20 Jul 2021 12:40:03
Any idea who club in EPL in for Aribo is? 10mill.

1.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 12:50:12
Brentford rumoured a few weeks ago.

2.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 14:00:43
10 mil would be some piece of business.

3.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 14:34:24
He’s worth more.

4.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 14:46:55
Super 10mill was my fee. no idea what has been rumoured mate. Got massive potential tho. 10mill would be good price.

5.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 14:52:10
When you consider the original outlay on Morelos, Kamara and Aribo and what they could potentially be worth, that's some piece of business by the club for 3 quality players.
The difficult part is continually trying to repeat the process.

6.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 15:53:13
I know we are not Celtic but if Ajmer is worth 13/ 15 mil then Aribo is worth at least 15!

7.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 15:56:53
If we move players on i believe it would encourage other talented youngsters to sign for us as they see a way of progression. However sometimes u are lucky to land such quality and would be better off keeping them from what they could potentially earn you. Money isn't only earned through transfer fees but by being successful as a football club 👌💙.

8.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 16:31:33
Stuarty bang on!

Too many people seem to think that because we paid peanuts we sell for peanuts, not for me.

Aribo 15m or he doesn’t leave. His potential is enormous as well already being to a high standard.

9.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 17:34:53
People need to forget what Celtic get for their players

Aribo 10 million+ Is great business.

10.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 17:41:11
Totally agree storm, whether we like it or not they have played champions league and have represented their country at various levels.
Let’s concentrate on us and maximise what we can trade players for.

11.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 18:04:27
Aribo as it stands is worth anywhere in the region of 10-15m On his day he is a super talent and a Nigerian international

If he were more consistent He would be easily 20-30m in this day and age!

If he were in EPL 20-30m in Scotland would be at least 70m.

12.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 18:10:23
Frimpong went for between 3 and 4 million not 10, don't believe a word of 13.5 million for Ajer.

13.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 18:41:15
Pretty sure Frimpong went for €11m.

14.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 19:02:13
Includes wages.

15.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 19:13:10
Frimpong bagged Celtic around €5.6 with sell on taking off and rest is made up of add ons that could potentially rise to a total of €11m but realistically won’t unless he wins Bundesliga and represents country at World Cup.
I think it was €7m up front minus 20% sell on so €5.6m which is £5m still good return.

16.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 19:13:41
Gdog. They said that. German team said total deal 11 which included salary, signing on fee over whole contract.

17.) 20 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 19:44:01
Gdog 11millon was the full deal wages included and add ons included don’t believe even you read mate.

18.) 21 Jul 2021
20 Jul 2021 23:55:17
I would be disappointed if we accepted 10 for Aribo. Think he showed last year that he has potential to be even better. I would be looking for at least 15 with add ons. Rate Aribo very highly. Guy has great feet.

19.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 00:41:27
Joe Aribo is about to blossom into a real star this coming season and he wouldn't be in the slightest bit interested in clubs like Brentford if he has the opportunity to strut his stuff in Europe and make a real name for himself. I've said it since I first saw him, that along with Kent he is our major asset. Another good season with us and his value soars and so does his earning potential.

20.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 08:43:54
Makes sense as €11m flat out was insane!