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20 Oct 2023 20:55:53
Whens Jewell getting announced or has he turned us down John?


1.) 20 Oct 2023 22:08:15
Negotiations, I’m told he may visit next week, time will tell.

2.) 20 Oct 2023 22:46:11
If its tech director rather than DOF. Does that conflict with the managers plans?

3.) 20 oct 2023 22:50:41
a very interesting move john, i know you have contacts in brighton, this may or may not be a masterstroke, what you think, i'm worried aboutlack of experience but intrigued aslso.

4.) 21 Oct 2023 07:37:30
They certainly don’t want him to leave. I have a concern also re experience. However many on here say he signed loads and made Brighton millions and millions in sell on fees in under a year.
I suspect he did not sign according mckenzie etc.

5.) 21 Oct 2023 09:51:09
The responsibilities of a technical director can be different from club to club. Does anyone know what Jewell's remit would be at Rangers?

6.) 21 Oct 2023 10:50:26
Brighton fan media reporting he's rejected us.

7.) 21 Oct 2023 14:13:54
Why on earth would Jewell come here?
Not happening.

8.) 21 Oct 2023 14:44:41
We no longer have the same pull as we did years ago. As Slim Jim says, why would be leave the EPL and the success at Brighton to come up here.

9.) 21 Oct 2023 17:12:11
Hopefully if he does come we get to keep Sima.

10.) 21 Oct 2023 18:11:56
Slim jim and sirStuth, double his salary.

11.) 21 Oct 2023 18:18:49
Because how many Brighton clubs is there in Spain rangers are massive and a lot bigger club than Brighton we are easily in the top 20/ 30 clubs n the world.

12.) 21 Oct 2023 18:56:21
Rfc22 I'm sure staff members look at supporters clubs when making decisions about their future.

13.) 22 Oct 2023 09:54:23
Gotta laugh at the posts like "if we get him maybe we keep sima" or "surely Brighton will give us a deal on sima then if he comes".

Why would they? We have taken one of their employees.

14.) 22 Oct 2023 11:21:10
Orange exactly, if sima keeps scoring Brighton will be looking to increase fee not reduce it, they are a business.

15.) 22 Oct 2023 12:26:26
Heard another name mentioned yesterday, Dougie Freedman; I believe that he is currently at Crystal Palace.

16.) 22 Oct 2023 15:05:24
The guys stable and happy doing a good job very positive, so would take major convincing to come.

17.) 22 Oct 2023 15:22:40
Berkshire he was interviewed some time ago.

18.) 22 Oct 2023 21:08:13
Crystal Palace have a very good youth system.

Anyone running things at palace would be a great addition to our club.



12 Oct 2023 15:28:17
Dont want to say I told you so. but I did! Clement in and DOF sorted ✅.


1.) 12 Oct 2023 15:47:44
Who is the DOF.

2.) 12 oct 2023 15:48:53
are you trying to take gofors position as “ i told you all “ champion otters ?

3.) 12 Oct 2023 15:56:44
This would be great news. Any word on who the DoF is? I'd have thought the rumours about Paul Mitchell and David Wier would be to good to be true - so one of them would really be the cherry on the cake!

4.) 12 Oct 2023 16:02:47
When is announcement?

5.) 12 Oct 2023 16:03:36
Tom ?? . they haters can't stand when your right

And pretend they don't like being right themselves I'm just more honest about it.

Love that I'm living rent free in your head though ????

Quéue the clique responses.

6.) 12 Oct 2023 16:06:46
Otters I've not seen anything yet but if correct then ???? well done good info

Haters are haters for a reason otters.

7.) 12 Oct 2023 16:07:50
And tomthumb my posts are there for people to see I don't change my name every other month to try hide my points

When I'm wrong I admit that too.

8.) 12 Oct 2023 16:12:54
Tom correct.

9.) 12 Oct 2023 16:22:19
Sorry everyone I've made a bit of a muppet of myself. I got sent info saying it was Mitchell and Clements. I was so excited I didn’t double check. Maybe I didn’t tell you so afterall ?? sorry!

10.) 12 Oct 2023 16:27:23
Gofor am just glad he has changed his obsession to you instead of me ?.

11.) 12 Oct 2023 16:28:13
Aye otters you and half the posters on here and other social media sites said him whilst the other half said Muscat.

12.) 12 Oct 2023 16:29:29
By the way otters would be happy if you are right ?.

13.) 12 oct 2023 16:43:03
did you ever work on the buses mate, is that you blakey.

14.) 12 Oct 2023 16:45:25
‘Don’t want to say I told you so’ hate to break it to you but you first posted about Clement on the 9th.

I posted on the 8th that the club were looking to interview for the DOF and that the job was going to be Clements.

15.) 12 Oct 2023 16:56:48
Copland you still sure that's the case?

16.) 12 Oct 2023 16:59:24
Going to be Muscat.

17.) 12 Oct 2023 17:10:41
Yes I do, already set in place his coaching staff for when the deal is done which will be before the weekend.

Just the formalities to be done now.

18.) 12 Oct 2023 17:20:01
Nice 1 copland, appreciate the info.

19.) 12 Oct 2023 17:30:40
. before the weekend. Can only mean tomorrow CoplandFront5. I like your confidence. ?.

20.) 12 Oct 2023 17:45:06
Coplandfront5 are you saying Clement will be the manager or the DoF?

21.) 12 Oct 2023 17:46:51
Clements and Mitchell is the stuff of dreams. We ain't getting better than those 2. Obviously just a stepping stone to EPL but I'll take it.

22.) 12 Oct 2023 17:47:29
Obviously meant before the end of the weekend?.

23.) 12 Oct 2023 17:52:34
In Copland you can trust, his info is always spot in.

24.) 12 Oct 2023 18:02:48
I know i am going against the majority but i am still hearing its muscat.

25.) 12 Oct 2023 18:25:58
Its social media TomT. Not live affirming ?. I actually still think what I posted is correct apart from him actually being in. I said it was Clement the other day as Copland rightly highlights. Today though the message suggested to me it was over the line. If a rumour site isn't for rumours i'm at a loss as to what's the point? At times some (only a few) on here act self entitled wrt “facts”, often excluding their previous “errors”. We are all Rangers fans and can we not just enjoy this site for what it is? Mon the Scotland, let's get Spain ?? battered ????????.

26.) 12 Oct 2023 18:28:07
I really really hope it's Clement and not muscat.

27.) 12 Oct 2023 18:34:04
CoplandFront5- hopefully according to your info we should hear soon.

28.) 12 Oct 2023 18:53:48
I told youz on the 5th or 6th it would be clement check your dates eh. Hopefully Ed could clarify that.

29.) 12 Oct 2023 19:00:00
I have a feeling and no sources it's gna be Muscat a think Clement will go to Saudi.

30.) 12 Oct 2023 19:04:30
Who the ef cares who said it first. Seriously! ??.

31.) 12 Oct 2023 19:37:26
I suppose everyone had a 50/ 50 shout of being right there was only 2 real candidates, I mean candidates that genuinely had a chance of getting the job.

But nah seriously well done for getting it right otters, I prefer I told you so- as it’s just a bit of banter, I don’t mind things been done with a bit of swag! It beats snide and rude, snide and rude is easy and tbh it says more about them than the person passing out info or just giving a opinion. When someone’s rude to someone’s comment or mine I just laugh and think they have sad wee lives.

I genuinely like I told you so! Because they’ve had the baws to stick there neck out. There is self entitled old men on here! Any p! ssed of replies to this is just simply confirmation you’re in that club. Get rid of the clique and let young blood over through them.

So clement it is then, I’ll wait for confirmation before completely giving you your flowers, but you backed it up with other info otter - so I believe you! Have a good night lads and Elder statesman ?.

32.) 12 Oct 2023 19:38:12
Copland I said Monday end of week re manager.

Not sure re dof. ,

NRD some claim it’s them when they piggy back on Copland 5.

33.) 12 Oct 2023 19:39:13
I never rumoured that either would get the job, you can check back as far as you like?.

34.) 12 Oct 2023 20:00:03
Flags still in box, awaiting announcement, now back to the Raki.

35.) 12 Oct 2023 20:08:22
Strummer, are you sure you said as I don’t think anyone can remember you saying it.

36.) 12 Oct 2023 20:17:38
Imagine bickering like school laddies who posted the rumour 1st that it would be clement ??? kinda hope it's muscat now just for that reason.

37.) 12 Oct 2023 20:42:28
Just a question has a manager been appointed or is it a toss of the coin between the two, to see who has the best contacts?

38.) 12 Oct 2023 20:45:28
Yeah John hopefully all goes to plan by then. Hope your good mate??.

39.) 12 Oct 2023 21:14:41
Would much rather have Muscat. we'll probably be looking for a new manager again by the end of the season if Clement.

40.) 12 Oct 2023 21:52:21
Novo you must be a right laugh! ?.

41.) 12 Oct 2023 21:58:02
I actually think I called it on the 3rd?.

42.) 12 Oct 2023 22:03:25
Agree Novo. It’s got Gio written all over it. Muscat is the man.

43.) 12 Oct 2023 22:31:40
Copland, you also said the job won't be given to someone not in a job . chuck enough stones though.

44.) 12 Oct 2023 22:59:25
If we got Paul Mitchell that would be unreal! No going to lie I was swaying towards Muscat. He’s won one less league title than clement and done it in 2 different countries. Will also know the Asian market. If Clement comes hand in hand with Mitchell I may be swayed back to Clement. My concern is another Paul LeGuen situation. Came with a big rep having won numerous titles with Lyon and massively flopped. Clement has only won titles in his home country guess that is my concern. Muscat has learned his trade from ange, the football is attractive and he knows the club. It’s a tough one, Muscat flopped in Belgium and you could say Clement flopped in France. I was certain it would be Muscat but reading on here from respected posters looking like Clement. As always whoever it may be will get my 100% backing.

45.) 13 Oct 2023 00:09:00
Folk have flung names about but from being on here for years I know who's info is reliable but nothing is ever 100%. Either decision I'm happy with, both have experience of winning. What's the chatter reliable DOF? Mitchell or Weir seem optimistic but like manager I'd like someone with experience of winning elsewhere.

46.) 13 Oct 2023 00:43:27
Hope once the manager is named we can get back to guessing what players are coming in on January am hoping for a source but think there all taken lol.

47.) 13 Oct 2023 07:13:28
Clement and Mitchell is the stuff of dreams?



10 Oct 2023 22:08:48
Clement inbound. Looks like it's happening sooner rather than later as the board (correctly) realise that the international break is time to be spent sorting the team out. I genuinely hope my info is accurate and it should be. Fingers crossed.


1.) 10 oct 2023 23:30:39
i hope so mate before i go back to hrvatska, i want clement in the club asap.

2.) 11 Oct 2023 02:15:05
wouldn't have guessed you were in Croatia. ( I just call it Croatia)

3.) 11 oct 2023 05:21:31
good for you mate.

4.) 11 Oct 2023 06:46:57
Certainly not enough time to sort that team going to take him a bit of time if he is indeed chosen as manager.

5.) 11 Oct 2023 08:51:48
If it is Clemente’s? He’s definitely the experienced manager everyone is calling for? But even he will need time to re- construct and get his idea’s across.

6.) 11 Oct 2023 09:37:25
If he’s comes in asap will give him time to assess what he feels is needed for the January window.

7.) 11 Oct 2023 10:07:34
Carrick if it is Clement he's going to need atleast one transfer window to get his style implemented on the team as he likes to play with wingers and we do not have any.

8.) 11 Oct 2023 10:16:59
I'm sure from what I have read about him youth will get their chance and if some of them start scoring it will be a win win all round.

9.) 11 Oct 2023 11:23:39
If we have few fit senior wingers and with lovelace now injured would it be too early for Ishaka if he is still at the club?



09 Oct 2023 21:10:44
So I was told earlier today that Clement has the job if he wants it. I won't quote my source but they are in our directors box frequently. Its not a done deal but I am really hopeful that Clement takes the job. Additionally there is £10million + available for players in next window. Time will indeed tell. Separately the same person told me that the board is struggling massively between corporate and football so expect a DOF imminently too.


1.) 09 Oct 2023 21:39:07
Was told that same otterspocket that i posted on here the other day ?Our new manager will be phillipe clement if he accepts, as he's our preferred choice ?.

2.) 09 Oct 2023 21:41:08
As I said in an earlier post it would be negligence not to appoint Clement if he wants the job. He is for me the stand out candidate and would be a major coup for us. I'll be in an extremely big huff if we don't appoint this guy.
I'm just glad Gallardo wasn't a realistic choice as I was gettingbyhe fear having to sit at Ibrox on a cold October day in my y's??.

3.) 09 Oct 2023 21:43:54
More or less exactly what a said the last day mate a was even told about 10 million in January also so am hoping its all true my sources are decent to be fair ? but thays been 3 or 4 days that i have been told clement is the main target especially with his ideas.

4.) 09 Oct 2023 21:59:55
Thanks for the update everyone, top notch info and its greatly appreciated.

5.) 09 Oct 2023 22:03:14
£10m is no where near enough to sort this mess out unless the new manager gets additional money from the sale of any unwanted players.

6.) 09 Oct 2023 22:39:31
10 million and a couple a free transfers could well help sort us out especially half way threw a season.

7.) 09 Oct 2023 22:46:54
10m is plenty money. If we invest well and get 2 wingers and a centre back most of our problems will be solved. Ideally need to move on one of Dessers and Lammees as we don’t need 4 strikers.

8.) 09 oct 2023 22:47:09
i've always wanted clement but i have to say

the more i read and ask about john eustace the more i like, i think this guy will go far very soon.

9.) 09 Oct 2023 23:38:21
He might Tom but it’s not the time for us to take risks and appoint someone pretty inexperienced. Couple more years in the championship and maybe but not now.

10.) 10 Oct 2023 00:01:44
Tom thumb when you say John eustace will go far very soon, do you mean in the next 7 to 10 days soon? Or just soon in general. ?.

11.) 10 Oct 2023 01:07:46
Is nobody else concerned about the wage bill if we're to bring in 2/ 3 players for decent money were going to be paying them decent money alsoreally need to move some on in January also.

12.) 10 Oct 2023 03:48:06
There may be 1 or 2 leaving potentially there is some breathing room.

13.) 10 Oct 2023 05:47:07
I'm more impressed the board are going to give him ten million in January.

14.) 10 Oct 2023 05:47:36
Just wonder if that's based on moving people out too?

15.) 10 Oct 2023 06:29:16
Hopefully Rangers don't get used as a plaything to up the ante regarding Saudi Arabia contract talks - we all know how agents etc play the system - last thing we need is to fail with one primary target and then try to jump for the cheaper option just to save face - if we don't get our man regroup and plan again - I don't care how long it takes as long as we make the best informed choice as I really want a long term plan/ visiom this time around.

16.) 10 Oct 2023 07:09:34
Forget 10 million on two wingers and a CB.
It's 10 million on two full backs the new manager needs to look at, never seen such bad defending from full backs.
I swear Borna is worse every game.
Sort the full backs. stop the goals. it really is that simple.

17.) 10 Oct 2023 07:14:55
as we saw in the summer, it's not so easy to offload players. who is going to go when they can get paid silly money, and then walk for free.

18.) 10 Oct 2023 07:58:35
JR - Agree that the full backs don't cover themselves in glory a lot of the time - but we should defend from the front and midfield too - can't expect wing backs to be on edge of opposition penalty box and in left back or right back position at same time - so its up to others to cover and have a leader on the park who can notice this and get cover across as required!

19.) 10 Oct 2023 07:58:48
New manager going to save the money until the summer, it will be a few loaners in the door in jan.

20.) 10 Oct 2023 08:07:25
£10m is a good amount to bring in 2 or 3 quality players to help the squad. Still got Danilo, Cantwell, Wright and Lawrence to come back and not sure if we can activate recall from loan option in January for Hagi. Agree we need to get some more wide players into squad.

21.) 10 Oct 2023 08:18:30
Bring back Lowry and Hagi and sign Shankland from Hearts.

Send Dessers down the Clyde on a blow up boat fae B&M.

Fingers crossed Cantwell and Danilo come back soon and stay healthy.

There must be some decent free agents out there.

Investment/ change must be made in the scouting department.

22.) 10 Oct 2023 09:38:50
Any money that is given to a new manager should be spent on CD's who can defend when facing their own goal.

23.) 10 Oct 2023 10:09:45
As long as the new manager is selected after an informed and critical evaluation process and on his talent and experience and NOT by the emotion of the supporters I don’t really mind who it is. The selection of Beale breached all good recruitment practice as the Board pandered to the supporters. That invitation and visit to the Aberdeen game and being paraded around the Club Shop and the Loudoun was a pathetic and spineless act. No more please.

24.) 10 Oct 2023 10:54:20
Bankie, totally agree.

25.) 10 Oct 2023 10:57:02
JR fullback’s definitely need to be looked at but the lack of wingers is the number 1 thing that needs fixed in January. Matondo has done well and Macausland/ Lovelace looked good enough to be used as backups. Add 2 good wingers in there and we are a much better team straight away. Would take some of the pressure off Tav and Borna having to do everything for us out wide and would mean they may not get caught out as much. I’d rather get a new centre back than a new full back tbh. Sterling hasn’t had a chance and was good in the Celtic game so I wouldn’t mind him given a shot at right back. Yilmaz has something there but he can’t stay fit.

26.) 10 Oct 2023 10:59:11
We have five starters to come back into team, new manager and money available in January by the looks of it, as long as we appoint the right man then we could be a different animal come the turn of year, fingers crossed ??.

27.) 10 Oct 2023 11:16:26
Hopefully we see the academy players such as Lovelace, Rice, McKinnon, Devine, McCausland feature in the first team squad throughout the season.
Might save us a bit of money in the January transfer window.

28.) 10 Oct 2023 12:55:55
Signing wingers automatically takes the pressure off the full backs, they can concentrate more on their main job and they have people to track full backs. Young McCausland showed how that should be done on Sunday . There will be more changes to come but in the January window a new striker to compete with Danilo and at least one winger is a priority . If we can get Lammers, Dessers and Roofe out the door that will make room and save wages.

29.) 10 Oct 2023 14:25:12
We need defenders.

30.) 10 Oct 2023 15:39:32
We do need defensive options, and I completely agree but I have a slightly different idea of spending the money, I think we should finally get our Ryan Kent replacement, someone that scores more goals than him. See if you watch the road to the Europa league final again on YouTube even his performances really stand out, but i would like someone with more goals.

as for defensive players generally speaking they cost less than attacking player, so I’d be searching high and low across the globe looking at defenders that have 6 months left on there deals- so we can get them for peanuts!

Loan to buy options will be quite smart for any area of the pitch, because it’s almost a try before you buy type thing so we don’t get burnt! Obviously with no clause we’re the selling club can terminate the deal I. e Tillman.

These are just ideas if there is cash to splash, I just think we should be smart with it. Because we have wasted enough money. Just Random ideas guys.

Hearing if he accepts it could be Clement, just finished watching stuff about him. He’s way more impressive than I first thought like on the training field and type of football. He’s no a big fan of long punted balls, which are really annoying to watch. I already knew he’s won stuff but it was the other stuff I was looking for. I don’t think he’s the type that’s going to be box office or have sound bites. But actually I’m glad of that because we have heard enough about handbrakes and other false promises. Either way I’m going to back the guy 100%. If he accepts, I hope he does. New times.

31.) 10 Oct 2023 15:46:55
From what I have read about Clement, if we are fortunate enough to secure him as our new Manager then he might well get a lot more out of some of our players than Beale did. He is very much a player's manager, treats them all as individuals and works with them as such but equally he doesn't take prisoners so it will be up to them to show that they are good enough to play for him.
Right now I would be willing to give all the players, (even Wright and Dessers), the benefit of the doubt, given that Beale didn't appear to have a clue how to manager players.

32.) 10 Oct 2023 22:44:38
True jr they have been bad too Nd both are getting on in age.

33.) 11 Oct 2023 16:08:17

Think board will review and see 15m more needed. Plus new manager can sell as many duds we've just bought and after review squad, youngsters and unneeded. This may well increase war chest to 25m. New manager needs complete control.



21 Jul 2023 19:22:29
Danilo will be a Rangers player next week. The money isn't an issue. Rangers are merely applying diligence to the bidding process. Trust in the process ?.


1.) 21 Jul 2023 23:49:39
Otterspocket I might be wrong and apologies if I am?

ButI don’t think I’ve seen you post in a long time mate?

good too see you back and hope your keeping well ??.

2.) 22 Jul 2023 00:22:42
Cheers Thestigno1. Lifes just been mega busy. Been watching but not posting much. I also had some agreements in place where I couldn’t add social media or mainstream journalism content due to nature of my job. I've played in youth level Scottish Cup finals, won schoolboy district cups, dominated ayrshire boys club leagues for years. Team mates played at top level and managed at SPL level. I never made the cut but turns out I was talented at other stuff ?✅.

3.) 22 jul 2023 03:50:23
i struggle with the sm and mainstream journalism bit, i struggle a lot with that, because i know its impossible to stop or manage. nature of my job? , I've played in many youth cup finals mate, aon many trophies, havnt dominated boys club leagues in ayrshire, have played with top players and senior for 25 years, and have a few close friends who did everything including management.

why would any of this stop you from posting on here, ? sorry i'm very much unconvinced by your recent posts, seems more like the cia than an ex coach.

4.) 22 jul 2023 04:39:59
are you saying your known as otterspocket and couldn't post in case they came after you?, youve played in many youth cup finals, , and havnt dominated the ayrshire boys club leagues ?

sorry i might be being obtuse here. your actually saying you couldn't post because of your job and that you played in youth cup finals, and won trophies. is this a cryptic post or a very bizarre mind indeed, what has youth cup finals and ayrshire got to do with stig saying hello?

5.) 22 Jul 2023 05:17:55
Haha CIA.
"Agent Otter, Agent Otter Do you copy red fox over"

6.) 22 Jul 2023 07:38:07
The people need tae know Otter if you are a football agent or a secret agent.

7.) 22 Jul 2023 07:42:28
Why the interrogation tom thumb. What's it got to do with you.
Otterspocket glad to see you on.
Your background is your business.

8.) 22 Jul 2023 08:07:10
Tom I think you read into that way too much. I took it as he was good at football but didn’t quite make the grade so using his other talents elsewhere i. e. in journalism. Tbf not sure why his football past was relevant but still.

9.) 22 Jul 2023 08:15:30
Not sure what is behind your post Tom. Live and let live.

10.) 22 Jul 2023 09:07:18

Again might be wrong but not seen you post in ages either mate was thinking recently I had not seen you on
I know you don’t always agree with my posts etc lol but I hope your keeping well mate and hope to see you post more for the new season ?.

11.) 22 Jul 2023 09:08:10
Otter glad things are working out for you and your kept busy
Look forward to seeing you post more ?.

12.) 22 Jul 2023 09:12:09
The football background part was purely my attempt to display my footballing background. Appreciate it wasn’t really relevant but hardly warrants the response from a fellow Rangers fan. As for your attempt to ridicule or belittle me I see no value in you doing this and struggle to understand why. I can hazard a guess as to your personality traits but hey ho. Having been in and around Newcastle and Rangers for many years I can assure you that relationships are built on trust and confidentiality. Believe what you wish.

13.) 22 Jul 2023 12:01:48
Stig, can’t be bothered with the bitching about rumours during the close season so tend to hold my wheesht whilst watching from afar

Looking forward to the football and as always feeling confident.

14.) 22 Jul 2023 13:43:30
DK19, that's my life story! Decent player, Lanarkshire Schoolboys, not good enough to make it, coached part time at pro youth level, worked as a journalist and became editor of a national newspaper. Don't know if Otterspocket was at Ibrox around the same time as me, mid-90s?

15.) 22 Jul 2023 13:58:36
tavsonloyal did you play for Mill Utd as a youngster?

16.) 22 jul 2023 17:25:09
the point was about not being able to post on sm or mainstream media, whyever not.

17.) 22 Jul 2023 18:36:40
Otterspocket, they weren't around when I was a youngster! But I did coach there and I helped lots of kids into senior football, probably between 20-30 in my time there.

18.) 22 Jul 2023 20:24:51
I was speaking directly about football matters with regards to Newcastle and Rangers. Clearly I can be invisible on the internet but the information posted isn't and anyone with half a brain knows that it can be attributed to individuals. You chose to interpret that to suit your childish agenda and troll. Next time simply scroll past.

19.) 22 Jul 2023 21:37:59
Tavsonloyal Mill Utd imo were one of the best boys clubs in Scotland. Loads of talented youngsters. They beat us in Scottish Cup final in late 80s.

20.) 22 Jul 2023 22:33:13
Otterspocket, when I was club chairman we won 9 age group Scottish Cups in 4 years. It was a magical time, but most important was the 20 or so boys we put to senior clubs.




Otterspocket's banter posts with other poster's replies to Otterspocket's banter posts


09 Dec 2023 19:51:50
I appreciate this might be an unpopular opinion but I think that we shouldn't focus on Thursday and save our best players etc as much as possible for next Sunday. i'd be happy to drop to conference and win league cup. We are out our depth this year in Europa league. Who knows, play some fringe players on Thursday and maybe get a surprise result ✅.


1.) 09 Dec 2023 20:59:55
Can't agree with that. We should be trying our best in all games.

2.) 09 Dec 2023 21:13:32
Betis drew with Real Madrid today at home and had more shots. Can’t see us pulling off a shock result over there with our best 11 never mind fringe players. Agree cup final has to be priority though. We need silverware.

3.) 09 Dec 2023 21:18:23
Otterspocket I'm thinking the opposite i think play the strongest team you can in all games, I get your thinking especially with injuries but I think we need to be building momentum as a team and winning games helps massively with confidence going into the next game. The sheep play on Thursday and they will probably play a weakend team because they have nothing to loose and everything to gain as they only ever play 4 games a season, joke of a club and I believe we will put them to the sword come sunday no matter Thursdays result.

4.) 09 Dec 2023 21:38:42
Did we not already beat Betis and are sitting 2nd in the group? Hardly out of our depth and a game we can get something from.

5.) 09 Dec 2023 21:52:48
Monty yeah its got to be cup final as our focus!

6.) 09 Dec 2023 22:20:25
Manager says he wants to win every game, I'll go with his philosophy over yours every time.

7.) 10 Dec 2023 01:21:18
Common sense troops let's get that League Cup.

8.) 10 Dec 2023 06:44:07
Don’t get this new fan outlook ~ let’s give an opponent the game cause the next on is more important?

The day we start thinking that a European game isn’t important is the day we stop winning anything.

Start every game as if it a cup final, play the best available team to suit the opponents IMHO.

9.) 10 Dec 2023 08:57:37
DK I didn’t say give the opponent the game. I mentioned playing fringe players. Hopefully your nicer to fellow fans in person than you are sat behind a keyboard.



01 Nov 2023 23:10:42
Off to the Big Apple Bears bar on Sunday once I run the New York marathon. Going to miss the game but buzzing to visit the Big Apple Bears anyway ?⚪️? ??.


1.) 02 Nov 2023 00:02:41
Enjoy otters.

2.) 02 Nov 2023 04:48:07
Safe journey otterspocket and hope you have a superb time mate ?.

3.) 02 nov 2023 05:52:30
try to get to brooklyn and queens mate, and pop over to staten island, or manhatton, youl have a great time.

4.) 02 Nov 2023 07:20:32
Enjoy the Big Apple - its a great city and treat yersel to a New York Rangers top - red white and blue ?Take a visit to Ellis island if you can and get some culture and history of the early days of NYC.

5.) 02 Nov 2023 08:41:11
Good luck mate.



27 Oct 2023 22:17:38
Im hopeful that Tav is stripped of captaincy and its given to Butland. For me he is what's required and is our best signing for years.


1.) 27 oct 2023 22:42:24
should have been given to mcgregor long sgo but i don't think butland will be skipper, don't expect any change at all,

2.) 28 Oct 2023 00:45:26
Have a good think about the out come of that mate.

3.) 28 Oct 2023 08:01:30
Dont think butland will be here long enough to become captain tbh.

4.) 28 Oct 2023 08:03:10
we have to hope bitland stays.

5.) 28 Oct 2023 08:04:39
if butland is given the captain's armband it might stop him leaving in Jan.

6.) 28 Oct 2023 08:54:21
The time to appoint a new captain is when Tav is no longer an automatic starter, then he can still be Club Captain, which out of respect he certainly deserves, and then we appoint a new Team captain.

Butland certainly has the experience but for me it needs to be an outfield player and someone that commands respect on the pitch, a Souness, a Butcher or a Gough. Right now we don't have anyone of that magnitude in the squad, one or two might grow into it assuming that they are not sold on, but otherwise, imo, we need to sign a player that fits the mould.

7.) 28 Oct 2023 09:21:40
It’s rumoured that Birmingham is after Butland, but I ask myself “ why would he want to play for that numpty Rooney “? Or go to a middle of the table championship team? At Rangers he’ll be a hero and play in Europe every year, ok our league is terrible but the big plus is Europe.

8.) 28 Oct 2023 09:44:57
I believe we need new leadership on the park, just like we did off it. This was nothing to do with Tav's ability, we just need change as the status quo isn't working.

Right now, Tav is still our best RB, and by some distance. Here is the issue! If Tav is replaced as Captain, and as he would still be our first pick RB, how would he react?

I remember when big Amo was stripped of the captaincy, and even though he was gutted, he never let it affect his performances. But I also remember when Fernando was stripped of the captaincy, where he had been playing his best football, but when BF took over, his performances started to dip, and by quite a bit.

9.) 28 Oct 2023 10:53:58
Why are managers reluctant to take the captain’s arm band off Tav? I thought PC would have the balls to do it but same old, same old. He rules the roost and that is dangerous for a manager. Take it off him and if he spits the dummy show him the door. Man up PC and show us what you are made of.

10.) 28 Oct 2023 13:21:18
Why this big crusade to take the captaincy off tav ?Staunch Ranger telling philippe clement to man up get a grip of yourself and if clement leaves the captaincy with tav that will be just fine with me and i think he will remain captain ?.

11.) 28 Oct 2023 13:24:12
They are not reluctant to take the armband off Tav, he wears it because Gerrard, GVB, Beale and now Clement think he is the right man to be captain and they know more about it than the haters on here . If the likes of Tav and Goldson are as bad as people on here say and cost the managers their jobs do you think they would still get picked never mind be captain and vice captain. There is no other candidate who is being overlooked, a keeper who has been with us for 6 months is not an option and there are no outfield players who merit it anymore than Tav . It used to be, give it to Jack, but he can`t even get fit never mind be fit to captain. There won`t be a change until Tav no longer merits his place and that won`t happen anytime soon.

12.) 28 Oct 2023 13:56:08
He isn’t a captain and never will be and imagine using beales name he is rank rotten.

13.) 28 Oct 2023 14:58:12
Storm spot on JT has done his best at Rangers and I thank him for his efforts, But he has to be replaced in the summer Maybe sooner, ???????????.

14.) 28 oct 2023 15:15:14
he will be skipper until he steps down,

15.) 28 Oct 2023 19:45:20
Wslgers, how can you possibly think that the managers you mentioned know more about football than the experts on here?‍♂️

Some of these guys can identify a superstar or faker even after 10 pints of Tennents

Tav is the man with the armband and should receive full support from the fans until he hands it to someone else.

16.) 28 oct 2023 20:28:24
no , you support who you want to support

and allow everyone else to support who they want,

telling people what they should do says much about you,

a prize plonker.

17.) 29 Oct 2023 11:00:42
Are you stalking me TT? FYI, I’m happily married and not interested.



23 Oct 2023
New image uploaded to the
Rangers Player Sightings page entitled,

Click picture for larger image




07 Oct 2023 23:57:53
The dud Lundstrum or Alex Lowry. ! Why oh why do Rangers continue to get rid/ loan amazing talent and play diddys from elsewhere instead? It's embarrassing how many times this has happened. I want a brave managerial team.


1.) 08 Oct 2023 03:01:41
I never understand all these Scottish teams full of Irish English African and other and they are still getting terrible results Hibs have stopped producing Thier own as have other teams in the league.

2.) 08 Oct 2023 06:22:22
Ryan Jack is the one who should’ve been cut last summer. Left for free along with all the other aging players. Where is he anyway? Injured again I assume ?‍♂️.

3.) 08 Oct 2023 06:58:40
Otters pocket, who would be your choice as our new manager mate ?.

4.) 08 Oct 2023 08:13:39
Hes better than lundstram verdant. Sheff utd fans called it about him. at very start. Will have a good 3 month spell and that will be it.

5.) 08 Oct 2023 08:14:43
Otterspockt for a start they play play different roles in midfield so Lowry wouldn't even effect Lundstrums position in the team secondly Lundstrum isn't a dud to say so is wrong he's had very good moments at our club and at least he shows fight, yes agreed he's had ropey games time to time but very harsh saying dud.

6.) 08 Oct 2023 08:38:13
Lundstrum is lightyears ahead of lowry. Lowry also is a different kind of midfielder. If he played in lundstrums position he'd get battered all over the place.

7.) 08 Oct 2023 10:39:14
I agree about lundstrum but what I can’t get my head around is that against Betis he was mom and a warrior . against Aberdeen and in Cyprus he was the exact opposite? He seemed to have no desire whatsoever.




Otterspocket's rumour replies


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08 Dec 2023 00:09:22
I really couldn't give two flying ducks about Alex Rae and Sunderland.




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23 Nov 2023 22:32:06
Absolute nonsense. Kent is not coming back on loan. ?‍♂️.




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20 Oct 2023 22:15:25
There was no offer to Jewell. The end.




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14 Oct 2023 21:32:14
John How about live and let live? SWS is entitled to his thoughts and opinions.




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12 Oct 2023 18:25:58
Its social media TomT. Not live affirming ?. I actually still think what I posted is correct apart from him actually being in. I said it was Clement the other day as Copland rightly highlights. Today though the message suggested to me it was over the line. If a rumour site isn't for rumours i'm at a loss as to what's the point? At times some (only a few) on here act self entitled wrt “facts”, often excluding their previous “errors”. We are all Rangers fans and can we not just enjoy this site for what it is? Mon the Scotland, let's get Spain ?? battered ????????.





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10 Dec 2023 08:57:37
DK I didn’t say give the opponent the game. I mentioned playing fringe players. Hopefully your nicer to fellow fans in person than you are sat behind a keyboard.




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09 Dec 2023 21:52:48
Monty yeah its got to be cup final as our focus!




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08 Dec 2023 18:00:33
Thank goodness for that. Long overdue.




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08 Dec 2023 18:00:08
Roofe staying fit? that's not happening! Ever.




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30 Nov 2023 23:10:46
Im guessing that you didn't witness the early 80s team?




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