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01 Oct 2023 20:30:43
Heart and Hand posting that it's a certainty that Beale will be gone this week. Thank God, the man has been an abject failure and one of the worst managers in our history - his big game win percentage was abysmal.
There was a poster on here who put it out there a month into his tenure that he'd be gone not long into the new season, so well done him! To be honest, there were probably many more that knew he'd be a failure but kept quiet incase there was a pile on.


1.) 01 Oct 2023 20:49:28
Beale gone tonight.

2.) 01 Oct 2023 21:08:10
John227 ??.

3.) 01 Oct 2023 21:08:36
Roofe totally agree. The worst manager i can recall since before Waddell. let's hope the board either seek someone with football knowledge to help them or do some spadework themselves. Appointing Beale was the laziest most incompetent thing i have witnessed for years. A quick check on bbc website would have shown he was about to be sacked by QPR.

4.) 01 Oct 2023 21:19:46
Exactly john but did you not agree with sws earlier when I put it up that it was all "whatsapp Rumours" and went as far to contact an ex player?



25 Sep 2023 21:34:17
Is anyone hearing about a bust up between our ex kit man J McAlister and Bisgrove? Apparently Bisgrove sacked him after accusing him of something and it could end up in court for unfair dismissal. I read that the players are backing McAlister and J Bell's family are backing him too as he's very close to them. This is on 2 other well known Rangers forums which also state that the players hate Bisgrove.

I'm only reporting what's out there on other forums, and these are not my rumours, so no need for anyone to go off on one on me. Than you!


1.) 25 Sep 2023 23:53:02
Funny…JESTER had that same “don’t shoot the messenger” schtick. ?.

2.) 26 Sep 2023 01:05:54
The story I read today is that Steven Gerrard’s club from Saudi have offered a job to our kit man McAlister. Rangers have a compensation offer on the table for him and are considering it.

3.) 26 Sep 2023 06:29:58
Jester? ?
This story is on both the Rangers media and FF forums, so again, it's not my rumour, and I'm only reporting what I've read. Maybe you should go and read what is out there before letting a post trigger you into your response.
Why would Rangers be considering a compensation package for him Verdant? The guy hasn't been at the club for a couple of months now, so what compensation would they be considering?
From what I've read, and from some of the posters on the other sites who have contributed corresponding evidence to support this, the story sounds as if it's true.

4.) 26 Sep 2023 08:57:45
I've heard the same tbf, it's going around quite a lot of places.

James Bisgrove is/ has apparently manipulating bomber brown out as well.

If this is true, he should be terminated immediately.

We treat our own with dignity. We are more than just a business, and we need our legends around the place, now more than ever.

Souness played a round with a friend of mine at a charity golf tournament and was vocal in his worry over bisgrove and how "there is a real lack of football people running the football club".

This isn't going to get better anytime soon.

5.) 26 Sep 2023 09:36:33
He was sacked after a full investigation into allegations of theft.

6.) 26 Sep 2023 10:44:20
Wow that’s entirely a different story then John.

7.) 26 Sep 2023 10:44:28
Tj sis it wrong for a company to sack someone for theft.

8.) 26 Sep 2023 10:56:52
Apparently it was a serious theft and inexcusable so he had to go, he took the tactic sheet along with the players natural positions spreadsheet which has caused all sorts of confusion within the coaching staff, I’m not sure if we got everything back? We will have to wait and see for our next game.

9.) 26 Sep 2023 10:56:54
The players should keep there focus on the park if I were Beale that would be the number one rule. Football matters only no chat about wider goings on at the club it's nothing to do with players.

10.) 26 Sep 2023 11:25:53
Orygbomb that’s certainly diff from a few kits.
Is your source on that reliable mate?

Why on earth would he be stealing that stuff?

11.) 26 Sep 2023 11:42:54
Bomber was a scout was he not? Maybe he just isn’t a very good scout. I can appreciate he is a club legend but does that mean he should be on the payroll for life? Is it jobs for the boys?

12.) 26 sep 2023 12:21:43
i know bomber and i know john knows him possibly better than myself, but i'm not sure it's right yo ask him about something like this.

13.) 26 Sep 2023 12:41:16
Bomber a great rangers man, used to watch him coach our reserves, cheese oh

Bomber idea a good player was how hard he could kick someone,

14.) 26 Sep 2023 13:02:37
Oh! Didn’t think my post would be taken not as banter, sorry guys need to be careful with my responses in future?.

15.) 26 Sep 2023 14:08:56
Orgy. I kind of guessed that, but felt not appropriate to comment after my pop at Steve last week.

16.) 26 Sep 2023 14:32:10
I seen it for what it was orygbmb, but unfortunately, a couple didn't. Sarcasm is sometimes lost on some, but I love a bit of it. Keep it up mate.

17.) 27 Sep 2023 09:34:27
Glad I'm still in your thoughts Lazslo but I stopped posting rumours after the last time as didn't need the hassle but I've heard tidbits about J-Mc but nothing concrete.




Raisetheroofe's banter posts with other poster's replies to Raisetheroofe's banter posts


10 Dec 2023 14:23:21
I hope our players understand the opportunity we have here, now. They are rank rotten, and there for the taking, and we must capitalise on every point they drop.

Honestly, even though it's not the league, if we win the cup on Sunday their arse will crash to the floor, and they'll be a nervous wreck when we play them at the midden - It's them that have it all to lose. C'mon!


1.) 10 Dec 2023 16:25:58
We need a couple of good signings January and fingers crossed for no more injuries.



10 Dec 2023 14:14:55
Nuff said!




10 Dec 2023 08:44:50
There might not have been any malice in Cifuentes's tackle, but it was bloody stupid. What was he thinking? What idiot makes a tackle like that, just outside the opposition's box, with their foot raised? It was a stupid tackle, he deserved all he got, and now he's banned from the final.

How bad is Clancy? Honestly, I'm not the sort of person who let's my emotions get the better of me while at the game, but I, along with thousands of others, were baying for his blood. It's obvious he detests us, and coupled by how bad a referee he is, he has to be the worst out there.


1.) 10 Dec 2023 09:29:08
I don’t understand why pull a players shirt isn’t a yellow card? 3 Dundee players got away with a booking for BB to get booked for a similar incident.

Hearts were the same mid week, this is a genuine question, have the rules changed?

As for the red, stupid tackle, it’s his own poor touch that puts him in that situation in the first place. I don’t think he’s trying to hurt the player but it is a red in my opinion. I actually think having him suspended for the final might work in our favour but his not a great player.

I’m other news, I actually thought Dessers played well (but don’t tell anybody I said that ;-) )

2.) 10 Dec 2023 09:53:12
To be honest I thought the Dundee players was getting booked as he dived into the tackle, think that’s what made tackle look like a booking for Cifuentas and def not a red.

3.) 10 Dec 2023 20:45:51
how can a player having a red be good for us. that doesn't make sense. so if he isn't good you don't play him simple. if he is redcarded then you can't play him whether you have noone else to play that position or not. surely if PC believes he is the best available then we would want him available.



09 Dec 2023 10:18:18
On paper this should be an easy game, but the way we're playing, and the amount of injuries we have, it might not be pretty.

Dundee are playing OK, and if they were to win their games in hand, they could be sitting in 4th, so they're obviously doing well, and will be up for this.

I don't care how we do it, just win!


1.) 09 Dec 2023 11:47:51
I reckon we’ll need to put up with Dessers for 60 minutes, hopefully Roofe or Matondo come on then.

Should be easy game but most will love played with ten players.

I’ll go 2-0 with Tav to score anytime. 16/ 1.

2.) 09 Dec 2023 15:01:24
You want roofe on going of what he’s done nothing this season.



05 Dec 2023 20:17:26
I don't go to the agm anymore because it's an absolute joke.
Did Bennett really say that "the board won't comment on the squad"? Brilliant eh?

He won't comment on the squad (because it's littered with p poor players), but he'll take a cheap dig at supporters with his "subway loyal" jibe.

Maybe you and the board, John, should ask yourself why so many leave the stadium early (a lot worse now than what it has been), and maybe take responsibility for giving an absolute useless tool in Beale a free reign to create havoc and fill our team with absolute dug meat, resulting in poor performances that supporters just don't want to witness.

The board doing what Rangers boards do best, by deflecting, not answering, or simply ignoring the real questions that needed answered.

Net zero (didn't know Gretta was a fan)? priority parking? Not getting a ticket for Seville? Jesus Christ on a bike! That showed them, eh?

And last, but not least, herding fans into club 1872 because there was no space, and if anyone put in there had a question, they had to supposedly write it down on a scrap piece of paper. Welcome back to the "banter years"! Bring back the gazebo.


1.) 05 Dec 2023 21:58:29
Ibrox is empty at 80s minutes even if we play well no the boards fault. So many looking for reasons to be raging only banter is from our fans fuming about nothing. Beale is away your still greeting about him. The negatively from our fans has a big factor on why we struggle.

2.) 05 Dec 2023 22:09:08
Agree 100% about the negatively from the fans Raskin.

3.) 05 Dec 2023 22:10:56
"Fuming about nothing"? That has to be the dumbest thing someone has posted on here in a long time. ??
Honestly, that's a beauty.

The most important question to be asked today was why Beale was given the job, why he was allowed a free reign on all footballing matters, and why was he allowed to create the mess we find ourselves in today. If you think that's trivial, then more fool you. I think they call that ostrich syndrome.

Infact, your "The negativity from our fans has a big factor on why we struggle" line is even worse than the "fuming about nothing" one! Well done, that takes some doing, all in the one post. ? ? ??.

4.) 05 Dec 2023 22:18:40
I’m not sure what the board can do - Beale, Wilson and Parks are all gone. We move on to the “fixing” stage with Clement etc. Give them a chance.

As for people leaving - that is an individual choice. People pay their money and can do whatever they want. I tend to stay but have left early on occasion if I have something else on - I once got berated by a knob who wasn’t even a ST holder (in a seat next to me) .

5.) 05 Dec 2023 22:43:24
Fans have always left the ground early, nothing to do with performances . When we had a great team they would go because the game was already won. As for Beale he was picked by the previous board members who have left now and the current board did what you would expect they backed the manager with cash for players, if they hadn`t they would have been accused of tying his hand by not giving him money to spend.

6.) 05 Dec 2023 23:31:05
A significant number of fans wanted Beale
A significant number of fans were looking forward to the current season with great optimism
Finding the right manager is a tough task that’s why so many get sacked each season
It’s so easy to just blame the board whenever the team plays badly or the recruitment is poor, we would have been blaming them if they hadn’t backed Beale they cannot win.
I believe all those involved with the club now are fans and would love to get every decision right, let’s hope Phillip turns out to be the correct appointment.

7.) 06 Dec 2023 09:39:58
Early leavers, might even get worse when the new parking restrictions come in.

8.) 06 Dec 2023 10:17:27
I back the new regime completely, thought they handled the Beale sacking and subsequent manager search brilliantly, and by all accounts they have done well with new split DOF role too, no-one gets it all right but they seem to be surging forward in the right direction.

9.) 06 Dec 2023 11:57:53
Sima, Beale was a good talker who fooled a lot of intelligent people, sometimes bull does baffle brains. We need to forget he was ever with us, and conce.

10.) 06 Dec 2023 12:08:32
A few years ago I had some eejit by the throat after a remark made to me after I had to go following an emergency phone call. It was only due to a couple of my pals pulling me off saved the eejit from a very sore face. If people want to leave early then that's their prerogative. As if a remark by some halfwit is going to make somebody change their mind. People pay their money, leave them the f*** alone.

11.) 06 Dec 2023 13:26:54
Correct seeker.




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09 Dec 2023 10:09:32
I personally think he's off at the end of the season. I don't have any "insider knowledge", it's just a hunch.




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08 Dec 2023 16:21:39
Very true, hubby11, very tue, mate.




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08 Dec 2023 13:33:20
He would be worth it, and that is plainly obvious.




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02 Dec 2023 21:11:11
I wouldn't be surprised if this is true, but we are not getting anywhere near what some think we will. We'll be lucky to get anything north of 5m. And I mean very lucky to!




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02 Dec 2023 16:44:06
Good! If he needs help packing his bags, I'm available.





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10 Dec 2023 20:35:13
4 ginger bottles, some milk tokens, and a thousand Kensitas club coupons, and not a penny more.




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10 Dec 2023 20:16:54
Why would anyone pick the Conference league? Bizarre question!




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08 Dec 2023 08:06:51
You say improved us, but we're struggling to break down teams. Still struggling to convert shots into goals. Still struggling with balls over the top of defence. Still struggling to press teams.

Unfortunately, as good as I think PC is, I totally agree with everyone who points out the squad he inherited just isn't good enough.
Unfortunately, he's been left a team so used to failure, who look half arsed when on the field, that there is only so much he can do. Then there's duds like Lammers and Dessers.




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07 Dec 2023 08:12:12
If he was to come back (not happening), what version of Morelos would we get?
Not for me, but we must bring strikers in, because the ones we have are p#@h!




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06 Dec 2023 15:48:19
"The goalkeeper"? Why? He is absolute single fish. I forgot he was still with us. Get him tae!




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