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02 Aug 2020 10:48:13
Good first half and a bit pedestrian in 2nd half, but we won, clean sheet, 3 points, job done. Thought Balogun looked so comfortable and now believe we have a stick on pairing at the back. Kent looked really good too.


1.) 02 Aug 2020 10:57:06
Morelos had another stinker another million off his value.

2.) 02 Aug 2020 11:04:35
6 counties u obviously never watched the game.

3.) 02 Aug 2020 11:26:42
Thought Morelos was great.

4.) 02 Aug 2020 11:27:21
He was rotten john, he never looked sharp at all. He had a great assist but in all honesty he looked a yard off it. 👍.

5.) 02 Aug 2020 11:39:20
he needs to sharpen his match fitness for sure, but he was hardly rotten. he was doing exactly what he was meant to do. ask the gaffer coldo.

6.) 02 Aug 2020 11:46:27
Coldo he is an easy target, 68 touché, 52 passes. Most fouled player on pitch, so can’t be all bad is all I’m saying coldo.
I keep hearing one off our described as overweight, fat, lazy, useless, uninterested.
Whilst in a gers top I will continue to support him.
Also others say he is coming to deep.
Our manager yesterday said Alf was good, doing as instructed, coming deep, help load the midfield.
So it’s obviously what SG wants Alf to do in certain games.

7.) 02 Aug 2020 12:16:55
It wouldn't matter what Morelos did yesterday, the usual suspects would still on here moaning about him. 👍.

8.) 02 Aug 2020 12:24:28
Correct Mr grumpy.

9.) 02 Aug 2020 12:24:35
Was Morelos told to play so deep he was too deep hole game for a striker.

10.) 02 Aug 2020 12:42:40
Decisions made by some - players not good enough despite stats, facts etc.

Poor support who just criticise and can't acknowledge when they are wrong.

Morelos rubbish but we better not sell him cheap
Aribo waste of a shirt but now amazing
Tav hopless but SG rates him highly as RB and captain
Goldson a liability but always a starter

Some fans eh!

11.) 02 Aug 2020 12:44:13
Geesa he looked nothing like a 17mil player yesterday or half the player he was the first half of last season. I don't need to ask anyone, based on yesterday we'd be lucky to get 5mil for him. It is early day's and he will regain his sharpness but you can't honestly tell me that gerrard is happy with him 😂😂, he looked month's behind the rest of the team. 👍.

12.) 02 Aug 2020 12:46:21
I wouldn't say he was uninterested or lazy yesterday john but he does look fat and well off it. Early day's though. 👍.

13.) 02 Aug 2020 13:22:26
Morelos didn't get much service, but any long balls up to him he controlled and laid off to a teammate. He had one chance and it was deflected wide, not sure what else he could have done in this game.

14.) 02 Aug 2020 13:42:33
great! i get to disagree wholeheartedly with coldo again and now have to admit i'm a john25 fan yayyy! sg agrees with john. read a game.

15.) 02 Aug 2020 14:09:26
Cheers Eric, don’t become too much a fan the know all’s will turn on u.

16.) 02 Aug 2020 16:04:15
Dsger. Managers says Morelos followed his instructions to play deep yesterday, Sg said he wanted to pull centre halfsout of position to create space for Kent Hagi and Arizona.
I’d say that worked.

17.) 03 Aug 2020 15:33:12
For someone who is supposedly not interested, Morelos was first to celebrate with Kent!



17 Jul 2020 21:51:54
I'd like to wish Wes Foderingham all the best in his move to Sheff Utd, he was a great servant who never let us down.


1.) 17 Jul 2020 22:27:31
I agree best of luck Wes although my heart is glad I won't have to worry every time the ball got close to your feet what was going to happen. Joking aside some of the saves he pulled off were outstanding and his distribution was top drawer. He helped us get back and will always be part of us.

2.) 17 Jul 2020 22:32:33
Good luck Wes 👍.

3.) 17 Jul 2020 22:38:58
Just watched Jermain Defoe on the beautiful game podcast he’s a total pro and talks very highly of us.

4.) 17 Jul 2020 22:51:10
Bang average. Never known a keeper ever to get caught out by so many long range efforts. New keeper far better.

5.) 17 Jul 2020 23:32:48
I agree paul, decent shot stopper but that was it, couldn't command his box, distribution poor and my god when he got the ball at his feet my heart sank. 👍.

6.) 18 Jul 2020 00:19:53
Done a good job for us lads, always an able deputy.

7.) 18 Jul 2020 02:02:45
Foderingham was 6ft 1 when standing and 4ft 1 when jumping ‘up’, still wish him all the best though 👍.

8.) 18 Jul 2020 08:03:10
Coldo McGregor doesn’t exactly command his box either and never has, that’s always been one of his faults.

9.) 18 Jul 2020 08:07:37
My only comment regarding all of our keepers of late, is that I need to see one that will come out and gather crosses in and around the 6 yard box, good shot stoppers are okay, but it is always better to stop the need by commanding your area. The new guy looks like he will fill the bill in that respect, I wouldn't assume that Greegsy will be an automatic 1st choice this season, this will not be a season for any sentimentality, consistency will be the key to players retaining their positions.

10.) 18 Jul 2020 09:27:00
Im with Paul he did a job but sometimes he cost us ill never forget Stokes walking past Kiernan and stroking it past Foderingham effortlessly.

11.) 18 Jul 2020 10:27:31
Rotation between the sticks is a real possibility this season.

12.) 18 Jul 2020 11:48:54
I know he doesn't KJA9 but we are not talking about mcgregor, we are talking about fods🙄👍.

13.) 18 Jul 2020 12:03:38
Wasn’t the best keeper we’ve had but wasn’t the worst. Sitting here trying to think who the worst keeper we’ve had was. Weve always been lucky with our goalies.

14.) 18 Jul 2020 12:38:17
Coldo I have turned it to our keeper you are saying it’s one of fods faults and we have a keeper that does that same it’s ridiculous.

15.) 18 Jul 2020 13:41:29
KJA9 twist it whatever way you want, mcgregor is 10x the keeper fods is, the only thing ridiculous is your comparison. Have a day off kid👍.

16.) 18 Jul 2020 14:17:49
He’s always been a very good keeper, greegs is a legend up there with Goram, Klos etc, he should have a testimonial very soon.

17.) 18 Jul 2020 14:22:50
And simonsen is the worse I’ve seen, 2-0 up v was it Alloa in the petrofac cup semi final? Lost 3-2, that keeper was howling lol 😂 single handedly lost mcoist his job I reckon 😆.

18.) 18 Jul 2020 16:01:44
I never said fod was better so don’t go trying to put words in my mouth.

Both don’t command there box that is all I said so please learn to read before posting bs and stop embarrassing yourself.



08 Mar 2020 10:03:32
Winning the league is a massive challenge for us. Celtic have won 8IAR, played in champs league, have more money, and have a proven winning mentality. We are getting close to them which in itself is a great achievement, and I firmly believe with a bit more consistency we will make it. Unfortunately, this year, just as we got close we hit a dodgy patch. In SG I trust.


1.) 08 Mar 2020 10:47:46
Theyv actually won 9iar this season nothing will change that.

2.) 08 Mar 2020 10:57:48
Hi Bizzmy,

Do you mean we have a massive challenge winning the league in seasons to come (I think that's what you mean) .

We do not have a hope in hell of winning the league this season and are falling behind them every game since after the break.

It is going to be a hard fought battle to stop us dropping futher behind them in points 16 in fact before todays game that is.
The battle will now be trying to stay in second spot this season.

Even if we win today and then win the game in hand we will still be 10 points behind and I can't see mhanks dropping any more points this season unfortunately even against us.

3.) 08 Mar 2020 11:07:01
They haven't yet, and I won't concede it until mathematically impossible.

4.) 08 Mar 2020 11:33:51
Of course your right Bizzmy, unfortunately think dropping another 6 points will be the end tho.

Cheers mate.

5.) 08 Mar 2020 11:49:02
It may well end up that way, but I never surrender!

6.) 08 Mar 2020 11:54:31
We are 25/ 1 to lift the title now, maybe a wee cheeky ton bet should be placed.

7.) 08 Mar 2020 15:39:03
Buzz, are you mad. You'd be as well giving the tenner to charity. No chance of winning the league this season. And anyone who thinks we will is not just optimistic, deranged. Celtic can play badly and get a point in the last minutes of a game. We never look likely to win any game. I've stopped betting on our games.



05 Mar 2020 21:53:53
If SG was to leave then a new manager would need time to rebuild his squad and get to grips with making us the strength we all want to see. This will take more time and in effect will hand 9/ 10 IAR to them on a silver plate. Pure brilliant, not!


1.) 05 Mar 2020 22:41:23
How do you know next season is not going to be just the same as last 2 seasons now?

Same manager same players possibly and same tactics

Because that’s a serious possibility right there lol.

2.) 06 Mar 2020 00:04:37
9 has already been handed on a plate mate.

3.) 06 Mar 2020 10:02:32
We are best not thinking of 10 it’s more than likely going to happen, we need to get back to being the best however long it takes. Base your decisions on that and not stopping 10.

4.) 06 Mar 2020 15:25:12
Spot on Coully, we don't have the players or the cash to stop the 10, like you, I would rather we got ourselves really stabilised, and take it from there. I just want to see us getting back to playing with some fire in our belly, and sweating blood for the jersey, the current lot of players aren't good enough to do that.



05 Mar 2020 18:20:59
I'm not sure what SG could have done different against Hamilton, he played 2 strikers, which a lot of dissenters have shouted for. We created tons of chances, just the players didn't convert them. He made changes at roughly 59, 64 and 74 minutes to try to influence the game, again something the moaners have screamed loud about - what more could the manager do?


1.) 05 Mar 2020 18:29:21
He still played them as 433 - Kamberi and Hagi out wide. Both out of position. Play 2 strikers as a 442 or 352.

2.) 05 Mar 2020 19:09:34
None of us guys have any right in thinking we can setup team of formations Gerrard knows what his players strengths are

I reckon you have to have two strikers upfront as I feel we have heavily relied on Morelos as a lone striker
Or Gerrard has him upfront with wingers and a creative/ secondary striker behind him
He will get it right I'm sure 👍.

3.) 05 Mar 2020 20:26:49
Gerrard doesn't know his players strengths kaz. He doesn't have a grasp of tactics👍.

4.) 05 Mar 2020 20:42:40
Coldo I reckon you should get the Managers joab You seem to be one of the heaviest at critiscing on here

You still think Morelos is worth no more that 5m! Haha Some laddy

The boy is sitting on top of the Europa pile and recent form has only halted him being top scorer in Scotland He is still easily a 15m with his problems of lately

If he wasn't so petulant then definitely a 25m player!

5.) 05 Mar 2020 20:49:59
Who said morelos was worth 5mil? You just making things up kaz? 👍.

6.) 05 Mar 2020 21:08:59
No mate you said this last year Do you no recall?

7.) 05 Mar 2020 21:18:04
No I didn't, 12-15mil with a sell on is what I said👍.

8.) 05 Mar 2020 21:48:53
Okay whatever I remember the post when I said those figures and you said you'd be lucky to get 5m for him but we will just agree to disagree because your iwiys right huh 🖕😂.

9.) 05 Mar 2020 22:42:29
You're just making things up kaz. Not once did I say we'd be lucky to get 5mil for him👍.




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04 Aug 2020 18:32:20
Confirmed on Rangers website, what a nice day this is!




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21 Jul 2020 07:42:43
very funny!




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20 Jul 2020 10:12:47
then maybe players like Barker should be played in the 'open' games and have a different type of player for the 'park the bus' teams.




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23 Jun 2020 07:30:40
I saw him before he joined Gers, he played excellent in that game and was a competent lad.




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06 Jun 2020 21:13:12





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09 Aug 2020 18:14:31
where are all the Alfie bashers at? The silence is stunning!




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07 Aug 2020 19:56:57
Nice one.




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06 Aug 2020 20:56:41
We were playing an outstandingly good Leverkusen team who made is look ordinary at Ibrox. Little prospect of anything from game, but created couple of good chances. And we contained them to one goal. Get behind them .




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02 Aug 2020 13:58:36
I would argue that we play 3 up top, a striker plus two attacking wingers.




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02 Aug 2020 13:22:26
Morelos didn't get much service, but any long balls up to him he controlled and laid off to a teammate. He had one chance and it was deflected wide, not sure what else he could have done in this game.