18 Feb 2024 07:12:26
Probably nonsense, but apparently scouts from 5 top leagues have been watching Butland.

1.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 08:25:41
It wouldn’t surprise me the way he has started his Rangers career, Fork.
Couple of commanding performances in the next round of the Europa will see his stock rise further.

2.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 08:37:48
It won’t be nonsense of course scouts will be watching him. He’s on course to sweep up the player of the year awards and is by far the best keeper in the league. I’d be surprised if clubs weren’t taking note but I hope they’ve got a big cheque book if they intend on taking him.

3.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 08:44:49
Good players are always watched by other clubs so it wouldn't surprise me.

4.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 08:49:07
Won't be popular, but for our player trading model this is what we need.

If we can give Butland a platform to win some trophies, play in big European nights and then get a big move / national call up - then other players of his calibre will consider making the step up North if they find themselves in a similar situation.

5.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 08:55:54
I'd hope to keep him for a few years but we'd struggle to knock back big money offers, it would make sense. It'll likely come down to the players, think he loves it here.

6.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 09:08:08
He would be. Sub at top five clubs.

7.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 09:21:38
I think lundstrum or butland should be player of the year but wouldn't be surprised if they weren't nominated. Callum macgregor and matt Riley the only ones on the list same idea with manager of the year. Clement could win everything they'll probaby try giving it to tony docherty or the likes.

8.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 09:50:53
JB is a fine goalkeeper. But I think some are going over the top. When has he had a defining game or save like McGregor or Goram did regularly. I know he hasn't been here long. But remember he wasn't actively being chased by ANYONE, before he came here. A treble and another couple of European nights and he might stay another year, but personally (I've said it b4) I think his plan was to put himself in the shop window and will be off.

9.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 10:11:11
He would John that is correct but op did say from 5 top leagues.

10.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 10:11:53
Livi according to Celtic fans McGregor has been rotten.

11.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 10:17:27
I'm hoping Butland will be with us for years. hopefully next season we can give him champions league football.

12.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 10:21:43
Butland poty all day long livi ?.

13.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 11:19:23
Cheers storm I mis read post.

14.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 13:20:31
Im hopeful that Butland stays for a crack at Champions League next season once we win league…….

15.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 14:02:40
He said top 5 league not prem team top 5.

16.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 15:34:54
Still be a sub for most teams.

17.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 17:10:16
He could actually be getting minutes for Man Utd to be honest at times.

18.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 18:09:24
Not much point watching him today sitting on his deckchair.

19.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 20:23:35
Even if he does not have much to do or is not making saves, having a keeper that commands his box and comes for cross balls is great. He is without doubt a massive reason we are back in this title race.

20.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 20:26:00
Not going to see much atm.

21.) 18 Feb 2024
18 Feb 2024 22:50:42
Our player trading model shouldn't include goalkeepers. They should be milked until they're done, like mcgregor and goram.

We have minimum 4 or 5 good seasons left of butland.

22.) 19 Feb 2024
19 Feb 2024 08:37:52
Butland is top quality. I would take him over most keepers in the Prem at the moment barring Ederson.

23.) 19 Feb 2024
19 Feb 2024 09:11:01
You could say that for every position tjn.

24.) 19 Feb 2024
19 Feb 2024 11:10:03
Not necessarily 55 as most positions aren't at their peak at 35-38.

25.) 19 Feb 2024
19 Feb 2024 11:53:48
I really don't get the Callum McGregor hype. Play the correct tactics against them and he's like a man down everytime. Seen countless times in European competitions he has been largely anonymous, although he did hit the post against Real Madrid ?.

26.) 19 Feb 2024
19 Feb 2024 13:46:02
Would be far more surprising if other clubs weren't interested in Butland, i believe he is the best British keeper on current form.

Seeker Mcgregor is a good player mate but it did always surprise me why he never wanted to come up against the best weekly, that only tells me a lack in his own ability.

27.) 19 Feb 2024
19 Feb 2024 14:13:20
Absolutely every player has a price and Clement has highlighted on several occasions that we need to improve our trading model massively. Would have to be a huge price though, as we'd need to spend well to replace his quality.

28.) 19 Feb 2024
19 Feb 2024 17:13:03
He is only interested in Gareth Southgate watching him, perhaps this weekend against Hearts.

29.) 20 Feb 2024
20 Feb 2024 20:55:01
No surprise at all for me Fork, very solid keeper who’s good with both feet and commands his box. Suits playing out from the back perfectly. When you see the quality of some of the keepers in top 5 leagues it’s head scratching at times.

30.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 03:49:02
If someone comes in and matches our valuation he's gone it's that simple same as the rest of the squad we need that to start 2/ 3 seasons ago but now this season so we can rebuild and build for the future whilst trying to win trophies.

31.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 15:12:43
Although JB is a commanding figure with a, presence I have yet to see a match defining save . He saves the things you would expect a goalkeeper to save.

32.) 21 Feb 2024
21 Feb 2024 19:18:41
Butland ties sh##ers shoe laces imo.