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06 Feb 2015 13:35:36
Lse rangers e. g. m. Will go ahead on the 4th of March.


1.) 06 Feb 2015 16:05:31
I see it's set for London at a cost of around £200,000 according to a newspaper. Is this the current Board trying to get on last jolly paid for by Rangers before being booted out?

2.) 07 Feb 2015 01:59:03
Footyfan1972 feck knows why the request it takes place down by, IDE imagine they must think shareholders won't travel to london, Ffs they must know certain shareholders would walk down to london if it means getting these cowboys out the door,



24 Jan 2015 22:16:57
Just read from another site Ashley could not ask for any of our assets as security, as an e. g. m. being called prevents assets being used don't know if there any truth in it, maybe somebody on here could confirm if this was the case.


1.) 25 Jan 2015 16:48:21

That does sound entirely plusible though I have heard about 3 differing reasons that the security is not being allowed

1. Someone else has security, impossible I think as application would not even have registered when done if that was the case plus the other security applicationwould be there to be seen like ashley's was.

2. The easdales are way too concerned by the finncial implications and possible Director barring that would happen if they were found to be "not acting in the interests of the company ie Rangers. This is my point of view on it.

3. As you say ashley has been blocked by means of the judicial process ie ongoing EGM process due to the fact the current board facing impending removal are therefore deemed unlikely to act in the clubs best interests.

Your point to me does actually seem very possible and I am 100% sure on one thing ashley did not do this in any way thinking of Rangers so there must be some legalistic reason behind it. why apply to in first place and we know he doesn't give a sh*t about fan protest ie see Newcastle for proof.

For me it is also a tiny potential they are trying to curry favour with any blind to the ashley danger persons that might possibly vote the board way at the EGM.

i am george

2.) 25 Jan 2015 17:57:40
George. .what about. .in the event of another admin the ownership reverts to Charles green? They are very very sure there would . not. be another admin. why were they so sure , did not sound good to me?

3.) 25 Jan 2015 22:12:18
I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were for Sunday's team selection?

{Ed039's Note - On what our opinion of what the line-up SHOULD be or what we think will be the 11 put out on the park?)

4.) 26 Jan 2015 11:52:42
there is money available from different sources and no judge would grant an admin application under such circumstances.

5.) 28 Jan 2015 06:04:54
That can't be right George. How could an EGM being called stop them using one asset but allow them to use others?



24 Jan 2015 01:58:32
Rumour on another site, the easdales have sold up all there shares in rangers, maybe a lot of bull, but seems it will be announced on Monday, personally I find it hard to believe, but hey, it's a rumours,


1.) 24 Jan 2015 10:12:05
That would seem a bit odd since SE just bought an additional 1m shares. Then again, nothing in this story surprises me any more

2.) 24 Jan 2015 11:25:00
Steddy. I think it's bull but it seems the guy that started rumour has been on the ball with every prediction he has made,ime trying to get a hold of him for tonights lottery numbers lol,but would love it to be true.




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19 Feb 2015 15:03:41
Just seen in daily rec sports direct have taken legal action against mark Dingwall after he asked them to explain there retail contract with rangers fc, Ffs yae could nay make this up .fun ang games ahead.eh.


1.) 19 Feb 2015 19:31:23
Hi all . just noted our old friend Stan C is having a go at Rangers again. Why the media give this no mark work defeats me. If any of us had behaved as he has done over the years we would be unemployed and shunned by all. What a lucky chap (feel free to use another word) he is.

2.) 19 Feb 2015 20:12:00



16 Feb 2015 19:33:09
The board now say they have a new venue for the e.g.m. Although they won't tell us where it's to be held? Trying to annoy maybe, but I seen a leaked email and can let all bears know it will be held in barlinnie prison, allegedly so as to suit past board members, lol.


{Ed039's Note - The venue probably needs to be announced to the stock exchange first)

1.) Geo123. I will retract my last statement regarding the EGM, in hindsight not a clever idea. It would seem that there plan is to hold the EGM in a small venue. When more people than expected turn up an annonamous call is then made to HSE about safety and he presto the meeting is cancelled. Proxy voting wins for me.😳

2.) 16 Feb 2015 20:42:33
the board do'not. Have the balls to have it in Glasgow

3.) Ocrsc surely this board can't keep saying oh it's going to be held here, then cancelling it again and again and again? There must be a rule against such a situation as this, either way I honestly think and hope shareholders vote by proxy, giving there proxy to a trusted supporters group, that way we would not even need to wait on e.g.m.venue, as if they know we are going this route I don't think they have a way out, ie could not stall it any longer.

4.) George the imposters on the Ibrox board will not cancel the next AGM.lambiass will use this tactic of over crowding the room then the meeting is cancelled by either the hotel manager on safety grounds by a mysterious Heath and safety inspector. It's a stalling tactic.

5.) Can't be too careful about the safety of your Heath

6.) Ocrsc that's why most smallholders should give there vote to group to proxy there vote, it will stop this lot from stalling it mate.

7.) @3 A rangers board breaking rules, what's new with this mob?



11 Feb 2015 19:00:24
Bears I've just been round the sites, and I know people have asked about proxy voting, the SOS page has just put up a page telling everybody interested how it is done, so people looking to vote through proxy should have a look.


1.) BROXI BEAR more like.!!!!



11 Feb 2015 16:24:53
I see paul shakletin the few acting as nomads for the board is more or less saying any trouble of the slightest will be enough to postpone the up and coming e. g. m. He even states this will allow the current mob to keep power obviously robbing us for another few months money, I would advise all small shareholders to make sure there vote is giving to some of our groups to act as proxy for there vote, these people will go to any length to avoid be removed, so let's not give them any more time at the club, act sensibly and get them out legally,


{Ed039's Note - I agree with the RST statement that votes should be sent by post or by proxy, at the risk of sounding like a mother talking to a bullied son ....... just ignore them and dont give them the satisfaction of knowing they have one over us, they seem to thrive on that sort of sick satisfaction ...... they will soon disappear into the sunset and this will all just seem like a bad dream ...... One hopes anyway)

1.) 11 Feb 2015 17:11:25
I have said this for a few weeks, give ure vote to a group, don't go near the place, wherever it is, and be wary of plants in place to cause bother, I think this type of people would sink to any level, I hope the trust and bears, king etc take out advertising in the major press to explain exactly how to do this, maybe DK should hold a meeting to allow fans to sign up now? If Rangers fans don't go near it they can't be blamed for anything, do it all by proxy or post,

2.) My fear is no matter what steps we take to ensure his egm goes ahead these leaches will do everything in their power to at least postpone it.

I would hope that the king camp have already anticipated this move and have taken the very best legal advice in order to force it through.

{Ed039's Note - I believe that this is the case, my understanding is the King camp are prepared for various scenarios)

3.) Cicsy

King and 3 Bears have had every manner of sh*te to deal with thrown their way so far and I agree with ED and most Bears they will have a tactic ready for EVERY stupid move the board attempt to avoid the EGM going ahead.

They are already commiting business malpractice as the deadline was last Friday and it was by law supposed to be held in 21 days max 17th February.

Basically they know their time is running out they are trying to hold on for every day they can purely to piss the fans and King off, plus every week is another few grand they all pocket.

They will be gone soon

i am george

4.) 11 Feb 2015 20:53:08
I think its 21 working days George mate.



09 Feb 2015 14:44:08
I just noticed on another rangers site the guy at the hotel saying e. g. m. Might not go ahead at this hotel, wtf, these parasites are doing everything to try putting people of from attending the e. g. m. so I hope every small share holder has giving power to a supporters group to act as there proxy voter, let's see what these people are trying there utmost to prevent us from seeing, the books,.


1.) This is a piece a nonsense this. Why is there no-one on the LSE to step in in cases like this to ensure fair play?

2.) 09 Feb 2015 16:31:48
It also said a Rangers spokeswoman insisted "that is the venue and its booked" .
r. f

3.) It, s not called the Aim casino for nothing. You can get away with an awful lot compared to one of the more reputable markets. It, s like the wild west, Don, t get caught in the cross fire.

4.) Gkk I think there should be somebody from the s"f. a"getting involved to get this sorted out, but asking them to get involved is harder than predicting tomorrow nights euro millions numbers eh, what are the s. f. a. doing to aid one of its clubs, it's biggest club in fact, sweet fanny Adams. imho.

5.) If you go on to the lse and go to Paul Shackleton, listen to the conversation and the history of this nomad, it, s not very encouraging, very concerned about this characters history in dealing with finance, if this board was doing there so called due diligence this man would be nowhere near a fair and accountable egm, who advised the board to avoid going to yesterday's game, it wasn't police scotland ( by all accounts) is this just a ploy to discredit the Rangers fans, we have to be very carefull, as I feel they would be very happy for disturbances in London, to cancel this egm, wouldn't be surprised if they stick a couple of rogue elements in the attendance to reek havoc

6.) Dougdunlop, I see a bit on another page advising us to have a listen to said page, but other peoples comments more or less told us there opinions were like your own mate in re this guy, mr king has new nomad once we get rid of the people after e. g. m. whenever that may be. but I honestly think that every body that has been involved since whyte to Ashley are all crooks, only here for as much money as they can earn, and all involved together, IMHO.

7.) Rf this should let you know how never to take any of the current board that make these statement for real eh.




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11 Feb 2015 16:03:50
Gkk. Aye mate, maybe he was up early, continuation of a dream, or it's smoking that funny stuff early that's having a different affect to smoking it late lol.




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10 Feb 2015 23:17:23
Rf I've just asked stv about there comment on your subject, says nowt, said nothing on it, maybe you picked it up wrong right enough eh.




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10 Feb 2015 00:42:06
Yes he scored lots of goals at, first but gradually found himself getting less and less game time, if he started he was subbed, the guy could not last the pace, and on his return looked fit for a few gamesn, then was back to blowing out his arse after a short time, if he is your ideal striker you don't think the same way as me. mate.




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09 Feb 2015 13:44:24
David I said on here when we were talking about boyd coming back that if he could be a good signing, as he was banging them in at killie, but I also suggested he was playing out his skin at killie as he was looking for a new contract, I said as long as he does not go back to being the lazy fat guy that he was first time round we would do ok by signing him, but alas my fear has been realised as he is now an overweight, fat, lazy striker, hindsight would be a wonderful thing eh.




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08 Feb 2015 13:58:29
Jr tendentious, I seen elsewhere that mr king has refused to name names in re new management team, he does seem to know what he is looking for, but has yet to band names about.





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Ceexxx Boyd also needs to go on a diet.lol.




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Great goal thought




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Ed the 123 years stands for the years ago I left school lol.




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The supporters board were hand picked by the idiots on the rangers board, and they even made a c.nt of that,




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Soton bear when your next having a wee quiet word with your mum, you can let her know we have got rid of the imposters, and I would bet she will be looking down and smiling at your news rip.