name as a scribble which closely resembled the word 'Celtic'. I've got a match ball signed by players as proof. He's a wrong un.

{Ed001's Note - you really need to get out more. Or grow up. Either works. Scottish football is not a joke because of the level of the game, it is because of this kind of embarrassing bigoted idiocy.}

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22 Mar 2017 09:47:45
McCann isn't much of a closet celtic fan. it's well known, but we couldn't care less. Even at that pretty sure we managed to "convert" him, he praises us more than them these days.

22 Mar 2017 09:55:27
@ed001 - well said. As a club we'll never move on from the year 1690 with idiot supporters like the above.

22 Mar 2017 10:41:02
I can remember that beautiful day in 1999 at Celtic park when Rangers won the league winning 3-0 with Neil McCann scoring TWICE and breaking Celtic hearts all over the world. He looked like a massive Celtic fan that day. Unbelievable.


22 Mar 2017 11:21:32
Scott macdonald family Celtic daft he's Celtic daft but what a turn he done us on helicopter Sunday.

22 Mar 2017 12:41:05
Wait. What? I'm an 'idiot bigot' because I don't want a Celtic man at Rangers? Sorry but I don't see how that's bigoted? Think a few of you need to look up the definition of a bigot. I don't like Neil McCann. End of. The guy ruined a fully signed match ball by signing Celtic on it instead of his name. That's unforgivable.

{Ed001's Note - if you don't see how that's bigoted then there is no hope for you.}

22 Mar 2017 12:42:39
@UnionJack - 1690? What are you talking about mate? Your name's UnionJack. Give me strength man

22 Mar 2017 12:43:06
Met Neil McCann relatively occasionally through work. Always found him a brilliant guy, very articulate and knowledgable and someone who always spoke really fondly of Rangers

22 Mar 2017 13:41:57
Ed001 how is the name Union Jack bigoted. If you read the guys post he is actually agreeing with you. You are entitled to your opinion regarding the main post, and that's fine but for some reason you seem to have a bee in your bonnet on this site. don't see you jumping in when the tramps jump in all over the shop spouting their Lillian Gish. or is that just banter?

{Ed001's Note - wtf are you on about? I never said anything to UJ. I give up. I just give up. No one can even be bothered to read, they are too busy trying to make up lies in their head to be offended about!}

22 Mar 2017 14:04:02
Ed001 your right. I sincerely apologise. I thought the post was tagged to you. a kiss and a wee cuddle is on it's way💋

{Ed001's Note - ahhh ok I see now what you mean. That makes sense. I have no issues with UJ, he has been one of the best posters on the sites, across all 70 or so sites we have.}

22 Mar 2017 15:30:32
@vote4pedro - oh dear. You have a go at me for calling you an idiot for your outdated views and confirm your idiocy by having a go at my user name? You've embarrassed yourself son!

22 Mar 2017 16:07:10
Guys I don't understand this ex player stuff, I come on here and give pelters and u do like wise but I can't fathom the "he used to play for so and so" stuff.
If I was a player and played against Celtic I would a loved to score against them, then they may take notice of me.

Just can't understand this as any pro gets out there and gives 100%.
I personally like McCann as a pundit and couldn't care what team he played for, I also like Dalziel on clyde as he quite funny.
Its surely silly to dislike someone because of who they played for or their background.

Your actually not giving an opinion based on what any pundit says if you are just slating him based on his background and no one with an ounce of intelligence has any interest in it either.

Sutton is a typical one, He slated Deila many many times on TV and not a peep from yourselves but soon as he mentioned Warburton or Rangers you get all on your high horse.

Any pundit is entitled to an opinion and its up to you to agree or disagree, the more controversial they are the more exposure they get.

22 Mar 2017 19:45:06
If I can defend Vote4Pedro. The comments were infantile and anti-Celtic (and maybe even a wind-up) but I don't think they were bigoted.

If a Ross County supporter said the same about an ex-Ross County player who supported Inverness, we'd laugh it off as being stupid.

Bigoted is a word we throw about too readily.

22 Mar 2017 20:51:08
I don't like McCann because he signed the word Celtic on my fully signed Rangers ball. He did this while he was playing for and being paid by Rangers. That's inexcusable. I'm not a bigot. I don't like him. Maybe I'm being petty but I don't want Celtic men at Rangers either. Simple. Doesn't sit well with me.

Somebody mentioned him as a pundit. I don't mind him as a pundit. Doesn't bother me at all. I find it amusing being slated by folk who have said worse about actual Rangers players currently playing for Rangers. Ironic much?

23 Mar 2017 13:18:12
Bruisedbear: Good point.

23 Mar 2017 22:19:04
Cheers joscro. It's a bit more difficult to defend V4P's 1st sentence in the post above though. 😂

24 Mar 2017 05:46:21
Vote 4 Pedro.

Let me guess you binned the ball and have no proof of this?

If you have it let's see it, or are you just at the wind up?

no pro footballer would ever stoop to that level!

24 Mar 2017 08:46:57
No I kept the ball for many years on top of cupboard and then gave it to my younger cousin, who still has it. It's there for all to see, clear as day. I could take a photo and post it. But why would I make something like that up? Why would you doubt that it happened?

21 Mar 2017 12:44:38
Have to laugh, Wee chesny saying he has no hesitation in throwing Armstrong into his starting 11 v Canada. This guy is a complete joke. Armstrong whether we like it or not is a decent player. The present Scotland squad is probably the worst ever. Chesny makes it sound like a debut for Germany v France. It's Canada. Wallace should withdraw now.

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22 Mar 2017 09:48:57
Can't wait for us to be beaten by Canada and Slovenia. That'll be a real nice embarrassment, hopefully enough to get Strachan the sack.

22 Mar 2017 16:09:21
Onlyshow, So who is your successor?

23 Mar 2017 18:01:13
BROONY should takeover if strachan goes after all he picks th team just now.

20 Mar 2017 12:43:02
The finger pointing, the you're guilty, cheating the tax man to the 4th division with a starting squad of 7 players to the now accusation of celebrating a draw at Celtic as if we've won the league. To keep a sense of perspective, not one Rangers fan is guilty of anything other than supporting their team and the likes of Leigh Griffiths, a bit rich coming from the Hibs fan he is and the fans around hammering on about 'SEVCO' and loss of history, in the hands of a few, it could have happened to them and their team. Can never say never.

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19 Mar 2017 20:57:20
I hope the police catch the two idiots who slashed the Mcgills bus driver. A man goes to his work to put food on his family table and gets slashed because he works for Mcgills. Its disgusting. I hope they are caught and jailed.


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21 Mar 2017 07:13:15
Can't believe people disagreed with above statement

19 Mar 2017 16:49:05
Welcome to Rangers Pedro, we hope you're enjoying your stay in a budget hotel. start as you mean to go on with Rangers. At least you know what level your new manager is at.

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19 Mar 2017 19:27:30
Bhampot. I suppose if TT says it's true it must be true. So you had to be first on this site to spread the good word. Oh dear.

19 Mar 2017 19:34:03
Obsessed = Bhampot 😂😂😂😂

19 Mar 2017 19:54:16
It sure is a great story bruised bear, and it is only a rumour.

19 Mar 2017 21:10:42
Sorry. Rambling pish, devoid of any coherent point and bypassing humour by some margin. If that's your definition of "great" I'm in full agreement with you.

19 Mar 2017 21:09:43
Was the rumour started in the gallowgate? Or possibly a poster on your sites who thinks himself a bit of a tipster.

Come on timalloy where are you?

20 Mar 2017 09:28:19
Prove him wrong then, can you not start a fund to get Pedro an upgrade to a room with a window eh.

20 Mar 2017 17:59:05
ha ha PB1 and Bruisedbear, thanks for reading my posts and for the invitation to reply to you PB1, I stand by what I posted that your new manager is being put up in a budget hotel.

This hotel story can be easily proven to be true or untrue do some investigating, ask your club secretary.

PS Bruisedbear nice to see you come out of hiding after our 5-1 game, if you pluck up some more courage come over and post on the Celtic site lol

20 Mar 2017 22:05:35
T. Nice to see you're not letting facts get in the way of a yarn, as ever.

You'll find that I "happily"engaged with the lower orders over on your site for a considerable time after the 5-1. I saw it as a kind of caring for the community exercise.

Alas, the hypocrisy, faux outrage and general holier than thou attitude displayed by the majority your fellow fans grew tiresome and my research ended so I withdrew to reconsider my strategy. I note that UJ has taken up the baton and regularly ventures into enemy territory to spread the good word to the masses. No pun intended.

Once my batteries are recharged (and we gub you) I'll be back. I'm confident this will be next month.


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