20 Mar 2024 07:39:41
Apparently rangers will allow butland to leave this summer if our valuation of 15m is met tbh as much as I love the guy tuat money could secure 3 or 4 signings and of he wants to go that's a great profit.

1.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 08:10:48
Can't blame Butland for leaving he's playing in a league were a club has had 4 postponed games for a waterlogged pitch. Butland is way to good for the spfl and he realised it within 3 months of being here. 15 million is great money considering some said he had a 5 million release clause.

2.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 08:32:19
At the end of the day if we are to get this player trading model going we need to let players go when their value is high.

3.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 08:48:31
Every player has his price unfortunately.
And we need to cash in when a player is at his most profitable.
Will be gutted if he leaves but it's up the football department to pull another rabbit out the hat.
Now the big question is - will Butland want to leave when CL football is on the horizon? And I would also assume from his point of view what level of club comes in for him?

4.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 08:55:06
It would be very difficult for the club to turn down that type of money.

5.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 09:20:42
Free transfer to £15m in a year is a fantastic move from the club and a great move for Jack. That fee will allow us to replace him and strengthen other areas required.

6.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 09:44:51
I wonder who is driving the transfer talk? I’m finding it though to be rangers pushing this agenda?

My guess is either the Celtic minded media or Butland himself.

If it’s the latter then I’d hope he’d reconsider when we make the champions league, if not then it’s still a good bit of business and I’d wish him well.

7.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 11:02:06
15 mill. Yes he would have to go. much like when we got offered the big money for morelos and he ended up leaving for nothing. Rangers now need to be a selling club.

8.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 12:11:57
It would be a great return for him.

9.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 13:10:06
I agree however I’d say he is absolutely worth £15m, given his age etc. I just hope if he does go we don’t let him go for half that amount just because we got him in a free. We should hold out for top dollar.

10.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 13:29:51
15 million with a 10% sell on would be cracking as if he plays regularly in the epl you know 1 of the big teams will come in for him for stupid money no doubt.

11.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 17:33:16
Set a price and take the money. Every single player in the team can be replaced.

12.) 20 Mar 2024
20 Mar 2024 20:00:42
Exactly, Davidb1996.