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09 Dec 2023 07:37:48
I was told a wee story by a fellow bear last night and i'll share it on here to see if anyone else has heard anything on this ?It would be interesting to see if CoplandFront5 or John227 or anyone else on here for that matter has heard that ipswich town want to speak to big john lundstram and offer him a pre contract to join them at the end of the season ?The guy also told me there's a few good championship clubs very interested in him and seemingly his old club sheff utd ? I'd personally want to keep big lunny and would hope he stays and signs a new contract with us ? He's back playing well since clement came in ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 09 Dec 2023 09:05:33
Happy he goes and we invest his 30k a week into younger players tbh. ATB to him but one great season.

2.) 09 Dec 2023 09:26:19
Happy to wish him all the best. Can get better and more consistent players for 30k per week. Will forever be remembered for his goal against Leizpig but I would not offer a new contract. Overpaid for what he has given the last 3-4 years.

3.) 09 Dec 2023 09:34:38
Keep him he's a work horse and needed.

4.) 09 Dec 2023 09:47:50
Abu Lundstram doesn't get 30k.

5.) 09 Dec 2023 10:03:16
Hes been very good since PC came in i would deal him in only because i hate seeing players leave for nothing.

6.) 09 Dec 2023 10:09:32
I personally think he's off at the end of the season. I don't have any "insider knowledge", it's just a hunch.

7.) 09 Dec 2023 10:10:33
Thirty grand a week to pass it sideways backwards and then forward to the opposition let him go asap.

8.) 09 Dec 2023 10:41:58
Where is 30k per week coming from? I thought Lunstrum was on little over 20k per week and for that money i think he represents good value for money, especially since PC took over.

9.) 09 Dec 2023 10:48:15
Yet another player leaving for free. He's good enough to get money for so should be renewed. Our player trading model is fundamentally broken.

10.) 09 Dec 2023 11:23:42
Lundstram doesn't get 30k a week how many times ?.

11.) 09 Dec 2023 11:43:24
I don’t disagree with some of the comments but my only worry would be, could you imagine what our midfield would play like without him? 1 in 4 games Jack, Cifu missing more than he plays. 2 games ever 3 month in Lawrence? Raskin, remember him?

JL plays pretty much every week and generally gives his all.

12.) 09 Dec 2023 11:44:44
Money can't be spent elsewhere. Need better in MF. I think he's been decent but slows our play down.

13.) 09 Dec 2023 12:19:46
Bonuses etc…. He will get close to 30k so posters aren’t wrong we can only see what their flat rate is of players but some seem to forget that.

14.) 09 Dec 2023 12:20:31
Lundstram had been tremendous since Clement came in and released him from dropping into the back 4 to take passes from the two centre backs. He has obviously been encouraged to pass forward more and drive forward with the ball, Yeah, he spreads the ball square at times to feed our full backs but there is nothing wrong with that. His defensive work too has been vital . I don`t think Sheff Utd will be after him, after all he and Wilder didn`t get on at the end of his time there and to be honest I don`t see why he would go to any Championship club as its a massive step down . He may go for the money as these clubs are capable of paying more than the £22 grand a week he is rumoured to be on at Ibrox . Another who would be hard to replace . Raskin and Cifuentes as our holding midfield players ain`t winning us many big matches.

15.) 09 Dec 2023 12:24:16
Lundstram earns the same wage as Sterling.

16.) 09 Dec 2023 12:36:34
30k a week. Certainty.

17.) 09 Dec 2023 12:41:57
I'm torn on this

On one hand I wanted him gone before Clement thought he was so bad

On other hand since Clement came in arguably most consistent player behind only butland

Is it pc can get best out of him or are we seeing the typical player out of contract playing better to attract interest scenario.

18.) 09 Dec 2023 12:46:41
Big Lunny has been one of our more consistent performers since Clement came in. Always available, very rarely injured, never hides. I'd keep him.

19.) 09 Dec 2023 13:06:57
As many have said he’s a different player under clement, he’s does some amount of donkey work that people don’t see big John for me is vital under the current circumstances,

20.) 09 Dec 2023 13:14:22
He can leave. Another who has had more bad than good performances.

21.) 09 Dec 2023 13:37:06
Lundstrum is on a basic salary circa 22k, add in his signing on fee, appears bonus he is just short of 30k.

Kilted is signing on fee is spread over length of contract

I’m told lundstrum wants to stay, I keep saying we can’t clear out in January as we would be left no squad for knock out stage in Europe,

22.) 09 Dec 2023 13:45:52
Lundstrum isn't the problem, he needs a more creative ball player beside him, he does his job well, he a midfield destroyer type, we need a davis type in beside him. If we let him leave for free we will be spending money we shouldn't trying to sign a like for like replacement.

23.) 09 Dec 2023 14:09:54
Do we have the option to submit an updated squad for the knockout rounds in Europe, John?

24.) 09 Dec 2023 14:36:37
Lundstram should be kept. Borna Jack and Roofe shouldn’t. Balogun maybe as a backup depending how his fitness stays over the rest of the season. Not sure who else it out of contract.

25.) 09 Dec 2023 14:57:15
A would keep him if he's on a smaller wage he’s been great this season.

26.) 09 Dec 2023 14:58:45
Mph more drivel he’s been good most games this year you talk some tripe.

27.) 09 Dec 2023 15:11:41
Shocker from Lundstrum for Dundees goal. He can leave, the £1.5m per year can be spent wiser and better elsewhere.

28.) 09 Dec 2023 15:43:53
Lunny with his basic bonuses is on 30k a week.

29.) 09 Dec 2023 16:15:08
What reason does he have to stay at rangers?
with a weaker team ow than when he joined, would be in his best interest to move elsewhere, he was brought in for free, has seen his contract out.
What incentive does he have to stay at rangers, a club that sells or release there best assets, and then invests that money in mostly P*SH duds, that we then sell for less than we paid.
A club that instead of dealing with this issue, instead blames on whatever manager was brought in to replace the previous manager, average lifespan for any manager at our club is 11 - 12 months,
Since Gerrard was driven out.

30.) 09 Dec 2023 16:52:16
There are other players who need to go before Lundstrum.

31.) 09 Dec 2023 18:27:34
Thanks John. Never knew that, I always thought sign on fees were paid up front.

32.) 09 Dec 2023 18:54:05
Laudruphagi to play in Europe and have a chance a winning stuff Like a cup next week

33.) 09 Dec 2023 19:00:38
Seeker yes we r allowed to make three changes to European squad

Kilted in most cases the signing on fee is spread over the length of contract
Example one million over four year deal is 250k a year, 5 k a week.

34.) 09 Dec 2023 21:33:18
OK, cheers John ?.

35.) 09 Dec 2023 21:36:37
Oh no, the jinx of all jinxes, Sir Walter everytime you do this the player loses form.

36.) 09 Dec 2023 21:46:29
1, lundstram doesn't get 30k a week.

2, he's been here 2.5 years.

3, he's been our best player since clement came in and arguably all season.

37.) 10 Dec 2023 00:08:33
John his previous interview definitely suggests he's happy at rangers but you never know until interested parties make themselves known.

38.) 10 Dec 2023 12:43:48
If he wants to stay at rangers thenI would definitely give him a new contract as he is playing well under Clement. When he downed tools at Sheffield United it was because he wanted to leave.
On his game he is a good player and we have other areas of the team that need strengthening due to previous poor signings, centre back being the main concern for me along with attack.

39.) 10 Dec 2023 13:11:56
John227 I`ve been saying that for months on here about signing on fees and why Lundstrams wages might look higher than the rest but if it doesn`t suit the narrative then people ignore the truth. Its the same with the moans about how low Butlands release clause is at £4 million, it never occurs to anybody that this is set at a level that he insisted on . If we had insisted on making it a lot higher, he may not have signed and would we rather that had happened . Definitely not.

40.) 10 Dec 2023 13:42:19
We should be looking at keeping Lundstram
As for Butland he going nowhere he doesn't want to leave why would he he's valued by the fans he's consistently playing.

41.) 10 Dec 2023 22:12:35
I also agree with mark44 you should be looking to move on fringe players and improving on weakest players that are in first team with signings then those weaker starters become the back ups that's how squad improves if we keep replacing starters like we did with sakala and colak that's how we end up with problem we did this season dessers and lammers you at least try keep sakala and colak and sign two let fringe men go and if new guys turn out better then you can sell sakala colak

Only problem is getting someone to take the likes of roofe or others we may want rid of.

42.) 11 Dec 2023 01:19:09
John is it only three changes to squad or is it three additions mix?

Still think it's madness you can change squad every knock out round but not group stages where it's more games.

You should be able to change the three plus any player that's not been used or played for another team

(The not been used thing to do with players booked or suspended) or maybe clubs should be allowed to register more players seems a bit crazy to have such a small number and not be able to use players that were already at your club

Then teams like psv can add player from Barcelona a day or two before they play us how is that fair from a coaching point of view for preparation of tactics.



19 Nov 2023 07:39:45
CoplandFront5 or John227 or any other poster on here have you heard anything at all regarding terry butcher ?I've heard this morning that he's in the running to be part of philippe clement's backroom team as a coach and that talks had taken place ?I wonder ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 19 Nov 2023 09:14:10
Not heard that, nothing short of embarrassing if true.

2.) 19 Nov 2023 09:37:37
I've also heard he's in the running coops, and just like John said, it would be nothing short of embarrassing, if true?

Out of all our ex players, I would say that Butcher has been the worst for having a go at us, or sticking the boot in.

3.) 19 Nov 2023 09:42:10
Why embarrassing, if you don't mind me asking John227?.

4.) 19 Nov 2023 09:43:53
Post this few wks back, it’s came straight from a Bridge of Allan where butcher still has very connection .

5.) 19 Nov 2023 09:47:43
Don’t se how that is embarrassing John having a ex England captain/ ex rangers player and someone that has managed teams as a member of philippe clement's backroom staff.

6.) 19 Nov 2023 09:49:43
You would think Clement would want to bring in his own backroom team that he's worked with before, not people he doesn't know.

7.) 19 Nov 2023 10:09:54
Maybe he’s being looked at for the b team position coops/ John?

We’ve had neilson, Davidson, and few others linked recently.

I’m of the opinion maybe these guys were going to be offered the b team position with a view to progressing to first team duties over the years, obviously b team position is becoming availible so it makes sense that it’s the position being looked to fill by these guys?

Know the leagues and the game.

8.) 19 Nov 2023 10:25:23
Terry But her is 64 and hasn’t been in football coaching at a higher level in quite a while, sounds like fake news?

9.) 19 Nov 2023 10:32:00
Man that totally bad mouthed our club. And crap manager coach

I sooner have the snake Beale back.

10.) 19 Nov 2023 10:32:47
How’s it not embarrassing?
Done nothing since 2018.
Though as a manager he has won the Scottish 1st division with ICT and with other clubs…nothing.
Loved him as a player but it’s this backward thinking that hinders the club from going forward.

11.) 19 Nov 2023 10:33:00
Neilsen davidson etc current in the game Stevie.

12.) 19 Nov 2023 12:02:43
What butcher did or didn't was no worse then what shagger, etc did in our honour of need and we forgave him .

13.) 19 Nov 2023 12:08:29
Souness is 70 and you’d take him back. when did he last manage? .
Butcher was one of the corner stones that made souness so successful .
We all say things we shouldn’t. Called life .

14.) 19 Nov 2023 12:18:11
Whatever butcher said was against the fans was it not?
Can someone refresh the memory of folk lol rb myself?

I thought the fans were acting it wan night n he spoke out against them, he obviously felt strongly enough to do it so maybe he had a point?
We’re pointing out the things away fans are doing on a daily basis.
Thing is if what he said was the truth it shouldn’t be held against him.
Lastly though I don’t think he’s what we need atm.

Yes John I know they’re current and would been good additions with an eye on the future.

We should be looking at having the best young Scottish coaches at our club with a view to progressing to first team, similar to a lot of European clubs.
A Conveyor belt.

I’d like to see a top coach take one of the youth teams and follow it through all the way to b team and then take the head coach role when becomes availible.
That would be special if it was successful.

15.) 19 Nov 2023 12:20:50
Gvb who do you refer to as would take souness back.

16.) 19 Nov 2023 13:29:30
I think the biggest negative is how long Butcher has been out the game and away from Scottish football . For me, he ticks no boxes, not coaching currently, no current knowledge of Scottish football and been away from Rangers too long to have any club knowledge that would be useful. There must be better more up to date candidates than Tel for coaching roles at Ibrox, though I would draw the line at rather having Beale back, that's just too far.

17.) 19 Nov 2023 14:16:30
I have to 100% agree with John on this

Butcher did not behave like a man who knows what it means to have been a part of rangers and he should not be employed again by rangers.

Plenty of decent people out there with the respect and qualities

For me Stuart McCall should get another chance I feel he was unfairly treated by us took over at bad time and never even got a transfer window.

Knows rangers always respectful
Knows lower leagues of England
Good experience of working as an assistant.

18.) 19 Nov 2023 14:19:19
Wsl very good post on butcher.

19.) 19 Nov 2023 14:37:11
John, not supporting coaching role for Butcher but a club and international legend in my book.

20.) 19 Nov 2023 14:54:32
He was bankie but slaughtered our fans and club.

21.) 19 Nov 2023 15:28:04
John227- Callum Davidson currently in the game.
Who with?
If he was available he would be a great addition to the coaching team.

22.) 19 Nov 2023 16:13:08
John, don’t recall what he said and if any of it was justified. Remains a legend for me.

23.) 19 nov 2023 16:17:37
gifir, youve constanly dussed the english lower leagues mate, titally screamed anpbout our club loloking at english lower league players, now you4 holding stuart mcoll up as “ kniwing the english lower leauges “, surorised at that, butcher is a legend, but probably not the guy fir the job, wee stuart also going backwards imo, there's plenty of current modern coaches around,

24.) 19 Nov 2023 16:58:53
Copland you are just been silly now. Davidson is currently out a job but it hasn’t been 6 years since his last one. Also John isn’t saying he wants these guys just that he was interviewed. A lot of people jumping on John for no reason.

Do I want butcher back no it would be a ridiculous move.

Souness he isn’t coming back as a coach so complete irrelevant and it just makes you look silly.

25.) 19 nov 2023 17:10:23
think john meant he's still a man in the game currently looking for the right job mate, bit pedantic to say " who with" he's a young guy i'm the game and he will be picked up soon.

26.) 19 Nov 2023 17:33:24
Storm - not my intention to be silly especially with John as I think carefully before I post.
I was only asking a question re Davidson.
Apologies to everyone.

27.) 19 Nov 2023 17:48:47
TT - I was only questioning as unknown to me Davidson might have been appointed to another job like Neilson.
Apologies to all.

28.) 19 Nov 2023 17:51:01
Copland I mean current as in last year, butcher went hibs Newport Philippines ten year ago

Copland know need to apologise, I thought it was a fair question,

29.) 19 Nov 2023 18:34:20
Cheers John appreciated.
Hope you are getting a few games of golf in at Troon.

30.) 19 Nov 2023 18:38:26
I’d love Davidson on our staff, what he done in his first season at st Johnstone was miraculous.

Top young Scottish coach and we’d be lucky to have him on board in any capacity.

I’d love him to take the b team.
Perhaps he’d view that as below him though.

31.) 19 nov 2023 18:49:20
no need for apology copeland, yiur very courteous and decent in your posts.

32.) 19 Nov 2023 19:04:30
WSL - now I get the jist of the post re butcher.

33.) 19 Nov 2023 19:59:44
Cheers TT.

34.) 19 Nov 2023 21:06:16
Clement will want to bring in people who he knows/ worked with before and trusts.

35.) 19 Nov 2023 21:08:33
No need to apologise mate ?.

36.) 19 Nov 2023 21:21:47
Coplan yes getting two or three games a week depending on weather, thank u.

37.) 20 Nov 2023 06:59:00
I hope CF5 is OK. I don’t recall reading any of his posts recently, although I’m not on this every day either. All the best CF5, if you read this.

38.) 20 Nov 2023 12:17:14
1872. CF like many were getting a bit fed up re reaction of some posters, fully understand him

Is insight is definitely missed but I understand him.

39.) 20 Nov 2023 14:01:12
Ah, fair enough John. I fully understand that too; some on here like to take a pop and try to knock down valued posters with decent information that they share to benefit all. It’s pretty destructive behaviour and must get wearing for people like you and CF5 and others. Thanks for the response and I’m pleased that this is the reason for his absence.

40.) 21 Nov 2023 17:22:56
Sorry but cup competitions are a poor judge of a coach league placings are true reflection

Scottish cup

Dundee 0 Vs stjohn 1
Stjohn 2 Vs Clyde 0
Gers 1 Vs stjohnstone 1 won pens
Stjohn 2 Vs stmirren 1
Stjohn 1 Vs Hibs 0

League cup

Kelty Hearts 2-1
Brechin City 7-0
Dundee United 0-0
Peterhead 3-1
Motherwell 2-1
Dunfermline 1-1 won pens
Hibernian 3-0
Livingston 1-0

And this is what a lot of clowns based wanting Davidson to get rangers job on ?

What happened following year again and where did stjohnstone finish in league

First season 7th
Second season 6th
Third season 11th survived play off
Last season sacked 5 points off bottom.



15 Oct 2023 09:45:48
Several media outlets now reporting that philippe clement has won the race to become our new rangers manager ? Allegedly rangers have informed kevin muscat that he hasn't been successful and is out of the running for our manager's job ? I personally was 50/ 50 and wasn't bothered either way and i congratulate philippe clement on becoming the manager of the greatest football club in the world, the famous glasgow rangers and i wish him all the luck in the world ?I also feel sorry for muscat that he lost out as he was very keen to become our manager and i wish him all the best in his continued managerial career ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 15 Oct 2023 13:00:32
Walter my clear info minute Clement showed serious interest that was it. Heavily backed by souness.

I’m also told that it was a 7-0 decision

Let’s get the dof in.

2.) 15 Oct 2023 13:45:45
If Muscat continues to do well, he may get a chance in the future. Hopefully not in the near future but Clement won`t be there forever.

3.) 15 Oct 2023 14:19:48
I agree wslgers4wver it was also a case of now or never with Clement but muscat more likely to be an option further down the line.

4.) 15 Oct 2023 15:51:09
Terrific info as usual John227 and CoplandFront5 ?superb guys ? How good is this vincent mannaert as our possible new director of football that you mention John227? Very conclusive that it was 7-0 in favour of appointing clement John227? and of course chosen by the one and only graeme souness also ???.

5.) 15 Oct 2023 17:42:27
Walter, mannaert has a great relationship with clement forged over many years, he was credited for top quality signings

He has had some personal issues, but who has not, if clement trusts him so should rangers. I have read about Jewell today, as u know I know people that at Brighton who say he has a big future

My source believes we could actually do get Mitchell which imo would be stunning

Remember some mocked me for saying souness was involved re Beale replacement after Celtic debacle.

Souness May become a non executive director I’m told, he conducted himself extremely well with board in last month.

6.) 15 Oct 2023 21:06:00
Great info John, and I will be delighted if Souness becomes a Non-Exec. I'm impressed with Bisgrove and Bennett and looking forward to when Bennett comes onboard full time. Exciting times ahead.

7.) 16 Oct 2023 06:31:49
5 times drink driving John,
Sounds like more than a few personal issues to me,
Let’s hope he’s addressing his alcohol problems.

8.) 16 Oct 2023 08:15:19
CO. So what. If that’s who we went for it’s fine by me

I’m sure there is a few on here drink drive.

9.) 16 Oct 2023 09:05:58
Don't agree with that response at all John. You don't know what's happened to posters families, people could've suffered from drink driving. Did you not say you didn't want Tom Lawrence for something similar? Very bad taste John its actually borderline nasty.

10.) 16 Oct 2023 10:23:48
Mannaert does seem to have his demons. As well as his alcoholism, for which he has been receiving therapy, I read an article that said he was a suspect and struck a deal with a federal prosecutor in an investigation into fraud in the Belgian game.

I wish the gentleman the very best in confronting his addiction but the fraud issue gives me pause and I would prefer not to have him at our club.

11.) 16 Oct 2023 18:02:51
1872, if fraud info has legs you r correct that would be a showstopper.

12.) 16 Oct 2023 19:17:55
Mannaert talented but not coming to Ibrox.

13.) 16 Oct 2023 19:43:20
I’m sure the board will do their due diligence with all the above concerns.
But let’s not trivialise drink driving especially when it appears to be an offence that’s reported to have been repeated 5 times.
This suggests his relationship with alcohol had been out of control in the past.
Ii will be in his hands during the interview process to show the board that he has rehabilitated himself properly and is the best candidate for the job.

14.) 17 Oct 2023 10:08:48
I’m not sure how sound the source is John, but this article is about mannaert being told to stop drinking or lose his job.

15.) 18 Oct 2023 22:10:37
John, disgraceful comment btw.



14 Oct 2023 23:36:20
So that's it finally done ? Our board have chosen their preferred new manager candidate and have informed both kevin muscat and philipe clement of their decision and who has won the race ? Should be officially announced within the next 36 hours ? Rangers also want brighton head of recruitment sam jewell as our new director of football ? He's the brains behind Brighton's signing talents of late and is the son of former wigan manager paul jewell ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 15 Oct 2023 04:14:29
Hopefully this DOF can rub a magic lamp and bring in players that won’t get injured- Injuries are constantly the route of all our problems ??‍♂️.

2.) 15 Oct 2023 07:31:10
Rangers want sam jewell, who told you that sws?

3.) 15 Oct 2023 07:57:13
The brains behind where have we heard that before.

4.) 15 Oct 2023 08:31:40
Does sound familiar Penrith.

5.) 15 Oct 2023 08:32:27
Any indication on who won the managerial race sws?

6.) 15 Oct 2023 09:21:12
Who is it then SWS?

7.) 15 Oct 2023 10:00:41
Clement, done deal.



14 Oct 2023 13:01:26
I see rangers have agreed all personal terms/ contracts etc with both kevin muscat and philipe clement ? So everything is ready to go and smooth transition, once rangers decide on their preferred no.1 candidate, which should be decided within the next couple of days ?Not long to wait now bears ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 14 Oct 2023 14:09:24
Sorry mate but why would we agree personal terms with two candidates? Not saying you're wrong but it just sounds a bit strange to me.

2.) 14 Oct 2023 14:16:10
Where did you see that? Seems strange they would agree deals with both doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

3.) 14 Oct 2023 14:37:05
Is this from a source sws?

4.) 14 Oct 2023 15:02:14
A few postings on Rangers Banter more or less stating that Muscat is going to be the new man.

5.) 14 Oct 2023 15:11:21
Daily Rag click bait.

6.) 14 Oct 2023 15:16:24
Reports in the press state what Sir Walter is saying.

7.) 14 Oct 2023 15:27:14
The press don’t know what is happening, we have not agreed contracts with two people.

8.) 14 Oct 2023 15:27:22
It's out there for all to read guys ?.

9.) 14 oct 2023 15:57:12
terms were apparently agreed sone time ago, with more than one candidate coops, i'm told wages weren't an issue, transfer cash might be though.

10.) 14 Oct 2023 16:32:34
I really hope we don't pick an option because they are the cheapest
We need too be picking the best option on merit and what he can bring and do too improve our squad besle was the cheap option and also a returning associate of the club, hence why I have my doubts
Then if muscat

Let's change it n go for someone outwith the boundaries we are used to which a proven record and decree of success

Not just settle on an ex player

As they may b3 the cheapest option

N Muscat could be our man n great for us

But I think we have failed too many times

We are an institution
We where feared
Let's get it right n get it back.

11.) 14 Oct 2023 16:49:46
Agreed contracts with the 2 guys? Why on earth would we do that.

12.) 14 Oct 2023 16:54:28
Honestly, why would we agree personal terms and contracts with 2 candidates - what is the point in that. You select your preferred candidate and then agree personal terms, contracts etc. Not at the same time and then flip a coin to see who should get the job. The board are keeping this one close to their chest and the media hate it, so are printing any old nonsense.

13.) 14 Oct 2023 17:00:56
Probably agreed in principle.

14.) 14 Oct 2023 17:05:35
Maybe both their contracts are acceptable with the club and managers, the club would stop the procedure if the package they wanted was too much, by the sounds of it it’s just down to picking who they want with everything else agreed upon, that’s what I took from Sir Walters comment ??‍♂️??.

15.) 14 Oct 2023 17:21:59
Clement is going to cost us way more than Muscat in wages, his and his teams contract assurances and in transfer expectations. Muscat is desp for the job and not seeking the same financial assurances. I was told yesterday morning by a mate that it is 50/ 50 and it could take a bit longer than expected for ink to be put to paper on contract.

16.) 14 Oct 2023 17:41:37
In all honesty Scotty123,its one of the few occasions that i don't have a preference to who becomes our new manager from kevin muscat and philipe clement, it's completely 50/ 50 for me, straight down the middle ?Both for me would be really good appointments for us ??? If pushed though to say who i think will get the job, i think it will be kevin muscat?Just got a feeling it will be him ?.

17.) 14 Oct 2023 18:37:59
Walter and how does that make it true.

18.) 14 Oct 2023 18:48:11
Salary is obviously part of the conversations and would have to be agreed upon in some respect with any candidates in order for discussions to progress. You’d hardly lead two candidates into the final stages without seeing if you’re on the same page financially.

19.) 14 Oct 2023 19:18:06
I would imagine both managers provided there terms and Rangers said ok I will let you know.

20.) 14 Oct 2023 19:20:02
John227, who's saying it makes it true ?We all have our say and opinions in what we hear and read etc so let's wait and see what eventually happens and time will tell ?.

21.) 14 Oct 2023 19:20:19
I'd like to see a manager appointed during this international break.

22.) 14 Oct 2023 19:26:37
Probably what they mean is they have spoken about Salary, bonuses etc and both are happy with what's on offer.
Although anything written in the press saying its dark outside I'd go and check to see!

23.) 14 Oct 2023 20:14:27
Walter u r. U say we have agreed contracts with two people.

24.) 14 Oct 2023 20:20:13
ANY salary or package MUST be based on performance and success surely?
As for who it is, carry on the debate lads, I won't hold my breath.

25.) 14 Oct 2023 20:43:16
Clement is the man for the job .

26.) 14 oct 2023 20:57:48
thats exactly it nrd.

27.) 14 Oct 2023 21:29:14
As I see it if the Board is looking at solely on Footballing terms and are ambitious then it has to be Clement, especially since they have met face to face with him while Muscat hasn't by all accounts bothered to travel to the UK for a F2F Meeting.
If they lack ambition are either unwilling or unable to meet the requirements of Clement, if they put the commercial potential of the Asian Market ahead of football then we will end up with Muscat.
More worrying, we will probably end up with Moore as our DoF.

28.) 14 Oct 2023 21:32:14
John How about live and let live? SWS is entitled to his thoughts and opinions.

29.) 14 Oct 2023 22:08:41
I'm going dof Paul Mitchell manager philippe clement.

30.) 14 Oct 2023 22:30:08
How the hang can you agree with 2 people to offer them the job, when. the successful person leaves what kind of integrity does that give out to future candidates who would apply for the position.
Would trust more people on this site than the press .

31.) 14 Oct 2023 22:33:45
Beale that combo gives us the best chance of success and 100% isn’t the cheapest option but it’s the best option. If we want to stay simply the best we have to appoint the best or be prepared to be overtaken by them.

32.) 14 Oct 2023 22:33:59
We haven’t agreed anything with two people.

33.) 14 Oct 2023 22:48:47
Posted my thoughts without reading the comments but after reading them I’m tending to agree with Laubear, both managers have laid out their positions and now it’s up to the board to decide.

34.) 14 Oct 2023 23:35:45
It would make sense to see what terms people want before going through a process do I'd have no problem If that was the case. Unfortunately it's not were still not there with either.

35.) 15 Oct 2023 00:31:03
Rangers will have asked how much a salary they are looking for, it will be sorted out with agent before a final decision is made, does not mean you are getting the job tho, cannot see why some cannot understand that this would be sorted out with the two of them before a final decision ??‍♂️??.

36.) 15 Oct 2023 04:52:31
Coopersda because whilst you can agree initial terms with someone why would you as sirwalter said have agreed a contract with two candidates just to pull one off the table and say no thanks were going with someone else? That's not very professional, contracts should be left to the preferred candidate not multiple folks. Why can't you understand that?

37.) 15 Oct 2023 13:09:48
Otters 100% agree however he is happy to shoot down others then takes huff when asked a question, same guy who alleges he knows my source ., apparently his wife went to school with her in south England

Ger 88, if u offer someone a contract, they withdraw it, dodgy ground.




Sir Walter Smith OBE's banter posts with other poster's replies to Sir Walter Smith OBE's banter posts


10 Dec 2023 20:04:01
The majority of us on here rate and like sima and hope we can somehow sign him on a permanent deal ? If we could possibly get sima on a permanent deal, what would be a fair price for us to give brighton for him and what's the highest fee we should go, to secure his services on a permanent deal ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 10 Dec 2023 20:23:26
Sws I'd think 5m could get him the question is how much money we have to spend overall.

2.) 10 Dec 2023 20:35:13
4 ginger bottles, some milk tokens, and a thousand Kensitas club coupons, and not a penny more.

3.) 10 Dec 2023 20:51:21
Walter no more than four million.

4.) 10 Dec 2023 21:09:31
John will it still be 4 if we sell player in January or will the kitty go up if we sell a few players?

5.) 11 Dec 2023 00:35:15
We should try and get Sima signed in January.

6.) 11 Dec 2023 00:39:21
My response is what I’d pay for sima, that was the question.



08 Dec 2023 20:15:13
I see lee McCulloch reckons hearts would want £2million for shankland but rangers should only offer £1million max for him due to him having only 18 months left on his current contract ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 08 Dec 2023 21:07:53
If Hearts want 2 million they effectively value him as an 8 million pound striker, 1 million not far away.

2.) 08 Dec 2023 22:25:20
No TJBB at he value him at 2 million if that’s what they want.

I have my doubts they will only want two million.

3.) 08 Dec 2023 22:29:27
Better options available that will cost less.

4.) 08 Dec 2023 22:34:11
No chance, takeaway the pens (Tav, even the missed ones) he isn't that great, also slow, and no sell on, no chance.

5.) 08 Dec 2023 23:51:09
Shankland could be the difference in winning the league this season although money wise the summer would be cheaper to pick him up, maybe Clemont got someone in mind from his last jobs, maybe ask Santa for. 30 goal a season striker that stays fit been a while since a seen one in a Rangers shirt.

6.) 09 Dec 2023 03:04:45
1.5 million plus Scott Wright or 5 million plus Dessers and it’s a done deal.

7.) 09 Dec 2023 08:48:32
My point was how to extrapolate the value of a player based on the selling price which shows if it is 2 million how excessive this is as Hears basically saying he is an 8 million pound player which he isnt. May be the reason we don't go for Scottish players, cany just pluck figures out of thin air. Lee McCullough is quoted as saying 1 million which is nearer the mark, Hearts will want 2 though and I would like a Lamborghini for Christams.

8.) 09 Dec 2023 12:22:39
Lee McCulloch can say whatever he likes the same as me and you, it’s hearts we need to deal with if we want him no one else.

9.) 09 Dec 2023 13:01:58
2 million lol they wil wantcloser to 3million he's Thier main man and remember what they did with souttar I'd give them feck all. Wait the 18 months to sign him look at other options right now.



08 Dec 2023 15:27:39
If it wasn't for bad luck, we would have no luck at all ?Now danilo is facing a knee op and will be out for a spell, seemingly it was a tackle at tynecastle on wednesday night there ?Tom lawrence has already been ruled out until after the winter break at least and both will miss the old firm game on the 30th? What is it with our club and all these injuries ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



06 Dec 2023 18:16:08
I don't know what everyone thinks but reading between the lines, i honestly believe if we can somehow sign sima on a permanent deal,
then clement won't be remotely interested in trying to sign either shankland or miovski ?
Our manager has already hinted that sima can offer us a lot as our main, central striker ? Sima has blistering pace and strength and is a very good, composed finisher ???.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 06 Dec 2023 19:17:06
My opinion is we need a striker like the two you mentioned SWS sima is a good winger but think his club will want to much money for him.

2.) 06 Dec 2023 21:30:22
What makes you think he's remotely interested in signing either of the 2 of them anyway?



05 Dec 2023 04:53:55
On a more heartfelt serious note, did any of our more longer term poster's on here find out how ness bear was doing ?Ness bear was a superb poster and constant on here and i hope and pray he's holding his own because i know the poor fella wasn't keeping well at all ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE

1.) 05 Dec 2023 06:32:50
Sir Walter, nice post here's hoping everything is alright.

2.) 05 Dec 2023 09:05:13
I often think of Ness Bear, Coops, and how brave he was while battling one of the deadliest cancers about.

3.) 05 Dec 2023 09:11:13
ness bear hasn't posted in over 12 months. I fear the worst has happened ness. I'm wishing his family well this Christmas. certainly puts a game of football in perspective.

4.) 05 Dec 2023 09:15:08
Walter heard nothing. Same re stigno.

5.) 05 Dec 2023 09:39:36
No, nothing coops. Can't mind the last time I saw a post from him. As you say, hope all is well.

6.) 05 Dec 2023 12:13:43
Best wishes to NessBear if he’s dipping in.

7.) 05 Dec 2023 14:31:23
Hope and pray he is still with us, however fear the worst I'm afraid ?.

8.) 05 Dec 2023 16:39:12
John227,was Thestigno1 also fighting sickness ?I remember him well but didn't realise he was also battling an sickness ?God bless him and of course Ness Bear ?.

9.) 05 Dec 2023 17:10:40
Don’t think he was ill, hope not a good poster.

10.) 05 Dec 2023 17:26:59
I'm sure stig posted yesterday or the day before coops. Maybe wrong.

11.) 05 Dec 2023 17:31:17
I concur with all the heartfelt posts above, my feelings is that the absence of any contact sadly doesn't look good all.

12.) 05 Dec 2023 17:33:34
Hope and pray ness bear is ok.

13.) 05 Dec 2023 17:34:32
Two good guys, always looked for their posts. Wishing them well.

14.) 05 Dec 2023 18:00:43
Stig was on the other day as he replied to my post. He's definitely not on as much, and I hope he's OK?
If you're looking in Stig, hope you're well mate?




Sir Walter Smith OBE's rumour replies


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10 Dec 2023 07:46:35
To differentiate the main difference between sima and sakala is quite simple and there for all to see?
Sima is very composed in front of goal and a much better, more natural finisher than sakala and that's not any sleight on sakala intended there ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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09 Dec 2023 21:10:36
GMS1983, let me ask you this question pal ie. do you rate and trust our manager philippe clement ? If the answer is yes then he rates sima highly and wants him signed on a permanent deal ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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09 Dec 2023 19:51:25
I've already said on here that barring injury, sima would score at least 20 goals this season and i've no doubt he will ?Fair doos to John227,as he said sima would hit the 25 goals scored mark for this season and that is most definitely a very realistic target for sima to now hit ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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09 Dec 2023 17:42:30
If you think you're correct on your take on sima, god help you Ocjk ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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09 Dec 2023 17:15:47
What are you on Ocjk ? You've got to be at it and if not, i don't know what your watching ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE




Sir Walter Smith OBE's banter replies


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10 Dec 2023 15:13:56
We just take one game at a time fellow bears and we'll see where it takes us ?I just ain't going to allow myself to think ahead of myself ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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10 Dec 2023 15:11:52
Our current game in hand is against st. johnstone at ibrox on Wednesday 20th of december and the other one will be against hibs at ER in january ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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09 Dec 2023 18:30:36
Hope you're wee boy gets better soon geesadodothat ?Puts football most definitely in the shade when a family member isn't well mate, take care pal ?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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09 Dec 2023 17:12:28
Totally agree As1974,we most definitely have to do everything in our power, to sign sima on a permanent deal ?He scored yet again today with a bullet of a header ?I think clement will push as hard as he can to try and get sima signed on a permanent deal, as he quite clearly rates sima very highly?.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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08 Dec 2023 20:05:19
I was also a big fan of Alfie, but no, i wouldn't want him back now and hand on heart i don't think there's any chance at all that clement would even give him a thought ? That ship has well and truly sailed i'm afraid.

Sir Walter Smith OBE



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