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12 Mar 2017 17:29:52
Congratulations on a magnifcent result for you today.
I can imagine u will remember this day for a long long time.
A true JFK moment, u will tell your children and your childrens children about the day u went to Celtic park and got a draw that put Aberdeen further ahead of u over the weekend and cemented 3rd place lol.


1.) 12 Mar 2017 17:40:16
Sour grapes Rayman, you're usually a wee bit more measured than that. Maybe you'll remember the JFK moment when the 'new club's 38 year old made your £75 Million super-striker look bang average.

2.) 12 Mar 2017 18:09:19
Aye had to resort to throwing himself to floor in hope of winning a pen to try get on scoresheet lol CHEAT

3.) 12 Mar 2017 18:35:52
End of the day hugh, every team has a bad day at the races. Ours was today. That draw is a massive result for the newest team in top flight. Roll on semi final cause yous won't get a look in

4.) 12 Mar 2017 18:36:01
Well said Hugh. They're going to win the league by miles but as always they canny even do that with good grace or accept they weren't the better team today and that we deserved at least a draw. Considering we were rubbished by all Rayman's fellow Celtic supporting"impartial"pundits we are entitled to be happy with that result. So Rayman gerrit right up ye!

5.) 12 Mar 2017 19:07:09
"Gerrit right up ye" comedy gold, excuse me but didn't u scrape a draw against a much superior team.
If that's the level of ambition u have then u deserve to be where u are.
What about all the "Back where we belong" nonsense, well u are back where u belong its came true.
A distant 3rd place that's the REALITY lol.

6.) 12 Mar 2017 19:29:01
Typically misses the handball while claiming the penalty and Browns sending off as much as we missed our stone cold chances. Also misses the fact tic are three players away from disaster cause we disnae miss em today.

7.) 12 Mar 2017 19:34:31
Rayman enjoy your success while u can because as soon as the prem comes calling Brenda will be on the next bus back down south. If you hadn't have got him it's your team that would have been third with that fantastic last manager u had what was it the Ronnie roar lol. I'm thinking just your usual unclean supporter nae class. Still moaning and shouting about newco and sevco ect lying in bed at night cold sweats paranoid and so obsessed with our team thinking what can I post on a rangers website sad mate very sad. I feel for you mate

8.) 12 Mar 2017 20:01:19
Rayman showing his lack of class yet again. He never fails to make an ass of himself. Doesn't have the decency to admit his team was out thought and out fought. Then you get DN30 coming out with the 'new club' nonsense. Had it been the 6 or 7 nil mauling it was 'definitely' going to be, there would of course be no mention of being a new club. Leave them to their bitterness. If they are like that when Celtic are successful, just wait until the tide turns. And it will, one day. Only a game still.

9.) 12 Mar 2017 20:55:31
Take a leaf from celticeob above well said sir. Rayman Celtic fans have celebrated many a draw at Ibrox and parkhead against us in the past as we have also circumstances dictate. Going by your post I am guessing you are too young to know better.

Big thank you to murty today played a blinder.

Onwards and upwards Rangers

10.) 12 Mar 2017 21:17:29
Out thought an out fought haha, truly comedy gold.
You scored in the dying mins to snatch a DRAW, and celebrated like u won the league.

11.) 12 Mar 2017 21:43:50
Motormouth rayman99, you and the rest of your cronies were spouting all week, about how much you were going to hammer us by! So for you and the rest of your obsessed cronies, wipe that big goose egg from your face! You're keeper was your star man! Says it all really! Wonder how long it will take for your lot to want bobby madden questioned for not awarding you a penalty! By your assumption your that good a team and you're now greeting and having to lean on the penalty call! Never a penalty! Get it round you!

12.) 12 Mar 2017 22:30:02
You sound like a worried manky supporter who now realises there won't be 10 in a row. You can have 6 actually its only one in a row as this is our first season back. Your other meaningless titles were won against the backdrop of no tangers hibs hearts dundee united. Pedro will lift first silverware this season. Enjoy your humble pie RAYMAN

13.) 12 Mar 2017 22:37:06
raymann99 is raging after scrapping a draw with the sevconians after "humping" man city 3-3 in the CL. he's raging his mob couldn't beat the new team on the block with a caretaker manager 😂.

14.) 12 Mar 2017 23:12:44
Unfortunately they don't possess class and humility it's not in their breeding. Still a struggle for them to cope with the fact Rangers are still alive. Soon be mounting a sustained challenge and shortly after that we will be added no 55 to the list.
Rangers Rangers Rangers its all about Rangers. Simply The Best.

15.) 12 Mar 2017 23:15:03
Me thinks rayman is perhaps a tad gutted. Rayman, its all about the rangers.



06 Nov 2016 14:41:40
Normal service resumed.


1.) 06 Nov 2016 15:26:01
To be honest thought Ross county played a shocker today they really blew Opportunities to put you to sword.



17 Sep 2016 17:28:47
Good point well earned against a top side.
Well well a lot of posters on here before a ball was kicked PREDICTING you would win the league. Anyone brave enough to say that now and bet on it.
You have Dons, Hearts and Inverness next its looking entirely realistic you could be out of the top 6 after first round of fixtures.
Its looking like the great Warbiola is not the great manager u thought.
Everyone can see the obvious apart from him.
That's your worry.


1.) 17 Sep 2016 17:52:34
Thanks we would have been lost without your insights.

2.) 17 Sep 2016 18:04:35
Thanks ger, well we warned u about Murray, we warned about green and Whyte, we warned u about admin, we warned u about liquidation, we warned u about warbs, we warned u about being in the big league.
Why would I think u have learned anything.

3.) 17 Sep 2016 18:11:00
Nothing happening on your own page today? still all about the Rangers I see.

4.) 17 Sep 2016 18:25:40
Is that all u can say "its all about the rangers" lol, do u even realise how lame that is.
Your worry will be when its not all about "the rangers" and u become insignificant.
That time is nearer than u think.

5.) 17 Sep 2016 18:32:13

What are you talking about we warned you against Murray, Whyte and Green? It only came out after Murray left about how he financed the club and no one warned us about him. As for Whyte think you'll find most of the Rangers board warned Murray about him yet he ignored them and sold it anyway and as for Green the Sheffield Utd fans and some players were vocal about this guy. So don't try and make out your lot warned any of us about any of them.

6.) 17 Sep 2016 19:14:06
Rayman, will you stop posting on here when 'that time' arrives. Rangers seem pretty significant for you to continually post on here. Your own club/ company were shown how significant they are last Tuesday. Scottish football is fecked.

7.) 17 Sep 2016 21:28:14
Rayman, we were playing the team that knocked your lot out of the cup last season, don't you worry about our team as we don't worry about your team

8.) 17 Sep 2016 21:50:43
All the so called lesser clubs are rite up for it V Rangers because they would stroll into the SPL and challenge Celtic undermining all others. Will 3rd or 4th be acceptable?



10 Sep 2016 19:10:00
Welcome to the big league. Well guys 5 games in and 3rd place not bad for you really in the top league.
Also negative goal difference says it all. Your wonderful manager it seems to me can't pick a team and only has plan A.
He can't find a defender even tho it was obv to everyone even in the championship your team can't defend.
But don't worry he has a magic hat.


1.) 10 Sep 2016 19:51:11
Aye fair play. Easily better team. Fortunes more to spend and a merchandising deal that ensures money goes to your club, what a wonderful achievement and how proud you must be. Interesting to see how midweek goes against the elite.

Call it sour grapes, but its just fact. Fair play, decent manager and promising signings in Dembele and Sinclair, but let's see how they go vs mascherano and pique and not Senderos and Kiernan

"Welcome to the big league". Aye ok, Scottish football is a pile of sh*** and you know it!

2.) 10 Sep 2016 19:53:59
Don't know why we didn't go for some like Vaulks from Falkirk. Strong defensive player who could score goals. Instead the magic-less hat opts for a 37 year old a slow 31 year old who has hardly played in the last year and the hapless Kiernan. Truly inspiring choices.

3.) 10 Sep 2016 20:10:39
Its the usual pile of rubbish when u get beat, Scottish football is crap blah blah blah.
Face up to it just like there is a gulf between us and Barcelona there is a gulf between you and Celtic.
We have very little chance of beating them on tues but we KNOW that, last week you were telling us how you were going to beat us that's the difference we know where we are.
We are not deluded.

4.) 10 Sep 2016 20:13:55
If scottish football is such a pile of sh##e where dors that leave your team toiling against bottom 6 teams wait till you need to play the bigger teams ie hearts and the sheep? If i were you i would be nervous looks like the warburton experiment ain't working?

5.) 10 Sep 2016 20:28:34
Aye very good. Take the word of emotive supporters over the bookies and neutrals.

Scottish football is brutal and you know the financial advantages you have (just as the champions league elite gave over everyone else)

Considering we win the semi final, I think you cannot calm it deluded. We know where we are now. I have gave a fair assessment. Celtic were the better side but let's not get too cocky. You are hardly world beaters.

Particle, st Johnstone, Hamilton, killir etc "blah, blah, blah"

Come on, wise up.

6.) 10 Sep 2016 20:28:57
Nothing like being a graceful winner then Raymond eh!

7.) 10 Sep 2016 20:42:23

Leave our team with very much to prove. If we pay the second highest wages, I guess we should finish second

Call me deluded, but I think it's fairly logical

Many of the Rangers team have much to prove. Just don't really get the gloating. "Only 4 years old" etc.

Was it not to be expected?

8.) 10 Sep 2016 20:43:35
Rayman99's a wee bhoy on the wind up guys.

Let him have his moment.

9.) 10 Sep 2016 22:03:53
Rafbob fair play mate u only 1 talking sense lol.



07 Sep 2016 18:50:12
Guys big game on sat that's for sure so who will win that's the question and why are we so confident u all ask.
Well its pretty simple not so long ago your manager was McCoist and the football was pretty poor then along comes Warburton and he completely revitalises your team and your playing good football.
A complete transformation u all say, well that's what's happened with Celtic.
Under Deila the football was crap and boring now it is exciting to watch and we seem to blow away opposition (domestically) without too much trouble, the transformation is there for all to see.
So its a complete mirror image of what's happened last year or 2 and that's why we are so confident tho it doesn't mean we will win but that's the reason and the fact we just have better players.
Prediction? well let's leave that to the nutters lol as these type of games anything can happen.
But in IMHO no matter the result on sat Celtic will win the league.


1.) 07 Sep 2016 20:07:57
on one hand your saying people are nutters for trying to predict the outcome of one game yet you are predicting what's going to happen in a years time based on a few games. Quality.

2.) 07 Sep 2016 20:11:26
I'm not asking, so your first sentence is factually inaccurate.

3.) 07 Sep 2016 20:39:30
Calm down rayman 'blown away' 3 teams domestically and scraped through in Europe hardly cause for brenda to made a saint! Saturday will be fun!

4.) 07 Sep 2016 20:52:15
Easy to predict a long season Recbob but an individual game that's harder. Why u think the bookies make so much money lol.
By the way nicely avoiding discussing the actual game.
Wonder why.

5.) 07 Sep 2016 22:30:36
With the exception of Sinclair and Toure, it'll be the majority of players who played in last season's semi final who'll line up for Celtic this weekend. Griffiths, Brown, Tierney, Lustig, Roberts, Rogic, Biton etc all failed to inspire against a weaker Rangers side last term. Installing a manager with zero accomplishments in his career thus far and signing a journeyman like Sinclair for 3.5/ 4m does not scare me personally. Conceding 4 goals over 2 legs against a weak outfit in the CL qualifiers and narrowly scraping through has been glossed over. Relying on a late winner against Hearts at Tyncastle is hardly blowing away opposition domestically either btw. Come Saturday the honeymoon period is over. there's games coming thick and fast and we know how Celtic deal with pressure. penalty shootout loss last season, 2 failed attempts at qualifying for Europe 2 season's ago. it's in the club DNA. helicopter Sunday along with numerous other final day shortcomings. Rangers are back, the pressure is on Celtic, the international break benefits us as I would have been more concerned dealing with Celtic after the result against Aberdeen a few weeks back but if we show the desire and ability that we have come Saturday I'm confident we'll prevail.

6.) 07 Sep 2016 23:04:15
j1985.you call sinclair a journeyman, what about hill, barton, kranjaer, gilks, senderos. could you class wilson, haliday, holt, kiernan, waghorn journeyman also?

additionally what has warburton achieved in his career (a title in second tier of the scottish league)

narrowly scrapping though has given us the best part of 30 million once this season is said and done.

Reminding us all for the good of our health, Hamilton at home 1-1, late winner at home v motherwell, 1-1 against killie who had 10 men to 30 mins. these performances really do strike fear into me. can i ask seen as your team has been doing so well, is it 3 league wins in your last 11 league games?

and to cap it off, what about the scottish cup final, remind us all what happened, were did warbuton's magic hat get to?

7.) 08 Sep 2016 00:05:37

how does this sound, about right i guess?

the pressure between the fans relies soley with celtic fans as if celtic lose rangers fans will be shouting from every rooftop that "we are back" long live king, MW and DW, giving it the praverbial chants, if celtic win The Rangers fans will get the same stick that yous have been getting since yous were created in 2012.

on the pitch and more importantly on the players and clubs the pressure is 100% on rangers, and back to the very basic concept that is the league table, if rangers win they go 2 clear and celtic have a game in hand against partick at home so can quite afford ot slip up at this early stage.

if celtic win then its 4 clear points with that same game in hand and then The Rangers play aberdeen and ross county so potentially if they drop any points after sat it could be 9/ 11 points min they are behind and we won't even be in oct yet.

So i will ask you again, who is the pressure on?

8.) 08 Sep 2016 05:32:00
Kaney as far as I'm concerned the past is the past. We have 11 new players trying to gel and if I'm not mistaken you lot have conceded the same number of goals as us having played a game less. I am in no way fearful of Celtic as long as we're creating chances with Gordon in goals I am more than confident of taking a couple. Best of luck on Saturday. No Surenderos.

9.) 08 Sep 2016 09:52:22
I don't get why a guy who doesn't believe the old firm is back and that rangers are no longer rangers is on a rangers site debating what will happen on Saturday?

put it this way we don't care what celtic fans wanna spout I get enough of that fae ma best mate for the last 4 years lol.

celtic are better than they where last season and we are not as good as we where last season yet!

sinclaire and the revitalized forrest do worry me but we have a few players that will be worrying some of your support aswell.

10.) 08 Sep 2016 11:50:04
You're worried by James Forest? A poor mans Aiden McGeady!

11.) 08 Sep 2016 12:27:02
@rayman99 - I fancy the score draw due to the fact Rangers are poor at the back but Celtic have frailties as a team when they concede.

12.) 08 Sep 2016 23:24:06
Karney 1983

For starters, a journeyman is someone who's not just been about but someone who's never excelled really. Compare Sinclair last season to Barton. Sinclair - fell out of the EPL without a whimper with Villa. Barton - pivotal in Burnley winning the championship and getting into the EPL. Hill and Co may have been about but I bet all our signings haven't equated to anywhere near the outlay on Sinclair.

As for the European performance. We're you happy with it? So often we hear fans say about players, it's not all about the money etc, etc. Yet you bring out the 30m like it's a trophy. I'm not having a business debate, my point was about footballing performance thus far.

I don't rate Rogers as a manager, he's done absolutly nothing to deserve the reputation he has and I've said that long before he was the boss of Celtic. Warburton took Brentford to the playoffs in the championship, came to Rangers when we were in a mess and totally transformed us, picked up a couple of trophies along the way and beat our biggest rivals in a cup semi final so if we're comparing Warburton and Rogers on actual success please inform me of what Rogers has done because I fail to see anything significant.

Also, your actually taking league form based on last season? Based on wins after we'd wrapped up the league? Means absolutly nothing as the job was done at that stage. The final was just one of those things, the better team won. we were hardly humiliated. Based on Celtics recent cup record I thought you'd appreciate that these things happen.

13.) 09 Sep 2016 11:54:44
Kaney, the word if is very relevant in you're post eh, what IF we beat you, then win our 2 next games while youse lose you're next 2? do you, like a few others think we will have the league wrapped up?




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18 Oct 2017 22:20:37
My name is Rayman and I AM obsessed, obsessed with laughter keep it coming.




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18 Oct 2017 15:42:41
Yep I am on it daily mate, its pure comedy gold why wudnt I, with all that's going on in the world its worthwhile coming on here to get a laff.
It never fails to produce.




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20 Aug 2017 15:38:37
Think it would be a good idea guys, they would walk into your team lol.




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16 May 2017 11:39:50
I see Doiger has borrowed our Dembelle calculator lol.




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20 Apr 2017 17:02:57
Yes minto, there is no better place for comedy gold.
One of your posters says there is money despite needing loans to get you through the season. It just doesn't get any better than this lol.





rayman99's banter replies


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08 Dec 2017 20:40:28
So u want a rich benefactor to subsidise you.
Wtf do u lot never learn what's wrong with running your club properly and paying your way .
When the rich kid goes how do u pay anythin. It seems u even want luquidation lol.




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05 Dec 2017 19:24:32
Supcoop your opinion becomes null and void when u view an opinion as a FACT.
Whether 1 player is as good or better than another is not a FACT its an opinion which we all do on players.




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30 Nov 2017 18:48:29
Decent squad Seeker? So you are quite happy to beat Aberdeen and lose to Dundee, Hamilton and can't win 3 in a row aswell as compete for 3rd?




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30 Nov 2017 18:46:27
Call me cynical guys but it is it possible that the board were hoping Murts would win all his matches therefore saving 800k on compo as the fans would happily accept him if he was winning and re-assess at end of season and that's why it taken so long.
King has stated that loans are needed till end of season so how would they come up with the extra for McInness.
Like any business why spend 800k when not needed.




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28 Nov 2017 15:01:16
Are u aware the refs get more than some players do.