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16 Feb 2018 21:28:26
For first time in a while feeling confident against The Unclean and I think they'll drop points also which should bring us close. Here's hoping.

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15 Feb 2018 23:05:24
Rumour on twitter that Steven Davis wants a move to Rangers - southampton willing to let him go. Could still do a job for us. Move on kranjar, rossitor and halliday.

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16 Feb 2018 17:15:03
Why do you include Halliday with niko and rossitor? We need steel in the midfield and he gives us that, once he learns to win the ball and do the simple thing then he will be a big asset.

17 Feb 2018 09:56:35
jyf Halliday has as much steel in him as a fag paper.

17 Feb 2018 13:04:01
Then you must be as hard as nails then burnbank if you think Halliday is soft.

17 Feb 2018 20:33:00
Once he learns to win the ball and do the simple things!? Is that an attempt at humour? If he hasn't learnt that he shouldn't be playing football

18 Feb 2018 07:42:15
Bet you're a hoot at Ibrox jzer.

15 Feb 2018 19:45:43
I'm sure a lot of fellow bears on here will join me, in wishing our new scotland manager "BIG RED" (ALEX MCLEISH), all the very best in his new position! I personally think big alex will do well for our nation! Hope everyone gets right behind the big man! Good luck 'eck!

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15 Feb 2018 22:14:15
Sorry to say I have no interest in the Scotland team supercoops, however I do like the big guy and wish him well. Mind you he is already getting pelters for leaving first time round. Seems his honesty in admitting he preferred the club manager's role at the time didn't cut any ice with the tartan trannies. Eck is too good for them imo. 7 wins from 10 games and a whisker from qualification

15 Feb 2018 22:45:58
A desperate choice, if truth be told. If he's not good enough for your job, he certainly isn't good enough for the job that he walked away from. Il support Scotland regardless of whos in charge, but this is a very underwhelming appointment to say the least.

16 Feb 2018 08:26:47
Bhampot, do you think Broonie will make himself available or will he retire again from representing his country?

16 Feb 2018 12:57:09
Im with bhampot on this one think its very underwhelming appointment and didn't want him anywhere near rangers

16 Feb 2018 15:03:10
I agree a very underwhelming appointment however we could have done worse.

16 Feb 2018 21:30:50
Oh Bhampot, helicopter Sundays (plural! ) still smarting a bit I see! Lol

16 Feb 2018 22:06:02
The big guy won plenty at Rangers with a fraction of Advocaat"s money. And had the lucky leprechaun with all his 'superstars' in his pocket most of the time. Let's not forget what big Eck achieved for us. Helicopter Sundays in 2003 and 2005 were days I will never forget. Just a pity he is back as Scotland manager. He Doesn't deserve the stick he is about to receive. It's a catch 22 for me. I Don't care what the national team does or Doesn't do but have a soft spot for the big man and part of me hopes he does well and shuts the morons up

16 Feb 2018 22:13:31
Bankie, that's up to Broonie son, and i don't care either way. Il support whoever is on the field of play.

17 Feb 2018 11:17:18
Bhampot, sorry to hear you don’t care if players choose not to represent their country. Like you I will be supporting whoever is on the field if play.

18 Feb 2018 10:16:53
Dont apologise bankie, i'm not for getting into personal decisions of players. Broonie felt he owed WGS, and came back, fair enough no?, he's getting on a bit now and may want to reserve his energies for club football, fair enough no? . that's that sorted. So il draw my support to the players on the pitch, life goes on and thanks for your services and all that.

18 Feb 2018 19:21:20
Bhampot, too bad if he is good enough but takes decision not to represent his country. If your country calls on you and all that.

19 Feb 2018 00:41:15
Thats how you feel bankie, its not an army going to war is it. If you don't want to do something anymore, you stop doing it don't you. Its just the factbthat its Brown, Celtic Captain. isn't it, and all that?

19 Feb 2018 08:57:52
Bhampot, I just think it is the greatest honour to be chosen to represent your country. You have a different opinion.

15 Feb 2018 00:04:48
I see the insane money the EPL is getting for a 3 year tv deal. I know of course we can't even get a fraction of that but shouldn't the SPL be looking at other avenues. Like amazon, Facebook, Youtube. They are looking to get into live sport. Break the mould for a change. Sky has bullied our league for too long. If we were to get an internet giant showing live games it would also be world wide.

We know the pull up here still is the old firm games and am sure many football fans around the world would love to watch it. You might disagree. I know its all down to money but if the only ones bidding are sky and bt. I mean even Switzerland get over £6 million more than us a season and what do they have? Basel?

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15 Feb 2018 00:43:18
I agree but again i disagree becoz rangers and celtic are world wide for instance such as halliday on loan to that mon er there they had a ranger bar over there so regardless what network or wat broadcast wee are with wee will get watched rangers and celtic 2 most followed fans in the world without a doubt.

15 Feb 2018 09:29:31
read the report in todays record, good article as to why scotland don't get proper money, ie denmaark get 50 million, read it and see what the guy says, by the way i am no lover of the record but still thought it was a good report

14 Feb 2018 23:04:32
Way the signings wee have made on loan till end off season way option to buy is the best thing wee have done so far ass murty is manager to end ea the season. If he sign these players full time basis and he never got job after end ea the season and new manager doesn't like these players then were out off money again. Me personally think murty deserves the job on year rolling contract regardless what happins this season give the guy the full a next season to see what he's made off. I personally think he's tok players to the next level, tav which wee have seen been out standing since murtys tok over what's use think my fellow blue noses?

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14 Feb 2018 10:57:44
Does anyone have an update on the injuries to McCrorie, Dorrans, Jack and Wallace?

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14 Feb 2018 19:11:54
murty -- gives an update on every interview

14 Feb 2018 23:23:24
So the answer is? Some of us don't have time to watch every single interview about the team!

14 Feb 2018 23:23:06
Murty has given regular updates at his press conferences from memory Wallace is back in training but won't be match fit for a few weeks, McCrorie had injection after a scan hopefully a few weeks or less, Dozza is on schedule which is another 6 weeks or so and Jack will likely be out for the season.

13 Feb 2018 12:44:09
Have been reading some of your posts and I think that the scouts that have found the talent of goss deserves some praise so thank you and keep them coming.

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13 Feb 2018 18:24:54
Aye the lad Goss is a class act.

12 Feb 2018 15:24:19
Why do the fans sing Hallidays name yet he does nothing for the team when windas is scoring plenty and still getting stick so get off the guys back and support him man.

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12 Feb 2018 00:48:41
Great win by a very attacking team. You wouldn't think it though listening to the muppets on BBC Sport scene at 6pm. Thompson (nothing player when at Rangers) and Stewart (nothing player full stop) just can't bring themselves to praise Rangers. What is it with ex-Rangers players like Ferguson, Thompson and others who can't say anything good about us? Scottish Cup here we come.

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11 Feb 2018 23:54:07
It kind of restores your faith in humanity when you decent folks from both sides of Glasgow on to express sympathy at the very sad loss of a very young man
Thoughts and prayers go to his family
RIP Liam Miller

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