19 Oct 2021 19:16:44
We have a scout at Sheffield Utd. Millwall game tonight.

1.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 19:28:19
are we still interested in Jake cooper and is he now a realistic target.

2.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 19:59:02
I’m not sure, I think mb keeping options open as Harry Souter seems to be heading out our reach.
Also we r definitely watching Wallace.

3.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 20:15:17
Well these are truly uninspiring. We the supporters want to be playing in the champions League someone really isn't getting that are they. If Gerrard has his head turned don't let him sign these people. The guy from Blackburn rovers is 26 never heard of him but playing for them at that level than I don't want to know about him. I want my Tuesday and Wednesday nights to be watching us in Europe at the top table not battering in overtime at work trying to forget about it. Would he get in our team on merit or be another favourite starting before better player. I'm still raging with the substitutions in a game we were controlling on Saturday. that draw still feels like a loss.

4.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 20:27:27
Livi bear what you talking about half epl now want Souter
Where we get money to sign players you want, let’s hear some names who u would bring in.

5.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 20:37:54
Harry is only 22 can stoke wanting over the 10 million mark come end of the season.

6.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 20:38:11
I'm not on about Souter, I'm on about Wallace and cooper.

7.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 20:39:26
John25 Souter is way out of our price range.

8.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 21:03:41
Millwall only have 12 goals Wallace was involved in 8 of they goals scored 4 and assisted 4 not seem him play but just on stats would say he could easily do a job in spl.

9.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 21:19:05
Would he do a job in Europe if not then not needed.

10.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 21:22:44
Livi when we scouted him start off season valued around four millio, since Everton Spurs villa Burnley et al came in price has rocketed.
So tell me why u don’t like cooper, u watched him regular
Still waiting to hear who u would sign livi.

11.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 21:23:51
RFC Wallace will replace arfield imo.

12.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 21:48:55
I see that both Cooper and Wallace at Millwall who we're allegedly keeping tabs on, have scored tonight.

13.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 21:53:25
Scotty they did,

14.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 22:06:15
Doekhi would be a start at the back played at a decent level good pedigree and if he is half as good as his uncle he'd do. I agree John when you said a few weeks back about both the Souter boys they'd both be good but as far as Harry's concerned that's not going to happen. I would take John his brother and even Handley as he has developed. Cooper never kicked on after we were looking a few years ago. The idea of going for players over 25 with no top-flight experience anywhere is not for me. If they see that as the way forward for us they are devaluing every youth player that dreams of coming through they are devaluing the dreams and expectations of the fans and devaluing us as a club. Gerrard may not rate Scottish players or our league but some of those he's brought in haven't been as good as the ones that were Scottish or from Scottish football.

15.) 19 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 22:27:18
John, never fit and Hanley dreadful, Cooper far better than both. What Scottish players do u refer to at rangers because any who have left have went downhill hill or don’t play anymore.

16.) 20 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 22:48:32
john25- do u recon charlie McCann and alegria will break into our first team this season andngwt any game time. saw McCann a few times and he looks a step above B team level.

17.) 20 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 23:00:48
We must sign Players who will improve the team. Simple as.

18.) 20 Oct 2021
19 Oct 2021 23:42:56
Livi, guys like Sebastian thill who knocked us out champions league qualifiers with progres doing it in champions league. 2 in 3 games for sherif who have been the surprise package so far. because they re not well known doesn't mean they can't do a job.

19.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 09:11:27
McAnn yes.
Concer re Alegria fitness. Only played 12 minutes. My info not doing much training at all.

20.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 09:34:34
John25 you are the guy who said about John Souter initially I'm agreeing he'd be good. Handley has played better than cooper in the championship and has international and EPL experience, doekhi would be my first choice

21.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 09:50:24
Cooper would be a good signing.

22.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 12:38:13
Livi yes I said we were watching him, never said I wanted him, seems to me better I just keep rumours to myself and family with friends.

23.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 12:42:31
Hard to believe that anyone could should shout so loudly for us to buy players who can do it at the highest levels in Europe (and who would cost a fortune) then back it up by suggesting Grant Hanley!

24.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 14:33:33
I understand what Livibear is on about to some extent.
Don’t think any of these players are a Ryan Kent or even an Aribo……uninspiring. I’ve trusted the club through tougher times but our transfer activity is in danger of chasing dregs hoping for a cheap win. Rangers will regret it deeply if we don’t win this title. Part of our problem so far this season is that only one of our signings is pushing the team and that’s only recently……. Lundstrum.

Bacuna, jury out. Fashion jury out . Simpson jury out. That’s not good enough from recruitment. Yeh maybe they will come good but you look at Celtic and they have Japanese striker, Jota and other winger all hitting the ground running……. surely our scouting is better?


25.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 14:42:37
Still think we're looking in the wrong place regards English Lower leagues. Much better players in Scandinavia and Eastern European leagues this is where we should focus our scouting projects on.

26.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 16:34:42
I think in an ideal situation we would all want to sign better established players, however we have no money unless we sell. If the club had managed to qualify for the CL then Veerman would of got signed. I think the club has done well picking up players out of contact, most have been a success.

27.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 17:18:47
No point scouting people maybe our scouts should ask livi bear if he has heard of them before we scout them.

28.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 17:31:00
John don’t stop posting your info because of one person we all appreciate your info obviously something has upset livibear.

Did you know about ryan kent or Morelos before they came livi bear?

29.) 20 Oct 2021
20 Oct 2021 22:10:43
Storm thank u. I knew about kent definitely not Morelos.

30.) 21 Oct 2021
21 Oct 2021 09:30:58
Morelos was playing topflight football before coming to us and both he and Kent were youth internationals my point is based on signing lower league players over the age of 25 which is a big difference from signing a 22 year old Tav or Joe aribo from the lower leagues but tell me this who from the English lower leagues apart from those two who as I said were young players only 22 have we signed that walks into the first team right now.

31.) 21 Oct 2021
21 Oct 2021 17:34:27
Livibear, you could say the same about every signing that Wilson has made since he arrived. None of the players signed have been overly inspiring and it is only now that Lundstram appears to be showing some quality. If we don't spend decent money on players then we need to either be scouring Eastern European Leagues as well as the lower English Leagues and we will need to have a bit of luck with our acquisitions. I would not be adverse to signing the players from Milwall and I reckon that Cooper would be a major success in the SPL if we could get him.

32.) 22 Oct 2021
21 Oct 2021 23:15:07
Dont watch english football but know few folk that follow blackburn and the lad were keen on supposed to be a great player. They all say he would smash it up here.

33.) 22 Oct 2021
22 Oct 2021 00:23:07
John keep the posts coming . good to have someone with insight of what thoughts are at club. in an ideal world we would love to be looking at top to middle end of market but finances dictate who we can genuinely have a chance of signing. Any details on how far away Kent is from returning.

34.) 22 Oct 2021
22 Oct 2021 03:48:42
Just read this, honestly would be a shame if u stopped posting john, I've stopped posting possibly for few months now the infighting between fans that are supposed to be found uniting as one got too much for me. Crazy thing is I even found myself getting dragged into it myself. So I thought enough is enough. Not sure who or what made u consider not posting but believe u are valuable to this site mate 👌 Keep up the good work John, One Love Godbless 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

35.) 22 Oct 2021
22 Oct 2021 13:25:10
Cheers Brexit. One or two no all’s that rubbish everyone but come up with no decent comments themselves.