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20 Apr 2021 22:12:02
If Celtic never sold kieran tierney celtic would have been 25 million in debt with them needing to replace players and they do not have a asset worth that much I think mr kings prediction will happen.


1.) 20 Apr 2021 22:44:14
Celtic will make a go of it next year but we will win it comfortably, I think the following year Celtic will be back with a bang, they the money and resources to do just that, anybody who can’t see that needs to take of the blue specs and see a bit better. they’ll get the right guy in and they’ll put the money in, they’ll have an exodus and they’ll recruit. we will dominate for a few years then they will. it always goes in circles. football, fashion, music, society works in circles. the world revolves it doesn’t stand still. anyone that think cause we one one league and are in a quarter final we’re now kings of Scotland for 10 years are kidding themselves on. Trust me.

2.) 21 Apr 2021 00:03:58
They will lose close to 20 million this season and will need to spend money 2 if they do not get it right this season coming up I think we will easily win 3/ 4 years in a row but I agree they will spend cash but that never guarantees success players need time to settle in look at barisic ect I think we will smash the league next season 2.

3.) 21 Apr 2021 00:05:07
Ingerrard you're right everything works in cycles but let's just enjoy it while it for how ever long it lasts. We are the daddy now! 😏💙.

4.) 21 Apr 2021 05:47:16
You're correct Parlane16, with the old firm dominance, it is always in cycles and let us all enjoy this 😁
Its our turn and all about what we do 🤔I can honestly see us being the dominant team for a few years minimum 🤔🙏.

5.) 21 Apr 2021 07:29:48
Think we underestimate the Irish money, if it’s forthcoming,

They are obviously working on a big name gaffer and whoever they get will have a war chest

I said years ago when nonsense was spoken about them being 10 years behind, that they were a new manager and plenty of cash behind, they bro In O’Neil and he spent a fortune, and won the treble

So talk of them drifting off is very premature, just enjoy today because the Irish will fund them.

6.) 21 Apr 2021 07:51:43
Regardless of how much money Desmond the Irishman has, surely the SFA is bound by UEFA fair play rules regarding how much money can be spent compared to the profit made by a club? Our beloved Rangers paid the price for the reckless spending during Murray's days in charge.

7.) 21 Apr 2021 08:20:42
Doiger if that were the case we would not be in europe. We have lost over 10 mill every single season since 2012?

8.) 21 Apr 2021 08:58:03
Very strange post indeed,

They have already banked millions in previous sales and prize money, st money and the millions they will get fur Edouard, ajer, and possibly Christie and . cgregor, plus others, then the Irish investors,

They have nothing to be concerned about re, uefa, don't know how yiu would think they do really?

9.) 21 Apr 2021 09:26:21
I agree with IGWT and also TT he is right about the Irish money.

Doiger how can you bring up FFP? If going by them rules we wouldn’t be in Europe either we are getting soft loans to keep going over the last how many years?

10.) 21 Apr 2021 09:55:37
I believe you are allowed a certain amount of debt accumulated over 3 years.
With Rangers converting the debt to shares then we've always been within the limit.
That's why the business model going forward is to sell a couple of players.

11.) 21 Apr 2021 10:01:50
There seems to be a way around the ffp rules anyway, and correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure I seen on ssn over a month ago that they were scrapping the ffp rules anyway? Can anyone confirm this?
I also believe we will be the top team for a few years but wouldn’t get ahead of myself too much as Tom says look at them when St. Martin came in against advocaat and also look at us under Stevie G, I don’t think any of the 2 clubs have the capacity to really take over the other to the point of total dominance as we don’t have the resources to outdo each other to that extent.
If they get this wrong this time we could go on a 5year run or more. if they bring in more duds like the last few seasons etc. but if they get it right then they’ll be back challenging the season after next.

12.) 21 Apr 2021 10:25:58
Celtic have a major rebuilding job this summer and with limited finances available due to less income from CV, they might be 2 seasons away from being competitive for the title.
New manager required who has to hit the ground running with some of the players at his disposal.
Players who want away.
Players who may return to their parent club after their loan deal ends.
Players not good enough.
Huge wage bill.
All of the above takes finance and with limited funds available it may be too big a task for next season.

13.) 21 Apr 2021 10:39:39
I take every season on a season by season basis. Investment, recruitment, Board and Coaching staff change frequently as do playing squads.
Qualifying for group of Champions league is pivotal as the additional revenue is massive if either half of old firm get it when the other doesn’t.
Gerrard leaving would be massive for us, these are factors that determine the period of dominance or the cycle as you guys have stated.
I’m going to enjoy toasting our league success and hoping we can add the Scottish Cup to it then sit back enjoy being represented in Euros by Scotland hopefully with Paterson in squad then we go again with the excitement of Champions League qualifiers to come.

14.) 21 Apr 2021 13:11:34
They don’t have a war chest, it’s all tosh. They have a 60 m wage turnover alone, a unsecured 13 m debt to Dermot which keeps their books balanced. They up price their players example being so called 11m for Frimpong actual 4 m of that was his wages . They are struggling hence the fire sale of players. I have banged on about this for ages. Their so called money available is spin, show me where it is.
They are making red undies etc to get rid of staff, watch how many they ship out playing and non playing staff this summer.
House of Cards.

15.) 21 Apr 2021 14:00:01
Red undies big eck? Do the do the sussies to match? Haha ko mate I know what u meant 👍🏼.

16.) 21 Apr 2021 14:03:59
Good idea, Bigeck, turn the piggery into a knicker factory making red undies! (only kidding mate, I tend to agree with you. )

17.) 21 Apr 2021 14:51:10
Remember they were going to be building a hotel and museum which was supposed to have been finished in February 2020 before the CV kicked in.
If they have all this income in the bank or billionaire backers, why couldn't they complete an £18 million project?
It's one of the greatest myths in football that the Tims are loaded.



12 Apr 2021 20:32:55
Just seen Erling Haaland wage demands 1 million £ a week 😂 doubt anyone will sign him now.


1.) 12 Apr 2021 20:39:30
Money has ruined football. Bring back the 90's and saturday morning's football italia👍.

2.) 12 Apr 2021 20:42:58
Problem is someone will sign him.

3.) 12 Apr 2021 21:00:52
If that's true then he's one greedy f****r because no sportsman needs that! Footballers are already well over paid!

4.) 12 Apr 2021 21:14:55
No way will any side pay him that. If he thinks he is getting that then he is deluded.

5.) 12 Apr 2021 21:17:29
Absolutely can’t see that being his demands. Perhaps £400k a week then goals sponsors image etc could well make it up to that but a basic of no more than £500k.

6.) 12 Apr 2021 21:23:33
Surely he can earn double that .

7.) 12 Apr 2021 22:04:11
SGL I don’t see it as being greedy to be honest especially if they are some daft club willing to pay it.

8.) 12 Apr 2021 22:07:59
That's a bargain when you put it like that ingerrard. It's got to the point when you hear a player's on 35k a week, you think that's not much. Then the reality of that figure sinks in. Madness.

9.) 12 Apr 2021 22:17:58
It is crazy sums now. What is Messi and Ronaldo on? Was Bale not on a reported £600k+ at Madrid.

10.) 12 Apr 2021 23:55:35
The way it's going we're going to get England, Italy, Spain, top 3 or 4. Germany, Italy top 2 or 3 and PSG whether they win the league or not in some kind of league. The rest of us will have to put up with jumpers for goal posts, orange dimpled mitre balls ripping your thighs to bits on a January morning. But we'll be glad for it.

11.) 13 Apr 2021 06:45:52
KJA9 what a silly remark of course its greedy.

12.) 13 Apr 2021 07:46:14
Its ruining the game kja91 🤔.

13.) 13 Apr 2021 08:10:12
I'd never heard of Haaland until yesterday so what does that tell you about the ridiculous wages being paid to so called 'superstars'. If he is worth that then Ronaldo and Messi must be on £5 million per week! To think that Johnny Haynes became the first £100 per week player in 1961! Even if you exponentially calculate that sum to today's value, it still only equates to £2000 per week. Crazy stuff.

14.) 13 Apr 2021 09:06:51
First off I don't believe the million quid a week, was it not the Sunday Mirror that reported it?

Second, to KJ's point. If it is true and a club is willing to pay it then why wouldn't he take it? If you got offered a salary for a job would you knock your own price down and accept less?

Whether it ruins the game or not, you can't blame the player for asking for/ accepting what a team is willing to pay.

15.) 13 Apr 2021 09:12:44
You're right Snell, it is not the players' fault. How these clubs can afford to pay such huge wages in this day and age I fail to understand.

16.) 13 Apr 2021 09:22:36
Coops a harsh statement there. Market dictates and it's called supply and demand. Look at the NFL, NBA, Formula 1, NHL. Messi's on a million a week. Coldo it hasn't.

17.) 13 Apr 2021 09:24:29
It’s the agents that are ruining football with their demands and expectations. Were in the middle of a global C.V. and these parasites are only interested in lining their own pockets. Think it’s time for a salary cap with players getting a performance bonus if they they do well.

18.) 13 Apr 2021 09:26:49
6 counties you are allowed your opinion as I am mine ok.

SGL ruining football is a different argument altogether but it’s not greed if someone is willing to pay it.

SGL in your job say you get paid £10 per hour they offer you £20 per hour you going to say no as I am being too greedy

Thanks snell.

Yes it’s a extreme amount of money should footballers get paid that amount probably no but if a club is willing to pay him that money then good luck to the kid.

19.) 13 Apr 2021 09:28:08
Doiger just because of your lack of knowledge about football doesn’t mean anything towards Haaland as the majority of football fans know who he is.

20.) 13 Apr 2021 09:32:22
Make no mistake haaland is a quality player who i believe will break many goalscoring feats in his career. The boy is a 6+ battering ram box striker with a shot to goal conversion rate of 44% was mind blowing they were comparing him n mbappe in mbappe got far more assisi but his conversion rate was only 19 which is still good. Halaalnd worlds best striker over next 10 years i reckon in my opinion the guy is frighteningly good 👌.

21.) 13 Apr 2021 10:16:44
It's nothing short of a disgrace, when a huge portion of the world is in poverty for footballers yo be paid as much as that. A salary cap has to be implemented at some point for the good of the game.

22.) 13 Apr 2021 10:48:47
Can't just bash footballers for earning obscene money. What about actors? Top musicians and other entertainers?

What about bankers? There are a lot of people earning even more than footballers and it's just not in the public eye.

23.) 13 Apr 2021 11:17:23
Kfraser, do you think the high salaries reflect the standard of football we see today compared to 15 20 years ago? Then players used to be motivated to win and go to a club to win titles, now a player is happy to sit at a crystal palace and earn a fortune win lose or draw. The attitude of these players is all wrong, they are motivated by money. Haaland will go to the highest bidder rather than a club he feels could bring him medals. I think money has ruined the game. 👍.

24.) 13 Apr 2021 11:28:26
Whilst the money is obscene, how can anyone say it's greed? This kid has the potential to be the best number 9 type player since the original Ronaldo.

If there are teams willing to pay the transfer fee then he'd be doing himself a disservice by not trying to negotiate the best possible wage. Even if that is £1m a week then why would he settle for less if he can get more? I don't think he'd try any harder, or any less for that matter if the wage he eventually takes is more or less than he is on right now. He's determined to be the best and fair play to him for trying to negotiate the best financial deal.

Just because he's a footballer doesn't mean he's not entitled to be as financially driven as an entrepeneur. Irrespective of our perceptions of what's 'enough. '

25.) 13 Apr 2021 11:34:49
There is no correlation between poverty and footballers wages.
Poverty is an issue for governments.
Though Rashford is trying to do some good in this area.

26.) 13 Apr 2021 12:09:51
Overreaction as always. The market rate inflates, what do you expect - the world's best striker to accept a 'normal' rate when he's the most in-demand player in world football?

It's not greed, it's commerce. Milk the industry while you can, and if you have a gift, exploit it.

He is, and good luck to him.

27.) 13 Apr 2021 12:23:22
Coldo I agree 100% with you on money has ruined football.

Haaland has said what he wants and if he gets it good luck to him as it’s not his fault someone will be will to pay it.

Do you think he should say I don’t want 1 million a week just give me 50k a week that will be fine.

28.) 13 Apr 2021 12:25:10
Coldo Motivated by money Do you go to work for free See go isn’t motivated by money these days.

29.) 13 Apr 2021 16:41:53
Athletic News 1905: Money is ruining football.
Sunday Times 1961: Money is ruining football.
Alex Ferguson 2010: Money is ruining football.
And many more in between, so what's new? Football is a commercial enterprise and I know if I was good at my job and was offered a ridiculous wage to do it I'd have to think about it for about a nanosecond.

30.) 13 Apr 2021 18:09:47
I would love to see some on here if they were good enough for Rangers and were offered £10000 a week.
Do you think any of you would turn round and say just pay me the same as a joiner?



12 Apr 2021 10:37:49
A know this will be controversial but I fully expect bids to come in for young Paterson in my mind we need to but teams of so 20 million and 20 percent sell on clause

Think teams will bid 4-8 million n try n get him on the cheap.


1.) 12 Apr 2021 10:47:14
I don’t expect bids just yet.

2.) 12 Apr 2021 11:19:02
Hes certainly not worth 20 mill. Played handful of games and is our 2nd choice right back. he's been class so far btw. But a little early for massive bids.

3.) 12 Apr 2021 12:07:55
I don't know KJA9, a club might buy him and loan him out, happens a lot. Hopefully the boy has the sense to stay and continue his development. I hope you're right though. 👍.

4.) 12 Apr 2021 12:08:09
Calm doon rfc. Let’s let Patterson develop quietly and keep the pressure off him.

5.) 12 Apr 2021 12:44:44
He may not have a huge value yet, but Patterson is probably the best RB that Scotland has. With that in mind, he will fancy his chances for a call up for the world cup qualifiers as euros may be too soon. Will only happen if playing first team football and that will be very limited with Tav signing a new contract.

I expect his agent will be looking at options (rightly so imo)

SG needs to be very careful here as we all know that Tav is his pet and rarely leaves him out or subs him off.
Patterson needs game time to reach his potential and that just might be away from Ibrox. Loan or transfer will be options.

6.) 12 Apr 2021 13:13:34
Not if tavs back fit and he's getting zero game time he won't get a call up slim.

7.) 12 Apr 2021 13:39:35
Paterson will be a very attractive player for a lot of clubs.
Great engine, goalscorer, always finds a man with a pass infield and can tackle. He just needs to improve his crossing.

8.) 12 Apr 2021 14:17:09
Patterson's under contract so gers have to ok it first. calm herself down to frenzy people.

9.) 12 Apr 2021 14:54:00
Paul, read my post again mate. That is what i am saying. His agent will be pushing for a move as he won't get game time needed.

10.) 12 Apr 2021 16:35:16
I think bids may come in for Paterson however we r under no pressure to sell. If he went to epl he would not get a game there either
The situation just requires to be managed by SG.



10 Apr 2021 12:40:53
What's everyone's thoughts on Ryan Jack I've sayed it before if he does not want to give up international football I think he
Should be moved on he's injury prone and needs the international breaks to rest we are paying him 12k a week to sit around injured and he's is a great player but if he can only play half a season due to injury because he still wants to play international football then a think we should move him on
Rangers must always come first.


1.) 10 Apr 2021 12:51:25
I think he should retire from international football.

2.) 10 Apr 2021 13:09:12
I hope the specialist he is visiting can sort him out in time for the Euros and he scores the winner in the final making Scotland kings of Europe. Or if the Euros are too soon then yes retire from international football and fingers crossed the specialist can fix him and he can have a great career at the Rangers and be our next captain.

3.) 10 Apr 2021 13:19:31
Nonsense. The guys played about 5 internationals and we don't know if it has had any affect on his injuries. We win the league for the first time in years with the best team we have had and people are looking for reasons to get rid of our players.

4.) 10 Apr 2021 13:28:10
Move him on not worth a hole seasons wages unless new deal pay per play.

5.) 10 Apr 2021 13:28:59
I think we've missed the bite he brings to our midfield, has anyone heard anything regarding the scans he had in London, it may be a bit of floating cartilage in his knee that's gone unnoticed, or indeed, it could be worse, don't want to lose the lad out of our midfield.

6.) 10 Apr 2021 13:29:56
I'm no tartan army fan but to punt a great player because he wants to continue to fulfil an ambition he's probably had since he was a bairn? Yup that will go down well in the dressing room 🚀.

7.) 10 Apr 2021 13:42:50
Great player on his day but very injury prone think he has already missed a seasons worth of games since signing. Doubt he would want to leave as he won’t get a better club than Rangers.

8.) 10 Apr 2021 13:52:07
I think we should wait and see what comes about with him going to see the specialist in London, I’ve not heard anything regarding this, At this moment in time he is a Rangers and Scotland player, But I believe Ryan would want to play in the Euros with Scotland, Rangers may have second thoughts regarding this. 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.

9.) 10 Apr 2021 13:54:45
love the loyalty shown to our league winning players!

10.) 10 Apr 2021 14:01:49
I agree with his problems give up Scotland they don’t pay his wages just more games he doesn’t need.

11.) 10 Apr 2021 14:06:07
Nothing to do with internationals as he was injury prone beforehand. I love how fans on here call for Scottish players to chuck internationals but are happy enough for Steve Davis to be playing for NI at 36 and Aribo and Balogun to travel on a boat to Africa and back. Its nonsense to tell a player to quit international football at 29.

12.) 10 Apr 2021 14:11:54
It’s all about opinions, he has two years left on rangers contract so he won’t be going anywhere soon,
His wage in comparison to other squad players is low.

13.) 10 Apr 2021 14:32:05
Dk19 As regards to loyalty to our league winning players is that not what Celtic done stood still and look what’s happened to them.

14.) 10 Apr 2021 15:50:38
Would rather a ryan jack on 12k a week play 35-40 games a season that defoe who plays 5 or 10 games on 30k a week.

15.) 10 Apr 2021 16:17:08
Paul, but thatis the issue, he do3snt any probably never has played 40 games a season.

16.) 10 Apr 2021 16:51:16
Bar 72 in 2018-2019. and 2019-2020 he played over 40 games in both these seasons. Only this season he hasnt.

17.) 10 Apr 2021 16:52:30
Only played around 30 games this season.

18.) 10 Apr 2021 18:12:38
Ok Paul86, I stand corrected.

19.) 10 Apr 2021 21:42:30
I think it is terrible to be considering dumping RJ due to injury and his commitment to Scotland team. We should want the national team brimming with Gers players, and the lad gives 100%, even when struggling and adds so much to our team.



22 Mar 2021 06:20:31
I still think we should try and sign Ryan Gauld on a free would make a great impact player.


1.) 22 Mar 2021 06:46:35
Ryan gauld has had a very good season and undoubtedly is talented 👍Out of interest Rfc92,where would you play gauld in the rangers team and who's current position within our team would he take 🤔.

2.) 22 Mar 2021 09:33:58
SGL football is a squad game now why does everyone we sign need to take a specific position of someone else? Going by that we shouldn’t sign anyone.

3.) 22 Mar 2021 09:52:37
Because that's how you improve your 11 KJA9🤦‍♂️👍.

4.) 22 Mar 2021 10:10:17
Stop your niggling KJA9!Its only my opinion mate 🤔 Were you not told off about your continual niggling not long ago 🤔.

5.) 22 Mar 2021 10:22:13
The ed told him again yesterday coop. 👍.

6.) 22 Mar 2021 11:16:51
So I ain’t allowed an opinion coops? Get a grip I asked a question.

Coldo 🤫🤥.

7.) 22 Mar 2021 12:42:21
The Ed told him again yesterday coop 😂😂are we at primary school now . I thot this was a banter page for adults lol.

8.) 22 Mar 2021 16:42:12
Football is a squad game coop. Gauld could play in arfield role. Signing him would also help for our European squad. No idea if we're even interested in him though.

9.) 22 Mar 2021 17:09:56
Is it Monday today?

10.) 22 Mar 2021 17:11:17
I think coop knows football is a squad game,

And sometimes clubs sign a specific replace, I would have thought most football fans would know that,

11.) 22 Mar 2021 17:11:51
Coops people r allowed opinions. U have been told off a few times yourself.

12.) 22 Mar 2021 18:33:45
Sites changed so much John, only certain people allowed to post an opinion in now.

13.) 22 Mar 2021 18:51:09
Thanks for clearing that up tom😉.

14.) 22 Mar 2021 20:23:10
Herewego u r so right mate. I like most off the posters on here, one or two I simply ignore.
Few I really enjoy chatting with.




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21 Apr 2021 16:24:30
If he’s open and honest and says he wants just one more year we should be honest aswell and say you need to sign a 1 year extension then to protect the interests of the club on slightly better terms then tell him he can leave in a year for a certain amount and put it in his contract as a clause that only activates in 1 years time.




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13 Apr 2021 22:42:36
It is also a certainty Celtic will go for him they will need a lb if They do not sign laxalt a would pay 2 million loan him back for 6 months see how it goes.




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13 Apr 2021 22:03:41
Yes but the 2million could of been in instalments over 5 years ect a can see him signing 1.5 million and loan back with another player is great business for them katic would kill it at hibs I also don’t rate bassey as a lb he’s to big n clumsy for me would make a better left sided cb.




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12 Apr 2021 19:58:53
Sterling is 21.7mph 15th fastest in prem
Senou Coulibaly was clocked at 22.2 mph




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12 Apr 2021 19:57:00
Just read he is faster than sterling so that’s possibly why we are looking at him for a rapid cb might possible see him as a lb/ rb in the making.





Rfc92's banter replies


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21 Apr 2021 17:18:11
It’s the cash they would want for him that would put e off would take a punt at 1 million.




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21 Apr 2021 16:32:24
Tav still is above Patterson will be for the next year or 2 I think tav is a absolute professional at a young boy snapping at his heals will only make him push harder and get better.




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21 Apr 2021 16:30:45
I have a fear gilmour will not play in a year or 2 think he needs to go on loan I’f possible think he will be class although I would rather we buy a player we can keep for 5 years 2 years developing then take over from Davis gilmour will want to stay in epl that being said I think wages are going to change big time in football clubs are massively in debt and this super league was there way out the owners do not want to pay 800million of the debt off and this they have players they can sell is a load of rubbish all the clubs that could afford them and there wages are 5/ 600 million in debt plus.




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21 Apr 2021 00:04:43
Yip 600k for jones is a joke would want 1.5 million for him the we he has been playing.




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21 Apr 2021 00:03:58
They will lose close to 20 million this season and will need to spend money 2 if they do not get it right this season coming up I think we will easily win 3/ 4 years in a row but I agree they will spend cash but that never guarantees success players need time to settle in look at barisic ect I think we will smash the league next season 2.