28 Jul 2023 16:12:50
Been told we have enquired about Dele Ali, won't be happy if he shows up, the lad has too much baggage atm.

1.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 16:35:45
To carry the hamper aff the bus maybe! ????.

2.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 16:41:21
We already have too many options in that area of the park. Can't see us taking his wages on either.

3.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 17:01:39
Checked with the source I got Mannswerk from and they said no truth in that for the exact reason you stated too much baggage and could upset the dressing room harmony.

4.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 17:02:24
Haha I wouldn't even want to bring him to do that nrd.

5.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 17:05:54
Wish the lad well. Had his demons, but prior to that was a superb talent. Not for our club tho hopefully!?!?! Don't mean to harp on . but it's defensive recruits we are needing now, and tbh, a few of them!

6.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 17:25:37
Did we not learn a lesson from the whole Ramsey mess?

7.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 17:35:00
Oh for fuc. some text missing.

8.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 17:36:24
Surely not Dele, the guy has serious problems, he even got professional help to no avail. Pity about the guy but he needs long term help. Terrible waste of talent.

9.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 18:14:04
I would prefer Ali G in da house? - sorry Dele not for me - we have enough to sort for season going forward.

10.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 18:36:53
Nope nope and nope

His laziness in training is legendary.

11.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 20:42:03
I don’t believe Dali Ali is coming to us but I also think it would be a huge mistake.
The last thing that lad needs is the amount of grief he would get from the press and the puddle drinkers up here if he signed for us.
I hope he gets a settled championship move or something like that where he can rebuild his career.

12.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 19:26:32
GMS1983, I agree with your comments re defenders, we have been abysmal at the back since 55, that's the part of the team that scares me to death. It's that obvious, surely beale and the management must see it!

13.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 20:21:09
I was told this in work last week but it was right after his interview so just thought it was a load of bull. Neve gave it a second thought however I did get into a debate with a couple of the guys talking about it that were saying stuff like he's got his demons forget it to much wages etc etc made me think how many people sat and said the same about Paul Gascoigne when we signed him and look how that turned out sometimes a footballer will lose his way and come to a club like Rangers and fall in love with the game again if there's not crippling wage demands I would take a punt on him.

14.) 28 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 21:18:03
It's a massive no from me.

15.) 29 Jul 2023
28 Jul 2023 23:40:53
It's amazing how many people have such insight into professional players they know nothing about! You just watch the interview with the lad and realise how much rubbish they also go through, after all they are human.

He would be a class signing if like he says in his interview, that he is back enjoying what he does best.

Wages would be a massive issue tho!

Also gofor he did state that Mourinho apologised for that statement, don't know where his legendary laziness comes from.

16.) 29 Jul 2023
29 jul 2023 01:54:02
i just hope from afar that the boy finds some peace and end to his issues, and regains his place in football, so long as its not in the east end of glasgow, good luck to him.

17.) 30 Jul 2023
30 Jul 2023 15:37:54
Big blue jam did you watch how mourinho and others felt about him in the spurs behind scenes season maybe you should watch that before people say they don't know what they are talking about.

18.) 30 Jul 2023
30 Jul 2023 15:39:42
He might of apologized but he still ment it.

It's that passive aggressive stance where they think it's true but say it as a joke. When it's actually what they think.

So obvious no smoke without fire a reason why he's failed at so many clubs recently.