13 Jun 2023 14:46:07
Wound not waste 5.5 buying tillman money better used elsewhere.

1.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 15:44:29
He's a snip at 5m, signed everyday of the week for that fee.

2.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 15:57:47
When you look at what championship players go for down south it’s 100% a no brainier.

3.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 15:59:11
I know some have their reservations after his performances against Celtic but who did show up?
I would sign him. What a return in his first season in the SPFL.
10 goals
4 assists
21% goal conversion ( ? )
Not sure of his assisting the assist though???.

4.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:05:29
Potentially he could be worth a lot more than that so, if we bought him we could potentially make a lot more when we sold him. Good player trading model.

5.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:05:58
£5m is. The biggest bargain you’ll see in modern football so complete at such a young age! he’ll kick on to be a star ⭐️ holding out hope it still maybe with us ??.

6.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:07:40
I wouldn't either Controller, could spend the money better on other key positions.

7.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:22:53
It’s not the clubs call anyway. he has to want to come for the club to activate it.

8.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:25:25
Think we’ll have to Coldo as he’s not coming back.

9.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:26:59
Ger55 sign lammers cifuentez tillman etc who have all been linked in the last week or so 56 is definitely on the way

Toxtic fc across the city will fold like a beck of cards kyogo hatate etc will all be still crying in there beds at night for big angela nite nite hugs.

10.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:31:33
Orygbmb did he tell you that?

11.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 16:48:38
Tillman apparently not interested in returning to Scottish football.

12.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 17:23:08
I’ve also heard that he likes Rangers but not Scotland. Not sure if it’s the league or settling in etc. or perhaps we are in for a surprise? He definitely has potential and good technical ability. I can see why for some he’s a NO as he never turned it on in some of the bigger games but to be fair neither did the rest of the team.

13.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 17:23:10
Few teams reportedly willing to pay around 8 mill for him, if we get him at around 5 and he has a good season then not only would he have hopefully helped us win the league and go on a run in Europe but we would definitely get 10 mill for him, maybe even 12 to 15, a tidy profit.

14.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 17:23:36
I've never heard him saying that baxter.

15.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 17:31:52
Beale you are trying to flog a dead horse mate tillman ain’t coming.

16.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 17:44:30
was the money for tillman not meant to have already been "Ringfenced"? and if not coming will it be added to the transfer budget.

17.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 17:44:56
Waste ??think some of our fans never watched a game of football in there life.

18.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 17:46:23
Please don’t use that Dave king deck of cards patter makes us look right mugs when they mop up trebles.

19.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 18:12:12
Storm I won't believe anything unless is comes from him directly.

20.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 18:41:05
Surely 5m won't get him now if epl are int but I'd go for him if we have 5m to spend.

21.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 18:56:13
Not for me at 5 million, he hasn't done it against celtic and for the ones who say neither did the rest of the players, that may be true but its hardly a brilliant reason to sign another player who won't hurt them, if we got a look for a season at every player before buying then I wouldn't spend 5 million on any player unable to hurt our biggest rivals.

22.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 20:02:27
Stormtrooper none of us knows that for definite mate? Until it's confirmed one way or the other by rangers or tillman himself, there's still a chance imo ?.

23.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 21:18:33
Coops you are right there is always a chance as he hasn’t signed for anyone else however we are not his preference or probs more accurate our league is not his preference. I think Beale has known this for some time and has moved on prioritising others for that role.

24.) 13 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 21:27:30
Tillman is coming home to ibrox wait and see.

25.) 14 Jun 2023
13 Jun 2023 23:46:38
Scotty Tillman can play in a variety of positions mate, still hoping.

26.) 14 Jun 2023
14 Jun 2023 08:46:59
I'm not a season ticket holder these days and I only made it to Ibrox 3-times last season and Tillman played in each game. I reckoned he was the smartest player on the pitch on each occasion. I'm therefore hoping he stays, but not expecting him to. What I will say though is that if he stays even for one season or two, we will get back far more than we paid. Kyogo is expected to go to Tottenham for £30m for example.