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25 May 2024 17:22:33
They don't even need to pay well to beat us. That's why they're a million miles away from us. I'm not really interested in the "cheated" talk, that just hides the fact that even when we play well and they play badly we're nowhere near good enough with the squad of players we have.

Today was like watching Walter's teams in the 90's but in reverse. So often Tommy Burns Celtic were the better team against us but we just knew how to win regardless of how well we played. Celtic have that now and we look lost, can't get a result even when we play ok (some players played well, some were not good at all, again) .

That Butland in the end sold the jerseys sums it up. Yes, Wright should do better and he will be our fans easy whipping boy so they don't have to question their favourites, but he lost the ball 20 yards inside Celtics half and our GK was presented with a bread and butter save that he fumbled 70 yards later. You can be as good as you want as a Rangers GK but if you can't step up in the big moments (he has been suspect at multiple Celtic goals this season then it means nought. That's what set Greegs, Goram and Klos apart - none of them lose that goal, at that time, in that game.

Lot's of work required on this squad, I'm glad the season is over and we don't have to watch them for a few months.

If we don't start with the leadership positions in the team over summer with a new captain and a new right back, we'll be right back here again next season. He was the worst player on the park today.


1.) 25 May 2024 18:13:10
Gdog I agree, said to my son immediately after their goal that stemmed from Wright lettin ball roll under his foot, and yes butland must do better. I have said on here before butland is not flawless.

2.) 25 May 2024 18:21:17
Correct about Tav he hide one again.



Current State of Glasgow Rangers

14 May 2024 07:39:47
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13 May 2024 14:45:25
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15 Apr 2024 12:31:02
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1.) 15 Apr 2024 15:35:21
Good post dog and difficult to disagree with any of those that you would let go. I like Cantwell and believe that he is the standard we need as a minimum, I would however sell any of the current squad that can generate us serious money since I believe that we need a total rebuild and I really don't want Lundstrum anywhere near the team. He doesn't drive us forward.
My problem is that from what I see I believe that we need to be bringing in as many as eight or ten players, most of them starters and we need to start developing our own players, something we haven't done for a number of years.
To do this I fear that we will need to find serious investment since I doubt that selling Butland and the others, (if we can get rid of them), will still leave us at least £20m short of what we need.
There are players available of Bosnans that could do a job for us but they won't come cheap if we can get them. We also need an old head that can lead the team that the young players can look up to, finding that person is equally problematic.

2.) 15 Apr 2024 15:44:42
Berkshire, everyone knows we need a clear out big time. We won't make big money on any of them even if we do find takers.
Maybe 10 players in is a big ask to get quality, even 2mill per player that's 20mill b4 salary and sign on deals.
It's going to be painful, and that's if PC fancies the challenge?

3.) 15 Apr 2024 14:52:54
Awesome, thanks Ed. I was wondering where my post had went. :)

{Ed033's Note - ok, thanks for the post.

4.) 15 Apr 2024 19:18:30
We could still win this League and, if we do, then that puts an entirely different valuation on players. I agree though, players who do not appear to be trying or who are frightened, should go now. Walter always brought in plenty of new faces every year and that's the only way it works.

5.) 15 Apr 2024 19:30:42
Excel post gdog. Well done.



14 Mar 2024 19:47:08
Pretty soft way to go out, didn't play anywhere near well enough to go through and shot ourselves in the foot with the goal we lost. We beat better teams on the last run.

But, and this is the most important thing for me, 4 months ago we couldn't even have seen ourselves being disappointed to be going out to Benfica in the last 16. I think that speaks volumes on how far we've come since PC was given the reigns.

So, yes, disappointed to have gone out with a poor performance knowing we can play better and have done in the last 4 months, but at the same time happy that we've got to that mindset so quickly as 4 months ago under the car salesman that would have been viewed a good performance, not a bad one.

Also takes away the distraction when trying to win a league (the most important thing) and hopefully not playing two games a week means we can properly rest up the squad. Few of them looked absolutely out on their feet tonight, a long way from the end.





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24 May 2024 10:50:49
I think this one is going to come back and bite us in the a*rse in a few years.




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20 May 2024 08:58:56
I agree, Hagi isn't the answer. but he's been better for us than Cantwell. Their comparable first season numbers show this. I actually nearly shat myself laughing when I saw Cantwell compared to Foden above. He's more like our Yan Dhanda than our Phil Foden!

If Tav is still here next season, and still the captain, Clement won't see out the season IMO. He's never been great defensively and you need a good defence to win titles. The best defence generally does (including our 55 year) . He's been worse than he's ever been defensively this season though, what legs he had to recover his defensive inability have clearly gone. I was though enthused by PC's comments re: end of a cycle and making sure people go out on a high. I think he knows this too. IF he doesn't we're in trouble.

Tav has been a great servant to the club. I would never accuse him of not giving his all or his loyalty. He'll certainly go with my best wishes. But, at the same time, I think it's fair to say he's considered by many to be a better right back than I've ever thought he was. I may be old fashioned, but I don't want my right back to be top scorer, I want my right back to stop the other team scoring and he's never been great at that.




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09 Feb 2024 10:58:49
Ally with the dictionary definition of blue tinted specs there.

He was neither standing nor had two feet on the ground, Sterling literally slid right through him (though obviously unintentionally) and wiped him out after he stood on his toe.

If he hadn't slipped and gone through him, he wouldn't have been sent off IMO, but he did so he was.

And "winning the ball" means nothing in the modern game, no. If you win the ball with excessive force endangering an opponent you're walking. We've seen it multiple times.




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09 Feb 2024 08:55:11
Thought it was a red personally. Easily meets the first criteria of endangering an opponent and excessive force. Could easily meet the second criteria as well (though I don't think it was a lunge I think it was a slip - either way, the lunge isn't required, the excessive force and endangering an opponent criteria is enough) .

Actual IFAB Rules wording:

Serious foul play
A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play.

Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.




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12 Jan 2024 13:27:00
I just checked and Sima from LW this season is only 4 goals behind Kents tally in his last 3 combined and is half way to breaking Kents 5 year tally in half a season.

Yeah, no, moving Sima to accommodate Kent is a f*cking terrible idea :D.





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25 May 2024 20:43:14
That so many of our fans don't think that was a foul is wild to me. Stonewall push and we'd be going mental if that wasn't overturned were it at the other end.

I'd rather concentrate on why Raskin did it. He had a good game overall, but that decision costs us a goal just as not fouling Bernardo in the centre circle contributed (with Wright and moreso Butland) to losing one. I'll cut him some slack on their goal as he was out on his feet by then having put so much into the game, but there was no need to even put hands on Hart at the corner to give VAR a decision to even make. Por decision IMO.




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16 May 2024 09:34:48
I posted the stats the other day that ended up in an article.

Currently Celtic have won 18 of the last 23 domestic trophies available (since we got back into the league) . If you look back further that doesn't include everything they won while we were working back up.

If they win the Scottish Cup (which they're heavy favourites for) it'll be 19 from 24.

Since 2016 we've won 3 trophies. 1 more than St Johnstone (a league during Covid where Celtic imploded) .

They've indeed won 12 of the last 13 league titles and if they win the Scottish cup go level on overall trophies won with us. They win the league next year, they equal 55.

We've beaten them once, once in the last 11 derbies.

There's one player in our squad gets in their team (Butland) and most of our first 11 don't even make their bench.

Yet I have to hear so many of my fellow Rangers fans telling me "there's not much in it".

We're delusional as a support. There's no datapoint you can look at objectively and conclude "there's not much in it". Celtic are miles ahead of us and it will take the kind of investment we don't have to get anywhere near them in future.

We have to get used to the idea that they're about to runaway from us in terms of trophies won. Unless something seismic happens at both clubs.




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15 May 2024 11:05:52
Though I do agree with you, he is certainly detrimental to the way we play/ attack (not sure that's the word you meant to use, let's call it a Freudian slip! :P )




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15 May 2024 11:04:41
I can judge him not only on his time at Rangers SWS, but on his time at Norwich as well (my English side) . His problems have been the same since he broke into the Canaries team.

No-one has ever questioned his talent. But there are plenty of talented players who don't make the grade because they don't have the mentality to go with it.

Todd, unfortunately, is one of them based on all previous data available to us. This isn't a few months of a season, this is his entire career at this point.

I will maintain that he's not a player you win league's with as a first choice. He has similar talent to a McGregor or an O'Reilly, or even a Buendia at his previous club. The reason they would all feature in successful teams before him is they do both sides of the game consistently.

As the old saying goes, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. That has always been Cantwell's issue and we saw it again in the first half last night. Then in the second half when he knuckles down and does the work, different player. At this stage you would be betting against all of the data we have on him as a player to say he can change that.

He's not for me long term. I don't think he takes us forward.




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15 May 2024 09:32:54
I thought Cantwell was shocking first half, excellent second. It was a game that summed him up as a player really.

It was also interesting to see PC's comments after the game, who clearly had the same issues with Cantwell first half that I did. When he talked about not going after the ball, not working off the ball, falling over when getting touched and not getting after the ball and how you can't play one way, it was noteable that it was in response to a question about Cantewll when he said "second half yes, first half no" then explained it.

I've said before, this was Cantwells problem at Norwich and why he'll never be a top player. So talented and so capable, but the mentality just isn't there. He can string together a run of a few months where he does it, like the tail end of last season, but he always reverts to type eventually.

I personally think his time is up. I don't think he's a player who takes us forwards. He's certainly not one who is consistent enough to win a title with as a first pick. We need solid 7's every week, not a few 9's littered in between a bunch of 4's and 5's. Which is even how his halves were last night: 9 second, 4 first.




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