26 Feb 2024 08:12:30
Man U interested in Paterson. Could be a significant fee for us.

1.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 08:40:06
Doesn't surprise me John, transfer between 2 EPL clubs, your right could be healthy boist for us.

2.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 08:58:19
John, here's hoping. big Bassey seems to be doing well in the Epl, scored against Utd on Saturday.

3.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 09:01:04
We have a 20% sell on for the lad.

4.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 08:55:11
Hopefully this is true, John.
I haven't seen much of him, but I'm sure Ed001 posted something a while back that he wasn't impressed by him. Apologies if it wasn't you, Ed001.

5.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 10:53:20
He struggles for games at Everton because he is not robust enough for dyche.

Both arsenal and united r showing interest, if Everton go down they r likely to sell Paterson and a few others.

6.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 10:53:26
If he goes to Man U what's your valuation guys, what would they pay?

7.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 12:17:23
Everton would want north of £20m+.

8.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 12:53:05
Fork. With add ons it’s being said around 30.

So we could mb get 20% of 14 million profit.

9.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 12:57:50
Aye prob, they are in trouble financially if I'm not mistaken, would be a nice bonus as John was saying 20% sell on.

10.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 13:18:13
Just shy of 3mill would be nice John?.

11.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 13:31:35
That’ll pay for Cortes then ?.

12.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 17:00:58
Fork it would be excellent business

Rangers Motherwell then Manchester derby on the Sunday.

13.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 18:24:27
John I know u pay attention to English youths.

What’s your knowledge and opinion of Darren fletchers 2 boys, I believe they’re twins, one plays for Scotland and one has turned out for England. If I’m correct I may be wrong.

14.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 19:09:07
Let's hope it good tv John?.

15.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 19:22:10
Both exceptional young players, u r correct that they have both played age group, plenty time for them to choose which country they represent

The gray brothers and the kids rat Newcastle are the ones Scotland need to tie up.

16.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 19:55:22
Sure you predicted this over a year ago John, hope you're right once again.

17.) 26 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 20:59:37
Archie Gray has always impressed me when I have watched Leeds.

18.) 27 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024 23:52:04
Cheers John.

I had read the signing of the fletcher biys totally transformed Man Utd’s age group they play in this season.
I think they were actually unbeaten last I read.
One brother being the star player and the other struggling to get a start atm.
This was around a month ago I read that.

19.) 27 Feb 2024
27 Feb 2024 05:28:31
Obviously John227,you will be wanting/ hoping manchester utd win the manchester derby at the weekend, with you being a utd man, but i honestly can't see anything other than a manchester city win mate ? It makes no difference to me who wins between utd V city as i'll watch as a neutral and hope for a good game with plenty of goals ?.

20.) 27 Feb 2024
27 Feb 2024 07:23:46
The loser over jeremie frimpong might look at patterson.

Sadly fimpong is the sought after right back in world football, and their sell on for him is ridiculous.

{Ed001's Note - he doesn't play full-back.}

21.) 27 Feb 2024
27 Feb 2024 08:14:25
U could be right Walter. Saturday 100 times more important. At least I will see a wonderful friend.

22.) 27 Feb 2024
27 Feb 2024 08:35:29
Here's hoping hopingfor a Utd win as I don't want city to win the league.

23.) 27 Feb 2024
27 Feb 2024 11:45:43
Frimpong couldn't lace our captain james tavernier's boots ?.

24.) 27 Feb 2024
27 Feb 2024 17:19:07
He plays wing back

SWS unsure if you watch world football, but frimpong is now top 3 right backs in the world. Easily.

25.) 28 Feb 2024
27 Feb 2024 23:28:20
doesn’t even play rb.

26.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 11:19:18
He plays right wing back, as I've already stated.

And would be right back at Liverpool, arsenal or united.

{Ed001's Note - more likely he would play on the wing actually, as that is pretty much the role he is playing for Leverkusen. At right-back he struggled, which is why Alonso went to a back 3, even though he was using a back 4 before taking the job there. If you think Tavernier is poor defensively, then you haven't watched Frimpong play right-back.}

27.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 22:06:04
Alonso will bring Frimpong to Liverpool with him?

28.) 28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024 23:20:35
Not a chance from pong plays ahead of Trent absolutely not a chance:

29.) 29 Feb 2024
29 Feb 2024 16:14:24
1st of all Man U don’t have much too much to spend to keep within FFP as they have overspent over past few seasons. Secondly Everton NEED to sell and clubs are aware of this and will probably offer less of a fee because of this and we sold him 2 years ago so he will only have 2-3 years left on contract which would affect value slightly and finally he’s not an important player for Everton more of a squad player which again would lower his value.
I would guesstimate if he were to be sold to Man U the fee would be £10-15m.

30.) 01 Mar 2024
01 Mar 2024 16:47:49
Glasgow, it will be 30m plus. They originally thought they could move him for around 40m .

The interest in him is because United see him as a cheap option instead paying likes of frimpong at 60 million

I know an epl player with 12 months left, played less than 12 starts being touted for 14 million, and that’s to a championship team.

31.) 02 Mar 2024
02 Mar 2024 10:13:29
There is a lot going on at Everton at present including the need for clarification on the take over and the outcome of the current FairPlay Investigation that will also affect Nottingham Forest. Theoretically, Everton should be ok since they have effectively paid the points deduction penalty for their overspend already.
While Dacha is at Everton Patterson will not be his number one choice. As John 227 has mentioned, Patterson is not robust enough for him and he would rather have the funds to bring in a player that is more suited to hist style of play.
I reckon that Manchester United will have Arsenal to contend with if they want to secure Patterson as I understand that there is interest from them. Either way, it should be good news for us since I would expect him to be sold for £25m - £30m.

32.) 02 Mar 2024
02 Mar 2024 13:35:04
On the button Berkshire, a goodwell written post.