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Team: Rangers

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Favourite player: Gazza

Best team moment: Penalty kick winner in Florence from Novo & Helicopter Sunday

Interests: Rangers, Liverpool, Barcelona & Scotland.
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31 Jan 2021 18:16:33
Hearing we might see the return of John Fleck next season. He has a relegation release clause and told a mutual friend Rangers had made an enquiry to his agent sounding him out about potential return in summer.
No offers have been made to Sheff United or anything just sounds like we wanted to know if he would be interested in a return if the chance came up.
Personally I think he would be a good addition to our squad he's a steady 7/ 10 every week in BPL.

1.) 31 Jan 2021 18:55:39
He'd be a great signing, I'd imagine he'd have plenty of interest in him down in England in the summer though.

2.) 31 Jan 2021 18:57:33
Not for me
Can’t see this happening at all.

3.) 31 Jan 2021 19:15:54
Sheffield quoted arsenal 20 million in the summer for fleck.

4.) 31 Jan 2021 19:49:54
Did we not thru money at him and buy his parents a house when he was last here and then he opted to leave?

5.) 31 Jan 2021 19:59:39
Bankie he left because we wouldn’t give him 1st team football.

6.) 31 Jan 2021 20:03:20
Mmmmmm John fleck. seen him good few times and can't say I've been impressed. hard worker but think we've moved up a level than fleck personaly.

7.) 31 Jan 2021 20:20:39
DD he has been outstanding for sheff Utd the last few years.

8.) 31 Jan 2021 20:37:59
If there is a relegation release clause - which I doubt - it will be a set fee, maybe around £7m-£8m as he still has more than two years on his contract. He's been decent in the EPL and starred in the Championship, but he will be 30 this year and, all things considered, doesn't fit the Gerrard/ Wilson profile.

9.) 31 Jan 2021 20:45:06
Kja9,well everytime I've seen him this season which maybe around 7 times he's failed to impress me. he's a hard worker don't get me wrong and relise he's coming up against world class players but just don't think he brings anything new to what we already have at the team. if he's our new box to box midfielder then personaly don't think he's improving our first 11.

10.) 31 Jan 2021 21:04:49
Wee flecky gers diehard love to see wee man back at the champions.

11.) 31 Jan 2021 21:26:53
DD his team have been piss poor this season and I have seen him a lot more than that over the last 2/ 3 years I probably wouldn’t go for him because of age but nothing wrong with ability.

12.) 31 Jan 2021 21:27:42
KJA9, I though he was one of the free agent crowd.

13.) 31 Jan 2021 21:33:53
I. n. t. r, yea maybe,i'man older bear and the yes would be sentiment mate, but i don't think sentiment etc would interest gerrard so much, the ceo will get us better, cheaper when needed, let's go,

14.) 31 Jan 2021 22:00:06
Yeah agree with no sell on clause and turning 30 at start of next season he doesn’t fit our normal signing criteria but if release clause is closer to £5m I think he’s a better option than Zungu and Davis will be retiring in next 1-2 seasons.
He’s probably more likely to be brought in if the likes of Kamara is sold.
Anyway like I said I think we were sounding him out at this stage but Left footed players are always good to have in squad.

15.) 31 Jan 2021 22:05:22
Sorry Ed, tried to post earlier but meds’ kic in and my iPad went flying across the room,

I went to school with Robert Fleck and played with him for Bobby Dinnie in Possil and iI was at a football function years ago with a few guys from possil and the area surroundings including pals of mine frank mcdougall and Macca and chic charnley, we were reminiscing about Mr Dinnie with Alan Dinnie, the thistle captain at that time talking about one boy, Fleckys nephew, John, he was only very young but these people know a player and John grew up the right way when he could easily drifted to the bad side of possil, the boy knows how to behave and is a fantasy talent, I would love to see boys from Glasgow making it again at Rangers, particularly from my neck of the woods were I went through the ranks with many great pros, back in the day so if young fleckys available then I say great.

16.) 31 Jan 2021 22:13:20
Bankie I can’t remember if he was or not to be honest.

17.) 31 Jan 2021 22:31:39
Guys, he always impresses me more than Luhdstrom who some people have been shouting about recently.

18.) 01 Feb 2021 00:28:25
Tomthumb, bobby dinnie what a legend lucky enough to be scouted by him and even luckier to be a friend an absolute gentleman.

19.) 01 Feb 2021 02:22:07
John fleck is a Poor mans steven davis.

20.) 01 Feb 2021 04:33:47
John Fleck would be a very good Signing for us, He's pretty much been a standout player for both Cardiff and Sheffield United leading them to promotions, Had a solid season last year in the prem. Look how much Sheffield United struggled this season to score goals when he was injured.

This is him playing for defensive sides. Imagine him in a more attacking game.

21.) 01 Feb 2021 07:50:39
We Fleck never played for Cardiff, did he?

22.) 01 Feb 2021 08:08:09
I'm also in the camp that john fleck would be a very good signing for us,
if we can do it 🤞I've been nothing but impressed with flecky, everytime i've watched him playing in england,
especially with sheff utd 👍He's coming into his peak years now and this would be the perfect time to sign flecky, with his best years still in front of him! Not saying for one second, that lundstrum isn't a good midfielder because he is, but if i had the choice of the two, I'd prefer us to bring fleck home 😁
Everyone and their granny was raving about young fleck when he was about to break through and IMO anyway, way too much pressure was placed on this kid's young shoulders at the time 🤔
I even heard comparisons made that flecky was going to be the rangers wayne rooney, such was his talent 🤔.

23.) 01 Feb 2021 08:10:49
Tomthumb12,do you think if we were to sign john fleck, that he'd be the replacement for steven davis or which other midfielder would you see him replacing mate 🤔 Where do you reckon flecky's best midfield position is 🤔.

24.) 01 Feb 2021 08:53:36
In football terms would add little and from a wider perspective not what club needs moving forward.

25.) 01 Feb 2021 09:20:38
Fleck never played for Cardiff it was Coventry and if I had to be a Choice between fleck an lundstrum
It would be lundstrum every day of the week and twice on a Sunday to be fair anyone that picks fleck over JL it’s just because he use to play with us.

26.) 01 Feb 2021 10:16:21
Fleck grew up in Yorker I’m sure but had family connections from possibly. But I’d agree he would be a welcome addition to our team 👍.

27.) 01 Feb 2021 13:10:32
Fleck contract expires 2023, obviously don’t know what it says if relegated.
I’m not sure on this one, a good wee player but.

28.) 01 Feb 2021 14:01:57
John25, on same club what happened to Lundstram deal said to be done?

29.) 01 Feb 2021 14:59:28
No idea. I was told he wanted to be our highest paid player.
I note he has not signed for anyone else yet.

30.) 01 Feb 2021 17:44:47
Johns mother and uncles come from possolpark, yes barber a lovely guy, very well respected too

Sgl, I’m not sure mate, but you’re in the right direction,

kJ, do you think you are an authoritative person on here mate, ? If people think fleck is a good call, then how do you know it’s beca he played here?



31 Aug 2020 18:17:17
Reports from Colombia that Rangers have agreed a €20m (£18m) deal with Lille for Alfredo. I hope it's true with a 20% sell on clause as he's no use to the team when sulking on the bench.
Eternally grateful for many great goals especially his Europa League exploits last season but now with a heavy heart I wish him well if this is the end of El Buffalo at the famous.

1.) 31 Aug 2020 19:16:36
I agree with you glasgow ranger. I feel it's time for Morelos to leave but I'm grateful for all his goals especially in Europe. I wish him all the best wherever he ends up and hopefully we make some good money off him with a healthy sell on clause. Hopefully.

2.) 31 Aug 2020 19:57:53
1 rumour from columbia £18 mill from lille

2nd rumour from columbia porto want morelos now

Put the wacky backy doon.

3.) 31 Aug 2020 20:04:23
Don’t see a problem with anyone sulking on the bench I would be the same if I wasn’t playing.

4.) 01 Sep 2020 07:28:14
Amazing what you get on a Rangers rumour site eh inter, 2 rumours, both perfectly feasible and very possibly true,

Wacky backy eh,

5.) 01 Sep 2020 07:33:41
Very true KJ, I heard Alec Rae say the same thing. It would be worse if he was sitting there laughing and joking. How would bears react to that? The perils of being Morelos where every single move he makes is analysed and criticised.

6.) 01 Sep 2020 08:06:52
Personally I see a helluva lot wrong with a player sitting sulking on the bench or anywhere else near the team, he’s paid very well indeed as a professional football player and is very high profile,

7.) 01 Sep 2020 08:34:29
A player who is happy to be on the bench shouldn't be playing the game, 100% agree with the guys above who say this.

8.) 01 Sep 2020 08:52:21
55, I don’t think a player should be happy either, but he’s paid as part of a club, he should be supporting the guys who are actually working harder than him and who wants to be playing for Rangers, tell me guys, there are plenty on here who hark back to Walters days and quite understandably, how long do you think any player who sulked like a baby would last? I can assure you it wouldn’t be long.

9.) 01 Sep 2020 13:26:28
I take your point tomthumb and agree to an extent, but sometimes you can't do anything about someone's nature. If he's sitting on the bench but wants to play and thinks he should be playing then he is not going to be happy. That said, he should be doing his best to try and encourage/ congratulate the guys that are playing. I don't think he is a typically moody guy and by all accounts he is popular among the squad.

10.) 01 Sep 2020 16:25:08
Gareth bale is on 400,000 a week and he's happy sitting on the bench. Real Madrid won't let him leave for free, so he's happy to turn up for training so he gets paid. Three hours training four times a week for almost 2 million a month! At least Alfie shows that he wants to play. Then again, he storms off in a huff. The money will be invested. 55.

{Ed001's Note - actually he is on 500,000 euros AFTER tax.}

11.) 01 Sep 2020 17:22:55
I really don’t see what Gareth Bale does or doesn’t do has anything to do with Rangers, he need never play again and is in a different world from Morelos, also he is a lot older now, I wouldn’t move either if I was him, reals problem, they were happy to give him the contract.

12.) 01 Sep 2020 23:47:52
that's about £400k.

13.) 02 Sep 2020 13:38:25
And the do you know Gareth bale is happy or not?



30 Aug 2020 19:21:46
Hearing more Lewis Ferguson to Rangers for £2m rumours again today.
I think he's a quality player wins majority of 50/ 50's and aerial duels and knows how to score penalties.

1.) 30 Aug 2020 19:38:35
The Glasgow ranger a don’t see what Lewis Ferguson would bring to the team poss like for like with Ryan jack type player so don’t see why we would go for him yes I like the idea he is a rangers man we need a box to box creative midfielder that can skelping a baw yes that asking a lot and certainly will cost a lot but for me that’s what we are crying out for!
On our way #55.

2.) 30 Aug 2020 19:41:46
Much rather have kept mcrorie. wouldn't pay 2mil for him when we've let mcrorie go for 350k, as imo Ross is the better player of the 2.

3.) 30 Aug 2020 20:03:38
I think Ferguson will turn out a fine player probably better than Ryan Jack I just don’t think he’s ready to walk into our first team witch is what we need right now! I certainly won’t complain if he does sign though I rate him!

4.) 30 Aug 2020 20:17:58
Another mediocre player Rangers have no interest in.

5.) 30 Aug 2020 20:26:52
Ferguson is better than mccrorie, so many people have the blue tinted specs on when it comes to mccrorie, Mccrorie is an Aberdeen level player, Ferguson will be a Rangers level player maybe already is.

6.) 30 Aug 2020 20:35:27
Mccrorie a better player than Ferguson so why would we pay out two million when Ross valued 350k.

7.) 30 Aug 2020 20:51:47
Yip Mcrorie is better than Ferguson and MOM today so let's get rid of him Mr Gerrard, great move!

8.) 30 Aug 2020 20:52:32
Here we go ferguson is twice the player Ross is without a shadow of doubt.

9.) 30 Aug 2020 20:53:58
The two best young midfielders in Scotland right now are Lewis ferguson (current young player of the year) and David Turnball and we have already missed out on turnball I really hope we don’t lose out on ferguson I would have him signed now.

10.) 30 Aug 2020 21:29:22
I really feel we are going to regret big Ross getting let go and for 350k is a joke.

11.) 30 Aug 2020 23:34:51
Guys mcrorie is mince.

12.) 31 Aug 2020 00:10:24
Agreed john 👍.

13.) 31 Aug 2020 02:18:11
Mccrorie isn’t even a midfielder so why is people comparing him to Ferguson he is a Defender by trade we moved him to Midfield but his natural position is defeated and he got man of match playing defence so stop comparing him to Ferguson and for the record Mccrorie wasn’t good enough for us hence why he was sold all the moaning about we should have kept him shows how how low our fans are willing to accept if they genuinely think he was good enough for us he is nowhere near as good as our Defenders or Midfielders depending where he played so let’s get real.

14.) 31 Aug 2020 03:26:15
Yes and mr Turnbull is w Celtic man wouldn’t sign for us anyways.

15.) 31 Aug 2020 08:50:21
The tackle Ferguson got booked for yesterday would have been a sending off in an old firm game, not for me I'm afraid.

16.) 31 Aug 2020 10:03:56
Ferguson is better than McCrorie. Ferguson is a box to box midfielder, he has a great engine, he can tackle, win aerial battles, is strong, can play 1 touch passes in tight areas, can finish and play creative passes.
McCrorie has a good engine also, good in air and at tackling but not shooting or playing 1 touch football or being creative he’s a defender or holding midfielder who’s not as good as Jack or Kamara that’s why we sold him he’s Aberdeen level or squad player at Rangers but wants to play so we reluctantly let him go.
IMO Ferguson is proven at this level playing about 100 games in league and he’s exactly what we need in middle of park, he’s better than Kamara and a future replacement for Steve Davis.

17.) 31 Aug 2020 10:07:23
Tbh guys my preference would have been to keep McCrorie as I felt he would have been a really useful squad player as can play several positions, although I also understand his need for first team football . I sort of wish we had let him go for a full season on loan in the SPL and then made the decision about letting him leave permanently or not.

18.) 31 Aug 2020 10:30:28
Correct BAR72 - he was rank rotten against Rangers on the opening day of the season where his only contribution was 2 horrendous tackles which in a Rangers jersey would get him sent off.
And everyone goes on about Morelos having disciplinary issues. Ferguson would be a huge liability in a Rangers jersey plus he isn't good enough. 👍.

19.) 31 Aug 2020 12:52:00
Stiv, u obviouslydidnt watch it yday mcrorie played cm.

20.) 31 Aug 2020 16:11:34
Jack, Aribo, Hagi, Kamara, Davis, Arfield. They are all very good midfielders much better than Ferguson or anyone else in Scotland in my opinion. We seem to have the best defence for years and it is iron curtain defences that win titles. No point scoring 4 and conceding 3. Get Morelos sorted one way or the other and give Itten and Roofe a chance. By Christmas, we may well be out of sight (ahead, I mean lol) .

21.) 31 Aug 2020 16:39:59
I think it would be a smart piece of business to buy young Ferguson. At 20 year old he is in 3rd season as 1st choice CM for aberdeen and there is no doubt he is a good quality young midfielder in my opinion him and Turnbull would be pick of youngsters in the country just now. I like the boy mccrorie but Ferguson in my opinion offers more going forward and that's where he is just in front. I would also leave him on loan at Aberdeen this season and bring him to glasgow next season.
My opinion on our midfield options is as follows Davis has quality but is getting on, Jack is first choice CM, Aribo was showing that he will be a vital part of our attacking play. Kamara has talent but blows hot and cold. Arfield frustrates out of me, his first season he was outstanding but seems to have lost his mojo. Just now with aribo injured there is noone from midfield running beyond the strikers. That's where we will break teams like Livingston with a midfielder running in behind.

22.) 31 Aug 2020 17:34:10
Having watched the highlights of Aberdeen game yesterday (only highlights admittedly) I didn’t see McCrorie do anything to convince me he would ever stand out for us. Wouldn’t have given him MOM either.
Ferguson is a different player so not going to jump in on the who is better debate but I don’t think we NEED either of them.

23.) 31 Aug 2020 17:54:11
He's mince.

24.) 31 Aug 2020 19:57:46
I watched the majority of the Hibernian V Aberdeen game and both Ferguson and McCrorie played well against a decent Hibs team. McCrorie certainly put in some good tackles and made a number of quality passes. On the Hibs Team, Murphy was relatively quiet, perhaps not surprising given that it was his first competitive game. Whether McCrorie could have grown into the quality of player that we need in midfield is debatable and in any event we will never know. That said, I am not as confident that we have the midfield players we need to take us forward which perhaps is why Gerard is looking to acquire a quality box to box midfield player. As we saw on Saturday, Davis is still a quality player however, given his age, I can't see him playing every week and I do worry if he is injured. Arfield is not the answer and he isn't decent quality back up for Arfield either. His best days are behind him. That leaves Kamara and for me I just wish that someone would come in and give us a good price for him. He slows the game down too much for me, he goes missing when the going gets tough and for me we need better. That highlights the need for a good quality box to box midfield player. Could that be Ferguson, who knows?

25.) 31 Aug 2020 21:08:18
Ferguson had a worse disciplinary record than Morelos last season, if he played for us he would be sent off every other week. there is a player in there but think he would be in the stands more than Morelos.

26.) 31 Aug 2020 22:52:47
Seems strange that our manager and coaching staff decide to sell McRorie for £350k only to buy a worse player for £2m (if the rumours are true) .

Could it be that he has forgotten to consult the experts on here or is it possible that he knows just a tad more than the experts and has watched McCrories every move in training and the few games he has played for us before deciding that he will not reach the standard that is required?

27.) 31 Aug 2020 23:13:37

I know what you mean mate.

28.) 01 Sep 2020 07:22:22
Blue genius I watched it he was motm by far him and Ferguson ran the whole team.

29.) 01 Sep 2020 16:26:59
For me if SG and GM can't spot a CM we are in huge trouble as they were both world class CMs. I think Ferguson has the potential to become a quality CM. Potential replacement for Davis in a season or 2. Good quality for SPL. I also think young mccrorie looked decent and I think SG would have been happy with just the loan. From what I hear however it was the player who requested it be permanent for the good of his career. At his age he needs somewhere he will be first choice and just now rangers wasnt the place. Aberdeen look a good fit. Plus should he turn out a player I reckon we would have a buy back first option maybe.



04 Aug 2020 08:45:50
Rangers have made enquiry about the possibility of signing Rhian Brewster on a permanent deal. May be a loan to buy we are trying to negotiate for another highly thought of Liverpool youngster.
He is valued at around £5m at the moment and we would probably need to pay around £7m with add ons in a future fee if Liverpool were to sanction his sale.
Exciting prospect with bags of potential would be a great signing although we would still need Maric or Roofe to come in aswell, to give us 3 good striking options.

1.) 04 Aug 2020 10:10:49
I don’t believe Brewster is valued so low by Liverpool, I hope I am wrong I really do but I think he is highly thought of and had a great loan at Swansea which only made his value soar. Unless Liverpool sold us him with a very easy buy back option then I could not see him being in our buying range.

2.) 04 Aug 2020 10:10:51
Glasgow ranger no they have not. Swansea were quoted 20 million to sign him.

3.) 04 Aug 2020 10:51:10
theres a need to read the posts here. it does help.

4.) 04 Aug 2020 10:57:20
Rangets gave absolutely no chance of getting Brewster Liverpool won't give us their top talents as Ojo and Ejaria have proved Liverpool rate Brewster highly only players they will give us are ones they are prepared to let go who they don't see future for that's why Solanke Harry Wilson didn't come here as Liverpool and other teams down south rated them highly so we ended up with 3rd tier Liverpool players Kent did well but still to prove it on regular basis but rest of Liverpool loans have been dreadful.

5.) 04 Aug 2020 11:39:50
No danger is Brewster only 5 million he is more thought of down there than Kent ever was try about 20 million.

6.) 04 Aug 2020 12:31:39
In fairness the original poster doesn't claim Brewster is valued at £5m. The poster is referring to another Liverpool youngster.



08 Aug 2019 11:03:18
Less secure astriker on loan from Arsenal to replace Roofe. Hopefully their link to Kent is affected by this news.
I know he's a different playing position but hopefully the wages and potential loan fee limits available budget to attract Kent with the FFP rules and Leeds spending.

1.) 08 Aug 2019 12:03:15
Kent ain't coming back. Get over it.

2.) 08 Aug 2019 13:55:48
i like kent as much as the next ger. but u would think he's messi the way some of us go on about him. done very little tbh.

3.) 08 Aug 2019 14:21:04
Very little Get a grip!

No he isn't Messi thanks for pointing that out! But he was instrumental in getting us points. The most positive direct player we had and we are missing that now that He has gone and also Candeias.


4.) 08 Aug 2019 15:41:57
am sorry, what did we win last year. so he's direct so is joness n murphy. at best he's exciting to watch, every few games he lives upto the hype.

5.) 08 Aug 2019 17:28:32
Giez piece! Jones can’t lace his boots.

6.) 08 Aug 2019 17:37:18
Rab. rfc. drum he was our best outfield player in every old firm game lasted season, 2 out of the 4 he was unplayable and a few other games as well he was unplayable, had a lot of good games and some mediocre ones, to say he done very little is just blatant lying. Yes he probably ain't coming back especially since we are signing Brandon Barker but let's not make stuff up just for the sake of it.

7.) 09 Aug 2019 21:11:14
Correct Gdog👍.




Theglasgowranger's banter posts with other poster's replies to Theglasgowranger's banter posts


31 Jan 2021 23:16:56
Recent reports suggest we have reopened negotiations with Aberdeen about signing Wright ahead of 2ms deadline.
With Aberdeen having just banked £2m from Cosgrove sale they may be less desperate for the cash and less likely to want to lose another player albeit they have secured loan deal for Hornsby.
With us loaning out a couple that might free up a bit of cash to add him just now.
I wouldn't expect us to pay more than £250-300k to get him now just need to wait and see how this plays out 2m.

1.) 01 Feb 2021 07:21:16
I don't think we should pay any more than £100k to get him now. I wonder if Kent might be sold in summer and we want to see wright now to see if he can fill his boots. I hope not Kent is not a player I’d want us to lose in the summer I don’t think we have anyone in the squad that offers we hat he does.

2.) 01 Feb 2021 07:53:39
I'd leave till summer as the league is wrapped up. Wouldn't want to give sheep money we don't need to.

3.) 01 Feb 2021 08:03:43
He will sit on our bench unless kent goes before the deadline.

4.) 01 Feb 2021 08:43:30
I agree with Seeker. We don't need him just now and I'm not sure how much game time he will get. don't see the point in giving them cash if he's going to sit on our bench for now. If SG wants him now to get used to the standards at our club and thinks it will be beneficial to him then I can't argue that but I just hate giving them any money. Certainly no more than 50k for me.

5.) 01 Feb 2021 09:24:22
Guys I think it would be good to get him injuries can happen what if kent gets injured?



30 Jul 2020 21:02:16
With us singing a total of 3 players on loan in past 2 seasons from Liverpool I'm guessing there's more than a fair chance we will borrow another this season.
Brewster would be too if our list if we could, hearing Ben Woodburn every transfer window anybody know of any other good prospects we might look to get on loan this season?

1.) 30 Jul 2020 22:17:41
Ben Woodburn to be freed by Liverpool.

2.) 30 Jul 2020 22:26:40
Would love klopp to do SG a favour and loan us Brewster for 55.🇬🇧.

3.) 30 Jul 2020 22:31:05
Is Ben woodburn no supposed to be a wonder kid?

4.) 30 Jul 2020 22:50:01
Couple seasons ago kingwalter, progress seems to have stalled. don't think he’s any better than we have.



27 Jul 2020 08:16:05
If Alfredo does go before Saturdays game V Sheep I think we would be ok with Kent playing up top. We also have Hagi or Greg Stewart who could do a job rather than hoping Morelos replacement is match fit and ready to go.
If Morelos is still here but wants away I don't think it would be a good idea risking him getting injured or sent off if he does play.

1.) 27 Jul 2020 09:15:25
If alfredo morelos is still with us for Saturday's game against the sheep, he plays for me. I think he still will be here when saturday comes and i'll predict he'll score against aberdeen.



26 Jul 2020 18:25:30
Now that it's public knowledge that Alfredo has agreed terms elsewhere and the BPL has just finished I wouldn't be surprised if Aston Villa, West Ham or Everton entered the race for his signature.
Also now that Bournemouth are officially relegated I wander if the likes of King and Solanke have relegation release clauses. Same with Danny Welbeck admittedly injury records of Wellbeck and Solanke aren't great and probably too expensive but you never know Defoe was in similar wage bracket and a deal was done.

1.) 26 Jul 2020 19:00:59
Glasgow Rangers rangers say no talks re Alf
King worth 20 million.

2.) 26 Jul 2020 19:02:19
Rangers or Lille haven’t said terms have been agreed nor fredo or his agent so it’s been BS.

3.) 26 Jul 2020 19:14:49
Solanke is absolutely honkin. Would rather someone from the juniors.

4.) 26 Jul 2020 20:15:24
Total bull 💩 KJA9 you're spot on mate! Made up by a french journalist, happy days 👍😁.



29 Jan 2020 18:30:34
With us needing another Striker what do you guys think of bringing back Cummings? Affordable and knows where net is.
Only as a 3rd choice obviously but think his enthusiasm is infectious and is a good finisher.

1.) 29 Jan 2020 19:38:42
Not got the legs for gsmes like sunday just like defoe. Big dykes would be a half decent 3rd option.




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21 Apr 2021 22:31:14
Ask him to extend for a year knowing he will likely leave after next season to maximise his value and him showing some loyalty.
If plan A fails, we keep him to try and qualify for Champions league then if successful try Plan A again or sell for £20m plus add ons as we can’t let him run down contract to 12 month stage.



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19 Apr 2021 18:27:47
I think he would leave Leicester for Spurs. With the likes of Vardy coming to tail end of career and him thinking he’s took them as far as he can and the real possibility they could blow Champions league place again this season he would jump ship while his stock is high.
Spurs have decent squad similar to Leicester’s and with a few good signings could compete with top 4 again.



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19 Apr 2021 16:18:44
I don’t take the odds as gospel like you said bookies wouldn’t have a betting market open if it didn’t expect to make money.
I use it as indication on who is the running and usually see it as a good sign if certain managers are outsiders as if sny1 knows anything the odds tend to get slashed on those guys.
Just because some1 is short price doesn’t always mean they are about to be unveiled as manager but it normally suggests that the person is in the running I. e. Eddie Howe been near front of market for that mob for months and now it’s confirmed there has been talks taken place.



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19 Apr 2021 12:37:10
20/ 1 8th best in betting. Rodgers a more likely candidate IMO.



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17 Apr 2021 17:06:44
Good test for both sides, hopefully we will be back in our seats by then to enjoy the match.




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21 Apr 2021 10:39:39
I take every season on a season by season basis. Investment, recruitment, Board and Coaching staff change frequently as do playing squads.
Qualifying for group of Champions league is pivotal as the additional revenue is massive if either half of old firm get it when the other doesn’t.
Gerrard leaving would be massive for us, these are factors that determine the period of dominance or the cycle as you guys have stated.
I’m going to enjoy toasting our league success and hoping we can add the Scottish Cup to it then sit back enjoy being represented in Euros by Scotland hopefully with Paterson in squad then we go again with the excitement of Champions League qualifiers to come.



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25 Mar 2021 22:23:05
I’d say £10m is about right for Hagi, still raw in parts of his game. Think he will only improve though and would rather he stayed and developed further and increases his value.



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13 Feb 2021 06:45:03
For me despite a recent dip we are miles clear in every department and will at least maintain the gap we have. Arfield and Jack missing were big deal especially in Old Firm. Now Jack’s nearing full fitness and Arfield back training I fully expect and believe in the boys to get the bit between the teeth and push on again.
I’d be more worried if I was playing away to St Johnstone next. I watched StMirren game and for 1st 15 mins St Mirren were much sharper and better in possession because they were up for it, then they scored 1st shot on target and then St Mirrens best attacking player comes off injured and with the confidence from scoring that mob had a spell of possession for about 10 mins, the last 15 of -st half is played in Celtics half of pitch and same for next 15 until dodgy penalty knocks stuffing out St Mirren and rest is history, never a 4-0 game and was similar story when away to Killy with offside goal, soft penalty and playing a team with no manager, no spine with a catalogue of injuries.
Sometimes you get the right teams at the right time, we have been fortunate when playing Sheep who had a depleted side earlier in season and to a lesser degree in game at Parkhead. Recently we had to play Motherwell away after new manager had recently been appointed and same with Killy 2m.
I think draw last week was a timely wake up call before European games returning and we will beat a sturdy determined Killy side 2-0 and get a positive result in Belgium.



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31 Jan 2021 23:20:58
Frimpong deal was £8m mate that can rise to £11.5m based on appearances etc with City receiving 30 % sell on so €5.6m or £5m still good business for a very inconsistent young player.



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21 Jan 2021 08:05:50
Livingston Reserves 2 Dubai Dynamos 2
Got to take care of rejuvenated rampant Ross County on Saturday and tricky trip to Easter Road on Wednesday to put final nails into their championship coffin.