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06 Oct 2016 21:39:35
A lot of people are wondering if Barton will return Monday, he is already back. He has been at the training ground since at least Tuesday and was training (although not with the team) on Wednesday, he took part in a small training game opposite Andy Little who was also there training. Not sure if he will resume training with the team when his ban expires but being that he has returned I would assume a conversation has already happened.


1.) 07 Oct 2016 08:56:08
He was in a Qatari training camp mate.

2.) 07 Oct 2016 16:19:06
where are u getting your information from man as that is a load of b/ s.
don't just write what wee tam fae doon the pub told you when he waws pissed lmfao!

3.) 08 Oct 2016 00:26:21
Barton was there Wednesday, that is a fact as is everything that I stated and none of which was from any third source (maybe if others checked there so called information instead of coming away with their bullshit then things would be easier) .
His reason's for being there I do not know but train he did and play in an eight aside also, with Andy little playing in the other team (both teams where made up of people from the Princes Trust who where there through the Rangers Charity obtaining there first coaching badges (if anyone wishes to check their websites then they will find pictures with at least one with Little in) . I don't really care too much if anyone believes me or not but I do find it somewhat puzzling that someone would try and accuse me of lying by lying themself (Mr Pie), He wasn't in Qatari (he was in Glasgow), and Mr Stirling, wee Tam was probably to busy feeding of your bull to inform me of anything this time around so lucky I had my own eyes to tell me so at least one person on here knows I am telling the truth. Have a lovely morning all.

4.) 08 Oct 2016 22:48:36
Andy1872, totally agree, sky TV are the worst thing to happen to football.
What right do any league in Europe have to have 3/4 teams in the CL.
CL should be for champions only, and before anyone comes on and says any different:
1. will Celtic never mind us get invited into a so called super league? No.

2. money is the curse world wide never mind football, let them go and have their wee clique and keep the fat cats happy.

3. I for one will not be subsidising it, ruining the game!

5.) 09 Oct 2016 01:27:10
Yeah totally agree, UEFA need to sit down and completely overhaul European football, first they must get rid of this Champions League and bring it back as the European Cup! Straight forward I hate the fact its called Champions when you've got teams that have finished 3-4th in there league!

They MUST bring back the Cup Winners Cup, a straight knockout comp that could be played on the same nyt as a Europa lge game its the fans choice who they want to watch?

And yeah give the winners of the lge Cup a place and a place to our 4th place in our lge! Its ridiculous that we have teams competing in a tournament that is regarded as a mickey mouse cup I don't understand why UEFA are denying smaller teams to play in Europe, bringing money into the club and giving their fans a chance to enjoy the experience.

I did read that the TV contracts for European football are to be re-negotiated 2018 and this is when the CWC will be talked about being re-introduced but the powers that be should be telling us NOW that this will happen as I cannot see how any teams would be against it yeah?




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03 Sep 2018 18:36:57
So while listening to Talksport this morning I heard an interview with John Hartson regarding the match. He was practically messing himself with excitement as he hammered on about how poor the Gers where and when asked to who Rangers would be compared to if celtic were compared to Man City replied a mid to bottom end championship club, but it was his repeated comment about how he saw NO improvement in Rangers that actually made me smile, only because the last time the both clubs met (and we all remember the score) Septics starting eleven were exactly the same as yesterday but Rangers had made ten changes. celtic only managed one goal yesterday (it doesn't matter how many times they hit the woodwork or how many saves there was, THEY ONLY SCORED ONE GOAL) . Now if Hartson is correct and Rangers HAVEN'T improved at all the it can only mean one thing, celtic HAVE GOT WEEKER, it's the only explanation, John Hartson in his bitter little attempt to have another kick at the Gers has actually stated that they are about 4 goals weaker (only the ones IN the net count) so 👍.
The team is still learning and adapting and will only get better with time but they have already been through all that some time ago so probably won't get any better, we will catch them and sooner than they think.


1.) 03 Sep 2018 19:02:55
I am still happy with the effect sg has had. But am I alone in wishing he would stop blaming every poor result on the ref? (starting to sound like the mhanks) being honest i was disappointed to lose yesterday as much as the next bear but realistically the ref helped us avoid a severe hiding by not sending shagger off (which he should have done in all honesty.

2.) 03 Sep 2018 19:06:01
I'm confused are we WEEKER or weaker?

3.) 03 Sep 2018 19:11:14
Very odd post as they only scored 1 goal against Hamilton the previous week so have they closed the gap too? ENd of the day they beat us yet again and we offered nothing in midfield.

4.) 03 Sep 2018 19:45:01
Am I the only one that saw Ajer piling into McGregor's back with his knee as McG made the save?

5.) 03 Sep 2018 20:02:01
Bar72 ajer clearly tried to wrap his leg round McGregor s to keep him down. also agreed with Arthur d.

6.) 03 Sep 2018 20:08:18
Bar72 you're spot on . Ajer kneed magregor after he punched ball out. Hope if they're having a look at it they study it carefully.

7.) 03 Sep 2018 20:26:47
Aye he did but still a player of his experience should know better than to react. MacGregor going to be worth a lot a points to us this season could do without him being suspended for reckless stupidity. He did the same at motherwell last week. I'm not turning on our own players just feel that to get close to they mhanks 11 players on the pitch would b a decent help lol.

8.) 03 Sep 2018 20:48:21
Hartsons an person how he can tell that after one game v them beyond me rangers defence is good it was celtic v rangers defence yesterday midfield kept giving ball away and attack couldn’t hold onto it I’m sure it will be different next time but if beat them what’s he going to say then . the seasons played 9 months not one game let’s wait until then.

9.) 03 Sep 2018 21:04:06
Bar72 wtf mate naw wit saw was player falling/ pushed over that was accidental. McGregor was violent conduct witch carries a 3 game ban what McGregor will get.

10.) 04 Sep 2018 03:44:25
the noise of their self belief dwindling is there to sustain them against the impinging reality. their end is on the horizon.

11.) 03 Sep 2018 21:39:20
I would be worried the fact the goalie was the teams man of the match?

12.) 03 Sep 2018 22:03:51
I thought also that Ajer seemed clumsier than he shoukd have been - if you know what I mean.

13.) 03 Sep 2018 22:04:57
No, exactly what I saw also. MCGREGOR should still not retaliate though.
As for that so called sky referee, hope he is retired as a blind man can see Jack gets tripped.



15 May 2018 19:34:56
So we guarantee a uefa slot, new manager in place, start attracting better level of players, everyone is talking Rangers.
“How can we stop this and put them back down” is the thinking of certain individuals, “we couldn’t get hibs into third and losing to aberdeen didn’t stop them either, I know what we can do, pass me the phone”.
Surprise Surprise, just goes to show the level some (wonder who) people will go to to try and keep us down, their success is crucial to this.
As the board have already announced this will be fiercely fought although I believe regardless of fact and information a guilty verdict has already been decided by “certain individuals “ and the punishment will be as much as they can get away with.
“Sporting integrity” you have got to laugh, our FA and it’s controllers (? ) are the biggest bunch of charlatans you will ever find.
The Famous Glasgow Rangers will not be kept down by anyone or any lynchmob and these actions only show that we have got them scared.


1.) 15 May 2018 20:05:06
Totally agree you could not make it up time to complain and not sit back and take this crap. Then again we are the FAMOUS and have some dignity.

2.) 15 May 2018 20:10:38
Well put cajlta. Ever time there is something positive for our great club. Certain people with their agendas can't help themselves out of pure panic and fear. The concept of irony must be lost on any fan in scotland that attempt to direct the term "sporting integrity" at us.

3.) 15 May 2018 20:39:05
had a terrible feeling today when i heard this stuff. they were going to hit us with a transfer ban for 12 months. lawells phone to the sfa must have been red hot. when SG was unveiled as manager

4.) 15 May 2018 20:52:40
Gentlemen I have been quite fo a while. If honest embarrassed about my Duufy for managers position. Want a fortnight I am sure you fellow bears will agree. Gerrard what an appointment bigger than that smelly mobs Brenda for sure. Now today's topic. Yes the rest of Scottish football are shacking in there boots they will try anything to undermine us. These it is beyond my belief that the do not realise or are scared to admit to their paranoid bog minded brains that a strong FAMOUS is good for Scottish football. Agree

5.) 15 May 2018 21:28:54
It’s the same the last 2 years, firstly the bread man was a genius, then the Pedro hit the town, and he was going to get all the talent from Mexico etc, then there was the master stroke of king appointing murty, the footballing genius, a hidden gem from in house, and now Gerrard.
I accept Gerrard was a big name in his playing days, but I’ll give him 6 months before all you bears want rid of him, this is the same mistake Celtic made with Barnes, and he had Dalgleish up stairs

6.) 15 May 2018 22:26:17
Jsj73 you are spot on. SG is untried and yet the rangers supporters are acting as if they had Pep as manager. One other thing there is no way Rangers will buy 3 players for £13mill. Also no sign of the share issue so another £6mill down. Dtop getting taken for mugs AGAIN and AGAIN

7.) 16 May 2018 00:03:22
Mac55, I sense fear in your text. I assume that you know for sure we won’t (or can’t) buy 3 players for that amount of money or is it more like I suspect that you hope.

The thought it seems is enough to have yourself and all your fellow infatuates running for your keyboards in some kind of attempt to reassure each other this isn’t happening. But what if it did, what if this nightmare you are all living became real, threatened your clubs easy ride, would it all come tumbling down like a pack of cards. It may happen, it may not, who knows for sure, but it might and that’s what is making you tremble.

It’s ok to be afraid, it’s healthy. Just head back over to your own site and reassure them that it’s only a bad dream and if everyone prays together it will go away.
Let’s try and make this next season a fair fight unless you don’t think your club have got the bottle (quickly, pass me the phone) . 🍾



03 May 2018 21:04:24
So everyone anywhere that has some iffiliation with cfc from players, managers, talk radio hosts and newspaper hacks current and from yesteryear are all queing up to publicly tell Gerrard to back away, don’t take the job, it’s to toxic, you won’t like it! . All that's missing is a 2 page spread in the record and a BBC documentary covering how the kit man at cfc is publishing an open letter to SG to tell him to break off any talks that he is having and go home (although unpublished, he is not happy washing the shorts of players who are shitting themselves at the prospect that they might actually have to perform next season if he indeed sign’s on the dotted line) .
The appointment of our next manager seems to have really got their stained knickers (watch that documentary with their kit man, the bleach just isn't doing it) in a bind. Why the obsession, you would think they should be enjoying their own team at the moment (if I was a cfc player at this time🤮 I would be feeling very unapreciated at the moment considering the recent achievments and still all the fans, the board and all connected are more interested in talking about the GERS) .
So, I would like to ask all the cfc support who will read this (I was going to post on the cfc forum then remembered more of them will see it on here than on there) if you could only follow only ONE club (the rumours, the banter, the news and the games) next season, which one would it be? Just curious.


1.) 03 May 2018 22:32:57
lads was reading the easily offended site (first time offender) and Dimalloy is saying they'll be no investment so you've heard from it from the inside man knows more about the famous Glasgow Rangers than he does about the Celtic Football and Athletic Club.

2.) 03 May 2018 22:40:33
Can its the champions of coarse hh



18 Oct 2013 15:45:17
It's great to see Brechin Manager Ray McKinnon so confident in his own teams chances and abilities, with all the other managers in this division stating Rangers are too strong (due to the player budget) and probably won't be beaten (again a strong argument), it is refreshing to hear from a man who really does believe his team can prevail, although I personally think we WILL be to strong for them and predict another high scoring result I do hope that his enthusiasm rubs of on his players resulting in a good game because if we are to progress in any of the remaining cup competitions then we need to be challenged a lot harder than we have been so far in preparation for the games against higher ranked opposition.


1.) I think Dick Campbell did the same Ayr got stuck right in which made it a better game to watch. No matter what league we are in there will always be worthy competitors. As the saying goes every dog has his day & Stirling certainly proved that last season & Forfar this season. Can't win them all.

Larky Bear {The Ed039's Note - Larky, please register with the site and log in to post in the future, we are moving towards registered posters only)

2.) Sorry about that ED is that me sorted? {The Ed039's Note - Yeah mate, also can everyone else take note that we are moving towards registered posters only, please if you havent done so make yourself a profile and log in to post)

3.) @lankybear, there will never be a challenge in lower leagues when 1 club have a wage bill of 9m and all others don't even have that of 90,000, get real please. ,. ,

4.) Why won't they have a chance kbarry? its a 90minute game. only a few weeks ago your team, as I am sure you were well aware, despite having a multi-million pound squad were embarrassed by a lower league team

5.) Kbarry this is all I have to say Super Caley go Ballistic, Artmedia Bratislava, Arbroath, Shakter Kargandy. That's just Celtics upsets this happens throughout football you sir are just an person if you think it's only the Favourites that win football matches it's
11 v 11 anything can happen. There ignorance knows no bounds.

Larky Bear

6.) The shear lack of respect and deliberately spelling your username wrong is nothing sort of pathetic and childish and wonders why even his fellow celtic fans suggested he be banned.

7.) N3 kbarry your getting slaughtered on this site why don't you go onto your own site ooops I nearly forgot you also get slaughteredover there imposter spy etc

8.) Well guy's, the game today certainly had a lot of goals and I must admit not as I envisioned it. It just goes to prove "football is a fumy old game", their confidence was spot on and so was their effort (on another day they could have walked away with the points), I think their manager will be proud and hope that they now believe in his belief of their ability and push on (the next game will be interesting), our manager should also be proud, to come from behind and go on to win (even if people will tell you we should never have been behind in the first place) is a great result against a team that gave it everything, will we go unbeaten in this league, It's possible but with more games like today still to come it will not be as easy as first thought. The football might not be the best at times but I think the will to stand up and fight is now there for all to see, so let's get behind the team and see if we can't just give them the twelfth man for success.



16 Oct 2013 19:49:35
Right, let's get started.
Firstly I would like to tell you all that we (Rangers) are about to secure a lot of funds, investment from King AND significant others (don't actually know this as fact but if it happens then I can come back on and tell everyone that "I told you so"),
Secondly I should tell you that the Easdales are about to switch allegiances to Murray and King in an attempt to remain but will be pushed down the pecking order by the above investment that I Told You Of (again no proof of this but it sounds feasible).
Obviously I cannot reveal my sources (because I don't have any), but I can suggest that you believe me because if you don't then it is obvious you are not real supporters and should just go away (that's right go, my STORIES are fact, don't dare question them).
Finally, I should point out that if any of my FACTS become reality (or at least if I can twist any other fact to fit) then you all must post on this and other sites that I am amazing and the savior, the messiah, THE HERO. Doubt me at your own peril,
The true Rangers supporter (all the other tens of thousands don't count, honest).


1.) Good post, completely agree and think its what most people would be happy with. Hope we will be calling you the scottish nostradamaus by xmas

2.) Op, I have never read such a load of innuendo and hearsay in all my life, a fantasy about people investing well it doesn't take a genius to work out that we need investment so keep up the stories mate, BT

3.) I would like to say here now officially Cajita is a highly intellectual, witty, loyal, true blue Rangers fan, with no agenda and a tireless worker on behalf of the club in its time of need. People like him are the backbone of our united Rangers fanbase. His actions and his alone are the reason Rangers will survive this and a new board will be in place with honest Rangers loving directors leading us back to the top.

I would like to say that but it would be a load of S***E.

Get a life dude and try to join in with fans being positive about Rangers helping the club instead of backstabbing anyone you feel maybe getting some attention or praise for trying to help not hinder Rangers FC.

RTID. george

4.) @ 1 and 2 Doh! have you not heard of sarcasm?

5.) But what about the ransom money that needs to be payed for shares?

6.) I think people need to look up "irony" in the dictionary!

7.) Thank you all for the comments (yes George, yours as-well), the post is just a bit of banter to try and lighten the moment.
George I know I constantly disagree with you, but it is not on what you say, it's how you say it. A lot of the things you tell people might actually be true (I think I have told you before, I have no reason to doubt you), but allow others to have their opinions also without insulting them (I know you get your fare share of insults also, and to those people I would say the same), I actually enjoy reading some of your posts (especially the earlier ones) and hope they continue (but just as thoughts and opinions), I try to avoid confrontation on this site as we are all on the same side (well most of us anyway) and after the dust has settled we will all be standing shoulder to shoulder shouting our team to success. this is by far the best fans forum I've been on and it's all because the ed's allow us to really have a go without too much censoring, but let us not forget that somewhere in the midst of all this seriousness, it's all about the banter.
Thanks George (and I really do mean that), and THANKS everyone.
Now on a more serious (ish) note, will someone please ask George what he plans to do about the story circulating that Whyte may be still in control at Ibrox (sorry George, couldn't help it).




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28 Jun 2018 09:33:07
Surely a release clause can only work if the player was wanting to leave. All the media are jumping on this as if it has to happen if the bid is made when all it means is the player has a decision to make and if he wants to stay the end of. Usual media garbage to try and create what they would then report as a crisis at Rangers as top player abandoning sinking ship or some crap like that.




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08 May 2018 17:28:51
Players use our league as a stepping stone all the time, if they are successful then they must have played well enough to deserve it which means that our clubs got the benefit of that so why can’t managers do the same. If SG is only here to build his cv for something more then surely he will know that only success will bring him that. We should expect 100% from the manager and he will give that as he has a purpose and a focus to be successful (he knows the world is watching and if he fails then who would want to hire that) .




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07 May 2018 14:13:11
Why have a press conference when there’s nothing to announce?, to let everyone know that there’s no outside investment, not in discussions with anyone, the board will be funding the transfers (don’t know for how much or for how many), no mention of the board members that have stepped down or who could be replacing them and why, nothing. It just doesn’t add up, are we sure this was the press conference and not a discussion with King and a journalist at the urinal before the meetings because someone is extracting it.




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07 May 2018 13:40:26
Heard it’s about 2ish




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02 Jul 2017 15:50:08
Another story AGAIN started by the Express, think I will wait until officially confirmed before getting excited.





Cajlta's banter replies


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12 Dec 2018 20:48:31
When another human being is in need of help then there is no time to debate whether he deserves it or not, it is in times like these that the colour of his team or the foolishness that he has commited must be put to one side and help must be given. I really hope this help is given and he makes a full recovery from whatever it is and that he is given the time and space with his family to do so.
I know that I am not alone in wishing him well and know that every football supporter regardless of their team wish him a quick and full recovery.




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04 Oct 2018 16:52:22
DUNFERMLINELOYAL, If Barasic was elegible then why did YOU play against villareal 😂.




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04 Oct 2018 09:19:27
sweep 1, I am guessing that your point is that the team should have played better regardless of the surface and I think most of us would agree, but the surface did play it’s part. Most players and managers if honest will tell you that they don’t like artificial surfaces and they can lead to frequent injury, sometimes serious. This is why these surfaces are not allowed in top flight football in England and is also why players who have a history of certain types of injuries are left out when their teams have to play on them.




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03 Oct 2018 08:11:26
Lee Miller and Raffaele de Vita are just two of a long list of players who have been injured playing on this kind of surface and both are Livingston players, I agree our players didn’t show much in the game and probably deserved to be beaten but you could see they where scared to run and/ or tackle with fear of injury.




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08 Sep 2018 08:25:54
Was it the first 17 minutes or the last ⚽️.