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19 Apr 2024 23:08:58
I was told yesterday that Shankland is a done deal at end of the season. Goldson can go, Lundstrum can go, Silva should be sent back, Tav is done and in reality as a Rangers captain is an embarrassment. Goal stats are great in a rubbish league. Trophy count? Useless.


1.) 20 Apr 2024 07:45:56
Can only hope so . Our team is full of perennial bottles when it comes to the business end of the league.

2.) 20 Apr 2024 09:01:50
Would say we need two good goal poachers up top for next season - so would welcome Shankland at reasonable price and AN Other - either moving Dessers on or as keeping as back-up too imo!

3.) 20 Apr 2024 09:11:20
Not the Shankland saga again!

4.) 20 apr 2024 09:46:30
i would happily put money on shankland being here, along with another, and i wouls be happy to see that, there's no real rangers connection in our team just now, and shanks will score in the league every week, you can almost guarantee that.

5.) 20 Apr 2024 09:41:08
Here we go again.

6.) 20 Apr 2024 10:34:27
Signing Shankland in the summer or not won’t make any difference now. We will be Miles behind them.

7.) 20 Apr 2024 10:59:05
Agreed Azul, but only because we have fallen apart.

Add Shankland, McBurnie, McNair (if rumours are true), 2 solid CB's, a quality CM, move Sterling to RB, Ridvan at LB, and Cortez to come in, and we have a solid unit. God knows where we're going to get the money from, but I can dream.

My biggest fear is whether the tims actually spend money this time, and bring in decent quality. We can't compete with that, and with their money in the bank, and transfer fees they can bring in for O'Reilley, and their 3 main Japanese players, it could get very very bleak.

8.) 20 Apr 2024 11:56:36
How will we be miles behind them azul?

9.) 20 Apr 2024 12:34:08
If they win the league they will all the CL money Paul it will give them a significant head start they also have assets to sell in their team. We have Butland and that’s about it. It’s head in the sand stuff to say we won’t be miles behind. We are going to have to have the best summer of recruitment we have seen in years to be in with a chance.

10.) 20 Apr 2024 12:36:50
I would be signing McBurney and McNair if the rumours are true and would be breaking the bank to bring in a quality centre back.
Celtic will inevitably improve their squad although with their manager that won't be that much of a plus however our Board must give Clement the transfer budget that he needs to significantly upgrade the current squad or he is on a hiding to nothing.

11.) 20 Apr 2024 13:04:10
Think we were all told in December Shankland was a done deal and would sign 1st Jan. Never happened.

12.) 20 Apr 2024 13:36:15
McNair and McBurnie are absolutely woeful.

Absolute rangers da signings.

The same people will think mccausland is a good player.

13.) 20 Apr 2024 13:48:39
I don't think McCausland is a good player, so there's your reckoning on it's arse right away.

14.) 20 Apr 2024 14:06:34
Shankland will not be a rangers player it’s amazing that it’s started cropping up again after we lost a couple of games and draws.

15.) 20 Apr 2024 14:20:25
tin1872, have you watched McBurnie in any games, he is head and shoulders above anyone that we have in attack and he is a better player than Shankland who is also better than anything we have.
McBurnie on a free is also a good deal unless suddenly we are going to conjure up £50m to spend on players and that is highly unlikely with the current Board.

16.) 20 Apr 2024 14:21:51
Wishy they had all champions league money this year and sold Jota for 25 million.

17.) 20 apr 2024 14:36:55
very good post bb.

18.) 20 Apr 2024 15:37:25
Yes BB, I have. And being better than what we have is in absolutely no way a valid barometer to sign anyone given our strikers are absolute donkeys.

His wages will be served far better elsewhere.

RTR that's a wild take considering mccausland is terrible, yet better than those 2 mentioned.

2012 has broken so many of you. No standards whatsoever.

19.) 20 Apr 2024 16:09:45
Mcburnie would be a very good signing for us, bullies defences and would score 20+ goals, he'll also fight to the death for us.

20.) 20 Apr 2024 16:14:47
????? No he's not, not even close. Behave yourself!

21.) 20 Apr 2024 16:32:05
Good point true blue it really boils down to recruitment, we need to focus on ourself and get our recruitment right.

22.) 20 Apr 2024 18:04:26
It’s not hard to figure out Paul.

23.) 20 Apr 2024 18:44:42
If true lunny can go why did we offer him a contract. Imo shankland is a good striker and could for a front 2 with danilo that would score plenty but I'm not sure PC rates him.

24.) 20 Apr 2024 19:50:08
Paddy McNair and McBurnie are the definition of "English free championship dross".

The model that any non short sighted fans are desperate to get away from.

Beyond useless.

I also highly doubt Phillipe Clement, Nils Koppen and our new chief scout will be after championship jobbers.

25.) 20 Apr 2024 20:02:00
They're already miles ahead financially. We can also still make the CL ourselves finishing 2nd.

26.) 20 Apr 2024 20:06:00
I agree with Paul. We are certainly not that far behind.

27.) 20 Apr 2024 22:13:45
There is also a limot as to what kind of player will sign to the spl, they will have wage caps etc, they are not going to be signing 20m players on 60k a week, it will still be 4-7m players on 30kish. Our squad if fit would be able to win this current season, we need to get 2 fit players for each position, win our home old firm games and we will be right up there.

28.) 21 Apr 2024 10:42:07
Copland, I agree in terms of the player acquisition that principally we are talking about players in the £4m - £7m bracket, most likely with a wage ceiling of £30k although I would also add one or two experienced players brought in on Bosmans.
For that reason the acquisitions must be the right fit for the squad, the manager's playing style and the league.
You also need money in reserve in case of need.
I would suggest that historically with a prime emphasis on the Wilson years, we did not have that and we are now playing catch up. Indeed I would go as far as saying that the year we won the league we started to go backwards because we failed to invest in a winning team, we sold the good young players that we had previously brought in and we did not replace them with a similar or better quality.
We need fresh investment and new blood in the Boardroom to complement an excellent CEO and in my opinion an excellent management team on the playing side. Otherwise nothing will change, Clement won't hang around to see his credibility destroyed and the support will become even more restless than we are at present.
I would like to think that Bennett has a plan, otherwise I'm not sure why he would come onboard full time as Chairman. Only time will tell.

29.) 22 Apr 2024 08:01:23
Is that from same people that told us shankland was a done deal at start of season and then January. believe it when I see it.

30.) 22 apr 2024 13:05:07
no it won't be the same people,



27 Dec 2023 22:58:15
So I am put myself out there for yet another slagging for having the audacity to post a rumour. Here it is and my source is integral to Rangers. Shankland will be signed in January and Lowry is going the other way. The fee is likely to be £4million plus Lowry. Of note: Shankland isn't our marquee signing striker. Rangers are going to invest as Europe has allowed us to spend more.


1.) 27 Dec 2023 23:12:15
You're a brave man Otterspocket.


2.) 27 Dec 2023 23:18:55
Would not pay over 2 million will have a year left on his contract by the summer.

3.) 27 Dec 2023 23:18:59
I like Shankland but £2.5-3M tops IMO. Including the value of any player going with the deal.

4.) 27 Dec 2023 23:24:32
Given the posts about Lowry on here recently I don’t think hearts would take him even if we gave him to them for free. Shankland is good but for me the cost to buy him outweighs the benefit of having him. Fantastic finish tonight but was poor outwith that.

5.) 27 Dec 2023 23:29:57
Clemont has not come to Rangers without the promise of backing, the title is there to be won and he will be backed, if that’s the price and he wants him in then I think it will be done.

6.) 27 Dec 2023 23:42:36
I'm honestly bewildered to why shankland ain't worth 4 million

Look at his goal tonight
The guy is a top class striker

If he was English n he would be worth 20

He's worth his weight in gold

I really hope we sign him as he is better n lammers, dessers , n yes also danilio

How many more goals dose a guy need to score too prove he's well good enough too pul on our Jersey

This boy would bag easily 25 a season for us

He's proved time n time again He's no a one season wonder

If we want too win the league, thus guys a major step in the right direction ? if we need too break the bank a bit

Shankland is the guy too do it for

He's prolific a total fox in and out the box

This guy would make our team ten times better.

7.) 27 Dec 2023 23:47:11
4 million plus Lowry what a terrible deal that is.

8.) 27 Dec 2023 23:54:40
Aye for Hearts Stormbooper ?.

9.) 28 Dec 2023 00:05:39
Whoever Rangers sign needs to be signed asap and it doesn't drag on to the end of the window.

10.) 28 Dec 2023 00:20:16
Why do many of our fans think Scottish players are not good enough to play for us? Shankland is a no brainier at the right price!

11.) 28 Dec 2023 00:44:55
Hope your right buddy. Shankland would score for fun at gers.

12.) 28 Dec 2023 01:05:32
Blue-Fllloyd it’s 100% snobbery that’s why.

13.) 28 Dec 2023 01:36:42
Why do some people still turn their nose up at Shankland? It’s mental. He scores goals for fun.

14.) 28 Dec 2023 01:56:15
Rangers board would need sacked if they paid 4million plus Lowry

Maybe hearts value him at 4 million but we would be mad to pay anything more than 2 million

And even that for a guy with 1.5 year and getting on in years that failed in Belgium and is maybe 3rd or 4th choice for Scotland is too much.

15.) 28 Dec 2023 01:57:08
That’s what we need to remember here he can’t even get a game for Scotland fair enough as a Scottish back up but not our no1.

16.) 28 dec 2023 04:12:48
i've said for weeks rangers have spoken to hearts re shankland more than once i also said there's probably 2 strikers coming, because we need them urgently and imo shanks fits us perfectly right now.

17.) 28 dec 2023 04:16:53
gofor, try ending the endless " failed in belgium bit, you have zero knowledge of his time in belgium, maybe he hadn't settled, maybe he didn't like his teammates, maybe many other reasons, he won't be the first nor last to not make it abroad, laudrup never exactly made it in england, did he?

18.) 28 dec 2023 04:18:59
and we don't need to remember anything about shankland scotland career, not one bit of it has anything whatsoever to do with rangers, there's a million players you can point that stick at, , more drivel about scotland and belgium, give yourself a rest man,

19.) 28 Dec 2023 06:20:15
Tom, did he not ultimately fail? Regardless of reason.

And is he not third or fourth choice for Scotland?

Don’t get me wrong, he would be a solid backup option but I just can’t see us paying 4 million plus Lowry for a guy with 1.5 years on deal.

I’d rather leave him at hearts for the year and go back when he has 6months remaining as for Lowry we should be looking to get him a loan abroad if possible and would be mad to let him go as a makeweight in a deal for shankland.

20.) 28 Dec 2023 06:25:14
There it is people can’t back up with facts, jump to insults when all I was doing was making a point about 4 million valuation.

21.) 28 Dec 2023 06:27:00
And for the record, I’d be happy with shankland signing, but just not four million plus Lowry.

2.5 million tops only no Lowry unless it’s just another loan.

22.) 28 Dec 2023 06:52:11
No reason whatsoever to doubt your info on shankland, otterspocket, as you at least shared what your source told you and thanks for that mate. ? On previous you've always had good info, otterspocket and you also TT12, so I most definitely don't doubt either of you ?.

23.) 28 Dec 2023 07:08:54
People saying that Hearts are out of order for wanting so much money for Shankland. Hearts are playing for a 3rd place finish with European money at stake. Who will replace Shankland?

It’s a big gamble for Hearts. There’s no way I would sell him cheap, knowing it might cost a place in Europe.

24.) 28 Dec 2023 07:09:47
I think that most are saying here that they could see Shankland doing a job for us - but that the price needs to be right too! (given age and his current contract) and my opinion also is that I would like to see Clement get Lowry under his wing too first to be truly assessed / worked with, before off-loading the boy as part of any deal.

25.) 28 Dec 2023 08:21:32
Funny how people would happily pay 4 million for someone like Dessers but not Shankland. It seems if he plays in a foreign land its a great signing but when its a player from Scotland who we know can score goals in our league he's apparently not worth 4 million. Look at Yilmaz for instance why did we sign him when Doig was vauled around the same money?

26.) 28 Dec 2023 08:26:59
Lowry is crap so we are just getting rid. Shankland may give us goals to win the league automatically enter the champions League and all of a sudden he was a good bit of business.

27.) 28 Dec 2023 08:32:56
I don’t care what striker / strikers we get as long as they score goals and help us win games I’ll
Be happy. If we beat the Tim’s next, the title race is well and truly on so hopefully we get who we need In the door as said above pronto! No time for messing about. 2nd half of the season is huge and Big Phil will be eager to go… I just want winners in our team no matter who they are or where they come from. If Shankland can do that job for us so be it.

28.) 28 Dec 2023 08:46:44
Azul if we lose to the Tims the title race is still on.

29.) 28 Dec 2023 09:01:43
Who happily paid 4 million for dessers?

I would take shankland but needs to be at the right price 4/ 5 million reported what hearts want is too much that’s just my opinion it’s not snobbery on my part as I want a lot of Scottish players we didn’t get unlike some on here.

30.) 28 Dec 2023 09:01:53
I was told back in the middle of December that Shankland was going to be signing for Rangers. Infact, I was told the day we played Hearts away. One of my mates works for Tesco bank and works in the digital side of things. He was interviewing the CEO, who is on the board of Hearts and he told him that Shankland is away and going to Rangers. I am hoping it is going to be this month as I think he would be a useful addition.

31.) 28 Dec 2023 09:18:32
Agree Fergie but it’s all the better if we beat that lot and really put the pressure on them ?.

32.) 28 Dec 2023 09:22:25
All that matters is, can shankland score in Scotland. Spl is our bread and butter. we have been desperate for a 20+ goal scorer for over a decade, we were foolish to let Colak go. If we have to pay arovnd 3mil to get Shankland then so be it. Who cares if he has no sell on value, that's not important for every signing, 20+ goals a season will repay the outlay. Big Boyd's goals were invaluable and so would Shankland's. Get the boy signed. Oh and he has 6 goals in 12 games in europe. That's 1 in 2 and we know how some love that in a striker?. You's said it would cost upwards of 10mil to replace el? ?. Bargain then if we get Shankland for around 3mil.

33.) 28 Dec 2023 09:38:07
No way on earth are we paying 4m for Shankland IMO. Plus Lowry? If we do that's terrible business. 2m? Yes and that's it. Sorry but I'm sick if reading about Shankland.

34.) 28 Dec 2023 09:43:37
Otterspocket I don't see why you think that because people have different opinions they are slagging you off for posting a rumour. It's a rumours site and without people posting it wouldn't be here.
If you expect everybody to agree with what you post then you're kidding yourself on.
If you're correct then you can come back and glory in your information.
Until then people are entitled to respond.

35.) 28 Dec 2023 09:53:27
Shankland for me is a no brainier even if he costs a bit to get it done.

We paid £3.5m for Lammers and he’s not shown us anything yet.
We paid £5m for Dessers who’s older than Shankland and although he’s looking a bit better now he’s hardly prolific given the opportunities he gets.
We paid £6m for Danilo and he has struggled.

Shankland has proven time and again that he is a prolific scorer.
Add to this (I know it shouldn’t matter) the guy is a die hard Rangers man who would give his all for the club.

If anyone on here was asked would they pay £3m to £4m to see in the league they would all say yes I’m sure - this guy could score the goals to win it in my opinion.

I just don’t get why we are happy to spend a fortune on gambles from outside Scotland when we have someone we know can score right in front of us.

I hope we get Shankland, another forward and a midfielder in this window.

36.) 28 Dec 2023 09:53:52
Tbh I trust big Phil to bring in good players. If he wants Shankland and thinks he can get value for money out of him then I 100% back our manager. At the end of the day striker is our biggest issue at the moment and I don’t think anyone doubts that Shankland would get us goals.

37.) 28 Dec 2023 10:11:44
Stormtrooper there was lots of posters on here in the summer saying sign Dessers up.

38.) 28 Dec 2023 10:19:10
You're usually pretty sound for info Otters, I really think it's a small minority on here that don't want Shankland, that said, slightly overpriced at 4m plus Lowry, but I watched him last night and although it wasn't his best game, he was industrious, vocal to his teammates and a stunning finish for the winner, we need someone like that. The next top scorer for hearts after him is own goals? So you can see why they want money for him, if we didn't pay it and he went somewhere else and was banging them in, there'd be loads on here screaming for the boards head.

39.) 28 Dec 2023 10:22:15
Shankland would score for us but 25 a season? He’s no getting our pens so a dout he’s going to hit those numbers.

40.) 28 Dec 2023 10:30:50
I will go out on a limb here and say Lowry will never make it at Us… too many stories regarding attitude to be false… if we can get a chunk off the Shankland deal by throwing Lowry in I would jump at it… Shankland is exactly what we need in right now… proven goal scorer in Scottish league.

41.) 28 Dec 2023 11:00:28
I think dessers is way better than shank … so there ?incoming.

42.) 28 Dec 2023 11:37:51
Just out of curiosity, how do so many of the posters on here work out the value of a player?

I get we can all take a punt, but so many seem so sure that their value is accurate.

I'd like us to sign Shankland, I think he improves us.

43.) 28 Dec 2023 11:44:17
Harhun I would have to agree with you on Lowry mate
There’s loads of chat that his attitude stinks and I can remember seeing a clip from pre season where he said something that did make me think this lad needs to conduct himself better.
I hope I’m wrong and he turns into a class act but if your team mates think your a fanny then your up against it.

Molsgoals - He might be better in some areas although I haven’t seen much of that so far but he’s certainly not better at putting the ball in the net and that’s what really counts.
Dessers is definitely playing better now though and I hope he goes onto be a good signing.

44.) 28 Dec 2023 11:45:02
Harhun I’m really not sure hearts want Lowry after sending him back to us

Wonder how much people value Lowry when they say make him part of deal, mb squeeze 500k for him.

45.) 28 Dec 2023 11:46:45
I’d keep dessers
The lad is beginning to find his feet
And realise what it’s like to play for rangers.

46.) 28 Dec 2023 12:00:55
Me as well mols I think the way dessers has been playing he would keep shankland out the team at the moment. I would try and get van veen for 500k or so as back up. Honestly when batman is back and ano it might be next year but shankland would be 3rd choice then imo.

47.) 28 Dec 2023 12:10:03
John- Lowry is back at Rangers for treatment as he's injured. Apparently his attitude isn't improving at Hearts.

48.) 28 Dec 2023 12:32:27
How many of our youngsters are actually going to make it? Really need to question the lowland league choice. Did anyone break through after playing at such a dire level.

49.) 28 Dec 2023 13:28:17
Wouldn`t mind seeing Shankland at Ibrox but not at £4 million, never mind £4million plus Lowry . £2 million or £2.5 million max. should be value of total deal . If they want a loan of another youngster then fair enough but that should be it . That will be his price in the summer unless he signs an extension to his current deal and we shouldn`t spend an extra £2 million just to get him 6 months early.

50.) 28 Dec 2023 17:35:23
Can’t remember anyone saying hearts out of order wanting four million for them he’s probably worth four million in. Terms of finishing third in league and results going forward but he’s not worth 4 million to rangers as he’s proved very little yet just because you can do it at dunes united and hearts doesn’t mean you can do it at rangers. he’s equally not done it at stmirren and Aberdeen.

To be clear not saying he won’t but after the money spent on desserrs lammers I can’t see us putting 4 million on a player that will have very little resale value.

I want him at rangers but not just yet and not at 4 million.

51.) 28 Dec 2023 17:36:58
I’d rather pay the money for miovski that shankland as miovski younger and more chance of selling on shankland has the rangers fan and Scottish player in his favour though.

52.) 28 Dec 2023 18:11:01
Baxter, ok, hearts wanted him out, strange how he’s injured, been running every day with his bad back.

53.) 28 Dec 2023 19:49:15
Fergie where would u have our youngsters play, four b team competitive games since June.



23 Dec 2023 22:08:12
Lewis Fiorini on loan as he returns from injury. Connor Barron permanent signing. Mhedi Taremi a loan to buy contract (loan fee ain't cheap) . Taremi would be our marquee signing with a view to league title and then Champions League football. shoot me down fellow bears ?.


1.) 23 Dec 2023 22:59:04
Would never shoot down anyone, we only post what we are told and respect what we are told, if its bull wait until we see them again.

2.) 23 Dec 2023 23:09:59
Taremi another one who would be unavailable until mid Feb due to international football.

3.) 23 Dec 2023 23:25:22
Taremi would be a real coup starting striker for Porto and both Milan sides have been trying to sign him.

4.) 24 Dec 2023 00:38:00
Don't know much about fiorini, man City starlet isn't he, English born but switched allegiance to Scotland,
Barron a good shout but is taremi not in his early 30s, would be strange to me if he's a loan to buy at that age, but you may well be better informed than me Otters, decent post.

5.) 24 Dec 2023 01:16:22
That's a nice wishlist but completely untrue.

6.) 24 Dec 2023 03:09:41
He would also be 32 by the start of next season zero selling on fee.

7.) 24 Dec 2023 07:36:30
Rangers have no chance of signing Taremi.

8.) 24 Dec 2023 08:15:39
Taremi is out of contract in June next year so can't see how a loan to buy would fit his contract situation.
Reported he won't sign a new contract with Porto.

9.) 24 Dec 2023 08:27:56
Good to see you back Jfm, it's been a while, mate. ?

I actually come on to post the exact same thing regarding Taremi and his contract situation. Great minds, eh?! ?

On that basis, OP, I'm calling BS on that rumour. Added to the fact, we're never getting him!

10.) 24 Dec 2023 08:43:34
My star honest question to you here pal ?Do you think rangers will sign lawrence shankland in january and if not january in the summer ?I honestly don't think we'll sign shankland at all due to hearts valuation of him and his age ?I think clement will sign a striker probably on loan in january and will buy a younger striker than shankland in the summer ? I think shankland will end up at celtic or a good level english championship club ?.

11.) 24 Dec 2023 08:54:24
Decided to stick around as it seems to annoy you.
Regardless of whether you like my posts or not I wish you and yours a very Merry Xmas. After all we all want the same thing which is a successful rangers team.

12.) 24 Dec 2023 09:36:59
How does it annoy me, Jfm? Honestly, mate, you think too much of me! ?
As I've stated in several occasions, we might not agree on a lot, but I've always liked you as a poster. You've come across as a decent human being, Jfm, so I wish only the best for you.
Hope you have a great Xmas, I know it's been tough for you, so hopefully 2024 will bring you better luck and better health.

13.) 24 Dec 2023 09:38:00
Hearts are right to ask top dollar for Shankland, Rangers do the same? But I agree with the other poster, - he’s 29 this year, that ship has sailed. Need a younger speedy forward, pity Coisty was an old’un ?.

14.) 24 Dec 2023 11:20:54
Cheers raisetheroofe, I got the impression your opinion had changed after I made what I thought was a funny wee play on words about raising a white flag. It was never intended to offend. I guess my sense of humour is just weird.
Thanks for the wishes re my health. It won't get better as I have problems that can only be managed by painkillers but there are many worse off than me and I wish every one of our fellow bears that are struggling a great Xmas hopefully starting with 3 points today.

15.) 24 Dec 2023 11:43:06
Not at all, Jfm, life's too short to hold grudges mate, regardless of who says what on here. It's the season of goodwill, and I wish that upon all Rangers supporters.

Aye, the good old painkillers can sometimes be the only thing available, but I was so stoned on the ones I was prescribed, I decided to come off them all together. 4 weeks of continous withdrawals is not something I would wish on anyone.

Keep the chin up, and whatever I, or anyone else says on here, we're all here for whoever needs to let off a bit of steam, have a moan, call us a "sunshine supporter", or the "cookie crew", or whatever else gets thrown about, mate.

16.) 24 Dec 2023 11:46:41
A guy from Porto
Or a proven scores for fun in Scotland shankland a guy right under our noses,

So hearts want a few million
He's well worth it can we stop kidding that because he's at hearts he ain't worth it

He's the best Scottish prolific striker since dare I say griff

Let's not make the mistake of more foriners n get a proven striker from here
Where our bread n butter is

Shankland will gurentee us goals a plenty.

17.) 24 Dec 2023 12:14:13
Blue dreamer the guy from Porto is 100 times better than shankland but I don’t think we have any chance of getting him.

18.) 24 Dec 2023 12:27:16
Shankland has 3 seasons left in him i would say barring major injuries - he was a late developer and is at his peak now - get him signed - he would score 25+ for us with the service he would get.

19.) 24 Dec 2023 13:31:26
That's what it's about jfm/ rtr we all have different opinions on all things rangers, but that's all it is difference of opinion, when you strip it all back, we all have a love of all things Glasgow rangers

20.) 24 Dec 2023 14:57:29
Taremi is a top class striker regardless of age. There was talk if I remember right that he wanted a big signing on fee (when leaving on a free) that we won’t be able to afford to pay without taking into account his wages. 0% chance of Taremi happening.

21.) 24 Dec 2023 16:29:51
Good to hear from u Iheard.

22.) 24 Dec 2023 16:31:03
100 times better than Shankland,
Have a word with yersel.
He might be better but 100 times, he must be some player.

23.) 24 dec 2023 18:08:42
hear hear iheard,



20 Oct 2023 20:55:53
Whens Jewell getting announced or has he turned us down John?


1.) 20 Oct 2023 22:08:15
Negotiations, I’m told he may visit next week, time will tell.

2.) 20 Oct 2023 22:46:11
If its tech director rather than DOF. Does that conflict with the managers plans?

3.) 20 oct 2023 22:50:41
a very interesting move john, i know you have contacts in brighton, this may or may not be a masterstroke, what you think, i'm worried aboutlack of experience but intrigued aslso.

4.) 21 Oct 2023 07:37:30
They certainly don’t want him to leave. I have a concern also re experience. However many on here say he signed loads and made Brighton millions and millions in sell on fees in under a year.
I suspect he did not sign according mckenzie etc.

5.) 21 Oct 2023 09:51:09
The responsibilities of a technical director can be different from club to club. Does anyone know what Jewell's remit would be at Rangers?

6.) 21 Oct 2023 10:50:26
Brighton fan media reporting he's rejected us.

7.) 21 Oct 2023 14:13:54
Why on earth would Jewell come here?
Not happening.

8.) 21 Oct 2023 14:44:41
We no longer have the same pull as we did years ago. As Slim Jim says, why would be leave the EPL and the success at Brighton to come up here.

9.) 21 Oct 2023 17:12:11
Hopefully if he does come we get to keep Sima.

10.) 21 Oct 2023 18:11:56
Slim jim and sirStuth, double his salary.

11.) 21 Oct 2023 18:18:49
Because how many Brighton clubs is there in Spain rangers are massive and a lot bigger club than Brighton we are easily in the top 20/ 30 clubs n the world.

12.) 21 Oct 2023 18:56:21
Rfc22 I'm sure staff members look at supporters clubs when making decisions about their future.

13.) 22 Oct 2023 09:54:23
Gotta laugh at the posts like "if we get him maybe we keep sima" or "surely Brighton will give us a deal on sima then if he comes".

Why would they? We have taken one of their employees.

14.) 22 Oct 2023 11:21:10
Orange exactly, if sima keeps scoring Brighton will be looking to increase fee not reduce it, they are a business.

15.) 22 Oct 2023 12:26:26
Heard another name mentioned yesterday, Dougie Freedman; I believe that he is currently at Crystal Palace.

16.) 22 Oct 2023 15:05:24
The guys stable and happy doing a good job very positive, so would take major convincing to come.

17.) 22 Oct 2023 15:22:40
Berkshire he was interviewed some time ago.

18.) 22 Oct 2023 21:08:13
Crystal Palace have a very good youth system.

Anyone running things at palace would be a great addition to our club.



12 Oct 2023 15:28:17
Dont want to say I told you so. but I did! Clement in and DOF sorted ✅.


1.) 12 Oct 2023 15:47:44
Who is the DOF.

2.) 12 oct 2023 15:48:53
are you trying to take gofors position as “ i told you all “ champion otters ?

3.) 12 Oct 2023 15:56:44
This would be great news. Any word on who the DoF is? I'd have thought the rumours about Paul Mitchell and David Wier would be to good to be true - so one of them would really be the cherry on the cake!

4.) 12 Oct 2023 16:02:47
When is announcement?

5.) 12 Oct 2023 16:03:36
Tom ?? . they haters can't stand when your right

And pretend they don't like being right themselves I'm just more honest about it.

Love that I'm living rent free in your head though ????

Quéue the clique responses.

6.) 12 Oct 2023 16:06:46
Otters I've not seen anything yet but if correct then ???? well done good info

Haters are haters for a reason otters.

7.) 12 Oct 2023 16:07:50
And tomthumb my posts are there for people to see I don't change my name every other month to try hide my points

When I'm wrong I admit that too.

8.) 12 Oct 2023 16:12:54
Tom correct.

9.) 12 Oct 2023 16:22:19
Sorry everyone I've made a bit of a muppet of myself. I got sent info saying it was Mitchell and Clements. I was so excited I didn’t double check. Maybe I didn’t tell you so afterall ?? sorry!

10.) 12 Oct 2023 16:27:23
Gofor am just glad he has changed his obsession to you instead of me ?.

11.) 12 Oct 2023 16:28:13
Aye otters you and half the posters on here and other social media sites said him whilst the other half said Muscat.

12.) 12 Oct 2023 16:29:29
By the way otters would be happy if you are right ?.

13.) 12 oct 2023 16:43:03
did you ever work on the buses mate, is that you blakey.

14.) 12 Oct 2023 16:45:25
‘Don’t want to say I told you so’ hate to break it to you but you first posted about Clement on the 9th.

I posted on the 8th that the club were looking to interview for the DOF and that the job was going to be Clements.

15.) 12 Oct 2023 16:56:48
Copland you still sure that's the case?

16.) 12 Oct 2023 16:59:24
Going to be Muscat.

17.) 12 Oct 2023 17:10:41
Yes I do, already set in place his coaching staff for when the deal is done which will be before the weekend.

Just the formalities to be done now.

18.) 12 Oct 2023 17:20:01
Nice 1 copland, appreciate the info.

19.) 12 Oct 2023 17:30:40
. before the weekend. Can only mean tomorrow CoplandFront5. I like your confidence. ?.

20.) 12 Oct 2023 17:45:06
Coplandfront5 are you saying Clement will be the manager or the DoF?

21.) 12 Oct 2023 17:46:51
Clements and Mitchell is the stuff of dreams. We ain't getting better than those 2. Obviously just a stepping stone to EPL but I'll take it.

22.) 12 Oct 2023 17:47:29
Obviously meant before the end of the weekend?.

23.) 12 Oct 2023 17:52:34
In Copland you can trust, his info is always spot in.

24.) 12 Oct 2023 18:02:48
I know i am going against the majority but i am still hearing its muscat.

25.) 12 Oct 2023 18:25:58
Its social media TomT. Not live affirming ?. I actually still think what I posted is correct apart from him actually being in. I said it was Clement the other day as Copland rightly highlights. Today though the message suggested to me it was over the line. If a rumour site isn't for rumours i'm at a loss as to what's the point? At times some (only a few) on here act self entitled wrt “facts”, often excluding their previous “errors”. We are all Rangers fans and can we not just enjoy this site for what it is? Mon the Scotland, let's get Spain ?? battered ????????.

26.) 12 Oct 2023 18:28:07
I really really hope it's Clement and not muscat.

27.) 12 Oct 2023 18:34:04
CoplandFront5- hopefully according to your info we should hear soon.

28.) 12 Oct 2023 18:53:48
I told youz on the 5th or 6th it would be clement check your dates eh. Hopefully Ed could clarify that.

29.) 12 Oct 2023 19:00:00
I have a feeling and no sources it's gna be Muscat a think Clement will go to Saudi.

30.) 12 Oct 2023 19:04:30
Who the ef cares who said it first. Seriously! ??.

31.) 12 Oct 2023 19:37:26
I suppose everyone had a 50/ 50 shout of being right there was only 2 real candidates, I mean candidates that genuinely had a chance of getting the job.

But nah seriously well done for getting it right otters, I prefer I told you so- as it’s just a bit of banter, I don’t mind things been done with a bit of swag! It beats snide and rude, snide and rude is easy and tbh it says more about them than the person passing out info or just giving a opinion. When someone’s rude to someone’s comment or mine I just laugh and think they have sad wee lives.

I genuinely like I told you so! Because they’ve had the baws to stick there neck out. There is self entitled old men on here! Any p! ssed of replies to this is just simply confirmation you’re in that club. Get rid of the clique and let young blood over through them.

So clement it is then, I’ll wait for confirmation before completely giving you your flowers, but you backed it up with other info otter - so I believe you! Have a good night lads and Elder statesman ?.

32.) 12 Oct 2023 19:38:12
Copland I said Monday end of week re manager.

Not sure re dof. ,

NRD some claim it’s them when they piggy back on Copland 5.

33.) 12 Oct 2023 19:39:13
I never rumoured that either would get the job, you can check back as far as you like?.

34.) 12 Oct 2023 20:00:03
Flags still in box, awaiting announcement, now back to the Raki.

35.) 12 Oct 2023 20:08:22
Strummer, are you sure you said as I don’t think anyone can remember you saying it.

36.) 12 Oct 2023 20:17:38
Imagine bickering like school laddies who posted the rumour 1st that it would be clement ??? kinda hope it's muscat now just for that reason.

37.) 12 Oct 2023 20:42:28
Just a question has a manager been appointed or is it a toss of the coin between the two, to see who has the best contacts?

38.) 12 Oct 2023 20:45:28
Yeah John hopefully all goes to plan by then. Hope your good mate??.

39.) 12 Oct 2023 21:14:41
Would much rather have Muscat. we'll probably be looking for a new manager again by the end of the season if Clement.

40.) 12 Oct 2023 21:52:21
Novo you must be a right laugh! ?.

41.) 12 Oct 2023 21:58:02
I actually think I called it on the 3rd?.

42.) 12 Oct 2023 22:03:25
Agree Novo. It’s got Gio written all over it. Muscat is the man.

43.) 12 Oct 2023 22:31:40
Copland, you also said the job won't be given to someone not in a job . chuck enough stones though.

44.) 12 Oct 2023 22:59:25
If we got Paul Mitchell that would be unreal! No going to lie I was swaying towards Muscat. He’s won one less league title than clement and done it in 2 different countries. Will also know the Asian market. If Clement comes hand in hand with Mitchell I may be swayed back to Clement. My concern is another Paul LeGuen situation. Came with a big rep having won numerous titles with Lyon and massively flopped. Clement has only won titles in his home country guess that is my concern. Muscat has learned his trade from ange, the football is attractive and he knows the club. It’s a tough one, Muscat flopped in Belgium and you could say Clement flopped in France. I was certain it would be Muscat but reading on here from respected posters looking like Clement. As always whoever it may be will get my 100% backing.

45.) 13 Oct 2023 00:09:00
Folk have flung names about but from being on here for years I know who's info is reliable but nothing is ever 100%. Either decision I'm happy with, both have experience of winning. What's the chatter reliable DOF? Mitchell or Weir seem optimistic but like manager I'd like someone with experience of winning elsewhere.

46.) 13 Oct 2023 00:43:27
Hope once the manager is named we can get back to guessing what players are coming in on January am hoping for a source but think there all taken lol.

47.) 13 Oct 2023 07:13:28
Clement and Mitchell is the stuff of dreams?




Otterspocket's banter posts with other poster's replies to Otterspocket's banter posts


28 Feb 2024 21:44:51
That is a performance of champions.


1.) 28 Feb 2024 22:12:23
Settle chickens hatching counting and all that.



15 Feb 2024 12:59:48
This season is starting to remind me of the season where Tommy Burns side (an excellent side imo) didn't lose a game (or very few) but we still won the league because they drew loads. i'd settle for that! Be better if we humped them a few times in the process of winning the league but I would be ecstatic with the league whatever way it comes about.


1.) 15 Feb 2024 18:14:38
We won't win the league unless we beat them at least once this season.

2.) 15 Feb 2024 20:16:15
Burns was a good Guy, met him when coaching, stopped me getting sent off for berating the ref? nice guy to talk to.

3.) 16 Feb 2024 00:00:29
The IBROX game against them will be huge, a think we will be in front of them before we play and beating them will break them to be fair.



30 Dec 2023 17:36:14
So although I am smarting a bit from todays loss I am also feeling excited and positive about the rest of the season. We are way under strength just now and but for not having an actual CF who can play we would have been able to match them. January signings and on we go. Absolutely everything is still to play for. Europe, Cup and League. Oh and if I've said it once I've said it 100 times, Kyogo should be absolutely crunched in the first tackle on him, 1980s style ✅.


1.) 30 Dec 2023 18:03:52
Aye, gone down to 10 men in the first 5 mins will work wonders mate.

2.) 30 Dec 2023 18:13:33
Excellent post otter. total contrast to a few nameless others. Nice one I totally agree.

3.) 30 dec 2023 18:14:57
yip, goughy would have kicked him back to nagasaki, or wherever he came from, legally of course.

4.) 30 Dec 2023 18:23:27
Raskin chill out pal. To be fair maybe get Dessers to do the first tackle as he wouldn’t be missed…….

5.) 30 dec 2023 18:56:57
raskin, he never said that did he. try to understand.



20 Dec 2023 23:12:41
Think it was BigDado who mentioned in a recent thread that Roofe was a twenty minute player for the rest of the season. Didn't even manage that today. Him and Lammers need to go. One is useless and the other gets injured attempting to head the ball. and yes I have been saying Roofe needs to go for about 2 seasons now.


1.) 21 Dec 2023 09:12:48
Yes mate, its soul destroying. We need 2 strikers in January and forget about Roofe.



15 Dec 2023 09:00:18
Humble pie time from me. Got it wrong troops and thought 3rd place in group would be okay as I wanted players rested for Sunday. Clearly PC knows best. Great night last night. Bring on Sunday.


1.) 15 Dec 2023 10:03:13
I wouldn’t worry about it otterspocket, most people ( if they’re honest) thought we’d finish 3rd in the group. That was a result and a half, brilliant. I never seen it coming.




Otterspocket's rumour replies


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11 Jun 2024 22:17:13
Aw man it's a slow news day.




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06 Jun 2024 22:01:01
I agree Ayrshire, no way we should help Aberdeen strengthen their squad. If Miovski really wanted a move he would run the contract down and cash in on large signing on fee/ better wage.




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21 Apr 2024 08:35:13
SWS no the conversation didn’t include the price. Think the figure branded about in January was 3 or 4 million. Personally I wouldn’t mind Shankland and Miovski but really unlikely.




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20 Apr 2024 23:20:38
SWS I was told the only reason we didn’t sign him in January was because we were skint and needed to sell first to buy him but it didn’t work out. Shanks is desperate to sign for us. I got laughed at on here when he was at Ayr Utd and I said we should sign him for £100k…………my ex team mate played for Ayr Utd, my other ex team mate managed Ayr Utd and won a Scottish Cup with Killie. My ex team mates son is one of the best talents we have in our youth system. I am not saying I know everything but I do hear stuff that is credible.




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16 Mar 2024 18:07:25
Tav should have a statue? Wooft whit! He has captained our team to a pitiful trophy return. Decent player but a statue? Just naw.





Otterspocket's banter replies


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06 Jun 2024 13:12:18
Im smell East end trolls…….




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01 Jun 2024 21:05:20
Did okay but passengers for final two seasons. Should have been moved on a while ago imo.




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01 Jun 2024 14:32:26
Backwards step to suggest Kent return. We need to improve and move forward not look to past failures.




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27 May 2024 19:44:38
Colak was an imposter and we did well to get rid.




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27 May 2024 13:55:49
SWS does he no sell antiques? ?.




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