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20 jun 2023 02:21:54
said a few weeks back i was told rangers will pay big money for the correct striker to win back the league, i'm told again its in the pipeline.


1.) 20 Jun 2023 03:35:40
It does not guarantee league win.
If we think Celtic will stand still we are mental they must have promised Rodgers a substantial transfer budget to get him back hopefully he blows it on duds ?.

2.) 20 Jun 2023 04:21:18
Celtic aren’t even a concern in the short-term. Rangers have Champions League qualifiers coming up after the summer and the team needs to be strengthened and ready to overcome those. If Rangers can qualify for the Champions League it’s another £25m guaranteed. Those are the biggest games of the season financially. If we are going to qualify again we must strengthen that front line.

3.) 20 Jun 2023 05:05:26
TT12,any idea who the striker is we're going to spend the big money on mate ?.

4.) 20 Jun 2023 06:12:21
Hagi wright coops?

5.) 20 jun 2023 06:25:05
firstly, , nobody said anybody will guarantee the league, and there probably isn't a football fan in the uk who thinks celtic will “ stand still “, where do you get these statements from mate?

no coops, I've no idea who is targetted, but i did post a couple of months ago that they accepted a large outlay was needed up front in particular, i'm told again ladt night that still stands, possibly more than one larger outlay, the club knows the firward line has been awful really and accepts we don't win the league without a star striker,

6.) 20 Jun 2023 06:26:17
Haji Wright sws.

7.) 20 Jun 2023 06:39:33
Hope it the boy from Utrecht Tom, much better than Dessers?.

8.) 20 Jun 2023 06:52:46
Much better with 39 goals in three seasons ok.

9.) 20 Jun 2023 07:07:02
Tt you did indeed. I just hope its money well spent.

10.) 20 Jun 2023 07:10:29
Tasos Douvikas has played 139 games scored 42 goals since 2017,never seen this lad but he wasn't even on the bench for Greece last night, would personally prefer Haji Wright if we spend upwards from 7m, told Haji Wright and Dessers could both be signed this summer.

11.) 20 Jun 2023 07:50:56
Douvikas is only 23 tho beale. Dessers touching 30.

12.) 20 Jun 2023 07:57:11
Dessers is only 28 paul i would definitely prefer Haji Wright, seems he has had one good season.

13.) 20 Jun 2023 08:51:36
Verdant, that comment about Celtic not even being a concern in the short term could not be more incorrect. The Champions League is a bonus, anything outside of the league is a bonus. We simply cannot allow them to run away with another league title, and with Brenda being promised riches to guide them, along with cash from the sales of whoever Angie wants, they will be a prescient danger as always. They are the prime concern this season, we must do everything to overcome them.

14.) 20 Jun 2023 08:59:30
Because he compared Dessers to el coo he wants Dessers, the Utrecht boy is far better.

15.) 20 Jun 2023 09:36:23
What are you slavering on about now coldo? he has 42 goals in 139 games, thought you didn't want a 1 in 3 cf? or even less, if i could pick my two they would be Maja and Haji Wright, Haji can play any forward position.

16.) 20 Jun 2023 09:36:52
Many times you seen him play coldo?

17.) 20 Jun 2023 10:30:54
@DoTheBouncy - The Champions League is not just a bonus, it’s necessary for the clubs financial health and long-term sustainability. The only way clubs like Rangers and Celtic can sustain in a small country with such a poor TV deal, and so little domestic prize money, is regular European football and player sales. Rangers are falling well short of the mark when it comes to player sales so we NEED Europe. Celtic already have guaranteed Champions League football whereas Rangers don’t. If Rangers cannot match Celtic off the pitch we will not be able to compete with them on it as they will simply outspend us at every turn.

The most important games of the season come at the very start and those are the Champions League qualifiers. Rangers need to be ready to go from the very outset and I’m certain that’s why Rangers are pushing to get so much business done early.

18.) 20 Jun 2023 10:35:50
Yeah that's what i said he be 29 in few months. So touching 30. Douvikas is a youg striker. Had an unreal season last year in his first proper season. Hard to count the games in greece when he was 19/ 20 and only getting sub apperances. he's going to be a fantastic player.

19.) 20 Jun 2023 11:28:47
So put this into perspective for me Verdant, would you accept seven horse whippings again in the Champions League but an improved bank balance while Celtic wrap up the league title yet again? I know what I would prefer, and it's certainly not an embarrassing run in the champions league that's a certainty! I think most fans would agree with that to be honest.

20.) 20 Jun 2023 11:32:25
Be 29 about Christian time paul, I've never seen Douvikas play, my own personally opinion would be Wright.

21.) 20 Jun 2023 11:33:58
Coldo has clearly seen him play if he is saying he is better than Dessers, but saying that probably never seen him.

22.) 20 Jun 2023 11:41:33
Hearing more and more saying we're very much in the race to sign lyndon dykes ?You heard anything John27 or anyone else for this matter regarding this ?.

23.) 20 Jun 2023 11:52:45
2 months ago nobody heard of Douvikas, Dessers, Haji Wright and now everyone is an expert based on YouTube highlights and Wikipedia. The modern world of fake knowledge.

24.) 20 Jun 2023 11:56:20
Do the bouncy there is no reason for us to get hammerimgs like that in the CL tho. We can compete, no reason why we cant. Only have to look at teams we have previously beaten and played last season. Us getting pumped in the CL didn't give celtic the title.

25.) 20 Jun 2023 12:14:23
@DoTheBouncy - What makes you think Champions League involvement automatically hands Celtic the league title? Celtic will be involved in next season Champions League, so does that mean we’ll win the domestic league by default? Make it make sense ?‍♂️?

Celtic can spend big this summer because they have guaranteed Champions League football and, in effect, have already banked on that £25m. Ranges NEED to get that prize money coming in as well. Our performances in the Champions League group stages are almost an irrelevance as it’s nothing more than a cash grab. Once in the group stages anything we get beyond that (prize money for a group stage result or parachuting into the Europa League) is a bonus. More money means better players, better players means better performances, better performances means more chance of winning things - It’s that simple.

A club the size of Rangers NEEDS regular European football and a successful p, Ayer trading model in order to sustain and thrive. The Champions League qualifiers are the biggest games of the season financially. A domestic league win earns £3m, a domestic cup win earned £300k, the Champions League brings in tens of millions.

I’m certain Beale will be emphasising the importance of these Champions League games in just a few weeks. If Rangers do make it in they might even be able to bring in another player or two, of a higher standard than we could otherwise afford, and that could make all the difference domestically. It was very strange when GVB wasn’t backed more after last summers Champions League qualification. Hopefully the board have learned their lesson.

26.) 20 Jun 2023 12:14:50
X-78 had heard of dessers to be fair.

27.) 20 Jun 2023 12:22:22
Be funny if we did sign him. We would all need to emigrate for a year!

28.) 20 Jun 2023 12:42:12
Haven`t seen the other names mentioned, play so would have to trust Beales judgement on them . I have seen Dykes lots of times and wouldn`t want him anywhere near Rangers. He is just not the type of striker we need at the club and doesn`t score anything like the amount of goals we want from our main striker.

29.) 20 Jun 2023 12:45:32
I know I’m probably in the minority here but dykes is exactly what rangers need upfront.

30.) 20 Jun 2023 12:54:51
Would definitely prefer Dykes than Colak he clearly knows how to play like our manager wants.

31.) 20 Jun 2023 12:56:19
Lyndon dykes deal practically done ?.

32.) 20 Jun 2023 13:11:54
Makes perfect sense, Tom, we need real quality up front. A marquee signing plus big Dykes would be brilliant imo. The big guy is a handful and will ragdoll opponents for fun up here. I've been on the fence a bit about Dykes but he definitely has something different about him so it's a thumbs up from me ?.

33.) 20 Jun 2023 13:23:38
Wouldn't mind that sws rather him than Colak as said earlier.

34.) 20 Jun 2023 13:33:07
I fecking hope not, SWS?.

35.) 20 Jun 2023 13:33:39
Hopefully not. We don't need any more strikers who doesn't score goals. 29 league goals ( 6 pens) in 114 games for qpr. Just don't rate him. Maybe as 3rd choice throw on last 10 mins as battering ram and go 2 up top. that's about it he's not good enough to lead the line.

36.) 20 Jun 2023 13:37:21
Would love a punt on dykes he would be brillant for us.

37.) 20 Jun 2023 13:41:06
Today on the Rangers Review they said a move for Dykes can be “comprehensively ruled out”. They pay the annual £25k fee to get press access to Beale and the Ibrox staff. So they’re a reliable source most of the time.

38.) 20 Jun 2023 14:11:59
Dykes would very much suit us, Back to goal, great hold up, his lay offs are fantastic. He fits our system and proven goal scorer in our league.

However there's better and I doubt we are after him.

39.) 20 Jun 2023 15:48:44
Yip I have seen him play? far better than dessers and dykes.

40.) 20 Jun 2023 15:55:20
The champions league is huge for us this season as we need the CO efficients to get in that club world cup which is a massive pay day for all involved so stating the league is a priority over that is bonkers thinking. We could win the league 10x and no earn that kind of cash.

41.) 20 Jun 2023 16:13:56
You watching Dutch football now coldo you never said earlier.

42.) 20 Jun 2023 16:40:59
Honestly think our main problems were at the back last season, you only need to look at how many we conceeded compared to league winning season.

We have decent strikers problem is we carry too many injury prone players which when our main back ups get injured leaves us short.


No doubting his talent but I think he been one of the most injury rone players we've had in recent years.

43.) 20 Jun 2023 16:50:22
Why would I say? Like most on here I watch most leagues, international etc?.

44.) 21 Jun 2023 19:05:58
You tube.



24 apr 2023 21:03:54
rangers looking at miracle oguduba, nigerian protegy

any miracle will do for now.


1.) 24 Apr 2023 21:46:35
He has been playing friendlies as a trialist Tom.

2.) 24 Apr 2023 21:56:39
Need a miracle!

3.) 24 Apr 2023 22:29:24
I think we need a lot more than a miracle!

4.) 24 Apr 2023 23:09:16
B team signing.

5.) 25 Apr 2023 07:48:27
He is good friends with the Nigerian winger we just signed for the B team.

6.) 25 Apr 2023 08:53:36
Yep bellshill we r spreading our wings.
What I like is their size and physicality
Lovelace. England / Jamaica
Ishaka Nigeria
This new lad Nigeria
Nsio, England dr Congo
Mandey Austria and I think Ghana

We r seeing a lot of these lads coming into europe, and holding dual nationality,

7.) 25 Apr 2023 10:49:14
Hi there, first time posting. John27, have you heard anything about the young lad Alex Yiga that had a trial.

8.) 25 Apr 2023 13:03:47
Sounds good john.



25 jul 2022 23:05:15
im likely to be laughed at here, but i was told again tonight that suarez is definetly a serious target,


1.) 25 Jul 2022 23:55:33
Looks to be off to nacional in uruguay.

2.) 26 Jul 2022 00:39:29
It is possible.

3.) 26 Jul 2022 01:41:03
Heard the same thing tbh Tom. That's both of us getting slaughtered ?.

4.) 26 Jul 2022 02:34:45
Did he not sign for Dortmund sure I seen him in Thier kit recently.

5.) 26 Jul 2022 06:05:40
The latest I’ve seen on this is that he’s off to the MLS.

6.) 26 Jul 2022 06:20:11
Nope he hasn’t signed for anyone yet gofor.

7.) 26 Jul 2022 06:38:02
I just can’t see it, I’d love it but just don’t see it happening. You never know.

8.) 26 Jul 2022 06:40:25
Not a chance.

9.) 26 Jul 2022 07:23:09
he's currently without a club so who knows just think he would prefer a warmer climate n a lot of wages.

10.) 26 Jul 2022 07:30:40
goforbig think Dortmund where putting a package together for him
but wouldn't surprise me if he ended up in America or somewhere that will pay him silly money.

11.) 26 Jul 2022 07:48:11
Sorry, but even If there was the remotest chance of this happening (there isn't), I wouldn't want that despicable wee rodent anywhere near our club. Is there anyone on here who would actually be happy with this animal signing for us? Thankfully it'll never happen.

12.) 26 Jul 2022 08:55:45
Oh yeah, despicable wee rodent that will score 30 goals in his sleep! An animal that will drive us towards title 56! Can't see any reason to sign him at all!

Fact of the matter is that if he were to sign (which I can't see happening to be honest) not a soul would be able to get near us. He'd score goals for fun here.

On another note, did you like El Hadj Diouf being part of our team?

13.) 26 Jul 2022 08:59:07
No, he was another despicable wee rat. ??.

14.) 26 Jul 2022 09:01:35
I’d want him in a minute. The Tim’s would hate him so much it be brilliant.

15.) 26 Jul 2022 09:09:32
I’ve been hearing that aswell but we have more chance of kris Boyd coming back to the club than that happening. But football is football and it would certainly be a brilliant signing.

16.) 26 Jul 2022 09:11:59
Gazza, Mo Johnson, 'Suarez', never say never.

17.) 26 Jul 2022 09:50:03
Calling the guy with the 3rd most assists of all time and one a the best goal scorer records on the planet a wee rodent you wouldn’t won’t ?.

18.) 26 Jul 2022 10:04:00
Dropping your pants in desperation for a player any decent supporter wouldn't want near his team. ??.

19.) 26 Jul 2022 10:04:05
Down in the tube what is your views on our new signing Lawrence? As imo done a lot worse than Suarez?

20.) 26 Jul 2022 10:05:39
There’s absolutely no chance of this happening. However, I’d love it if it did. The meltdown would begin immediately, and it wouldn’t stop until the day he left. He’d win everything this guy and be hated by everyone while he does it. He’s perfect for us!

21.) 26 Jul 2022 10:06:11
Would definitely give us that bit of bite we’re lacking up front at the moment but I feel he would seriously eat into our finances.

22.) 26 Jul 2022 10:08:53
Don't think I'd want that, maybe 5 years ago. Just can't see it, but I thought that about Ramsey, and Scott airfield ?.

23.) 26 Jul 2022 10:23:53
Lol Orygbmb, well played Sir.

24.) 26 Jul 2022 10:30:28
I'm also not sure how Kamara would react to the signing.

25.) 26 Jul 2022 11:01:58
Exactly Dado. We were going off our heads when Kamara was subjected to vile racist abuse, but some are quite prepared to turn the other cheek as long as a player scores goals and helps us to trophies. That, in my opinion, is very hypocritical and wrong. C'mon guys, surely you see this?

26.) 26 Jul 2022 12:11:14
Might have been a wild possibility if Gerrard was still manager but not now.

27.) 26 Jul 2022 12:55:17
Well some reckon we need a bit of bite on the park?

28.) 26 Jul 2022 13:50:49
Any info on if we could get him storm? He would be a cracking signing for a year or two even at his ag.

29.) 26 Jul 2022 13:55:06
You do not say no to a player like Suarez. Bad history as a person but a lethal goalscorer on the park. i'm sure he has straightened out and educated himself since.

30.) 26 jul 2022 17:07:10
you think every player is a goody two shoes mate, i said i was told it was still a possibility, not a certainty m you’ve said there isn’t any chance of it happening, then spend your time talking about it, you don’t know the guy, neither do i, but i’ve known many players i wouldn’t p. on in a heatwave, but, i also know many tradesmen who aren’t the best of people, but if they fix my leaky roof il certainly consider them, especially if o haven’t seen any badness myself.

31.) 26 Jul 2022 17:32:38
No gofor nothing at all. I don’t think we have a chance ever of signing him but you never know.

Down in the tube you going to answer about Lawrence.

32.) 26 Jul 2022 17:49:40
If he went to the other mob I would be gutted, he would score Barrow loads in sunny Scotland ☺.

33.) 26 jul 2022 20:14:54
exactly brex, he would destroy us imo, at least for a season.

34.) 26 Jul 2022 22:07:35
He has went to Uruguay official.

35.) 26 Jul 2022 23:39:14
Yeah just seen that John. Still think the boy Tillman looks like he could do a job up front in the short term.




Tomthumb1212's banter posts with other poster's replies to Tomthumb1212's banter posts


19 nov 2023 01:31:44
with imo, yolmaz just too small for a left back in scotland. no disrespect for him as a player but is it not time we seen more of sterling atm? , surely this boy has a lot more to offer than what we havd seen, , tav has proven himself way more than i honestly thought with his firward play and i commend him for that, but at some point we have to know what we have in reserve, gas sterling played many minutes, is devine due a full game again. ? , i think so, i would love to see these two boys play a full game at ibrox. , with mcausland rice yfeko and lovelace, how refreshing would that be?


1.) 19 Nov 2023 06:35:33
Yilmaz has now played under 3 managers and still not a first team pick . That says it all really .

2.) 19 Nov 2023 07:27:06
That's correct Gvb11 and james tavernier has played under i don't know how many rangers manager's now and has remained our first choice right back and each manager has said how highly they rate and regard him?says it all really and i've always rated and liked tav ???.

3.) 19 Nov 2023 07:38:40
Sterling is injured.

4.) 19 Nov 2023 08:11:47
Coops i don't think the tav doubters until we no longer have him. The guy goes about his business, gives his all, is always available, got us to a European final. Sometimes if a player has made it clear to his agent and the club that he is happy and is going nowhere, then you won't hear of bids. Then there are agents who are constantly touting their players when there is no interest. he's coming up to his 300th league game over 420 altogether. I want to see him make 500 and i'm sure he will. Doubters please ask yourself how many players play the amount of games he has in that period of time and even that many over twice the time, have never been good enough for the club they are representing. Tav isn't just playing he is representing us. The way he conducts himself the way he looks after himself and how approachable he is to the fans. Look at when that halfwit was shouting at him after a game. The man stood amd listened some would have told him where to go. i'm really sick and ashamed of the treatment tav gets. The man is the rangers captain and legend. ????.

5.) 19 Nov 2023 08:45:51
Tav is good player if he could defend he’d be playing in the premiership no doubt.

6.) 19 Nov 2023 08:54:08
The rangers fans don’t know how lucky we are to have tav.
What he gives to us going forward is nothing short of miraculous.
One of the best attacking fullbacks in Europe.
Top scorer in Europa final run, made team of year for UEFA
But he’s not good enough for spfl or rangers?
Makes me laugh.
Imo he could have easily went and played in epl a few years ago and been a starter at most clubs, maybe not city (walker) Liverpool ( Arnold) Chelsea (James) newcastle (trippier-now) but most other teams, I’d actually say he’s better than dalot at Man Utd few years ago and rest of league aswell.

If tav leaves in the summer we will realise just what we had,

Look at the pining for Alfredo and Kent and kamara

Imagine what it will be like for Tav.

7.) 19 Nov 2023 09:20:50
The very good news StevieG2 is tav won't be leaving rangers in the summer or anytime soon mate ?Next season 24/ 25 season is his testimonial year and i look forward to see which club will provide the opposition for tav's testimonial. ? I would hazard a guess it'll be either Leeds utd or Newcastle utd ?.

8.) 19 Nov 2023 10:28:10
Think he is a Leeds fan so that would be the one Coops.

9.) 19 Nov 2023 10:36:19
Yeah coops I’d guess it will be Leeds Utd mate. That would be good to see for him.

Hopefully he gets to play a wee 20/ 30 mins for Leeds in that game if that’s aloud by the rules.

Why do u suggest newcastle mate?

10.) 19 Nov 2023 10:51:50
SWSO whilst he played for both, I would think Newcastle would be the bigger attraction.

11.) 19 Nov 2023 11:18:59
StevieG2,tav had a spell with newcastle utd when he was young mate, that's why i also suggested them ?.

12.) 19 Nov 2023 11:54:48
Coops I remembered that after bluetoons post, wonder if his brother may play in his testimonial as well so they get time on pitch together.

Hopefully it all goes the way he wants it whatever that may be.

What a fantastic servant to our club he has been.

Talk about value for money, £250k was it?
He must be up there with the bargains of Scottish football history.

13.) 19 Nov 2023 12:12:37
If Tav could defend he would be nowhere near rangers.

14.) 19 Nov 2023 13:40:25
Does anybody think we would win a game that we played Sterling, Yfeko Devine, Rice, McCausland and Lovelace? Maybe the best way to see them all play at Ibrox would be to move a B team game there.

15.) 19 Nov 2023 14:06:51
We could definitely play a game with them all in it at some stage mate if we play a good mix with them.

It’s all about timing

Hypothetically speaking we could field a team of say


Devine Goldson king yfeko

McKinnon lunny rice

Mccausland Lovelace lyal

That should be enough to win a game at Ibrox against a lesser opposition.

Thing is it’s too big a risk.

16.) 19 Nov 2023 14:27:45
Sorry lad your to small for Scottish football

Is this the 1970s or 80s


Barasic has lost plenty of people at the back post too and he's taller ?

Which is it shankland is good or yilmaz is bad wish you lot would make up your minds.

17.) 19 Nov 2023 15:11:05
Yilmaz is a very good footballer.

18.) 19 Nov 2023 17:06:21
100% gofor, the 2 small carry on is embarrassing and come from one goal we lost. Too many fans stuck in the past with the height rubbish.

19.) 19 Nov 2023 17:58:22
I like yilmaz and would be in no hurry to move him on, he makes it to a very good turkey squad even with his lack of game time.

20.) 19 Nov 2023 18:31:37
John, would u accept a bid of €5m for yilmaz and try to get someone else instead?
Or do u rate him enough to blow fb him into left back and hope for more 18months?

Just a question, not a debate mate, I agree he’s a very good prospect but he should have nailed the position by now.

I’d take €5m and reinvest or i'd try him at left wing.

21.) 19 Nov 2023 19:17:53
StevieG2, you forgot that TT wanted Sterling playing as well so he would be at RB, Devine switched to LB and Yfeko in the middle with King to give him what he wants . While I would love to see more youngsters drip fed into the team, I still say that team wouldn`t beat the other teams in the league, even at Ibrox . The first eleven make heavy weather of beating most of the other teams at Ibrox.

22.) 19 Nov 2023 20:49:35
Wsl I get that mate, that’s why I put Goldson in the team and lunny just to hold it together a bit.

Wee bit of an experienced spine with mccrorie Goldson and lunny in the team.

Sterling doesn’t interest me, I’d be happy to put him out on loan to English champ in Jan and try get a fee in the summer.

I don’t think he has a future with us

I do see what u mean with it being a slightly weak team, that’s why I didn’t put king and yfeko in the centre I felt it’s too weak and maybe yfeko at left back til he bulls up a bit or even yfeko with Goldson and Devine and left back mate.
Just hypothetical anyway.

23.) 19 Nov 2023 21:18:41
Yilmaz hasn’t been able to nail done the spot because he has had a lot of niggling injuries hopefully he stays injury free and we will see if he is really good enough.



18 nov 2023 19:48:31
im sure you will all join in wishing mikey
mols all the very best after his sudden brain operation.


1.) 18 Nov 2023 20:22:18
Here, here TT12 and i had the privilege of sponsoring michael mols in the early noughties ???.

2.) 18 Nov 2023 20:26:46
He’s back fighting super fit Tom.
I watched a video of him doing the pads mma style just yesterday mate.
He’s super fit and healthy ?.

3.) 18 Nov 2023 20:41:15
Yea operation was a few months ago I think.

4.) 18 Nov 2023 20:42:15
Well said TT. Wishing him all the best.

5.) 18 Nov 2023 20:43:08
Glad to hear he is doing ok. He was an utterly brilliant player, just never recovered the same after his knee surgery. Legend.

6.) 18 Nov 2023 20:44:32
It was a few months ago his op I think
Best wishes bro an amazing footballer x.

7.) 18 Nov 2023 20:48:01
Loved MM what a player and good all round person, wish him all the best. His movement is something I've never seen replicated.

8.) 18 Nov 2023 22:47:14
Absolutely Tom, all the best Michael.

9.) 18 Nov 2023 23:14:30
Undoubtedly would’ve went on to play for arsenal or Barcelona
He was that type of player.

10.) 19 nov 2023 01:23:47
glad he's doing well now.

11.) 19 Nov 2023 07:35:16
StevieG2, it's true mikey mols would have gone on to play in a much better league and just before his terrible cruciate ligament injury over in munich, he was heavily touted for a move to manchester utd for £15million mate ? We bought him for £4million from utrecht and what a bargain that was ?We would have made an £11million profit on him ?
Mols was also a late developer ?.

12.) 19 Nov 2023 08:57:01
Is that around the time Utd kept failing to land Alan shearer coops? For same price? Or was it Larson they were failing to get for £15m.

How much were they willing to pay for shearer at the time?

Oliver Kahn is a wa****.

13.) 19 Nov 2023 12:12:43
Brilliant player, so glad he is ok.

14.) 19 Nov 2023 14:29:02
He posted on tiktok the other day all looking good for him big thumbs up good to see him smiling and well.

15.) 20 Nov 2023 20:02:00
This op was a number of months ago, he seems to be doing well.



16 nov 2023 02:41:19
theres real reasons why celtic have won almost everything over the past few years, a massive part of those reasons are gio, beale, morelos kent, massive parts, why on earth would anyone consider a relapse.


1.) 16 Nov 2023 04:50:47
2 simple reasons Celtic have been the superior team of late Tom.
1. Quality scouting dept.
2. Top class managers.

2.) 16 Nov 2023 05:33:07
Tom sorry I disagree Kent and Alfredo were managed bad by the managers they were good players we have seen that they ripped teams apart in some europa games so the talent was there.

3.) 16 Nov 2023 06:11:01
Managers yes but you can’t blame just two players.

Stevie good post and 100% correct.

4.) 16 Nov 2023 07:28:40
Moving forward imo doesn't include these 2 players - I trust in PC to get the right players who suit his team/ style and ethics!

5.) 16 Nov 2023 07:53:18
Agree Blue Floyd. the Gaffer will know what’s best.

6.) 16 Nov 2023 08:09:57
I'd take both back if the terms where favourable.

Kent would be a no brainer, Fredo would come with the usual concerns around fitness and attitude - but I think PC would manage him better.

7.) 16 Nov 2023 08:44:53
I thought the main reason was that we went bust owing £m’s and took years to get back to the SPL.

We gave Celtic a massive advantage in terms of finance and squad building that cannot be overhauled quickly in a sustainable manner.

We mad a few errors in management and player appointments on the way back but it was never going to be plain sailing from where we were.

8.) 16 Nov 2023 09:01:42
A few errors? That's being kind.

9.) 16 Nov 2023 09:50:31
Blaming players that brought Gers a title (stopping 10 in a row for Celtic) and great runs in Europa.? That seems delusional.

The club was obviously badly managed on the money side of things which got Gers put down into the gutter and gave Celtic a free run at the SPL for years and years. Building up titles and funds.

10.) 16 Nov 2023 10:46:36
@stevie good post.

And @allymc good post.

11.) 16 Nov 2023 12:05:23
Think toms had a few shandy’s last night so we’ll cut him some slack lol.

12.) 16 nov 2023 14:17:37
rubbish, and i didn't say i blame “ just 2 players,

il say again, losers, and those pair were the highest paid and biggest losers,

we been back fir years, we paid enough to compete, we didnt, and those two took many millions trying, sometimes, but, if you prefer we can kid on they were great because we did have a great euro run,

13.) 16 nov 2023 14:22:14
sorry stevie, a few shandies?

yeah right, but you find it ok to say, and i quote

“ kent was pish, can't believe what we paid fir him “ only a few lines down

then say i'm drunk fir having an opinion, ? yeah right ye are

explain the difference of your opinion to mine.

14.) 16 Nov 2023 16:29:27
Actually think one of Tom’s better recent posts although not balanced.

15.) 16 Nov 2023 17:29:15
Kent is a no brainer? Really that is wrong IMO.
He should never be back at ibrox in a playing capacity.

16.) 16 Nov 2023 18:03:39
Tom a wasnae on your case pal a was actually having a laugh mate hence the “lol” comment

I gathered that the time of night of the post and the fact it was a bit of a rant and your also enjoying your retirement in the sun that maybe all that together meant u had maybe had a few beers pal.

Never said u were drunk.

Ryan Kent was pish, never worth £5m never mind £7m imo and that of many others.

Our comments differ from each other because your literally blaming our failure to properly challenge Celtic on Morelos and Kent.

Also Beale and gio.

Morelos was signed by caixinha and Kent by Gerrard.

What your blaming our problems on isn’t the true fault.

And my assessment of Ryan Kent doesn’t blame him for our problems.
You will notice further up page I’ve said he fulfilled his potential.
He’s simply not good enough, his decision making just let's him down.
So the guys not to blame for that he never hid always worked hard and gave his all.
He simply wasn’t good enough.

So I think our comments have very different points.

17.) 16 nov 2023 19:35:25
im in glasgow, have been fir a while fir hospital reasons, but anyway,

we paid fortunes for stevie, gio and beale and all their entourage, we paid kent morelos tav and goldson fortunes, we won very little,

they lost most old firm games and most big cup games,

maybe it was the fans to blame then, because it couldn't have been them who always lost the big game, , il stick to the old fashioned way

the guys we paid fortunes to lost everything almost every season, be they players or management, they were higher paid every year and more than celtics players, ,

18.) 16 nov 2023 19:42:09
the point is stevie, rangers paid plenty to all of these people, talk of them being way ahead because of money doesn't stack up because we paid massive money to stevie, gio and those players, i simply said we would be aff our heids to even consider any of them back again,

19.) 16 nov 2023 20:53:36
some people seem ti have ignored where i said “ massive parts if the reason we lost everything,
i didn't say the only reason once,



09 nov 2023 20:49:27
night like this i really miss ibrox, alas not able to go again but brilliant to hear that ovation at half time,


1.) 09 Nov 2023 22:18:20
I'm like you TT, I was hiding my eyes in the last few minutes, wew deserved to win though mate.



09 nov 2023 20:14:21
yesssss, lovely finish son.


1.) 09 nov 2023 20:29:49
and again. brilliant stuff rangers. great to see at last a team with a shape and purpose.




Tomthumb1212's rumour replies


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20 nov 2023 15:25:59
im nit sure who or when, and as john says i hope fox isn't involved but I've long since got the feeling something very big will occur with rangers, maybe nit in my time of course but I've just felt we are ripe for a new direction, we are very very big across the states and canada and i believe at sone point major sports investors are going to decide we are a better deal than what's left in the english prem, where you can lose multi millions very quickly indeed, its only my thoughts of course, getting treatment today so maybe my minds wandering,




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20 nov 2023 15:21:21
not sure ge gave any club secrets away mate, or the club internal workings, far as i know he only said his choice was lampard, when asked,




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20 nov 2023 05:54:49
surely shes not back on the scene john?




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19 nov 2023 18:49:20
no need for apology copeland, yiur very courteous and decent in your posts.




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19 nov 2023 17:10:23
think john meant he's still a man in the game currently looking for the right job mate, bit pedantic to say " who with" he's a young guy i'm the game and he will be picked up soon.





Tomthumb1212's banter replies


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21 nov 2023 01:30:34
a fantastic guy altogether imo, lovely man, who let his enthusiasm get the better of him,




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20 nov 2023 16:23:02
thanks mark, i'm hoping it stops me posting “ embarrassing things.




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20 nov 2023 15:28:25
indeed deecee.




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20 nov 2023 15:28:10
thats a shame mate, i enjoy your posts and words, i'm having hossie treatment today and i'm glad i caught you just to wish you well and hopefully hear from you again soon, good luck brother.




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19 nov 2023 19:04:27
yilmaz won't be here long, far too small for this league i'm his position, but i agree, hus distribution hasn't been good either, difficult to understand how some people can't see how his height and lack of presence isn't an issue, shankland was about twice his height above him when he scored, more teams would pressure him.




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